Raised Stencil Stationery Box

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A raised stencil is the “star” of the show on this one…literally! Plus a little surprise inside the box too!

Hello, friends, I’m sharing one from the OBX haul today. The box!

If you missed that haul, you can check it out right here.
I only found 3 things to makeover so it should be a quick one.

Here’s what it looked like when I found it…

brown wood box on shelf

Just in need of a little cleaning. (or a lot!)

I don’t pass up these sweet boxes if I can help it. They are so fun to makeover and great for so many things.

brown wood box on white counter

And the inside.

inside of brown wood box on white counter

I have to say, it was in pretty good shape. Love that!

So good, that I decided to mostly leave the interior alone.
See the stamp? I found that tucked inside that first compartment. It’s a stamp from 1990.

I began by cleaning it with TSP Alternative.

brown wood box with dirty paper towel

Ugh…this was about the 3rd paper towel…

brown wood box with dirty paper towel

It was pretty grimy. I finally got it all clean though.

I went ahead and sanded the outside where I was going to paint since it was kind of slick.

sanded wood box top

And I decided to prime it with BIN w/Shellac primer since it’s a dark, reddish color stain.


So, I sprayed one good coat of primer. (forgot to photo that, sorry, I get going on a project and forget to snap photos sometimes…even after 10 years of blogging! lol)

I did take a photo of how I taped it up so it wouldn’t get overspray on the inside.

green tape on inside of wood box

After that was dry, I applied one coat of the Rose Water paint.

pink painted wood box on white counter

Once dry, I applied a second coat.

Then once that was fully dry, I taped the star stencil to the top and applied this fiber stencil paste.

jar of stencil fiber paste

I wanted to do a raised stencil on the top instead of just flat painted.

wiping white paste on stencil

I used this sgueegy thing to apply and scrape away excess.

star stencil with wiped fiber paste

Afterward, carefully lift the stencil to let it dry.

white star stencil on pink box

Isn’t that cool? I loved raised stencils.

Looks good in white but I wanted to paint it gold. (all the products I used are linked in the gray box above marked “Materials List”)

painting in white star with gold paint

I used a small brush to paint the white section.
Next time I will paint it pink (or the same color of whatever it is on) and then paint the gold, etc.
The white was trying to show up and I didn’t want it to so it was a little more work to cover.

And done!! So simple.

pink box with white flowers beside it

I didn’t apply a top coat to the Rose Water as it was not necessary for this piece.

So pretty and soft. Love this sweet pink color.

top view of pink box with gold star

The “star” stencil is similar to the one I used on our painted tile bathroom floor recently, just smaller.
You can see that project, here.

See how it is a raised stencil?

pink box side view

Oh!! And you thought that was all, right?? ;)

Nope! Check out what I did to the inside…

wood box interior with gold star

I lined the top area with gold, just like I did on our secretary’s desk interior…

Duck Egg Blue w/Multi Color Wax on secretary's desk

One of the things I love about this desk makeover!
You can see this secretary’s desk project, here.

And I did the same star stencil inside on the wood, only I didn’t do it “raised”, just with paint only.

Fun, fun. A little surprise when you open it up.

Perfect for stationery. Or you could use it for whatever, really.
Jewelry, bills, etc.

stationery and pens inside wood box

Sweet, feminine makeover. A whole new identity for this one.

pink box with gold star

Did I do this one like you thought I would? It was quite manly looking to me “before” but not anymore!

PIN it to save it!

A raised stencil is the "star" of the show on this one...literally! Plus a little surprise inside the box too! artsychicksrule.com

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! See you with the last one from this haul next week!

UPDATE!! See it now, here!



  1. So pretty! Simple and classy. I’ve seen raised stencils but never like this with that fiber detail. Adds a whole other dimension to raised stencils. I was thinking of trying one of their new blue colors for a lake house bathroom vanity. I need a dark but bright blue. Are they available yet to buy through you?

    1. Thank you, Debra! Yes, the fiber gives it a little something extra. And yes, they have a really pretty new color. I should be getting it in after next week! :)

    1. Oh yes, it would have been gorgeous in turquoise! But I use that a lot, so try to change it up! (you know I love it too! lol) :) Thanks, Rose! xoxo

  2. I really like the raised stencil. I was not sure about the color, but once I saw the end result, I think it was a really good choice. Thanks for sharing all the details!! Have a great weekend.

  3. Love the color, so soft and feminine. I might have put a star on the underneath side of the lid. This would look so good in my bedroom!

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