Painted Bread Box

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This sweet painted bread box looks transformed with pretty French graphics and aqua “surprise” paint inside! 

Hello friends!

I know I mentioned last week that I would be sharing my last one from this haul. But unfortunately, I hit a snag on that makeover. (and I changed gears, imagine that! ha!)

So instead I thought we would revisit this cutie.

brown wood bread box

painted white bread box with flowers on top

Are bread boxes still a thing? I use a basket but I guess bread boxes still have their place.
I love them for other uses too though!

Painted Bread Box

Here is the inside, how it began…

inside brown wood bread box

…and it was $3.25. Can’t beat that.

I painted the outside white. Simple and clean.

white and aqua bread box
And the inside a pretty aqua shade.
And Frog Tape makes it easy to get a nice, crisp line.

Always love a pop of aqua…

white bread box open with blue inside

Once dry, I added this French graphic, from The Graphics Fairy.
You can find the one I used, here.

I printed it out and used this transfer paper to transfer. This paper works really great.

transfer paper over white box

I also used this paper on this project, here and here.

You can see many more transfer methods, here, “My Favorite Transfer Methods

Simply trace over everything you see and you’ll be left with this…

image transferred on white bread box

Which is easily “filled in”.

However, this one was a bit tinier than most so I skipped the liner brush and went with an Ultra fine point and regular point permanent marker instead.
Oh so relaxing and fun to do….really. I so enjoy this quiet-minded type of work.

drawing in the graphic

Anyone can do this!
I like keeping the printed graphic close by to check for accuracy as I’m painting or filling in.

And done! Really quick project with markers.

white bread box with french words

I did give it a very light sanding to distress.
And then sprayed with a clear matte sealer to seal.

TIP: When using permanent markers to color in graphics, you want to avoid using any kind of sealer with a brush.
It can tend to smear a bit if you do. Spray first with a clear coat sealer and then you can brush on another type of sealer if desired.

I just adore that pop of color!

white bread box with blue inside

I have bread in there but you can use this sweet little painted bread box for so many other things too!

white bread box with flowers on top

up close of french graphics

So sweet.

white french bread box with flowers

Up close…

up close of graphics

Next time you need to transfer small print like this, try a marker! It’s a game changer and makes this project so quick and easy!

PIN it to save it for later!

This sweet painted bread box looks transformed with pretty French graphics and aqua "surprise" paint inside!

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Have a wonderful week!



  1. Nancy that is so cute now!

    I laughed out loud because when I was very young my mom had that exact bread box! When she remodeled and had soooo much more cab and drawers she had a bread drawer. Funny to think that somehow the one you just redid was hers. ♥

    Super cute, well done.

  2. Cute makeover! While we do not see many of these anymore, your creation may just change that! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your week.

  3. I’ve had one of these for a few years now I use it on my bed side table to hold stuff. I have wanted to redo it, now I have inspiration. Can you use the rub-ons for this?, or mod-podge napkins, then make slits so that the cover will move? Just curious if you have any insight into this. I love yours, great makeover.

    1. Yes!! You could use the transfers or even decoupaged napkins. I would just gently cut the transfer and/or the decoupaged napkins where the slits are. That would work well! :) xo

  4. Oh!! GREAT job!!!! From Ugh to beautiful!!! You must have a lot of patients to paint those letters. I even like Dave’s Bread too!!! HA!! High in the mountains of Arizona (here) a bread box would not work…..2 days and your bread would be like bricks left out!!!!
    Good make over!!!! xoxo

  5. I have a similar breadbox my Daddy made. I painted it a white chalk paint but inside still has a paint odor. I need to find another use for it because concerned our bread will take on the paint odor. HELP, share more uses for it.

    1. Oh, gosh, how about using it for charging your phones. (just cut a hole in the back for the cords and keep em hidden that way). Maybe a spot to keep bills and papers out of sight. How about scissors or things that might end up in the “junk” drawer that you need but don’t want out and about. Bathroom counter for toiletries. Just a few off the top of my head! :)

  6. Oh my goodness! I did the same thing to my old bread box (that I do use for a bread box) about 3 years ago. I used a different stencil and even painted it a teal color on the inside! Great minds??

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