Painted Flat Basket Update

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This painted flat basket update looks completely different now! Use paint and decor transfers to transform old baskets!

Hello friends! Can you even believe it’s June already?? We are halfway into the year, what?!

How about we makeover a basket today? I’ve been getting into all the goodies I found recently!

thrifted smalls before makeovers on bench

This huge bunch I shared with you all several weeks ago. I pulled out that large basket in the back and gave it a whole new look!

So far I’ve done the crate and today I’m sharing the basket. Many more to go!
If you missed the crate, you can see it right here >>> Old Crate Makeover For An Updated Look

Painted Flat Basket Update

This is a bit different type of basket since it’s large and flat.

large flat basket tall before

large flat basket sitting on bench

Sort of like maybe a bread basket or something? Well, lots of things you can do with these large baskets, right?

The first thing I did was tape just under the edges so I could spray-paint the top edge gold.

taped and gold painted edge of basket

MATERIALS LIST (for the painted flat basket update)

Prefer to shop on Etsy? I have an Etsy shop also, here!

Next, I painted the inside and out with French Eggshell. (this is a beautiful blue/green aqua shade)

painting the aqua color on the basket weave

One coat was all it needed!

basket painted

Once that was dry, I decided to use the Rose Quartz decor transfer on the inside.

transfer laying on inside of basket

Want to know all the “ins and outs” of using transfers? I wrote an entire post all about it! You can see it here >>> How To Use Rub On Decor Transfers

This large section would go in the middle but I wanted it a bit fuller so added a few more pieces.

cut pieces of transfer laying inside basket

In order to layer them, some needed to go on first like this single flower here.

small pink rose attached to inside of basket

Then the big one over top.

attaching the transfer inside the basket

And I added several more on top of the large rose, some leaves too.

The left looked like it needed just one more leaf! lol I didn’t want to put it over top of the flower because that would be weird. So I made it look like it was under the rose instead.

I used a sharpie and a spare piece of the clear paper the transfer comes on to trace the shape of the edge of the rose. (see below)

sharpie pen and clear transfer paper

Then I cut out the leaf to that shape.

showing the marking with the pen on the leaf transfer

leaf transfer cut where sharpie pen marks were

Just fit it in like a puzzle piece.

fitting the leaf to the flower

As you can see, once it is attached, you’d never know!

showing up close how cut leaf fits perfectly with flower edge

Much better! Now it looks balanced and finished.

pink transfer on bottom of aqua basket

I decided to seal this transfer with our Clear Glaze instead of our Topcoat this time. It gives it a bit more luster/gloss.

clear glaze jar

Reveal of the painted flat basket:

And done! Such a simple makeover but oh so pretty.

aqua basket with pink flowers inside

I love the aqua and pink together. I’m a sucker for those two colors!! Obviously as those are my brand colors here on the blog. ;)

up close of pink flowers inside basket bottom

It just looks like a plain ole basket from the side.

side view of aqua basket

But then you get a fun surprise inside!

painted basket on white bench

Lots of things you can use transfers on. It doesn’t always have to be furniture as you’ve learned around here! I use them on just about everything!

How about you??

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This painted flat basket update looks completely different now! Use paint and decor transfers to transform old baskets!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear friends!



  1. This looks beautiful, my favorite colors too! I would have hesitated to do a transfer on the basket weaving, any tricks on how to do it?

    1. Thanks, Celia!! Yes, aren’t they the best?! No need to hesitate to use it on something like this. The transfers are so very thin they form well to whatever you put them on. Just be sure to press the transfer into the grooves and such. xo

  2. This is perfect and I think my favorite of all basket makeovers. So pretty! Love the gold top and brilliant how you did that last leaf.

  3. This basket is so very lovely. Having no artistic talent my self I really appreciate transfers. They give items that finished look. Great job.

  4. I’m always skeptical about putting transfers onto a woven surface. This one and others that you have done, so I guess I should just jump in and DO IT! This basket is lovely, Nancy! Good job.

    1. Yes, definitely!! The transfers are really thin so just be sure to press them into woven areas and are you are good to go! Thank you, Caye! :)

  5. WOW- it’s hard to believe it is the same basket as the before pic! I love your choices of colors and transfers. It’s really beautiful now.

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