Hexagon Accent Table Update

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Elegant hexagon accent table update with rice paper and paint! 

Hello beautiful friends!

I hope you had an amazing weekend! I was a busy little bee working at my parents’ house finishing up all the last details, cleaning, etc. It’s almost ready to go on the market but it’s bittersweet for sure. It will be nice to have a new family in there to love and enjoy it. But it is hard to imagine not being able to ever go in that house again. We moved there when I was around 8 so essentially the house I grew up in. So many memories there of growing up, then with all of the grandchildren, family get-togethers, and more. It’s all hard in so many ways but I’m trying to focus on and embrace this next phase of life without my parents.

Today is Trashy Treasure Tuesday and my friends and I are here to share our treasures with you!

I’m sharing a brand-new one I found recently.

dark stained table with black decorative inset design

I love the design of the table but it’s quite beat up all over (chipped finish, etc) and just needs a little love. And a new look!

Hexagon Accent Table Update

side view of table before makeover

table leg with crack

I’m going to fix her right up! Let’s get to it!

I started by sanding all over to remove some of the shine and even out some of the bumps and chips.
Then I cleaned it with TSP Alternative Cleaner.

Once that was dry, I decided to spray it with BIN Shellac-Based Primer to seal in the chipped areas as the finish had a bit of red in it. I wanted to keep it from “bleeding” through the lighter color paint I was planning to use.

table that has been sprayed with primer

It actually made painting the table easier too since I now wouldn’t have to apply as many coats over that dark finish.

Here is the color I chose for the hexagon accent table. And the Rice Paper for the inset areas.

jar of fusion paint with paper below

MATERIALS LIST (for the Hexagon Accent Table Update)

Prefer to shop on Etsy? I have an Etsy shop also, here!


I applied one coat of paint with my favorite brush. Then realized I’d forgotten to caulk a few things! No worries, once dry, I went ahead with that.

applying caulk to crack

For the top, I used a microfiber roller instead of the brush for a nice, smooth finish.

roller paint on table

Once dry, I gave both the base and the top another coat.

side of table painted

roller paint on table top

The top got a total of 3 coats for extra protection.

table top painted finished

I chose this soft and pretty Rice Paper for the inset areas of the table.

side where inset it with rice paper

It was simple to measure and cut! Well, I didn’t measure and that’s why it was so simple!lol
I did exactly what you see above. I lined up the paper like so…

…then held it in place while I ran this metal piece around the edges to make creases.

Elegant hexagon accent table update with rice paper and paint! artsychicksrule.com

That left a definite fold in the paper to show me where to cut.

showing the creases made

I use my matte and an X-acto knife to cut it.

cutting the rice paper on the matte with xacto knife

Makes it so easy to get a straight line.

And a perfect fit!

showing how the newly cut rice paper fits

I applied a coat of Decoupage & Transfer Gel…

jar of transfer gel

… then attached the Rice Paper.

showing how to apply transfer gel and then rice paper over top

newly attached rice paper to transfer gel inset area

I did that 5 more times around the table and then applied one more coat of Decoupage & Transfer Gel over top.

And that’s it! The hexagon accent table is done!

finished painted table

I love that every little inset is slightly different.

up close of inset area

up close of inset area

up close of inset area

top side view of table

I think it is so elegant now.

side view of finished table

And styled up a bit.

table styled with gold lamp, photo and flowers

table styled with gold lamp photo and flowers

top of styled table with framed photo, flowers and gold lamp

What do you think? Are you a fan of the original dark look or the new lighter makeover??

painted table with white flowers laying on top

PIN it to save it!

Elegant hexagon accent table update with rice paper and paint! artsychicksrule.com

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Have a blessed week!



  1. Oh, my gosh!!! The table started out so…well…ugly. I would have never bought it but you made it ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! Thanks for sharing this now beautiful piece.

  2. Just lovely Nancy! As always, You made it very special.

    Your note about your parents’ home twinged at my heart. But you have graduated, flown free and are flying higher now. The only constant in life is change and you’ll do it beautifully. XXOO

  3. Oh my word, isn’t she lovely now????? It’s unreal it is the same table!!!!
    Absolutely beautiful, Nancy!

  4. The table looked so hulky and heavy before. Now it looks bright, light and cheering.

    I hope a lovely family buys your parents’ home and that they love living there as much as your family has.

  5. That sad little table really is elegant now, Nancy. The finish is so smooth, just beautiful!

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