OBX Thrift Store Finds

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Come along on my latest OBX thrift shopping trip!

Hello, my wonderful friends! I am writing to you from our happy place in the OBX.
And, I did a little thrifting down here too!

I thought I’d share what I found to bring home with me…and what I found that I thought was interesting too.

I didn’t get to do as much thrifting as I’d hoped but did find a few fun new finds.

This tray that just needs a little work on one of the handles.

brown wood tray

This wood box had to come home with me. It’s a great box for storage and I love the shape!

brown wood box

This next one is staying at the beach. We are putting it on the deck and I’m going to add beach finds to the shelves.

beach wood shelf

It’s already got the perfect “beachy, coastal” look. Nothing needs to be done to it at all!

dressing table with mirror

This was so sweet. I already have an idea of how I will make this one over.

Now, that is all I found to bring home but I did have to stop at one of my favorites!

front of the class and trash store

If you ever go to The Outer Banks, make sure you plan a visit here.

This one below would be perfect for a small desk.

antique wood desk

Look at that cool old farm, metal top table.

blue and white farmhouse table

This would be a fun set to makeover.

cream colored dresser and nightstand

Need an old suitcase?

old suitcases stacked

Or trunk?

antique trunk

You can find all kinds of things in here. ha!

motor covers

Not only really cool furniture but retro tackle boxes too.

retro tackle box

It’s authentic!

inside old tackle box

And lots of driftwood too.


Lots of driftwood!

wheelbarrow full of driftwood

Want to see some of my past shopping trips here? Or more of Class & Trash?
Check out this post here >>> OBX Thrift Shopping Trip

I hope you enjoyed going along on this thrifting trip with me! Stay tuned as a give them all makeovers soon. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I am so excited to see how you transform your new pieces, Nancy!! Going to be awesome!
    Nice treasures you found. I am happy you were able to get away. Hope you had fun. I am going “home” (where I grew up but here is truly home) to our lake house next week. Haven’t been there in a year and I am very excited about it. There is nothing like being by the water.
    Once you grow up with it the need to be around it never goes away, least not to me. ♥

    1. Hope you are having a fantastic time at the lake! It’s always good to go home. :) And YES, one thousand percent yes to that! Have to be by the water! :) xo

  2. Nice finds! Love that storage box. If I went to that shop, would have to grab some of that driftwood. Some nice pieces of it. Looking forward to seeing your make overs of these finds.

    1. I know!! I might have to go back for some driftwood…because I bought that cool shelf for the deck and want to put a piece on it! Stay tuned! ;) xo

  3. I’m looking forward to your makeovers of these pieces, especially that storage box. I was given one just like it 25 years ago. I believe it’s for desktop stationery and pens. I can’t wait to see what you do with yours.

  4. Hi Nancy,
    I enjoy seeing your creativity when you do make overs, I don’t usually comment but was excited when I saw the trunk and as a possible make over, the reason was I found one very similar at Goodwill. A little disappointed when you decided not to buy it, I bought the trunk to give to my grandson who loves old things and thought the trunk would be great piece for keeping all his treasures. I want to make a few changes like put leather straps around it but was hoping for a few more ideas (your ideas). You and Christina remind me of a friendship I had for over 40 years, stay close you never know when they will get called to Heaven. Lovingly Linda

    1. I know, it was a beauty, Linda! But it was pricey, so it stayed behind! I’m sorry! Yes, we do have a wonderful relationship, and you are so right! Hugs! xoxo

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