No Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry

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Today I’m sharing a “No Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry” that was inspired by Anthropologie.

This post was updated Dec/2020

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! Wow, how does the time go so fast these days?
Or is it just me?
I’d bet not. You think so too, don’t you?

This project I’m sharing today is the first of several DIY Christmas decor ideas I’ll be sharing with you this month.

A few of my friends are sharing their “inspired” pieces too in the “Rock Your Knock Off Tour – Holiday Edition”.

Fun, fun, fun!!!
Here are a couple of other “inspired by” projects I’ve done… Pottery Barn’s “DIY “It’s a Wonderful Life” Sign” and my most recent Ballard Design’s “DIY Carved Wood Medallions”.

I just LOVE these kinds of tours….tons of pretty, tons of inspiration, and lots of saved money.

Here’s what inspired me to make this Christmas wall tapestry ….. “Shimmering Spruce Wall Tapestry by Anthropologie” (no longer available)

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie #christmastapestry #christmaswallhanging

I made mine for less than $5.
Their’s .. $128.  Wow.

BUT theirs is also much larger. I didn’t want mine that large.
Even so, I could have made mine the same exact size for probably less than $15.

How To Make a DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry

I bought the fabric on sale from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics for $4.99 a yard.
I only used half a yard. (so $2.50)

No-Sew Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie Inspired - material -#wallhanging #nosew #tapestry #inspiredby #diy

(it’s not quite the blue/purple as the picture shows…I had my camera on the wrong setting)

I didn’t worry about making the back perfect. (who’s going to see it?)
No-sew is the way to go. Unless you know how to sew… then you should sew.

But I don’t sew, so this is the way I go. lol

I ironed the seams first as shown below…

No-Sew Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie Inspired - no sew #wallhanging #nosew #tapestry #inspiredby #diy

The top had a seam and then I folded over again for the dowel rod to fit through.

After I had my seams, I went back in with Steam-A-Seam 2  to seal the seams.
You can see one of my favorite “no-sew” tutorials here… “Easy, No Sew Curtain Panels”.

Once that was complete…… I started painting.

Ha…no, I didn’t. I practiced first…

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie Inspired - practice first -#wallhanging #tapestry #inspiredby #nosew #diy

…on whatever I could find laying around. Which just happened to be this magazine I was looking at earlier.

I was a little intimidated by that big, dark, blue piece of fabric to tell the truth.
White paint, blue fabric…no room for error.

I did have the other half of the yard so not too big of a deal but I didn’t want to have to use it. The tree was pretty simplistic and I got right to it once I realized the odds were good I wouldn’t mess it up.

I did use a straight edge to create the first line though….with CHALK.
Measured from side to side and all.

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie Inspired - Line -#wallhanging #tapestry #inspiredby #nosew #diy

Then I just started painting (Snow White Milk Paint, General Finishes) and adding the limbs/branches…
Note: any gold or white craft paint will work

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie Inspired - Base -#wallhanging #tapestry #inspiredby #nosew #diy

You can see I didn’t paint over the chalk line very well.
My oh so steady, not steady, hand. Oops!

No worries…it will get filled in. Plus, trees are not perfect, right?

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie Inspired - paint -#wallhanging #tapestry #inspiredby #nosew #diy

I used a small angled artist’s brush for this part. Then went back in and used a liner brush to create some finer lines.

Kind of sparse looking right now though.

So I went back in with the angled brush until I got it as thick as I desired.

Then added “snow”…and voila!

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie Inspired - adding snow -#wallhanging #tapestry #inspiredby #nosew #diy

What a difference, right??
That was actually SO MUCH FUN to do!

I watered down the paint a bit to get it a little liquid-y. Then I dipped my brush in and ran my fingernail across the edge while pointed at the fabric.
It sprayed out so perfectly.

Just like snow.

Then came the stars.

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie Inspired - Up Close Top -#wallhanging #tapestry #inspiredby #nosew #diy

The glorious, beautiful stars that just complete the whole look, in my opinion.

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie Inspired - Up Close Bottom -#wallhanging #tapestry #inspiredby #nosew #diy

Don’t they just?

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie Inspired - Up Close Top -#wallhanging #tapestry #inspiredby #nosew #diy

Up close shot of the top one…

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie Inspired - Up Close Star -#wallhanging #tapestry #inspiredby #nosew #diy

Here’s how I created them.

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie Inspired - Stars -#wallhanging #tapestry #inspiredby #nosew #diy

I plopped down different sized globs of gold paint (Modern Masters Metallic Paint, Warm Silver) –> which is really “gold”.

Then I used this little brush that has flared bristles and “swiped” the gold paint out and away from the center to create a “star-burst” effect.

After that, I went back in with my liner brush to create longer star-bursts out like a star on
That was the longest part of the entire process.
Still, I started and finished this project within an hour or so.

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie Inspired - Star -#wallhanging #tapestry #inspiredby #nosew #diy

I already had a dowel rod on hand so cut it to fit.

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie Inspired - Tassle -#wallhanging #tapestry #inspiredby #nosew #diy

I had my husband cut the notches in so I’d have somewhere to hang the rope.
I just tied a knot and pulled through on each side.
Then I unwound the end pieces to give them a tassle-ish look similar to the inspired piece.

And done!! That’s it!

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie #christmastapestry #christmaswallhanging

I really love how my version of the Christmas tree tapestry turned out.
I’m not sure yet where it will end up in the whole Christmas decor…. you’ll just have to check back to see!

But here it is in a couple of different possible places I can use the holiday tapestry.

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie #christmastapestry #christmaswallhanging

Outside on the front porch, on the hall tree.

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie #christmastapestry #christmaswallhanging

On the inside of the front door…

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie #christmastapestry #christmaswallhanging

(looks black, it’s not, the hall tree photo shows the correct color)

Pin it to save it!

No-Sew DIY Christmas Tree Tapestry - Anthropologie #christmastapestry #christmaswallhanging

Would you ever guess it was no-sew?

Or that is cost less than $5 to make??
I wouldn’t think so, or maybe…haha!

Big savings, easy, quick DIY Christmas project for your home.
My kind of project.
And with lots of options….like a red fabric background with silver stars instead, for example.

Hmm, a teal-colored background with silver, or even white, stars would be really pretty too.

Below you will find links to all of my friends “inspired by” projects… ENJOY!!!





  1. You are so talented! Your version of this project is absolutely perfect and I love it. I am excited to see exactly where you’ll display it when you do your Christmas decorating.

  2. Absolutely beautiful…I love it! I just subscribed to your newsletter and I’m so glad I did. I plan to get started on this beauty right away & I have the perfect place to hang it when it’s finished.Thank you for sharing your brilliance & creativity.

      1. I love the wispy tree you created! It could be displayed beyond Christmas – right through January to fill that void when we take down all the holiday and the house looks so bare. Definitely etsy worthly!

    1. Thanks Tami! :) I am so loving this tour too!! We have a super talented, creative bunch! So happy to be a part of it!!!

    1. That’s because you can…and I know you can Chris! :)
      And yes, I noticed that once I finished mine. I didn’t even realize how differently I made the branches until I stood a ways back from it and looked!
      Happy is always better than droopy! ;)

  3. Stunning! I Love..Love , LOVE this project! Such a great choice and your tutorial is well done so I’ll have the confidence to try to recreate this lovely project! I’m with you too.. no sew is the way to go:)

  4. Nancy, that is just so adorable! You always make things look so easy! I really wish I had the talent you have in just one of your pinkies!!! I’d love to try this… however, I am quite sure my tree AND the stars would nowhere near resemble a tree and stars!! xo

  5. You’re an artsy chick and you don’t sew? I’m so-o-o disappointed!! ;-) But then, I’ve made a living being a graphic artist, and I can’t paint! Well, I’m learning… Your banner looks fantastic, and the silver/gold is perfect! Hey, I wonder how hard it is to paint on velvet… or satin… or fleece??? You might wish to consider mixing paint with “fabric medium” to prevent paint from cracking on a fabric surface (makes paint more flexible).

    1. Haha! I know!! ;) Crazy. I guess it’s not ‘totally’ truthful to say I don’t know how because I actually did learn back in Home Ec in high school and made a couple really nice things! I just hated it so much I let it all slip from my mind! ;) (and that was at least 30+ years ago too) So I have sewn but I don’t remember how and don’t want to. ;)
      Could probably paint this it onto a short napped satin/velvet with no trouble. I do have some fabric medium here that I want to mix with paint and paint a chair with to compare to my Chalk Painted chair actually. Haven’t gotten around to that yet. But for this project, the paint was pretty thin. You are right though, for thicker or more detailed paintings that is a great tip! :)

      1. Screw the truth, and go with what you know!!! Haha, no, I don’t really believe that, but you know what I mean! I used to really enjoy sewing, but now… too many pins, too many cats, so I stick to sewing curtains (and usually make them out of tablecloths :-D )

        1. Too many pins!!! Yes!! And they hurt…so do the needles. I did some hand sewing today and I am reminded why I don’t want to sew!!!! ;)


          1. OK, last word on this from me: could the lowly thimble be the artsy-chick’s accoutrement du jour??? (Don’t ask me to wear one – I can’t even knit while keeping my hands on the needles. It’s slow and gives me neck pain, but I have been known to have success. Really. I taught my husband, and he knits REALLY WELL!)

  6. Do you have to buy the “Snow White Milk Paint” ($32.49) or can you just use a white craft paint, acrylic, like Tulip White Slick 3D Fashion Paint ($1.79) at Hobby Lobby?

    1. Hi Linda,
      No you sure don’t, it’s just what I had on hand and it worked very well (so I shared it in case anyone wanted to know–it’s also a great furniture paint!!). You could probably use any craft paint you have. :)

  7. Nancy! Your knock off is absolutely gorgeous and I prefer it to the store bought version. You knocked it out of the park ~ LOVE!

  8. So pretty! I like yours better than theirs! I’m gonna try this but with red fabric just because I have no blue in my house. Thanks!

  9. WOW!! You did rock this knock off!! BEAUTIFUL JOB!!! I hope you still display this in your home! You really blew my mind!!

  10. Yours is so pretty and looks much better than the original. Now just something that may help you in the future since you say you don’t sew. When you are turning fabric down say for a hem most people measure as they go which takes time. Get a piece of a folder about 6-8 inches long. Measure and cut the folder the width of your hem. Just turn fabric over to edge of folder and continuing sliding down fabric and turning the hem. Your measuring is already done for you and so much easier. This is a tip from my talented sister that is a super seamstress. Works great when making curtains and saves so much time. Hope I don’t sound like a know-it-all because my talent is nothing compared to yours.

    1. Not Nancy here, but a fellow follower of hers. I just wanted to thank you for sharing the tip your sister gave you about using a folder to accurately turn over a hem!! I will so be using this tip in the future! have a Merry Christmas!!

    2. Thank you so much, Janice! And thank you so much for this awesome tip too! I love this! And no way, I LOVE when my readers share their wisdom with me. It goes both ways, I learn much here too from all of you. :) xoxo

  11. This is so pretty. I’m inspired to make one myself now. Yours is much better than the original, I love your idea and how to do it.
    thanks for sharing.

  12. I have to copy this! If I can make it as quick and easy as you did, then I will give them for gifts. It is so elegant looking on the purple. Have a great weekend!

  13. OMG! This is so cool, Nancy! GREAT tutorial – and yours is way better!

    Love this. I may have to get some artist paint brushes one day – I’d really love to try this!
    You could sell those and make a ton!!!

    Thanks for the awesome inspiration!!

  14. You are a great inspiration ….. I’m going to try and copy your great art and hang it in my apartment here in Australia… thanks a bunch and I wish you and all of your family a great time over the festive season.

  15. Honestly, I would much rather have your version. I think yours is a work of art while the Anthropolagie version looks faded and dull. The gold tassels are a nice touch, but I would still pick yours if they were hanging side by side or across the art gallery from each other.

  16. I, too, like your version better…it looks like a happy tree with your little sweeping up of the branches!!! Such a great and fairly easy project and who doesn’t like budget friendly!!! thank you so much for sharing this again as I didn’t see it in 2014!! Merry Christmas!!

    1. Aw, thanks, Karolyn! I’m so happy I decided to bring this one back up then! I think a lot of you had missed it then or weren’t here yet. It’s such an easy (and fun) project to do, it’s so worth sharing again! Merry Christmas! xo

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