DIY Holiday Framed Ornament Wreath ( Welcome Home Tour)

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The holidays are a busy time of year. What better than to find simple, easy, and budget-friendly crafts for the holidays. Like this thrifty find turned holiday framed ornament wreath.

This post was updated Dec/2020

Framed Ornament Wreath…easy!

Easy, DIY Framed Ornament Wreath (and thrifty too!) #Christmaswreath #holidaywreathideas

All week long my friends have been sharing beautiful and different ways they welcome guests to their homes during the holidays.
Today, I’m sharing with you something I made for my front door to welcome guests to our home…

…and a bit of our front porch that greets visitors as well in the “Welcome Home Tour“.

How To Make This Framed Ornament simple!

I picked up an old framed print at the thrift store a while back…

Easy, DIY Framed Ornament Wreath (and thrifty too!) #Christmaswreath #holidaywreathideas

It’s always interesting the things you find inside.

This was a page from a calendar someone framed.
(the other side is the bear print) You just never know!
That’s the fun of thrifting.

Easy, DIY Framed Ornament Wreath - thrifty frame 1 - Welcome Home Tour - #wreath #diy #ornamentwreath

I painted the frame red.

Easy, DIY Framed Ornament Wreath - thrifty frame painted red - Welcome Home Tour - #wreath #diy #ornamentwreath

And then sprayed it with the pearly glaze I’ve been using a lot this season.


Santa - DIY Believe Sign - Pearl spray coat - #Santa #believe #Christmas #holidaydecor #santaclaus

(I can no longer find this but this one is similar)

And here it is sprayed…it just gives the slightest of glimmers/shimmers.

Easy, DIY Framed Ornament Wreath - deciding on ornaments - Welcome Home Tour - #wreath #diy #ornamentwreath

I laid out the ornaments to see which I’d use. I had thought I wanted an odd number but I ended up with four because I liked the way that looked best.

I used a sparkly white ribbon and stapled it to the back of the frame as shown…

Easy, DIY Framed Ornament Wreath - attaching ornaments - Welcome Home Tour - #wreath #diy #ornamentwreath

Pretty simple! Just like I like it! ;)

I decided to do a very simple bow on top.
I wanted it to look like a present…and I think it does.

And again, the framed ornament wreath from the front all finished up…

Easy, DIY Framed Ornament Wreath (and thrifty too!) #Christmaswreath #holidaywreathideas

I hot glued the bow on top…..and I was done.

So easy and thrifty! Love that.

My first guests who saw it happened to be my sister in law and brother in law this past weekend.
She loved it, so it passed the guest test!

I also decorated a little on the front porch to welcome guests too.

Like my hall tree (you can read about that project here — Front Porch Decor – Hall Tree) on the front porch.

Easy, DIY Framed Ornament Wreath (and thrifty too!) #Christmaswreath #holidaywreathideas

All thrifty finds. 
The pine cones came from the woods in my back yard.
I sprayed them white and used them in this display. (actually, those are from last year)
The candle stand…thrift store and painted. (used last year on my mantel-2013)
The tray…Target, broken (I fixed it) and on clearance. (I used it in my kitchen last year for the holidays)
And the star dish is new this year. To me…it came from the thrift store too.
Isn’t it pretty?

The left side of my porch has my rockers.
I got them at a flea market a couple of years ago. $50 for the pair…great deal!
Santa hat…came from the thrift store this year.

Easy, DIY Framed Ornament Wreath (and thrifty too!) #Christmaswreath #holidaywreathideas

I kept with my teal & red theme throughout the entire house, even out here, this year.

Easy, DIY Framed Ornament Wreath (and thrifty too!) #Christmaswreath #holidaywreathideas

Holiday Front Porch - Welcome Home Tour - #wreath #diy #porch #ornamentwreath

And my “Santa Stops Here” sign I painted a few years ago.

Santa Stop Here - Welcome Home Tour - #wreath #diy #ornamentwreath

Just in case anyone wanted to know.

Easy, DIY Framed Ornament Wreath - front porch - Welcome Home Tour - #wreath #diy #ornamentwreath

I love decorating my “hall” tree on the front porch for every season.
It’s a great space for it.
Sadly, as I was decorating, it didn’t feel much like Christmas…it was 70 degrees! Crazy weather.
I hate cold weather (hate!) but it must be a little chilly, at least, in the month of December.

And last but definitely not least, my sweetie, Lexi girl, in her favorite spot to be when I have the front door open.

Easy, DIY Framed Ornament Wreath (and thrifty too!) #Christmaswreath #holidaywreathideas

She likes to keep an eye on everything…..and bark when anyone or everyone walks by.
Which happens a lot in this neighborhood.
But that’s okay, she’s just protecting her family.
Love her.

Pin it to save it!

Easy, DIY Framed Ornament Wreath (and thrifty too!) #Christmaswreath #holidaywreathideas

So that is how we welcome guests to our home. Well, minus the barking dog, of course. (no, that does happen ;) )
Be sure to see how the rest of my friends welcome you during the holiday season below!



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  1. I love the hall tree on the front porch, what a great idea. Your “wreath” of a frame with the ornaments is so clever! I would like to be welcomed by your front porch decor!

  2. HI and Merry Christmas!!
    Love all your projects especially the red frame with silver Christmas balls!! What brand of pearly glaze spray did you use on the red frame? Sounds like something I would love to try!!! Thanks!!!!

    Your porch is to die for!!!!!

    1. Aw thanks so much Jeannie! :)
      Merry Christmas to you as well!!
      The pearly glaze is coming up in a few posts (I thought I had already posted one about it but realized I hadn’t yet!..I’m updating this post to give the info).
      But it is made my Folk Art and is called Pearlcote Pearl Glaze in a spray can.
      There will be a photo of it when I edit the post. I did buy it on clearance though, so I am not positive it is still available which is sad, I love it!

  3. I’ve seen a few of these ornament framed wreaths but what I like about yours is the shiny metallics with the red painted frame – so pretty. Love your holiday porch too and the way you styled that gorgeous hall stand you made last year. Very inviting! I think your guests would be so taken by all the eye candy they wouldn’t even notice the barking dog. LOL

    1. Hi Marie!
      Oh yes, they are so easy to make!! I am really enjoying it. Something different this year!
      I’m not sure….she has a very loud bark!!!lol ;)

    1. Thanks Christy! Thrifty is my middle name!!!lol
      I’m not sure what I’d do with a big ole budget! ;) (but I wouldn’t mind finding out…I’d probably just buy even more thrifted stuff!)

  4. I love your decorated porch, Nancy! And I love, love, love the wreath on your hall tree! That is gorgeous! But the whole porch looks wonderful… so inviting!

    Which pearl glaze spray are you using? Thanks! xo

    1. Thank you Karen! :) It’s very simplistic! I should have taken a photo in the evening with the lights on too! :) (I like my house/porch at night best anyway!)
      The pearl spray is one I’ve used a lot lately ( but realized some of those posts haven’t gone out yet!) It is a Pearlcote Glaze that I found on clearance at Michael’s made by Folk Art.


    1. Hey Chris! :)

      Thanks so much!! I do enjoy decorating that hall tree!
      Hope you’re having a great week!

  5. Oh Nancy! Your home is so inviting the Christmas season. Thanks for inspiring me and sharing the frame wreath. I think I need one. Especially with pearly white :)
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Nancy, I love the red frame sprayed with the pearl glaze and the ornaments added. That is just so cute!

    I ordered two cans of that Pearlcote Pearl Glaze the last time you used it on something because I loved it so much and was afraid it was being discontinued. And I think it must have been, because I recently searched Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and eBay…. and it is nowhere to be found! Glad I bought two cans!

    Thank you for the great idea for a new Christmas decoration! xoxo

  7. Soooooo beautiful! Love everyone of your porch decorations! You have a creative gift, thanks for sharing with us on Pinterest!

      1. Hi Nancy! That is a sweet welcome. The ornaments are so pretty and the bow is just perfect. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I took your idea and hung 3 ornaments over a mirror in my living room! So easy to do and I can take them off after the Christmas season! Love love love it!

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