My Holiday Home Tour – How to Decorate on a Budget {Part 2}

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Last week, on Friday, I shared Part 1 of my Holiday Home Tour.

Today I’m sharing the rest!

Welcome back to my home……


The Foyer above (which you saw on Friday)….

….and to the left of the Foyer is the Study.
That is where you will find my cute little white (thrift store) table top tree from last year.
You can read about it –> here.

White and Colorful Christmas Table Top Tree - Holiday Home Tour

You will only get to see part of this room (be glad, the other side is a disaster ;)) as we are in the middle of building a “built in” on the far side.
Bookcase with cabinets. Can’t wait until it is complete!

But you do get to see the new paint color….Sherwin Williams, Navajo White -SW-6126.
(the same as the brick fireplace in this post–>here.)

And my beautiful, Aubusson Blue Chalk Painted thrift store dresser.
I LOVE, adore, love, love this dresser. I love it.
And this color.
You can read about it —> here. (and check out how it used to look!)

This is also the dresser that had the missing handle…so I made one.

Can you guess which one?
You can see which one and how I did it here.

Aubusson Blue Chalk Painted Thrift Store Dresser - Walnut Top - DIY Wreath - Holiday Home Tour

Sneaky peek of things that have been going on in this room that I’ve yet to blog about!
Like those super cool bi-fold shutters (they were bi-folds) from the ReStore ($3) that I painted and hung….and awesome frames from Cut It Out.
I have one more to go at the top. A large one with our family photo.
I completely restyled the top of the dresser (as you  can see from the older post I linked above)

Oh….sorry, I’m so easily distracted….and of course the colorful and festive DIY wreath below.
This is the Holiday Home Tour after all.
I made it using a flat Styrofoam ring and thrift store/dollar store ornaments.
(I’ll have a few “how-to” posts coming next week for the things I’ve shown you on this tour)

DIY wreath with thrift and dollar store ornamentsThe mirror it’s hanging on came from Home Goods (and I painted it with Chalk Paint in this post –>here)

That’s it for this room, for now.

Straight ahead (from the Foyer) is the kitchen.

I didn’t do a ton of decorating in here. Minimal.

The window, sort of the focal point as you enter the room, got some decorating.

Kitchen window decorated for Christmas - Holiday Home Tour

And yes, these are my Chalk Painted kitchen cabinets (post on them –> here)

A beautiful mirrored ornament I picked up at TJ Maxx.
The pine cone, ornament, jingle bell I made to hang on either side of the window scarf.

Which, by the way, is actually a scarf–from World Market / $10.

Up close…..

Mirrored ornament at kitchen window

Ornament for window scarf

The window sill has some of the same greenery as the mantel. From the branches cut off the bottom of our tree.
And some starfish. I may have put some glitter on those blue ones. ;)

Natural garland - Starfish - Holiday Home Tour

On the other side of the room I have this…..

Baby It's Cold Outside - DIY - Thrift Store Frame to Holiday Art

I’ll be posting about this one very soon. It’s a mirror. Or, it was a mirror.
Now it’s adorable “Chalkboard” holiday art painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

These hooks needed something…so I hung these beautiful large ornaments (from Home Goods) on them.

Kitchen wall ornaments - Holiday Home Tour

Full wall……

Kitchen wall with holiday decorations - Holiday Home Tour

And in the middle, on the kitchen island, I put together this….

Kitchen Island Centerpiece - Home Holiday Tour

The tray was in the clearance section of Target for $15.
I got it for $7.50 because it had a broken handle…which I came home and fixed.
The greenery- again from the same branches from the bottom of our tree.
Ornaments and snowflakes came from the dollar store.

The Dining Room…….

Dining Room decorated for the holidays - Holiday Home Tour

You can see how this set got transformed by me…paint and new stained top…in this post here.

And a little “bling” for the chandelier….it’s sparkly. :)

Chandelier Bling for the Holidays

“New” chairs since the last time I posted pictures of this room.
That would be another post too!

Love these simple burlap chair wraps I made.
Same as in the window in the kitchen but with burlap….and a simple white ribbon.

DIY chair wraps for the holidays

(Burlap and bells came from JoAnn Fabrics with my 25% off coupon PLUS their 40% sale!)

And the center piece….
…still following along with the natural/nautical element.
The metal tray was also painted with AS Chalk Paint almost 2 years ago.

Dining Table Centerpiece for the Holidays

I broke part of the base on the tall vase pulling them out this year. But thankfully, it still stands. :)

And the broken part is hidden by all the “stuff” around it.

The “Ho Ho Ho” sign I made from an old framed print from the thrift store.

I used Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint for the lettering and dry brushed frame.
I wanted to be a little more subtle with color in the Foyer, Kitchen and Dining so didn’t use much, if any, red.

“Hung” it up –> (which actually means I used my staple gun — and stapled the heck out of it to the top of the cabinet) with burlap.

It’s not going anywhere. ;)

DIY Ho Ho Ho Sign - Holiday Home Tour

I might need to rethink that next year. ;)

And two little shots of the decor in my guest bath.
(towel from JoAnn Fabrics – same sale)

Guest Bath towel ring - bought at ReStore for 1 dollar - Sprayed with oil rubbed bronze - Holiday Home Tour

I don’t really want it to snow. Well, ok, maybe for one day. I could do one day of snow.

And that towel ring, by the way, came from the ReStore for $1.
It was chrome and brass.
I spray painted it with Oil Rubbed Bronze to match the rest of the room.
One Dollar.

The mirror with a little holiday decor (holiday “bling”, it’s sparkly too)….

Guest Bath Holiday Decor - Holiday Home Tour

So, that concludes my Holiday Home Tour!

Holiday Home Tour - Part 2
So happy I was able to pull it all together to share it with you.
And I’m so glad to be a part of this wonderful group of bloggers who are also sharing their homes with you during the 12 Days of Christmas Tour.

Be sure to also check out these other 3 blogger’s homes today!

And if you missed Part 1 of my Holiday Home Tour you can see it –>here.

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  1. Hi Nancy!
    What a wonderful way to begin my day! Visiting your beautifully decorated home for the Holidays was such a treat! As I began the tour, I noticed that we both love the needlepoint stockings! I’ve added to mine as our family has grown… to include 2 daughters in laws! Love the touches of nautical…. perfect for where we live! Of course your painted furniture is amazing and gorgeous! The Aubusson Blue Chalk Painted Dresser… Wow! Such a beautiful pop of color! I think I can see something in that blue in my future! Your kitchen window decorations are perfect… simply coastal! I also use the starfish on my wreaths for my front and back doors! Love your use of the World Bazaar scarf for your window treatment (pine cone jingle bell tiebacks) too! Great idea for the ornament wreath which I’ve been wanting! Saw one at the Vintage Home Market using vintage ornaments….. can’t seem to forget it but couldn’t justify the price just before the holidays! Yours is beautiful!! Yes, I want to make one! Smiled when I saw your white xmas tree because the white flocked trees have been a favorite this year for me also! I just added a white tabletop tree that will be placed in my sitting room off my kitchen! Will be adding just a touch of whimsy with just a bit of sparkly garland! We’re not doing a lot of decorations this year as we are just beginning some major remodeling! I know…. terrible timing! Love your wainscoting and the beadboard! The beadboard is a must have for my soon to be bath remodel. Just know that I have loved visiting your wonderfully decorated home which you have so artistically created and so appreciate your hospitality in sharing it! You are an inspiration!
    Happy Holidays! Lynn

    1. Hey there Lynn! :)
      Thank you so much! Yes, I so agree on the nautical. I’ve only incorporated anything nautical into my home in the last year or so (crazy I know when we live right here!). That Aubusson dresser is definitely a favorite. I think it looks so much better against the new wall color (as opposed to the more gold-ish color I had in there) And oh yes, you must do something in this color…it really is fabulous.
      Oh the wreath was fabulously simple! You could most definitely make one and do it in exactly the colors/ornaments of your choice. :)
      And no way, never terrible timing for remodeling (at least over here..since we seem to be in a constant state of it! ;) )–> that’s why I can only show half of my Study! (and nothing upstairs!)
      And we aren’t even finished in the kitchen yet (farm house sink to go in and new counter tops yet!) Good luck with your remodel. It’s so exciting to watch the transformation, how fun! :)
      Thank you for your sweet words about my home. That really means a lot. :) I am so glad you popped over to take a look Lynn!

      Happy Holidays to you and your family!!

    1. Thank you Shelly :) Yes, that little white tree is so much fun…I love all the colorful ornaments against the white!


  2. I can’t imagine how many hours you’ve spent decorating! Everything looks so nice. I hope that you are hosting at least one party this holiday season in your home. Your friends need to come over to admire everything!

    1. Aw thank you Paula! :) I crammed all that into several days! lol (it wasn’t the preferred method of decorating ;) )
      I am hosting the whole extended family this year for Christmas Dinner. :) …but no parties planned. Maybe I should! ;)

      Have a great week friend!

  3. I stumbled on your blog today, and I am now following you everywhere! I love the way you put up your decorations on a budget. Consider me inspired!

  4. Wow, Nancy! Your house REALLY looks awesome! I can’t decide which room I like best! I guess what makes it hard (besides the fact that it is all so great) is that there are really special things that just jump out at me in each room! Overall, you did a fantastic job, both in decorating for Christmas and in your everyday home decor! I’ve decided we have really similar tastes! You just have the talent to implement better than I do!!

    I guess I better get busy decorating! As always, you put me to shame! XOXO

    1. Thanks Karen! Aw…so sweet! :) It doesn’t surprise me that we have similar tastes!! And I don’t believe for a second that you don’t have the talent to implement it!

      Hope you are having a great week! :)

    1. Thank you Megan!! :) I’m not quite sure…but it did get done in a short period of time somehow….thankfully! (stress!lol ;) )


    1. Thanks Christy :) I know, I just love those and I know I won’t want to remove them from the chairs! They’ll look so plain after!! lol (and yes, I’m loving that pin plugin!..thanks!…and the other plugin I just installed too –> plugin junkie! ;) )

    1. Thanks Andi! And yes, I did make a handle…lol! It actually worked out well (my crazy ideas don’t always!!)


    1. Thanks Christy! I love my little coffee bar too…;) And YES, I plan to soon too!!! It’s been a crazy few weeks! (for you too!!!) Looking forward to it as I know you are!

      Merry Christmas to you! :)


  5. I’m a new follower to your blog and love your painted furniture make-overs! Your home is lovely and so warm and inviting! I am wondering what are the wall paint colors in your home? Thanks for sharing your projects and lovely home!

    1. Hi Tami,
      Thanks so much! :) The paint colors of my home are as follows (all Sherwin Williams):
      Study: Navajo White SW6126
      Family Room & Dining Room: Blonde SW6128
      Kitchen: Ivoire SW6127
      Foyer: Kaffee SW6104
      All the best!

        1. Sorry, I forgot I did show a little snippet of that room too. ;)
          It is Valspar Signature Interior Satin – Blue Lake


  6. Enjoying your Christmas home tour, in June no less! Lots if pretty touches and I especially like the blue bathroom walls, the pretty ornaments on the hooks, the chalk painted tray and more. I’m off to see the other part now.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth!
      I so enjoyed those ornaments on the hooks too…I wished they could stay all year! ;) (and the tie backs I made for the dining chairs..those too! My chairs looked bare when I removed them!)

  7. My goodness! Have I died and gone to a nicer place? I found your site this afternoon and have been snooping and finding so many neat ideas. You are so talented and so precious to share your work with all of us. I’ll be tagging along to see where you go from here. I’m in the process of designing my own down-sized apartment/condo which will be built in a few months and it does involve a lot of thinking of things which need to be included….but having lots of fun with it all. Wishing you and yours a fantastic 2015!

    1. Aww thank you SO much Dottie!! :)
      That is the nicest comment ever!! Made my day!
      I hope you have a wonderful and blessed 2015!!

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