Dated 70’s Hutch – Transformed into a Coastal Shabby Treasure with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

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I just love these old 70’s pieces. They’re perfect to transform with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Blue Hutch #shabbyfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #fixerupperstyle #farmhousedecor #farmhousehutch

They can so surprise you.
And they make the best “shabby”, “coastal” style furnture.

I grabbed this 2 piece hutch from a garage sale….for $35.00.
Solid, heavy, very well made.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Blue Hutch #shabbyfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #fixerupperstyle #farmhousedecor #farmhousehutch

And of course, I painted it with the wonderful Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Here is a before shot….very 70’s, dated.


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Blue Hutch #shabbyfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #fixerupperstyle #farmhousedecor #farmhousehutch
I had already removed the bead board backing to paint when I took this shot.
I was painting it a different color and it’s so much easier that way!
Popped it right off and went back on just as easy.
There’s my little helper in the background…..sleeping on the job. ;)

I mixed up some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and came up with this really
pretty pale blue color. Very similar to Louis Blue.
(please don’t ask what happened to the rest of this batch I had mixed up….
quite a large amount….that I had stored in a glass jar……. :( )
Yep, a large section of my garage floor is now a lovely shade of chalk paint blue. ;)

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Blue Hutch #shabbyfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #fixerupperstyle #farmhousedecor #farmhousehutch

And I used Old White for the rest.
As it goes with any creative process….I had thought I would paint the entire door blue.


Didn’t like that at all.
So I went back and painted around the edges with Old White and just left the
inset of each blue.
Like so…..

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Blue Hutch #shabbyfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #fixerupperstyle #farmhousedecor #farmhousehutch

And back together…..

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Blue Hutch #shabbyfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #fixerupperstyle #farmhousedecor #farmhousehutch

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Blue Hutch #shabbyfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #fixerupperstyle #farmhousedecor #farmhousehutch

Want to know about 26 other chalk style paints?
I’ve got the low down for you right here! >>> 26 Types of Chalk Style Paint For Furniture

I loved this piece….to pieces. Really.
I almost didn’t let it go to the shop but sadly I had no room for it.
My sweet husband said…”If it stays, something has got to come out…”
Hah! He was right, of course.
And I actually considered exchanging out my “Antique Dresser turned
Coffee Server” in this post here for this piece.
But I didn’t!
I had a hard time leaving it at the shop and considered going back to get it!
It’s now sold so I no longer have to stress over it.  Thank goodness!

Some up close detail….

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Blue Hutch #shabbyfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #fixerupperstyle #farmhousedecor #farmhousehutch

I sealed the Chalk Paint with Poly.
I sometimes do that instead of wax depending on the look and finish I’m going for.

The handles…….I just love how they turned out.
I dry brushed them and the doors with a touch of the white, before
distressing a bit, to get this look.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Blue Hutch #shabbyfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #fixerupperstyle #farmhousedecor #farmhousehutch

I added glass knobs to the cabinet doors….sigh…..

(the metal area of the glass knobs were silver but I also painted those parts
with the Old White chalk paint and distressed a bit)

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Blue Hutch #shabbyfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #fixerupperstyle #farmhousedecor #farmhousehutch
I’m sad I didn’t get to keep you pretty blue hutch.
But I’m glad I was able to bring you back to new life!
Re-stored, Re-styled and now Re-loved.

One of my favorite pieces.
I just LOVE the transformation.
It’s like the best present ever seeing it finished at the end.  Nothing better!

PIN it to save it!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Blue Hutch #shabbyfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #fixerupperstyle #farmhousedecor #farmhousehutch

Do you have an old piece like this?
Ready to paint it and turn it into something fresh & new??

Be sure to check in next week to see what I did with this old thrift store find!

UPDATE!! You can see it now, here!


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  1. Nancy, that turned out beautifully! I can see why you had a hard time parting with it. My husband says the same thing when I want to bring something big home, “if that goes in, something has to go out!”. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. :) Sharon

    1. Thanks Sharon!! :) Haha yes, I don’t always comply with the “keep/take out” rule myself but unfortunately we really didn’t have the room for it. Well, at the time!! ;) I’ve moved some things around and now it would fit. I’m actually on the quest for something similar for an idea I have. LOL (always something!)

    1. Thanks Sonya! I’m always mixing those paints. They mix so well and you can come up with just about any color you need. Yes, I always get so attached to everything I paint too. I think it is just part of that creative-ness in us. :) It only makes sense that we’d want to keep it all!

  2. Hi! Saw this on Instagram and liked it there, but just wanted to stop by here on your blog to see mord!
    Your work is incredible and sooooo inspirational! But I’m always afraid to try something like this!
    So I watch your transformations with envy…and will someday let go of the fear and give it a try.
    Giggled at the garage floor….that’s definitely something that would happen in MY garage! Hugs, Annette (aka Petunia Pill in blog world and “From Any Angle” on IG)

    1. Hey Annette! :) Aww, thanks so much for hopping over here from Instagram. And thanks so much for the sweet words. You can do it too!! Just find something small & inexpensive at the thrift store and just paint it! You can do it!! :)
      OH yes, the paint on the floor. Don’t you know I had my hands full carrying things back into the garage and of all of them I dropped…it would have to be the GLASS jar not the metal ones. Figures. lol I have a pretty, expensive painted garage floor now. ;)

  3. This is SO pretty!! Love the pale blue and old white,I’d love to have it in my house…but I’m on west coast…lol
    Your sleepin’ *helper* is cute as well!!

    1. Haha, thanks! Yes, that would’ve been quite a haul! ;) And thanks, yes,…I do love my little helper! She keeps me company anyway. ;)

    1. Thank you Denyse :) Yes, the Mr was right this time ;) But I did find a new ’empty’ space that I’m all set to fill up! lol

  4. That’s a beautiful hutch! I know what you mean with ‘as it goes with any creative process’. I also change my mind while painting. I invite you to join my link party every weekend: Crafty Country Cottage. Hope to see you soon!

    1. Thank you so much! Ha, yes, happens almost every time. ;)
      Thanks for the invite!! Hope you are having a great weekend!

    1. Aw thanks so much Shelly :) Yes, that was a beautiful blue…lol…too bad I lost the rest of it on the garage floor and I didn’t write down my measurements when I mixed that one. ;) Oh well!! Plastic containers from now on. ;)
      And yes, it is hard to let some of them go for sure!!

    1. Hi Paula! Thanks! I’m so glad you like it! No I actually didn’t use any wax on this piece at all. I just used a clear poly to seal it.

  5. You really worked your magic on this piece! I’m sure the new owner is thrilled to pieces with her purchase.

    Looking forward to meeting you at Luckett’s. My mom will be with me.

  6. I love how you distressed the edges. I admire people that are able to do this perfect imperfections:) Pitty you couldn’t keep it.

    1. Thanks Emilia :) This one was a favorite! But, truthfully, I’d really love to keep them all ;)

    1. Aw thanks Ashley! :) I just picked up another hutch recently (pictured in this post here) that I’m planning on keeping! I haven’t painted it yet but it will be similar to this one but not blue. ;)

  7. Fabulous! I am painting a hutch today and would like to know what “dry brushing” means please. Also, do you have suggestions about painting small wooden knobs that I have removed from the doors. The screw is still in the knob.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Blake,
      Dry brushing is just that….taking a dry bristle paint brush and putting only a tiny bit of paint on it (wiping away excess) and lightly brushing over the wood/painted wood. The key is to keep it dry with little paint. If you have some old cardboard or styrofoam you can push the screw end of the knob down into that and paint easily. :) Nancy

  8. Hello

    I love this blue you created!! It’s the shade of blue I’m after and was wondering if you could kindly tell me what colours and quantities of ASCP you used?

    Thank you

    1. Thank you Alyse!
      I’m so sorry, I painted that about 2 years ago now. I wasn’t blogging when I painted it so don’t remember what I mixed. I can tell you it was probably a little bit of Aubusson Blue and Old White. (mostly white)

    1. Hi Shannon,

      It’s not required with Chalk Paint to sand first or prime. I will sometimes sand and/or prime however, depending on the finish for added protection.
      On this particular piece, I did not though.

  9. Hello from Australia
    I have a hutch which were working on. The top has beautiful glass cabinets which has pride of place on my 11foot ceiling kitchen wall. The base will be an island bench sooon. Love repurposed “forgotten” pieces…

  10. Hey Nancy…love what you did with this cabinet. You always come up with great ideas. You have mentioned the “shop” several times and am wondering since I am local what shop your in?

  11. I love the old pieces and the life breathed into them with just paint! The top piece is what I’ve been finding to use as display pieces for the vintage markets I sell at. They work so perfectly.
    But I do have a question, do you, did you paint the inside of the cabinet, I often struggle with this decision.

    1. Aw yep!! :) I got an Epson 7710. Read reviews for days!! lol It looks a bit like a beast. ;) I have yet to set it up, hoping to get that done this weekend so I can get busy! xo

  12. I love the way that piece turned out for you, I have done so many pieces over the years and still love them to this day.. I started with Annie Sloan then found cottage paint, now I d my own chalk paint.. I find it funny how it is basically women who are into redo’s … I run a B&B so my pieces fit into the rooms, maybe I will get ahead and sell some… Jeffrey @

      1. You said you used poly on this piece? What kind and did you not get the yellowing affect? I have used annie sloan lacquer and I was not impressed love my waxes clear and dark.. Thanks Jeffrey

        1. Hi Jeffrey, that is an old project but I used a lot of Minwax Polycrylic back then, so that’s probably what it got. I don’t own this piece, it sold, so I don’t know about the yellowing on this particular piece. However, the Minwax does yellow somewhat, in general. I like General Finishes (High Perf Top Coat) better for non yellowing. And I have found, that even that will yellow a bit if in a sunny area. Pieces I’ve done that don’t get a lot of direct sun look great though. Wax is the best for non yellowing, hands down. But it has drawbacks of it’s own. ;)

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