Coastal DIY Projects – Decor and More!

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It’s no secret that I love coastal decor. I live in an area that is surrounded by water so it’s no surprise. Today I’m sharing all sorts of coastal DIY projects, decor and more. Enjoy!

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Hey friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. :)

My cute hubby and I (and our son) went on a little excursion (much needed!) this last week and it was so nice.
We went to one of our favorite places, the Outer Banks of NC.
We live “at the beach” and then we go vacation at the beach! lol BUT it’s 2 different beaches and 2 different states so that makes sense, right?? ;)

The Outer Banks is a wonderful place and one we’ve both been going to for over 35 years. It sort of feels like a second home.
And we plan to make it one next year once we get this home all sorted and done. :)
Then you guys can follow along as we update our beach place down there. (because we will be updating/remodeling whatever we buy, you know! ;) )

I haven’t shared a “travel” post in awhile so I thought it’d be fun to share a few of our photos from the trip.
Be on the lookout for that on Thursday. :)

But until then, let’s gaze at the coastal DIY projects goodness here today.
Thanks to my friend Wendi, over at H20 Bungalow for putting this fun round up together!
So many great ideas for those of you who love to decorate with a coastal theme. Or even those of you who like to add a bit here and there for the summer months.

I’m sharing our Coastal Farmhouse Laundry in this fun round up.

You remember, the one that looked like this when we moved in…

Coastal Makeovers - Laundry Room Before (on move in day) #beforephotos #coastallaundry

And looks like this now…..

Coastal Makeovers - Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room Reveal (after photo) #coastallaundry #coastalstyle #coastaldecor #nauticaldecor #laundryroom #diyshiplap #coastaldiy #homediy

One of our very favorite “coastal makeovers” ever!

Now let’s see what kind of coastal DIY projects my friends are sharing below. 
Click the links to go directly to each! 


H2OBungalow – Coastal Rope Handled Crab Serving Tray

Virginia Sweet Pea – Decorating for Summer with Vintage Beach Decor

Dazzle While Frazzled – DIY Easy Paint Chip Beach Art

Small Home Soul – Coastal Drink Coaster Makeover – Outdated 70’s to Beachy Chic

Shoppe No. 5 – Fab Furniture Flippin Contest Coastal Inspirations

Sustain My Craft Habit – DIY Blanket Ladder with Driftwood

Up to Date Interiors – Seashell Door Hanging

Simple Nature Decor – Oyster Shell Candle Holder

Petal + Ply – Seashell Specimen Art

Green With Decor – The coastal rustic living room reveal

Artsy Chicks Rule – Coastal Farmhouse Laundry (me!)

Sand Dollar Lane – Coastal Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

Lovely Etc. – DIY Beachy Sunburst Mirror

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13 Awesome Coastal DIY Projects - You Can Do! (coastal decor, rooms & more!) #coastaldecor #coastalroom #coastalcrafts #coastalstyle #coastaldiy #beachdecor #seashshelldecor #seashellcrafts #coastallaundry #coastalkitchen

I hope you enjoyed today’s coastal treasures. And I hope they’ve inspired you to create a little coastal in your own home!
I’ll see you back here on Thursday. Have a beautiful week!




  1. hi i was wondering how to get the links on how to do some of the projects…when i hit the link …it came up with blank page???
    could not hear you well on video and wanted to know what u used that was gold wax??? german?? thank you

    1. Hi Lynda,

      I’m sorry, I’m confused. Do you mean the links to the projects listed on this post from today? They should not lead to a blank page. Which ones are you having trouble with, all of them?
      Also, on the video, I have several of them but here are 2 posts (with the info I think you need):) This post and this one.
      I hope that helps! :) xo

  2. I love your makeovers and your laundry room one has to be one of my favorites. This is the first year since I was 10 years old that I won’t be going to the Outer Banks for a vacation. Isn’t that sad?? BUT, there’s still time to plan a trip for fall! :)

    1. Thanks Paula! :) And yes, that is sad! And also yes, fall is wonderful in the OBX. We are thinking about going again for a long weekend then too! xoxo

  3. Wow, Nancy…You’re laundry room makeover is drop dead gorgeous! I love the dark brackets on your shelf too! What a cute idea using the dispensers on the shelf as well! You’re making me want to redo mine…it’s in the garage and a hot mess! Thanks so much for joining in on the coastal DIY project hop!

    1. Thanks Wendi! :) It really does make doing laundry not so much of a chore! ;) Thanks so much for organizing! xoxo

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