Turquoise and Gold Furniture Makeover

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This sweet turquoise and gold furniture makeover was inspired by a gorgeous piece of jewelry!

Hello, friends! I hope you had an amazing weekend. We went to Homecoming at our son’s college. He graduated in May but it’s fun to go back for events like this. Lots of fall fun going on too. Just love this time of year.

Today I’m sharing an oldie but goodie. A beautiful “jewelry-inspired” turquoise and gold furniture makeover.
How fun to create a makeover with a piece of jewelry in mind. Always love a challenge!

Turquoise & Gold Furniture Makeover (jewelry inspired)

A little refresh, it started out like this:

Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold makeover artsychicksrule.com

It was ready and waiting for a pretty makeover, right?!

Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Side Table - Angle Shot - artsychicksrule.com #chalkpaint #goldmetallic #metallicfurniture #turquoise

I decided to do something “metallic”. It looked sort of regal to me so thought that it would be a good fit.

I had never really used metallic paint at this point.
Well, to paint furniture anyway. (except spray paint, of course)
I had used it to highlight pieces of metal and such and it worked fabulously for that.

Here is what I decided to paint this piece with:

Turquoise & Gold Metallic Side Table - Martha Stewart Paint - Chalk Paint - artsychicksrule.com #metallic #furniture #makeover #chalkpaint
I used this because it was what I had on hand at the time. It was great for adding a little touch here or there.
Not so great for actually painting furniture.

That’s how we learn, right? 

Maybe her other colors at the time would’ve had better coverage, this one just did not.

The turquoise shade was much easier.
I originally planned to paint it black and silver.
Or anything with silver.
Definitely not gold. At the time, I didn’t have one gold thing in my home at all.
So funny as I have bunches of gold accents in my home now. Isn’t it interesting how our tastes change over the years??

I didn’t have gold but I did love turquoise and gold together. Just like the pretty jewelry shown in the photo.
I went looking for the perfect shade and found this gorgeous blue-colored paint chip.
I grabbed the paint chip and painted a bit of gold across the end and…

Yep. That’s a winner!

I mixed up some chalk paint to match. (I used this chalk paint a bunch back in the day. I don’t really use this brand anymore since there are other alternatives that I like as much or better)
I had originally thought I’d need all of these colors to create the turquoise shade.
But in the end, it only took these three of them.

Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Side Table - Colors - artsychicksrule.com #chalkpaint #goldmetallic #metallicfurniture #turquoise
Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Side Table - Mixing - artsychicksrule.com #chalkpaint #goldmetallic #metallicfurniture #turquoise

Don’t want to mix those up? I have a shade that is very similar in my shop.
You can find it right here. (just mix in a little white or pale blue to get a gorgeous turquoise-y shade)

Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Side Table -Matching - artsychicksrule.com #chalkpaint #goldmetallic #metallicfurniture #turquoise

I’d say that’s a pretty good match, wouldn’t you?
And no…I have no clue what proportions I used. Sorry! I mixed and mixed until it matched.
That’s usually how I roll. lol
I do try to do better these days so I can more accurately share with you guys!

I used 2 coats of that all over (even under where the gold would be as I was thinking the gold wouldn’t cover as well…and if it wasn’t going to cover well I wanted it to look somewhat like patina with the turquoise showing through)

I sealed the turquoise with clear wax. I don’t really use wax as often these days but you can if that’s what you love. (here’s a clear wax you can use instead or you can seal with poly)

Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Side Table -First Coat - artsychicksrule.com #chalkpaint #goldmetallic #metallicfurniture #turquoise

The top area needed a little something different. Don’t you think?
I just couldn’t figure out what.

I considered painting a Greek key design but decided against that.
In the end, I decided it might be best to just keep it simple.

Just paint it gold and recreate the pinstripe that was originally there…except make it turquoise.
I used my favorite FrogTape.

Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Side Table - Taping for Stripe - artsychicksrule.com #chalkpaint #goldmetallic #metallicfurniture #turquoise

Do you see how I left a tiny edge all the way around?? That will be the pinstripe.

Isn’t that neat?
Now it’s time for that pretty gold top.

Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Side Table -Painting Top - artsychicksrule.com #chalkpaint #goldmetallic #metallicfurniture #turquoise

Here we are with one coat…

Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Side Table - Too See Through Fail - artsychicksrule.com #chalkpaint #goldmetallic #metallicfurniture #turquoise

Yep…not so much! Boo.
I would need about 5 or 5000 coats of that gold to cover fully. lol
(See my fancy Greek key drawing there? haha…I was trying to decide if I’d like the look…I quickly decided, nope!)

The gold was obviously not playing nicely so I had to resort to Plan B.
And really, I knew better. I should have used a primer.

Instead of a basic white primer, I thought a beige colored paint might be a better choice because gold is sort of beige just metalllic-ish. So I went over that gold-painted layer with beige-colored paint, similar to this one in my shop.

Much better for coverage as you can see below where I’ve started painting it…

Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Side Table - Coco Primer Coat- artsychicksrule.com #chalkpaint #goldmetallic #metallicfurniture #turquoise

Perfect shade for the underneath…and worked great as a “primer”.

Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Side Table - Ready for Gold - artsychicksrule.com #chalkpaint #goldmetallic #metallicfurniture #turquoise

Just what it needed.
Now we can paint that pretty gold on top of that.

It still took a few coats but not as many as it would have!

Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Side Table - Gold Top - artsychicksrule.com #chalkpaint #goldmetallic #metallicfurniture #turquoise

So worth all the extra work.
I love that gold top. LOVE LOVE.

I will say that gold paint was not the best product for this project BUT it was a gorgeous shade of gold.
Metallic paint can be a little tricky to work with anyway, in my opinion.
Here’s one that works great! Metallic Vintage Gold Paint or if you want a bit lighter gold shade Champagne Gold

Here’s a project I did recently with it: Raised Stencil Stationary Box

I gave the hardware a makeover too.
I didn’t want it to be the same gold color as the rest so I left it aged and touched it up a bit with some “Patina” first…

Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Side Table -Hardware Effects - artsychicksrule.com #chalkpaint #goldmetallic #metallicfurniture #turquoise

Gilder’s Paste….my favorite, as you know! Simply rub it on with your fingertips.

You can find it in my shop, right here.

Then I added a bit of the gold over top of that (the same gold as the table)…also with my fingertips.

Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Makeover - Hardware - artsychicksrule.com #chalkpaint #turquoise #gold #metallic


Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Side Table - Close up handle - artsychicksrule.com #chalkpaint #goldmetallic #metallicfurniture #turquoise

In my opinion, that is exactly what the hardware needed.
A touch of patina and a bit of gold.

A jewelry-inspired table…turquoise and gold furniture makeover.

Turquoise Chalk Paint & Gold Metallic Side Table - Jewelry Inspired Colors - artsychicksrule.com #chalkpaint #goldmetallic #metallicfurniture #turquoise

Pin it to save it!

This one was a really fun one to make over and do.
I loved the challenge of using a piece of jewelry as the inspiration for this makeover.

Turquoise & Gold Metallic Side Table - Before and After - artsychicksrule.com #metallic #furniture #makeover #chalkpaint

What are your thoughts on metallic paint? Are you a fan??
It can really add a fun touch to your makeovers. A little adds a bit of zing and interest. A lot adds glam.
Which do you like better? A touch or full-on glam?

Here’s a fun “grain sack stripe” table makeover I did a while back…

You can see it now, here!!

I hope you enjoyed a revisit to this oldie but definitely goodie! Have an amazing week my wonderful friends!



  1. I don’t remember this one, Nancy, so it was like a whole new project for me. And wow! I’m not a fan of those old step tables but this could change my mind. Totally different look. You could use that combo on almost anything, it really is fabulous. Yeah, craft paint isn’t the best for furniture, but you made work. I have an old coffee table that could use a hit of gold around the edges, it’s dark blue and I think that’s exactly what it’s been waiting for!

    1. Oh fun, so glad, Marcie! You know, they are not my favorite either. I almost always pass them up, I really shouldn’t! But this one was different. And like you said, made over they look completely different! And oh yes, dark blue with gold…gorgeous! xo

    1. That’s okay, Rose!! Can’t love em all, right?! :) I’m usually not a fan of these tables either but I kind of liked this one! xo

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