Grain Sack Side Table (Chalk Paint & General Finishes Milk Paint)

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I’ve been trying to venture out a bit lately.  If you read my blog …at all….you know I LOVE Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
But I do love to use more than just that.
I know, it doesn’t seem like it, but I do. I still even use latex on occasion. ;)

Today I’m sharing this…..

Grain Sack Table Makeover - before side - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

Turned into this….

Grain Sack Table Makeover - Coastal - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

..tiny little grain sack table.

And I painted it with this …. General Finishes Halcyon Blue Milk Paint….

Grain Sack Table Makeover - General Finishes Milk Paint - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

….and Chalk Paint. This “milk” paint is not your typical milk paint however.
It sort of reminds me of a mix of Chalk and latex paint.

I wanted to try it out on a small piece of (inexpensive) furniture first and this was the perfect piece.

I picked it up for a few dollars last summer at a garage sale.

It certainly has come in handy since then! I’ve used it as a “table” to paint things on.
As you can see by the paint marks. ;)

Grain Sack Table Makeover - before side - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

I decided to use Chalk Paint in Old White (mixed with Pure White) on the 2 flat areas so I could create the grain sack stripes with the Halcyon Blue.

Grain Sack Table Makeover - Top before stripes - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

So how did the General Finishes Milk Paint apply?

Like a dream.
Really, just fabulous and coverage was amazing.

One coat. That’s it!

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I’ve got the low down for you right here! >>> 26 Types of Chalk Style Paint For Furniture

I measured for my lines….

Grain Sack Table Makeover - measure for stripes - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

I hate measuring…and I hate math. BUT I wanted straight lines. ;)

Taped it off to paint. Easy!

Grain Sack Table Makeover - taped - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -


Grain Sack Table Makeover - taped for stripes - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

I repeated the process for the other 2 stripes.

Done and before distressing. This table most definitely needed some of that.
It was a little too “clean” looking.

Grain Sack Table Makeover - stripes before distressing - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

Distressed (much better!) and I decided to give the Halcyon Blue a dry brush with the white instead of sanding/distressing.

Grain Sack Table Makeover - Top Done - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

Here are a few close ups of the white dry brushing over that pretty blue….

Grain Sack Table Makeover - up close - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

Grain Sack Table Makeover - close up of dry brush - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

Grain Sack Table Makeover - side view - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

And some close ups of the top….

Grain Sack Table Makeover - Up Close Stripes - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

Grain Sack Table Makeover - Distressed Stripes - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

Grain Sack Table Makeover - Distressed Grain Stripes- #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

Before and after :

Grain Sack Table Makeover - before and after - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

I sealed this table with Howard’s Citrus Shield Paste Wax. The verdict is still out on that.
I’ll talk more about that later and let y’all know. ;)

So there ya have it! A little painting fun with some new paint. Not too exciting of a piece but still better than before.
That’s my lantern, by the way, that used to be black! (you can see that project here)

Grain Sack Table Makeover - Top Nautical - #chalkpaint #milkpaint #grainsack -

Kind of fun and nautical. I think I’ll be using this one on my back screened porch.

Have you guys tried either of these products before? What do you think?

I will be painting another, totally different, piece with the General Finishes Milk Paint soon.
I also bought the “Lamp Black“, which is a nice, true black shade. I’ll be posting to let you all know what I think once I do!

So far it’s a win. :)

Be sure to check back in when I share this little vanity chair update!

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!!

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  1. Love it! I’ve used General Finishes stain and poly…the stain color was a bust, but the product itself was great. Their poly is fantastic too! I’ve never tried their paint before. I’ll have to give it a shot. :)


    1. OH good to know! I’ve never tried their poly but am gonna give it a try too then!
      Have a super weekend!! :)

  2. Ooh I love that you stepped out and tried something new. Always fun to try a different product. And I have to say your garage sale find is fabulous now. That is one happy Halcyon Blue. She’s a keeper.
    pinning pinning
    Have a great weekend Nancy!

  3. Loved everything but the distressing.I don’t paint something and then make it look old and worn out. Just my input. But I do love that little table!

    1. Hi Sandra!
      Thanks so much!:) And that’s okay, not everyone is a fan of that and I totally understand that! I appreciate all input and know that we all have different tastes…which makes life much more interesting I think! ;)
      Have a great weekend!!

    1. Thanks Crystal!! Me too! That blue is the perfect “beachy” casual shade. :)
      Looking forward to trying out the black I got next!


    1. Thanks Wendi!
      Oh the coverage was fabulous…with this color anyway! I was very impressed. I can’t wait to try the black (and I may go get some more colors) to see how it does!
      Happy weekend to you!!

    1. Thanks Sonya! :) Me too! And seems like more so lately (trying new stuff).
      Have a great weekend friend!

    1. Hi Carolann,

      I actually purchased it at a local store here. If you look them up you should be able to see if there are any retailers near you! :)


  4. This is adorable! I think it would lovely on your porch. :D

    I do not know General Finishes made milk paint. I have used their stain and LOVE it. I used their stain to refinish the kitchen at my last house. It was easy to easy and provided excellent coverage.

    1. Hi Julie!
      Thanks so much. :) Yes, they do and so far I love it (although, it is not what I would think of when I think of typical “milk paint”)


  5. cutie patootie love the little gem i have been crushing over painted grain sack lines,this is just perfect,except the wax made it look a little yellow xx

    1. Thanks Chris! :)
      I am loving the grain sack lines too…this is my first go at it! I think the “yellow” is just my lack of photography and editing skills. ;) It did darken it a bit but doesn’t look as yellow in person. (photography 101 …it’s on my ‘long’ list of things to do this year! lol)

        1. No need to be sorry at all! ;) Well, yes, sorry that my photog skills are bad! But I’m working on that (well, one day I will be anyway! ;) ) I love honest feedback, truly!!! I put it out there…I want it all, good and bad and iffy too! (well, be gentle on the bad! ;) lol)
          Hope you have a great weekend!!

        2. …and I am second guessing my own eyes! I looked at the photos again..and it does look yellow after compared to the white wall in the background. SO, I went and took a look at the table. White! ;) I think it must be some weird reaction with the camera (and the finish on the table(wax) compared to the finish of the painted wall) I have no idea. Or maybe something I did when I edited it. Some of my other “after” photos, the close ups, are much more accurate, color-wise. Haha…so your eyes are not deceiving you Chris!

          1. whew glad to hear that so many parts i have don’t work so well lol glad my eyes are ok xx

          2. LOL !! I was downstairs painting and got this notification. Had to come up to my office and respond right now. Love it! And I so love and appreciate a good sense of humor! Life is about having fun, right?!
            Happy Friday friend! :)

    1. Thanks Christy! :) I think I did find that out!! I love them and want to stripe something else now! lol


  6. I LOVE that! I have a few grain sack pillows with the same blue stripe and foot stools with the red stripes so you’ve definitely given me some new ideas. Thanks for sharing and great job!!!

  7. Wonderful transformation! Looks just great! Can you tell me if the General Finishes can be applied without any surface preparation, as in sanding or priming. I know ASCP goes on great without any prep. but is GF milk paint to be considered a prime-free application? Thanks again, Nancy, for a wonderful and inspiring tutorial!

    1. Thanks so much Carol! :) Well, that I cannot tell you. I didn’t do any prep to this little table but it didn’t have much of a finish on it. (not shiny, slick) It was more similar to a stained but unpolyed piece. I will tell you that paint is ON there though. I couldn’t scratch it off if I tried so that is somewhat telling. That is one of the reasons I plan to do another piece to get a better feel for it. But so far so good! :)


  8. We have a very similar little table out in shed. It’s got an oak finish on it now (was done in the 80’s, table from swap meet for $10/San Diego). Thought I’d give it a quick sanding and use chalk paint. I make my own, can’t afford the other stuff. Want to try to do a grain sack stripe job.
    I found your blog thru a Pinterest pin about transfer tips. I need all the help I can get since I don’t have one of those slick machines to make my letters for me, doggone it. I have subscribed since finding more incredible posts on your blog. What fun and inspiration you’ve already provided, awesome stuff. Just need to find the tips for transferring from a milk bottle. Happy week

    1. Hi!
      Oh, there are many ways to transfer! Lots of simple ones too even without a projector or Silhouette/Cricut. Although the projector makes the big jobs much easier! ;) I picked mine up on Craigslist for about $35-40. Not much at all! :) I only recently got a Silhouette machine so haven’t dove into that much yet!
      Thanks so much for the nice comment!!

  9. I was like, “What? You’re gonna do what? I cannot believe how beautiful it turned out! I painted my sewing room turquoise and I love it how always seems to be fresh and clean, but I never would have thought about gold accents. Now I might have to make some changes.

    In short. I am impressed. Gorgeous!

    1. Yes, the gold is really the star of the show! It adds that glint of beauty. So glad you like it, Marietta!! Thank you! xoxo

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