Simple Sugar Scrubs Recipe (perfect for gift giving!)

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Who doesn’t love something handmade? This simple sugar scrubs recipe is decadent and perfect for gift giving. A nice treat for yourself too!

Super Simple Sugar Scrubs Recipe!! #sugarscrubsrecipe #saltscrub #mothersdaygift #valentinesdaygift #handmadegiftideas #giftideas

Mmm, yummy, almost good enough to eat! ;) But don’t!
This sugar scrubs recipe is so simple and so decadent, it’s sure to be a hit! With those you gift it to, or even for yourself.  :)

This is a fun project for kids or any age. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or even Mother’s Day. Such a special treat for your loved one!

Sugar Scrubs Recipe:

These can be made with brown sugar or white sugar.
I used white because it was better for the colors I chose but brown is nice if you are going for a more natural look.
If I were doing these for my own use or as a gift (other than Valentine’s day or something color specific) I would keep them 100% natural with no added coloring.
But you can’t go wrong with pink, white and red for the girly girl in your life whether it’s your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife or just a friend.

Here’s what you’ll need for this sugar scrubs recipe:

Super Simple Sugar Scrubs Recipe!! #sugarscrubsrecipe #saltscrub #mothersdaygift #valentinesdaygift #handmadegiftideas #giftideas


Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base
White (Goat’s Milk) Melt & Pour Soap Base 
Red Dye
Natural Peppermint Essential Oil (or your choice of fragrance)
Oil (such as Almond, Avocado, Shea, etc) I used Shea
Glass Jars


See? Pretty simple, right? (because anything past about 6 ingredients and you lose me ;) )

There is also Titanium Dioxide in the above photo. That is what is used in things to make them white. (like sunblock and the white based M&P soaps)
I knew I wouldn’t need all that soap and didn’t want to purchase 2 large blocks, white & clear, so I colored half of it white myself.
(I had the titanium dioxide already)
If you are making these, you can just purchase white and clear M&P soap base since most of you won’t have Titanium Dioxide laying around, right?

The reason I needed white AND clear is this:

The clear is used to make RED scrubs.
The white is used to make PINK & of course, WHITE scrubs.

First you will remove the soap from the plastic container and cut into squares.
Place them in a microwave safe dish to melt.

Super Simple Sugar Scrubs Recipe!! #sugarscrubsrecipe #saltscrub #mothersdaygift #valentinesdaygift #handmadegiftideas #giftideas

Heat per the directions on the container.

Super Simple Sugar Scrubs Recipe!! #sugarscrubsrecipe #saltscrub #mothersdaygift #valentinesdaygift #handmadegiftideas #giftideas

Once melted, move to a larger bowl and mix in the dye, sugar and oil. (recipe is below)
Mix well.
I used my hands to “smoosh” it all together well and then patted it down into the molds.

You can use any kind of flat dish/pan of at least about an inch or so deep to mold the soap.
I ended up using some small plastic containers that I had left over from my candle making/company days. (these were used for the scented blocks you break apart and put in warmers)

Super Simple Sugar Scrubs Recipe!! #sugarscrubsrecipe #saltscrub #mothersdaygift #valentinesdaygift #handmadegiftideas #giftideas

I happened to have them on hand and thought they’d be perfect. You don’t have to do it this way.
Just smoosh them into a square baking pan and then cut into squares.

Once they are hardened remove them from the plastic or whatever mold you used …..

Super Simple Sugar Scrubs Recipe!! #sugarscrubsrecipe #saltscrub #mothersdaygift #valentinesdaygift #handmadegiftideas #giftideas

…and cut them into small squares.

Super Simple Sugar Scrubs Recipe!! #sugarscrubsrecipe #saltscrub #mothersdaygift #valentinesdaygift #handmadegiftideas #giftideas

I had to trim the edges of mine to neaten them up but the size of the scored blocks were perfect.

I found some cute jars to put them in and decided to dress them up with this:

Super Simple Sugar Scrubs Recipe!! #sugarscrubsrecipe #saltscrub #mothersdaygift #valentinesdaygift #handmadegiftideas #giftideas

Sparkle tape! :) I also used it on this Valentine’s Day project .

Simple…but adds a bit of zing!

Just wrap it around the neck of the jar like so…..

Super Simple Sugar Scrubs Recipe!! #sugarscrubsrecipe #saltscrub #mothersdaygift #valentinesdaygift #handmadegiftideas #giftideas

Now again…I totally believe in full DIY disclosure. ;) —>The tape did not want to stick to itself. (where it met in the back)
Maybe it was those darn sparkles I love so much.
Just a tad frustrating.
But no worries, I pulled out my glue gun and glued it.
All good now and it won’t be coming apart…or off….ever. Haha, kidding, that glue is not that good. ;)

But aren’t they so much prettier all dressed up?

Super Simple Sugar Scrubs Recipe!! #sugarscrubsrecipe #saltscrub #mothersdaygift #valentinesdaygift #handmadegiftideas #giftideas

And all filled up with the scrubby goodies.
What a nice presentation for your loved one!
Mother, sister, daughter, friend….or even your husband/boyfriend.
Just leave off the sparkle tape and maybe don’t make the pink ones for the boys. ;)

PIN this to save it for  later!

Super Simple Sugar Scrubs Recipe!! #sugarscrubsrecipe #saltscrub #mothersdaygift #valentinesdaygift #handmadegiftideas #giftideas

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The recipe for today’s post is below so you can print it out. 

Simple Sugar Scrubs Recipe

Author Nancy @ Artsy Chicks Rule


  • 1-1/4 C Melted Soap Base white or clear
  • 2 C sugar white or brown - depending on whether you use coloring
  • 1/2 C oil of your choice - ex. Almond, Avocado, Hemp etc
  • Coloring if using it
  • Fragrance I only use natural fragrance such as Peppermint essential oil-you can use what you like approx 20-30 drops


  1. Cut the M&P soap base into chunks and put into a microwave safe dish to melt per directions on the package.
  2. While melted, quickly add the sugar, oil, color & fragrance.
  3. Mix well together. (can use your hands if it starts to harden - or reheat slightly in the microwave)
  4. Pour or pat into a rectangular mold/pan/dish.
  5. Let harden and remove from pan.
  6. Cut into squares (for single use) and store in a sealed container.

Recipe Notes



These can be made in no time.

So if you are out of time, hop on down to your local craft store, grab the supplies and make them in a day!
Happy crafting!
And Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!


  1. What a great idea! Truly a gift from the heart…I’d love to get this as a gift, anytime of the year!
    Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Yes, they are sooo easy to make! You can do them with just sugar, oil and essential oils (for scent) too!
      Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Nancy love the sugar scrub idea. Is the soap base a glycerin base or what kind of base is it?

    1. Thanks Sherry! :)
      The soap base is a glycerin based soap. I picked it up at Michael’s. You can even shred old soap and just mix the rest of the ingredients in and roll into little balls too. Lots of variations can be done! I will probably post a basic sugar and salt scrub next (without the soap base).


  3. I see by the comments that I am a few years late here! Lol! I just discovered you and your friends and am loving every post! Funny story about sugar scrubs. My sister made some for me and I loved it! Made my skin so smooth and soft. I had one of those decadent nights of a soak and a scrub. The next morning I couldn’t figure out why I had all these little ants in the tub. We call them “sugar” ants for a reason! Haha! This was about 8 years ago and we still laugh about it.

    1. Hi Stacie! Better late than never! ;) Oh, that’s too funny!! I haven’t had that happen but I can see why it would!!! xo

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