General Finishes Coastal Blue & Corinth Blue Milk Paint (gorgeous blue!)

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General Finishes Coastal Blue is a beautiful color, especially  mixed with a bit of Corinth!

I’m so excited to share this new chest I recently painted.
Well, it’s not new but it is new to me.

Here it is before….

Coastal & Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover w Java Gel Top - BEFORE front - #generalfinishes #milkpaint #javagel

And it’s painted in the most luscious color ever.
General Finishes Coastal Blue & Corinth Blue Milk Paint (chest makeover).

Coastal & Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover w Java Gel Top - LOVE this blue blend! - #generalfinishes #milkpaint #javagel

Isn’t that color just fabulous?
It’s a mix of those two colors, approximately half and half.
They are made by General Finishes and if you can’t find them local you can buy online at Amazon.

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Well, sort of. I sprayed the inside of the drawers with primer and white paint.
(got a little over spray and oops..forgot to take a “before”, before photo)

And as I’m painting the blue…..

Coastal & Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover w Java Gel Top - Painting - #generalfinishes #milkpaint #javagel

Which you might notice looks a bit different than the finished photo.
That’s because it is.

I also used Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects over the top of this paint to add some depth and character.
Love that stuff.

Coastal & Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover w Java Gel Top - Van Dyke Brown Glaze - #generalfinishes #milkpaint #javagel

See it?

Coastal & Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover w Java Gel Top - Side After - #generalfinishes #milkpaint #javagel

I love what it adds to the finish.

Coastal & Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover w Java Gel Top - Love BLUE - #generalfinishes #milkpaint #javagel

It’s such a beauty now!

And those glass knobs……

Coastal & Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover w Java Gel Top - gorgeous crystal knobs - #generalfinishes #milkpaint #javagel

Terrible photo but it’s the only one that even slightly showed how sparkly and prismatic these knobs are.
They came from The Home Depot, by the way.

Coastal & Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover w Java Gel Top - Finished - #generalfinishes #milkpaint #javagel

Crazy, what a difference a little paint (and knobs) make!

And stain….I lightly sanded the top and gave it a coat of Java Gel Stain .

Finished up by two coats of High Performance Top Coat in Satin .

Coastal & Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover w Java Gel Top - #generalfinishes #milkpaint #javagel

Coastal & Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover w Java Gel Top - pretty top - #generalfinishes #milkpaint #javagel

Coastal & Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover w Java Gel Top - Love BLUE - #generalfinishes #milkpaint #javagel

Hard to believe it’s the same chest of drawers.

Coastal & Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover w Java Gel Top - BEFORE and AFTER - #generalfinishes #milkpaint #javagel

Don’t you think?

Coastal & Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover w Java Gel Top - bef and aft - #generalfinishes #milkpaint #javagel

I usually use more than one manufacturer’s products on a project.
For example, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint base, General Finishes Top.
This time it’s all General Finishes and just sort of worked out that way but I do love their products.
I’ve found that I’ve been reaching for them more often lately! :)

What are you making over? Do you love General Finishes too?
I’d love to hear about what you’ve got going on.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Check back next week to see this sad little cart transformed!

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!!


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    1. Thanks Christy! :) Oh yes, I really love this color (blend) and can’t wait to use it again. Their products are great…you need to give em a try!

        1. Oh yes! I need to make a run over to my local store to get some too. :) So many great new paints out, so little time to play with them all!

        2. Love how it turned out! I have one in the attic that I now have some inspiration for!😊Thanks for sharing your gift!

  1. Beautiful! And you’ve inspired me to paint a similar chest I have the same colour. I was going to go with white but the blue just looks so rich! Funny thing, I bought two of the same knobs from Home Depot but they weren’t quite right so I was going to take them back. Now I don’t have to! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you Sophia :)
      Oh yes, the blue is so very rich and beautiful! How funny on the knobs. Yes, they were the perfect finishing touch!
      Have fun!!

  2. I just love this… Love the two tone of the top being brown. You have brought back out the creative crafting in myself that I used to do with my mom, my best friend. I haven’t picked up crafting for over 12 yrs since she passed. It actually has been therapeutic & I’m surprising myself of what I can do. Thank You Nancy :)

    Nancy Mason / Nansea67

    1. Hey there Nancy! :)
      Thanks! And that’s so great but I totally understand about your Mom. Although crafting together was not something my Mom and I did, I do miss her! She passed away also, will be 3 years in July.
      Crafting, painting etc really is therapeutic and I’m so glad you picked it back up! xoxo
      Do you post your things on IG? I’ll have to follow along so I can see them if you do!

  3. Love your chest, it is amazing what a coat of paint and some pretty knobs can do! Can you tell me if you have info somewhere on your blog that would tell me about the differences in milk paint and chalk paints? I’m not really a fan of too much chippy paint, therefore I think I’m a milk paint kinda gal? Can you point me in the right direction, please and thank you. I want to paint the base of my dining room table.

    1. Thank you Melissa! Yes it really is!
      I don’t as of yet, but do plan to write an ebook about just that (and many other finish paint techniques). But until then I can tell you that typical Milk Paint IS chippy. I’m not sure why GF calls this paint Milk Paint because it’s not like typical MP. “Typical” Milk Paint is almost always chippy unless you add an additive to it. (it’s not my favorite type of paint) Chalk Paint can be chippy or not. It depends on the look you are after and how you apply and distress it. I’ve used it both ways. (smooth, non distressed and distressed)
      This GF Milk Paint is more like latex but so much better. (in my opinion) I love the way it applies and the smooth, beautiful finish you can achieve with it.
      I would say you would be safe with either the Chalk Paint or this brand of Milk Paint. If you don’t like chippy, don’t buy any other type of Milk Paint because it will be chippy. (confusing, I know!)
      Hope that helps some…and good luck! (and have fun!)

      1. Nancy,
        It’s not like other milk paints because it’s actually not even a milk paint. It’s really an acrylic paint, but the title is misleading. That’s why it’s so different from other milk paints and why it doesn’t chip.

        1. Right, that’s what I was trying to get at…with probably too many words. ;) I agree, I don’t understand why in the world they call it “milk paint”, it in no way resembles it!

  4. Love the combination of blue paint with the stained top. The knobs that you chose are the icing on the cake for this pretty makeover. I’m so excited that I’ve found a local source for General Finishes. As soon as I finish with the school year (tomorrow), I’m going to stock up on some stain and paint colors that I’d like to try.

    1. Thanks Paula! I really like that two tone look too! Oh how great you also have it local. :)
      It sounds like you are going to have a fun summer then! Enjoy! I love their products.

  5. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I know exactly what piece of furniture I’m going to use this on. I’m excited! I want to ask you about your curtain. :) I love that too. Did you make them or buy them?
    Thanks for sharing all your creativity. Love everything you do.

  6. What a difference between before and after Nancy and the crystal knobs are so pretty! I’ve been itching to try General Finishes products but our only retailer is a good 30-45 minute drive away so I’ve been lazy. I think I need to grab a coffee one sunny morning and take a drive to load up on this stuff. xoxo Marie

    1. Yes you do Marie!! I have one about 10 min from me but several times I’ve gone in they don’t have what I need. (don’t carry the whole line or sizes) My other closest, fully stocked, is about 25-30 drive for me too. That is the one I visit most often. So grab that coffee and go load up! Great products!

  7. i kept scrolling on this one because i couldn’t believe it was the same dresser awesome nancy xx

  8. This is just amazing!!!! I love what you’ve done!!! The blend of colors and products… yum! How inspiring!!!

    1. Thank you Georgia! I am so loving the color too! :) I must paint something with it again soon!

  9. Hi Nancy, Nice job. I have almost the same chest, now I just need the time to do it. I love that you leave the top brown. It looks so professional. Thanks for sharing. Joan

  10. just love what you doI I love the chalk paint color, and wonder if you would know how it would stand up on a exterior door in Ontario Canada, with the hot sun (hopefully)and the rain, and cold weather. Any information would help, I am ready to try it, as need some pop in the neighborhood! Thank you, your so crafty! Gwen

    1. Thank you Gwen!
      I love Chalk Paint too. I wouldn’t recommend Chalk Paint in that case. BUT this project is Milk Paint (by General Finishes) and I think would work well on your door. It is an interior/exterior product. I have painted a couple things with it that are outside on the porch.
      Not sure how it will hold up to the hot sun but I’d think it would be okay.
      I just love this paint line!!
      Good luck and thanks again!

      1. Hi
        I love the chest, but have a question for you. You said as you painted the blue you applied a glaze. Did you apply the glaze while the blue paint was still wet or did you wait for it to dry? Also what kind of knobs would you recommend for a boys bedroom?

        1. Hi Alice! No, you will need to let it dry before applying any glaze. For a boy’s room, I would probably go with something basic in design and brushed nickel. (or bronze, depending on the colors you are using). Hope that helps! xo

  11. I love the dresser! Did you put the HP top coat over the paint and glaze too? I just discovered the GF line and have some products to try. I’m waiting for the local dealer to get the milk paint, but the web site says it seals itself, so I was assuming I would not need to top coat a dresser. What do you tink> If I dadd glaze over it, would I then need to top coat?
    Thanks! I love your blog and great projects!

    1. Hi Debbi,
      No, I didn’t but you surely could! It would add an extra layer of protection.
      Thanks for the sweet words and I hope this helps! :)

  12. Hello, I absolutely love everything you do! This dresser is just perfect but I am having a really hard time finding the Corinth blue paint.. do you think is discontinued ?

    1. Hi Pilar,

      Wow, I just looked at their color chart and it does indeed look as if they have discontinued it. It was such a pretty color!
      I would try the Klein Blue mixed with Coastal Blue to get a similar look as this.

  13. Love this! I have a chest of drawers I am going to do like this. I also love the mirror over it. Did you paint that? That color is perfect for my bedroom and I would love to do a frame that I have in that color and put a mirror inside of it.

    1. Thanks Terry! :)
      Yep, I also painted the mirror. I dry brushed it with Provence (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint).
      It’s a beautiful color! I am actually using it on a dresser/chest that I’ve been working on. I’ll be sharing that here on the blog soon too. You can pop over to my Instagram account and see it “in the works”. I always share stuff over there while I’m working on it. :)

  14. We live on the east coast and we are updating our home with a coastal farmhouse theme. For weeks I’ve been searching for a paint or stain that will make the furniture more cohesive. Everything leans toward the driftwood look. I do not like the grey. I love the raw wood look but I stripped my pieces and while they fit together in my beige/brown house with the different wood tones, they no longer go with my softer blue/green tones. BUT these colors on this chest are perfect. I was bummed to find out that General Finishes has discontinued Corinth Blue. I’ve searched and searched. I decided to use Kline blue. Cross your fingers.

    1. Oh, I did not know that color was discontinued! Bummer, it’s a really great color. I’ll have to look into the Kline! Hoping it works out well for you! xoxo

  15. It’s beautiful, Nancy! Did you sand it back first? I had a major milk paint fail when I applied over primer, not realizing it needs to be used on raw wood – a year later the paint still rubs off. Time for a re-redo 😉

  16. Just lovely!!! I see how the glaze gave a nice touch to the whole piece, so it doesn’t look like “just another painted piece”, although the blue is just wonderful! Thank you for all the inspirations!

  17. Everything about this dresser screams GORGEOUS! The stained top draws out the brown glaze, or is it the other way around? And those pulls make it sparkle. Simply love it! Such an ordinary dresser made beautiful!

  18. That is a pretty blue!!! I actually own that same dresser!!! I got it for $5.00 at a garage sale. It holds a lot in my sewing room. I’ve never got around to painting it… is a bit orangey!!! Someday it will happen!!!!
    Have a GREAT weekend!!!

  19. Very pretty makeover! I don’t believe I have seen this when you first posted it, but I really like the color blue and the dark top. The contract, to me is striking and the glass knobs give it an instant update! Thanks for sharing. You certainly are crafty as well as artistic! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend. Gan’t wait to see your next makeover treasure!

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