“Welcome Home” Coastal Summer Home Tour

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Happy Tuesday Friends!

Today I’m sharing a bit of my home in the “Welcome Home” Summer Tour with Balsam Hill.

Since I live on the coast, most of my home decor is coastal in nature.
But when Summertime comes, I kick it up a notch! ;)

So today I’m sharing my Family Room, where we spend most of our time…..

Coastal Summer Home Tour

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Coastal Decor - #nautical #coastal #homedecor #summerhometour artsychicksrule.com

My friends will be sharing theirs all week too.
You’ll find links to each at the bottom of this post.

But first let my share my Coastal Summer Home Tour with you all….

I’m not sure I would pigeon hole myself into any one “decorating style”.
My style is more eclectic and basically follows my “rule” of use what speaks to you.
Decorate and surround yourself with the things you love and things that make you happy.
There are some rules but I’m pretty lax on most. :)

If it makes me smile, and my family loves it, than I am good.

This room makes me smile…..and my family enjoys being in it.
It’s a bright, cheery, happy place. (but wasn’t always….want to see why we called it “the cave”? Look here –> Family Room Makeover)
And I still REALLY want the white slip covered furniture…but haven’t convinced the sweet, dear husband of that one yet. ;)
He’s very attached to this oh-so-comfortable (can’t blame him) leather furniture a bit too much.

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Coastal Home Decor - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

I would like to give a shout out to Balsam Hill for providing several of the things that I used in my Summer decor.
All opinions of each are 100% my own, however!
*See here for my full disclosure policies.

Like this gorgeous (and super heavy) *Small Crossbar Traditional Lantern from Balsam Hill…..

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Lantern with Shells - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

When I hear “Balsam Hill”, I think Christmas Trees but guess what…they have much more than that!
As is evidenced by this post. ;)

I can totally see this lantern being used at the holidays but how great is it with my Summer decor?
I added a cream colored candle and some broken shell pieces to the inside bottom.

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Shells and Lantern - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

I never have a shortage of shells, starfish, etc, around my home to decorate with.

Like this sweet little starfish I added to my boxwood wreath for the Summer.

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Starfish - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

AND I was lucky enough to find this awesome piece of driftwood at the beach this past Memorial Day weekend.

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Driftwood - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule

It even has baby barnacles on one end!
Can you see them?

I just adore it.

Here’s what else I found that day….(I had one driftwood “causality” as you can see..broke into 3 pieces…bummer :( )

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Driftwood and Seashells from the Beach - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule

I am just thrilled with the largest piece though.

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Coastal Mantel - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

And why I decided to showcase it on my mantel for the Summer.
Front and center!

Right along with my other summery items, starfish and seashells.

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Seashells - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com


These *20″ Tall Silverleaf Candle Holders, also from Balsam Hill, on either side of the mantel (or should I say TV?? ;) ) are amazing.
(You can read about why we put the TV here recently, in this post –>> “Black Friday TV, A Family Room Makeover” )

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Candlesticks - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

I truly fell in love when I opened the boxes and pulled them out.
They are big , beautiful and heavy!
Very well made and just gorgeous. 
I am so glad I chose them for my decor. I’m thinking they will be used time and time again.

I decided to use decorative iridescent ceramic balls on the tops instead of the usual candles though.
What do you think, candles instead?
Either way, it’s fun to have the option.

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Coastal Fireplace Decor - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

 I’m really loving the “glam” of the candle sticks and shiny birds along with the natural elements up there.

I also enjoy and love grabbing a magazine and getting comfy on the couch.
(I may be a magazine hoarder…in a really bad way. ;) )

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Magazine Basket - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

And yes, I’m even cold in the Summer…. sometimes….so always have throws at an arm’s reach.
(DIY “Faux” Board & Batten post here)

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Family Room - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

Yep, one on the end of that couch too. ;)
(you can see those super easy to make (and thrifty-$26 total!), wall medallion plaques over the couch, here—> “DIY ‘Carved’ Wood Medallions” )

And one on the “Chalk Painted French Chair” in the corner….

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill -Coastal Room - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

Just in case, y’all. Can never have too many, I say!
(no sew blue curtain panels here –> “Easy, No Sew Curtain Panels” and “Thrift Store Coffee Table Turned DIY Tufted Ottoman”. )

I also love to have fresh flowers around in the Spring and Summer.
Bring a little bit of that “sunshine” indoors.

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Decor with Fresh Flowers - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

That “shutter” on either side of my French doors is actually a $5 bi-fold door from the thrift store.
You can see the 2 part paint technique I used to give them a weathered look here –>> “Bi-Fold Doors Repurposed to ‘Shutters’ “.

Or live green plants like this Palm plant my sister gave me for Mother’s Day.
If you follow along on Instagram, you’ve already seen it! ;)

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Palm - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

It’s just completely perfect for my Coastal Summer Decor.

And how about Hydrangeas?
One of my absolute favorite flowers.
I have 5 bushes in my yard (4 in back and one in front) but all are fairly young…and a bit stingy with blooms yet.
I do have one or two in the back that give me a modest amount and are blooming as I type this. Yay!

But these lovelies came from my local Kroger store.

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Candle Holder Repurposed for Flowers - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

And I popped them into that pretty *Gold Mercury Glass Votive Holder.
I got the small one from Balsam Hill.

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Fresh Flowers Decor - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

I just realized I didn’t use either “candle” item …with a candle! (except the lantern, of course)
I love using things for other than their intended purpose anyway.

I think it’s perfect for the flowers actually.

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Coffee Table Decor - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

Yes, that happens to be another throw on top of my ottoman…but it’s for decorative purposes only. ;)

And that, my sweet friends, wraps up my Coastal Summer Home Tour.
Do you decorate for Spring…or for Summer?
What do you do differently?
I’d love to hear in the comments below, if you’d like to share.

Coastal Summer Home Tour - with Balsam Hill - Coastal Decor - #nautical #coastal #homedecor artsychicksrule.com

We certainly enjoy our casual and comfortable Family room.
And I love changing, adding or moving things around from time to time.
I hope you enjoyed “visiting” my home. :)

Be sure to visit my friends’ homes too. Links to their blogs are below.

I’ll see you on Thursday with a fun new furniture makeover!

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  1. So pretty for Summer! Love the special beach finds you’ve scattered throughout…perfect for summer! I am definitely going to see it in person one of these days!! XO

  2. your home is both gorgeous and inviting, those tall candle sticks are to die for oh my and i love the orbs on them xx

  3. Love you house Nancy and your “use what speaks to you” approach to decorating! I want those gorgeous silver leaf candlesticks and yes they look fabulous with the ceramic balls rather than candles. I’m jealous about your hydrangea bushes – I have one plant that hasn’t bloomed yet. Thanks for the tour – it was great seeing a lot of the projects you’ve blogged about in their environment.

    1. Thank you Marie! :) Don’t be jealous of mine…they are stingy!! lol I am excited about the upcoming blooms on those 2 though! :)
      Hope you are having a great week so far!! xoxo

  4. Your living room looks fantastic and I love how you used everything from Balsam Hill! You’re so lucky to have driftwood and other sea side treasures nearby — your little finds fit right in to your light and airy space and must be so much fun to go hunting for. Great tour!

  5. Hi Nancy, your summer home tour is fabulous and I LOVE all the summer touches along with the great candlesticks and lantern from Balsam Hill. How wonderful to live near the beach and your home definitely is so inspiring. love it. Lisa

  6. Your family room looks like the perfect spot to enjoy some r&r with your family this summer. Your coastal style is just perfect for your area of VA. Love how you incorporated your Balsam Hill things into your summer decor.

  7. Nancy, you KNOW I love everything about this post. From the lanterns to the gold votive. It is stunning, inviting and definitely coastal. Thanks fro sharing and once again inspiring me.

  8. Just perfectly done, Nancy. That candle and lantern are gorgeous and I love the coastal theme. :)

    1. I’m telling ya!! Same here…about the only thing he has a say in! ;) But I have to admit, they are super comfy! :)
      And thank you!!! xoxo

  9. Once again as I am lucky enough to take this inspiring tour of your home, I love everything about it! You have created so much beauty and its just so inviting! If you ever find a way to slipcover a leather sofa please let me know, as I also would really like to do this with mine also for a summer change! Love your use of the candlesticks and the lantern from Balsam Hill too! Another favorite is your redo of the ottoman!! Your coastal style combined with French is so perfect!! A piece of driftwood with barnacles is also on my mantel! My favorite perennials are two hydrangeas in the front of my house (soft pink hues) and they have just started blooming! In fact I’m sure they’re loving our recent rain much more than I am! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home Nancy!

    1. Hi Lynn!!
      Aw thanks so much!! And yes, I will post about it here straight away! I have searched and tried to find a good way to do it but none that are acceptable yet. None, that I think will really work well.
      They would be a nice change for the summer months!
      Too funny that you also have driftwood with barnacles on your mantel! Love that. :)
      My hydrangeas are all blue/purple (I think, I can’t remember because one or two of them has only bloomed once a couple of years ago) Pink would be lovely. I am patiently (not patiently!) waiting on those blooms every day (the 2 I have that ARE blooming). They are close now! I love them so. My neighbors directly across from me have a really HUGE one and I watch it bloom full and overflowing every year. ;)
      And yes, I’m ready for our sunshine to come back!
      Have a great rest of the week Lynn!

    1. Aw no, you can do coastal…at least in the Summertime you can! ;) Why not!?
      Thanks Mary Beth!

  10. Hi Nancy! Thank you for showing your coastal family room. The lanterns are lovely and so quality. You made it look great with the seashell pieces and candle. The candlesticks are so fascinating. They bring elegance without being too formal, don’t you think?

    1. Thank you so much! I love all the pieces I received! Super high quality and just beautiful. They will be treasures for sure.
      I know I will enjoy them, and decorating them differently, for many years to come!

  11. Nancy, what a beautiful home you have! You have done so much, especially given what “the cave” looked like before you got your hands on it. I love the coastal touches. It all looks so gorgeous, yet at the same time, it really looks comfy and homey.

    I, too, have leather furniture that I would love to cover! I just never really thought it would work well, since leather is slippery. But if anyone can figure out a way to do it, I know YOU can!

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Aw thanks Karen! :) And oh yes to that!!! It’s even hard for me to believe how dark and sad it looked before.
      Yes, sadly leather is slippy and I have not yet come across a good way to cover them. I SOOO wish I could! It would be a nice change up and a good compromise for my husband! ;)

  12. I love that you used those balls on the candlesticks…I’m always trying to think of alternative to candles. Thanks for the inspiration.

    We keep throw blankets out year round, too. I cannot sit on the couch without one, no matter the season.

    Enjoy your summer!

  13. Love the openess and the white color of the walls and fireplace . You did a really nice design layout !
    Can you tell me what the name of white paint is and manufacturer . Its a nice white bright but not overbearing . It compliments your decor
    Thank you

    1. Thank you Deanna!
      Oh, that is the trouble when you start mixing paint! ;) It’s by Sherwin Williams but I used White and mixed in a bit of “Creamy” (also SW) if I remember correctly.
      I also didn’t want a bright white and it turned out perfectly. I think any bit of warmer color added (tiny amounts) will give you the look you are after.

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