Industrial Cart Makeover (Themed Furniture)

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Sad cart turned industrial cart! Simple!!

I hope you have had a wonderful week so far.
I’ve been playing catch up in a big way!
I just got back from 4 days in Atlanta at the Haven Blogger’s Conference … with all of my blogging buddies, awesome sponsors and new friends.
I’ll be sharing a little “behind the scenes” in a post coming up later this week.

But for today….It’s “Themed Furniture Makeover Time”

And today’s theme is “Industrial“.
Yikes. What to do, what to do?
I do love a challenge though.

I found this cabinet, cart, whatever at the thrift store for $12….yesterday. (okay, that would be TUESDAY of this week. I’m writing this post on Weds, and hopefully you are reading it on Thurs)
Now that we have that out of the way, here is what it looked like….

Industrial Cart Makeover - BEFORE - $12 Thrift Store Find - artsychicksrule

Sad little thing, right?

But not sad anymore. It’s now an industrial cart that I plan on using in my garage. Yay!

In case you’ve missed any of the other monthly themed makeovers, you can see them right here—> Themed Makeovers

Soooo… industrial.
I must admit this one was a toughie for me. I do love Joanna Gaines and all of the industrial touches in her makeovers but they just don’t all fit my design style.
I almost had to step out of this month’s challenge but found this little “cabinet turned cart” in the knick of time….and knew exactly what I’d do.

After I picked up the cabinet at the thrift store ($12), I stopped in at Lowe’s and The Home Depot and picked up caster wheels, hardware (which I didn’t end up using) and spray paint.

I did several processes on this little cart that I’ll go over for y’all.

First, here’s the spray paint I used.  Rust-Oleum Professional High Performance Enamel Spray Paint, Stainless Steel, 14-Ounce

Industrial Cart Makeover - Stainless Steel Paint - $12 Thrift Store Find - artsychicksrule

Stainless Steel is the color.
EASY PEASY! I took the cabinet outside and sprayed it all over.
Several coats…..

Industrial Cart Makeover - After Paint Before Black Glaze - $12 Thrift Store Find - artsychicksrule

You can see it looks a bit splotchy.
Metallic paint is hard to get even….and even harder with spray paint. (in my opinion!)

But I didn’t worry too much with trying to get it more even.
I had another treatment going over the top of it that would even things out.

Once that was dry I mixed up a glaze consisting of Polycrylic, Lamp Black Milk Paint (by General Finishes but any black paint will work) and this fab product below….

Artisan Enhancements Pearl Plaster - artsychicksrule

I’ve used it a few times before (mixed with the poly).
It gives such a pretty iridescent finish and I thought it would be perfect for a metallic look….and it was!

No need to measure, just mix up a little of each. (keeping it thin)

I used a rag to to wipe the glaze all over the Stainless Steel spray painted cabinet.
Then I used a clean rag to go back over and wipe some away.
This is really easy, no perfection of application needed.
It is a rustic, industrial type piece so should not be perfect as you’ll see.

Industrial Cart Makeover - Up Close Paint Technique - $12 Thrift Store Find - artsychicksrule

Hard to tell in the photos but I’ll telling ya, that black iridescent glaze was the perfect finishing touch!

And so, to turn it into a “cart”, I added these caster wheels to the bottom.

Industrial Cart Makeover - Added Wheels - $12 Thrift Store Find - artsychicksrule

Just turn the cabinet upside down and screw them into place.
Voila! CART!! ;)

Anything that rolls is okay in my book. Especially in the garage.
Easy movement!

I also decided to use the original hardware.
I just sprayed and applied the same glaze.

Industrial Cart Makeover - Up Close Metallic Paint - $12 Thrift Store Find - artsychicksrule

Now….for the top.

Industrial Cart Makeover - BEFORE Top - $12 Thrift Store Find - artsychicksrule

Didn’t do a thing to it except clean it. (no sanding, etc)

Then I applied a watery mixture of Chalk Paint to create a “weathered, white washed” sort of look.

I wanted to totally get rid of that orange-y shade.

Industrial Cart Makeover - Weathering the Top with Chalk Paint - $12 Thrift Store Find - artsychicksrule

First coat.
And you guys, this is SO simple. No real rhyme or reason.
Just apply and brush around a bit, long strokes.
I used Pure White (mixed with water, lots of water) and Coco.

Apply the White all over first. Then go back over with the (watery) Coco in places with a separate brush.
Take the brush that had the White on it and smooth out the Coco.
Do that a few times until you get it how you want it.

THEN mix a bit of black paint with water. (again, I used Lamp Black by General Finishes but you can use any black)

Industrial Cart Makeover - Weathering the Top - $12 Thrift Store Find - artsychicksrule
Take yet another brush and apply a bit of the black, in strokes, on the top. (only in a few places and very lightly)
Then, take the White brush and smooth the paint again.

You just want to give it some dimension and depth.
I wanted to end up with something in between “weathered” and “white washed”.
If you want more of the “weathered” or “driftwood” look … start with the Coco and add White instead of the other way around.

Once that was dry I added a coat of wax. Annie Sloan Clear Wax.
Come back later and buff and you are done!

Industrial Cart Makeover - Weathered Wood Effect Top - $12 Thrift Store Find - artsychicksrule

So much better than that orange-y orange!

Industrial Cart Makeover - Several Paint Techniques - $12 Thrift Store Find - artsychicksrule

Industrial Cart Makeover - White Wash Weathered Top - $12 Thrift Store Find - artsychicksrule

Here’s a couple other pieces I white washed AND weathered (driftwood).
Click the links to see the techniques I used for those.

French Typography White Wash Makeover
“Driftwood” Beach Sign

So even though industrial may not be my thing, I somehow managed to come up with something industrial-ish looking.
And something I can actually use, even if it is in my garage! :)

Industrial Cart Makeover - BEFORE & AFTER - $12 Thrift Store Find - artsychicksrule

Be sure to see what my friends came up with for this challenge below.

See you soon with a bit of Haven (behind the blog scene!) and maybe even a few pictures of some of your favorite bloggers too! :)

Check back next week to see this new makeover!

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!!


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  1. Such a fun and functional piece, Nancy! Great job on creating an awesome industrial look.

  2. I love it, Nancy! What a great find! I’m sure you will get lots of use from this little piece. xo

    1. It will be great to hold things with the shelf inside…plus the wheels make it so easy to move about! :)

  3. Wow, love that finish! Great interpreation of the industrial theme. I think that’s my favorite part of this link up, seeing how each person interprets the theme. :) Can’t believe I didn’t get the change to meet you in person at Haven, I saw you a few times, but missed all of my chances! :)

  4. Kudos to you for finding, doing the makeover, taking great pictures, and posting about it in ahh…three days!!! You Go Girl! Love your Industrial Cart Makeover Nancy :) Looking forward to seeing your Haven pictures…I’m still upset that I missed it :(

    1. Thanks Marie! :)
      Yes…sometimes it just flows so nicely like that! Not always! ;)
      And YES, you need to come to Haven next time!!

  5. Nancy, that top is totally perfect! I so want to try the technique on something. The whole cabinet is great. I would not want to use it in the garage. I’d put it in the house. Fun theme. Jeanette

    1. Thanks Jayne! :) It was fun to step outside of my normal box!
      And it really was a quick fix, love that!

  6. Wow you are the last minute wonder queen! Love the finish on the wood top and the addition of the wheels makes it so practical. Thanks for stopping by earlier and leaving me such a nice message! :o)

    1. Haha last minute wonder queen!! Love that! ;) Yes, I can be at times!!
      Thanks so much Lucy! :)

    1. Thanks so much Kathy! And haha, thank you !! I did knock it out pretty quickly! I do work best that way at times though!! ;)
      As you understand I know!

    1. Thanks Amy! Yes, I am told it makes a great kitchen cart! :)
      Love the color…I might have to try it on something else soon!

  7. I’m loving the storage on wheels and your finish is super. Love the layers! It was good seeing you at Haven and yes, I crazy catching up! I can’t believe you did this in 2 days, you must have been panicked!

  8. I’m loving the storage on wheels and your finish is super. Love the layers! It was good seeing you at Haven and yes, It was crazy catching up! I can’t believe you did this in 2 days, you must have been panicked!

  9. LOVE this makeover! Wow! Beautiful blue and the glaze really sets it apart. The top turned out so beautiful!!

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