Decorative Ideas To Cover Popcorn Ceilings

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Decorative ceiling treatments to cover popcorn ceilings…ideas and inspiration!!

Hello friends!

We still have a bit to do at our beach condo but hope to have it done soon. I think we are holding off on the kitchen remodel for the time being and are just now tying up loose ends instead. (a few electrical things, finish decorating, etc)
But if you remember, when we scraped and removed the popcorn ceiling to create a nice smooth surface we found that the bedroom was not so agreeable. haha
It did NOT want to come off I am thinking because it had been painted over several times and it just wasn’t budging.

So, I think we are going to cover it with some sort of decorative ceiling treatment instead.
Have you done any?? Do you have any ideas you can share with me?

I rounded up some of my friends’ decorative ideas to cover popcorn ceilings to gather some inspiration.


Decorative Ideas To Cover Popcorn Ceilings

How to Install Tongue and Groove Plank Ceiling - Charleston Crafted (cedar planks installed on ceiling)

This is a unique idea! Cover it up with cedar planks.
Get all the details, here.

DIY Coffered Ceiling (green wallpaper with white walls and ceiling)

This is a beautiful idea too. Love the design on this one!
Get all the details, here.

bathroom with white beadboard ceiling

This is a similar one to the last I share. A little more understated.
Get all the details, here.

dining room with table and chairs and dark gold ceiling

Although this is lovely, I don’t think it will go with our beach condo.
What a unique and beautiful idea though!
Get all the details, here.

bedroom with bed and bench and gray weathered wood ceiling

This is something that would work great at our beach condo!
Get all the details, here.

dining room with white coffered ceiling

This ceiling is just beautiful and may be something we consider doing also.
Get the details, here.

bedroom with green walls and white beadboard ceiling

I love this simple solution. Very clean and so much better than the popcorn!
Get all the details, here.

decorative vintage tile tin look ceiling

How fun are these tiles? Another unique idea!
Get all the details, here.

I’m not 100% sure where we’ll end up on this but I’m thinking some sort of white (most likely) wood, shiplap style perhaps?
We have a little time as I don’t think we will tackle this until the fall sometime.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your ideas to cover popcorn ceilings if you have any!! :)

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Decorative ceiling treatments to cover popcorn ceilings...ideas and inspiration!!

If you are following along over on Instagram, I am hoping to get the downstairs bath refresh done in time to share this week. I ended up ordering a different mirror so we’ll see which one ends up in there then! (supposed to be here later this week) Stay tuned and have an amazing week, friends!



  1. Loved the mantle. Hated the alternative ceiling suggestions. Why not just render it and paint it white. Classical beauty without the bumps. Clear clean space give a feeling of breath ability and ambiance. No clutter no claustrophobic weight impression of heaviness from above.
    Cheers Chez.

    1. She said the popcorn ceiling would not come down because it had been painted several times. If it has been painted, it is like permanent concrete!

    2. I would love to! But so much work. We removed the rest because it hadn’t been painted. (and came off pretty well) This has been painted at least twice I can tell. (blue and then white) So it has layers of paint over it which does not allow for the water to saturate it to remove. It was a bear to remove just a tiny section. So, covering it is the only option I’m willing to do. :)

      1. You can still just drywall over it then you have options! Trust me,my husband and I (ages 76 & 68) just drywalled a whole house ceilings and all! If we can do that then you can do a ceiling.

        1. Oh yes, we’ve done a bit of drywall ourselves over the years! Kuddos to you two for tackling that as well! That is a thought! We’ll see what we end up with! ;) xo

  2. Wow, a whole lot of great ideas for covering the ceiling. All of which look like a lot of work. I know you will find just the right idea.

  3. Thanks for this post Nancy! We have the same dilemma at our beach house. We’ve been thinking about it for two years. And we’re still thinking…. LOL

  4. Paintable wallpaper with battan trim. It comes in 50 different designs. Or Euro Tiles, they are lightweight styrofoam that you glue to the ceiling, many styles, many colors and they are paintable too

  5. Hi Nancy! I’m in the process of priming 8’ pine planks (from Home Depot) to cover just over 400 square feet of scraped popcorn plus about 150 sq’ of an old wallpapered ceiling. Mine will have 1”x6”x16’ boards going the opposite direction to cover seams, spaced every 4’. I plan to use my sprayer to paint everything white once the primed boards are up.. I considered leaving them natural pine, but I can’t handle all the darker knots. Of the ideas you provided, I love the natural looking planks. Whatever you go with I’m sure the results will be beautiful!

  6. I agree that popcorn ceiling is unattractive, but does it help block noise? If so, covering it is a good idea. I can see you doing the grey wood on your ceiling! I used peel-and-stick wallpaper on my kitchen backsplash and I wonder if it would work on the ceiling? Easier than wood planks but the directions do say apply to a smooth surface (although my backsplash walls were a mess from removing tile and it looks fine. Mostly 😁)

    1. Oh I hadn’t thought of that, Marcie. But yes, covering it would probably help in that area! Hmm, I wonder if those would stick to the bumpy popcorn. I would love something like that! Will look into it!

  7. I’ve wanted to do this for years. Since I already have shiplap on my dining room walls, I’d like to do v-groove or beadboard on my ceiling. The problem is finding someone to do it! It’s a tough positon to work in. For your beach house, any of those examples would be pretty as long as they’re painted white.

    1. I agree…I’m thinking we will probably go with white to keep it light and airy feeling. Yes, ceilings are no fun to work on!! xo

  8. Hi, Nancy:
    Personally, I love my textured ceilings (no, they are not unattractive!) and I would never cover them. My house is nearly 30 years old and I had them re-sprayed last year to whiten and brighten them and I’m happy as a clam. They’re light and airy and make the rooms feel much larger than they are. If I had to choose from the examples you’ve given, I’d go with the white faux tin tiles. All the others feel heavy and rather claustrophobic to me. Whatever you choose, I know it will be fabulous!

    1. Oh I love that, Nancy!! Yes, I do agree some love certain treatments and others don’t. BUT that’s the beauty of design. :) We have some textured ceiling areas in our home here and I’m sure some don’t love that! But for the condo, I really want it sleek and clean looking. (less fuss) I definitely want to keep it light and airy feeling so will probably be something white. :) xo

  9. We used bead board on our curved upstairs 100 year old home ceiling over 20 years ago. We used 2 or 3” strips to cover the seams. It was not real wood and came already painted white. I think that allow the flexibility it needed. It has held up beautifully. Good luck!

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