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Just sharing a few updates and changes we’ve made around here lately!

Hello beautiful friends!

I thought I’d share a little of what’s been going on around here. I’ve made some changes and wanted to show you.
We are also working on our bathrooms. One is almost finished (waiting on the mirror) and the other we are smack in the middle of.

First up, let me show you the new curtains and rug for the living room. I loved the white and bright spa feel we had but you know, sometimes it’s just time for a change. I wanted to add some color and so I did. All I need are a few new colorful pillows to complete the look.

A reminder of how it used to look with the white slipcovers, white curtains, and rug that were previously in here. (I’ll link all items in this post at the very bottom so be sure to scroll down if interested in anything)

And now with the tan/beige slipcovers, new rug, and new curtains.

I’m really enjoying the new look!

So refreshing to change things up sometimes.

And here is how it really looks…dog bed, Ryder and all! ;)

I also got two new rugs in the foyer and kitchen too. (by the way, these and the one above in our living room are “washable”, as in you can put them in a washing machine…I haven’t yet)

I love the soft, “washed out” look of these.

And a different view…

The matching one in the kitchen…

If you follow along on Instagram you know that we also gave our downstairs guest 1/2 bath a whole refresh, new shiplap and all. I replaced the mirror but then didn’t end up liking what I got…so I moved it to my closet.

Here is what used to be in here…

I thought I had a closer up of that mirror but I guess not. Anyway, you get the idea.

Here is the mirror I have in there now…

I love the look and how it is tiltable!

We also finally replaced the hangers here for my pants with this pullout from IKEA. (it finally came back in stock)
That allowed us to fit an extra drawer in which was a bonus!


And now…

See the new drawer above? We have the handle (it’s sitting up top there) just need to attach it.

Once the new mirror comes in for the 1/2 guest bath I’ll be sharing it too.
Here’s a look at it over the years…

Original, when we moved in.

My first makeover…palm trees!

And the third makeover, painted cabinet, new paint, etc.

The fourth makeover, painted the cabinet again, new paint, lighting, etc.

Stay tuned for the 5th and latest makeover!

This is what happens when you live in the same place 17+ years. haha

I made curtains (no sew, just cut longer ones to fit) for all three bathrooms and our bedroom.
I hope to share our master bedroom soon, that one has been a long time coming as well.

I did all three bathrooms the same, white, simple one-sided, just slide over for privacy.

Since we have replacement windows, window coverings are limited because you can’t really mount anything inside the frames.
All of the shades we had previously no longer worked. But we have made it work without any at all.
I actually like it better as when the curtains are opened, there are no shades at all, just glorious big open windows and sunshine!

It’s hard to tell but you can see below we originally had one large window with two smaller ones on each side. When we replaced the windows, instead of having to special order, we simply changed it to three same sizes instead.

So when the blinds went, I decided to put curtains where the windows come together in the middle sections.
This way, you can slide them for privacy, as needed.

Form and function.

You can see where there is really nowhere to mount anything. No worries though because I am very happy with this solution.

And lastly, the hall bath.

Remember this mood board?

Still planning this exact thing. We even just ordered the bath cabinet and new faucets. Yippee!

Let me take you back to that time when I got tired of looking at the old tile and started ripping it out…while hubby was away on a work trip!! haha
Probably circa 2005-ish.

And turned it into this…

What you can’t see there is the yucky and tired-looking surround we put in instead of retiling.

So we ripped that out and decided to finally tile the surround.

Here’s a sneak peek.

Follow along on Instagram for updates on this bathroom as we go. I’ll be sharing there as we work on it!

I will be SO glad to have this done. It’s literally the very last update that this house needs. We will be working on our garage (the great clean-out and organizing project) next.
Not looking forward to doing that one but so looking forward to having it done.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our changes and updates today. I figured I had so many things I’ve changed and so many updates going on it was time to share.

Here is the list of sources for as many things as I can find in this post, as promised:

If there is anything I’ve missed in the photos that you would like a link to, just let me know and I’ll try to find it for you!

Will hopefully see you later this week with the guest bath reveal…if not, I may do something for Valentine’s day upcoming instead.

See you then!



  1. Hi Nancy,
    I loved looking at your photos of your remodeled house. It looks great! You did an awesome job!! Love,

    Aunt Jo

  2. I love your home makeovers Nancy. So relaxed and peaceful. I can’t think of a room I like best. ;) The living room looks complete with Ryder chillaxin’ in it. :)
    Have a great week!

  3. Everything is so fresh looking! Good to know the rugs are washable! Love the window treatments too. Stay warm, I heard y’all had ⛄️ snow!

  4. Looks very nice. Your slipcovered white sofa, (now beige) is that a now discontinued Ektorph IKEA sofa? I have the same sofa, but I have the gray slipcovers, which I’m wanting to change the color. Did you get your tan slipcovers before they discontinued Ektorph?

    1. Thank you, Ellen! Yep, it sure is. And yes, I did, thankfully! I wish I had gotten two sets (we have a love seat and chair/ottoman in our morning room still all white). I hate that they discontinued that line!

  5. Y’all have really put your DIY skills to work in that house! It was fun to see the progression! And funny that even back then, you knew to take before photos ha ha! It is gorgeous now!! XOXO

    1. Yes, we have!! lol It’s definitely been a work in progress for almost 18 years now! And yes, haha, that’s only because we knew we bought a “fixer-upper” and were changing every inch…I wanted to document it! Thank you, Christy! xoxo

  6. Thanks for sharing your home makeovers! I always enjoy seeing how folks’ taste change and evolve over time. The refresh is amazing and the rooms are decorated so that each flows smoothly to the next. You have great taste. Thanks, too, for sharing the “behind the scenes” pictures. No wonder you have so many talents! Enjoy your week.

  7. Simply beautiful, Nancy! Your home seems like a peaceful retreat, and we are blessed to have you share it with us. Thank you!

  8. Amazing what those Blue curtains did! Great job on the living room. I have rugs like what you have they look like something that was handed down to me! I love them!
    I wish I had your energy you’ve gotten so much accomplished! Hooray for you guys!

  9. Your home is looking awesome! I like the change to the blue drapes in the living room, and also how you split up the drapes in the dining room. I also have three windows side by side (all in one large opening) in my dining room with three separate blinds, and I don’t like seeing the edges of the blinds, so I also separated the drapery panels and love how it hides those edges as well as breaks up the large space. Love seeing before and afters, so fun!

    1. Thanks, Vicki! Oh yes, that sounds perfect!! I’m so glad, I love seeing before and afters too, probably my favorite thing! :) xo

  10. I love everything, especially the photo of Ryder in his bed lol. I would love to do a ship-lap wall on one feature wall in my dining area of our lakehouse, Will have to research the how to on that lol. I have been struggling with window treatments in our living room. Hate to admit, currently I have a sheet covering the big window which is similar to yours lol. I love the blue curtains but I need something that you can’t see through at all. I stay there alone sometimes and will get creeped out if I think I can be watched from the outside lol. I am so jealous of your closet. Love that flooring stencil, will be so pretty. Happy renovating. I love your home.

    1. Aw yes, Debra, that is the best photo for sure! ;) A feature wall with shiplap would be so nice! You know, I actually ordered another set of curtains that were “black out” and didn’t show a thing. They were basically the same color as these but just a bit more heavy and dark than I wanted. Those would probably work for you. Here is the link.
      And yes, I can’t wait to get to stenciling the floor and watching that transformation before my eyes! xo

  11. Nancy what color of light blue paint did you use for the living room? I have been trying to find that color for ages!

  12. How very nice of you to share your home with everyone. I really like how refreshing your white curtains are and how lovely it is with all the light coming in. I just love what you can do with light. I don’t have an IKEA. I was reading in a former post about your IKEA couch, are you buying the slip covers from IKEA? Also, are they only fitted to a certain type of chair, sofa etc.? I happen to find out that we have 2 guys that actually take orders and go pick them up in Utah, which is the closest store to Idaho. There shipping charges are over the top. I am very happy to have found the business and the bonus is it’s a small business. Always like to support the small business’ everywhere. Take care

    1. I am so happy to share! :) The covers are also from IKEA. Yes, they are fitted to these particular pieces of furniture. (Ektorp) That is so cool you have that option, I think that’s great and I so agree about supporting small businesses! We didn’t have an IKEA close to us until about 2 years ago so we really love having it now!

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