8 Neutral Headboards…Perfect For Any Decor!

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A collection of 8 neutral headboards …. sure to please most and just about perfect for any decor!

8 Neutral Headboards ... Perfect For Any Decor!! artsychicksrule.com #headboard #neutralheadboard #cottagestyle #coastaldecor

Let’s talk neutral headboards today!

And aren’t those some really pretty, neutral headboards? (PIN it so save it! ;) )
I’ve been a busy little bee working on all of this blog redesign stuff so I thought I’d share some of my favorite neutral headboards with you today.
No new projects around here…except what you’re looking at right now!  Redesigns are fun….and not so fun. ;)
Plus it’s like moving into a new house and trying to find your way around. I’m still trying to get comfy in the new digs over here. ;)

Anyway, let’s talk about pretty things. 

Like these headboards. :)

But first, you might remember I recently gave my master bedroom a bit of a makeover.
This old headboard was a thrift store find…..

8 Neutral Headboards ... Perfect For Any Decor!! artsychicksrule.com #headboard #neutralheadboard #cottagestyle #coastaldecor

I never blogged about it because I didn’t do anything too exciting to it.

Just a little white paint….

8 Neutral Headboards ... Perfect For Any Decor!! artsychicksrule.com #headboard #neutralheadboard #cottagestyle #coastaldecor

And as you can see, it gets somewhat lost with all the bedding….

8 Neutral Headboards ... Perfect For Any Decor!! artsychicksrule.com #headboard #neutralheadboard #cottagestyle #coastaldecor

I’ve been thinking about replacing it….hence, this post. ;)

What do you guys think? 

Should I replace it or leave it?

Here are a few of my favorites from around the web….(click on the boxes for the details on each headboard…some of them are on sale and this thrifty girl likes that. ;) )

Which one do you like best?
I’m kind of eyeing the bottom right, the banana leaf weaved one and the top left. Although, those tufted ones sure do make me swoon. :)
Hmm, decisions, decisions!
And to add to the mix, here are a few more I found! ;) (prices aren’t too bad on some of these)
  1. Button Tufted Gray Headboard
  2. Ivory Nail Head Trimmed
  3. White Upholstered with Nail Head Trim
I’ll see you all back here next week with brand new projects! (I hope! That’s the plan anyway. ;) )
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. With the wall décor and the weathered finishes, I see the weathered wood headboard working the best, as is. It harmonizes with the bedding and will stand out against the wall color. The tailored styles are gorgeous and detail rich, but out of place in that grouping. The tropical banana leaf coloring is too dark and rich for the faded pallet. It would scream “HEY! I’M TROPICAL HERE!”

    1. Hi Laurie,
      I think you are right there! I do love that headboard but I’d have to change things up a bit if I went with that one. :)

      1. I like all my pillows Ellen. ;) BUT….the headboard may be staying! I have a little plan for it. We will see if it works out because it would be nice to keep it! xo

  2. I love the one you have! I’m with Jean. Maybe paint it to see if you like it better. Is it comfortable when you sit up in bed? I love the way mine looks with a curvy trim, but it hurts my head when I lean against it. I always think the stuffed, button ones look cozy; but would not like to have to vacuum my headboard. If you get a new one, I look forward to seeing if you repurpose the current one. It would make a lovely bench.

    1. Hi Paula,
      Yep, it’s pretty comfortable. I think most of the problem is that it’s just too low. No having to vacuum one is no fun! That just adds to the already large list of chores!! ;) And yep, a bench would be perfect for it! xo

    1. Those tufted ones are beauties Beth! :) And that farmhouse style would really look best in our room, I agree. :) xo

    1. Thanks Terrie! We’ve considered raising it but were a bit concerned that would make the open area beneath it too high. We might be able to add a piece of wood going across though…might have to rethink that idea! :)

  3. Oh my my this is a hard choice .. They all are beautiful and would look great ..the top right and the bottom right are really nice

  4. Your Artsy self could easily make one similar to the bottom right. It’s beachy and you can make it tall enough to be seen behind your beautiful beading.

    1. I do love that one Suzanne! And you are right, probably not too hard to make. Depending on price, that’s probably what I’ll do! ;) (cheapie me lol) And I’d really enjoy a taller headboard. xo

  5. I would keep the headboard that you have, but raise the legs higher so the beautiful piece can be seen; I’m doing something similar in my guest room. Love your style and talent!

    1. Hi Patrice,
      We considered doing just that but were concerned the open area beneath would be awkwardly high. BUT…I am thinking we could add some sort of wood piece going across that may take some of that awkward open area away. Going to revisit this idea for sure! :) And thank you so much for the kind words! xoxo

      1. That is exactly what I am doing! I found some old decorative molding the same length as a king bed and I’m going to add extra board underneath and raise it high. I think your bed will look wonderful that way! Post pictures if you decide to do it. Blessings

        1. Oh nice! I’m seriously going to reconsider this idea! Good luck with yours and yes, I’ll definitely share here if I decide to go that route! :)

  6. I really like the 2nd one – the blue one, but have it in your signature teal/blue color or a creamy white. It looks very classy and grown up without being too formal.

    Have fun with your new bedroom project!

  7. I love your white headboard. Can you find a way to heighten it so it can be seen above your pillows? That’s what I would do.
    Love your blog !!

  8. Well, I really like the curvy one in the middle, but I’m way too practical…and I love the one you have!!! Guess I’m not much help!!

  9. I have 2 choices. 1- Keep the one you have, paint it and raise it up, so the pillows don’t hide it.
    2- The horizontal board plank, painted to match your wall art above the bed.
    Whatever you do, I know it’ll be great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Charlene!!:) Yep, you are right, that one really matches what I have in there best! I think I’m leaning towards keeping the one I have. Just have to work out raising it! xo

  10. I really love some of these headboards but I love the one you have and wouldn’t change it! Maybe removing some of the pillows so that one sees it better or getting risers for the headboard? Also like others have said if you are needing a change paint a different color? I just adore old furniture and this headboard of yours is a beauty!

    1. I’m really thinking about keeping it and moving it up somehow. :) I may have to add a bit of decorative wood underneath if I raise it so it won’t have a large, awkward opening there. Thanks Kristina!! I really love it too! xoxo

    1. Nope, doesn’t look like it! Not sure what I’ll do just yet. May have to make something from scratch or do something with the one I have! :)

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