Spring Product Giveaway (getting ready for spring projects!)

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Welcome March with a spring product giveaway!! Get a head start on all those spring projects with these fun products!

Spring Product Giveaway artsychicksrule.com #springgiveaway #springprojects

Yes, I think this is a great way to get ready for spring!

I even picked out a pretty new color I have yet to try for you, for spring… GREEN.
Farmhouse Green to be exact.

I included a bunch of stuff to get you started on all those springtime projects.

But before we get to all of that, let me first say THANK YOU for helping me with the “kitchen” sign from my recent haul.
I knew I could count on you. You guys are amazing and gave me so many good ideas for it!! I’m going to have a hard time choosing which way to go but love that my wheels are spinning since reading all of your emails. :)

I know I mentioned I’d be sharing the project I was working on for Thursday today, but I have a sick hubby over here that I have been taking care of (and trying to stay well myself…that’s a hard feat! lol And not very conducive to project working.). So instead, I thought I’d go ahead and get this month started off right. ;)
Let’s jump-start all those spring projects you are just itching to get to with a fun new giveaway that will help you do it!

Here’s what I’m giving away this month:

That sweet wood-handled flower box has been sitting on my shelf in my office since I wrote that post! That’s crazy.
My little “prop” for that post needs some pretty flowers in it and some new loving for spring.
So I thought I’d include it in this giveaway today.

Spring Product Giveaway artsychicksrule.com #springgiveaway #springprojects

It looks so pretty with mason jars and flowers. But you can use it for whatever you like!
It would be great for cookout and utensils in the jars instead of flowers, too.

So here is what the winner is getting:

Spring Product Giveaway artsychicksrule.com #springgiveaway #springprojects

And it’s hard to tell what color that is on top so here is another photo to show you the green color better…

Spring Product Giveaway artsychicksrule.com #springgiveaway #springprojects

Looks really pretty! Perfect for spring.

**None of these companies are sponsoring this giveaway. This is a gift from ME to YOU! :)


Here’s how you enter:

To enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter below.  Enter all or as many as you like for more chances to win!

Once the contest is over, the Rafflecopter will choose a winner at random.
That’s it!
(if you have trouble with the Rafflecopter box below, you can visit this link to enter instead, “Spring Product Giveaway“)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends Sunday, March 8th at 12:00am EST.
After which, one winner will be chosen at random and notified via email.
You will have 48 hours to respond. If not, another winner will be chosen.
You must be 18 years or older (and a US resident) to participate. Void where prohibited.

Good luck everyone!!
I hope you have a beautiful Sunday.



  1. Oooo, have to come up with a project for that Farmhouse Green. Thank you for all of your inspirational projects!

  2. Oh Nancy, I hope your hubby feels better quickly!!! No sharing of the ickies!!
    You are so sweet to have this giveaway. I know you are super busy and taking the time to do this is so generous! Lots of fun stuff and that basket is gorgeous.
    Take good care of you too!!!

    1. Hope all is well Thanks for the Give away. I would use these products to refinish an old buffet/side table that has been on my project list for awhile now. Wasn’t sure what to do with the table but now I have some inspiration.

  3. I love green! I have 2 projects in mind for that pretty color! First a pretty basket that needs updating Also a small jewelry box wood be so perfect for this color! Beautiful!

  4. Well, I am currently working on making an adult dollhouse for myself. It’s a medieval castle (with all the accoutrements). This would be the perfect color for the grass as well as some underlayering of the moss.

    Currently, everything is sitting in a box awaiting enough paper egg cartons. I have to rip up about 9 bazillion (I’m only exaggerating a little bit) egg cartons into little pieces to make the rock for the exterior of the castle and I’ll be ready to start putting it all together.

    I’m chomping at the bit to get started too! Guess I need to eat lots more eggs.

  5. Hoping hubby gets well quickly and you stay well! Thank you for this giveaway, very kind of you. Happy Spring!

  6. What an awesome giveaway! I love your work! I’d use the green paint to make St Patrick’s Day wooden bowls. And there’s more than enough paint for a springtime flower design on some of my littles! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Love the items in your giveaway! The basket may be in the running for a spring green, but I have several cabinets I would love to paint the inside of and that color is great! Not too in-your-face green! With a nice white on outside. Fresh and beautiful! Thank you.

  8. I have a basket that this will look perfect on. I have started using bolder, brighter colors.

  9. What a pretty color and cool give sways! Life does put a crimp on our creativity at times! Hope hubby feels better soon.

  10. Thanks so much for doing this give-away!
    We are in the process of moving to a farm house and my first thought for that green paint was for a bench on the front porch. I love the beautiful flower basket as well.
    So hoping that your hubby gets better real soon!!
    Best wishes to everyone!!

  11. WOW, what a great giveaway, you are so awesome to have it! Hope you don’t get what hubby has, stay healthy and I will look forward to hearing from you when I win this great prize!!!

    1. The green is really inspiring, I would use it on some old wooden spindles I have to display in the flower basket along with some shells

    2. I love the green and am thinking I will paint a chair with it and turn the chair into a planter.

  12. Thanks for another awesome giveaway!!! And such a pretty Farmhouse Green Paint. I’d probably use it on some sweet small Easter & Spring square signs featuring a bunny, a chick, a flower, etc. But one never knows!!!
    Thanks again!! Leslie

  13. Thank you for such a great giveaway! I would love to try that color out on an old dresser I found curbside that needs some TLC! Hope you stay well and wishing your hubby healthier days soon!

  14. I have a door that needs painting, I picked out a blue but its too dark. I’m not happy with it so I think this green will work beautifully for it. And a lot of other small projects, too! Love your blog.

  15. What a Fantastic giveaway.
    Thank You for this great opportunity
    I have a book shelf that could use a change of color so this farmhouse green would be perfect for it.
    Sorry, put I don’t do facebook
    Thank U.

  16. Thanks for putting together this giveaway. I would love to try the paint. The wood holder is a very versatile piece!

  17. I have a plant stand that is currently pale yellow and could definitely use a facelift. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  18. I would love to use that gorgeous farmhouse green on some signs I am making for my family and friends. It’s the perfect color!

  19. Spring is almost here! Love all your inspiration. I think I’d like to paint a little table I found thrifting a beachy green!

  20. I am thinking that green would look nice on a picture frame and maybe a mason jar for one of my guest bedrooms.

  21. I have a piece that I want to accent the wood and I think that the green would be the perfect color to really make the wood tone pop.

  22. Love the green paint! I have a bedside table that needs some TLC … hasn’t been touched in AT LEAST 15 years!! I’ve been trying to think about what to do about it … this giveaway could be the answer!!

  23. I have a maple rocker that would be beautiful that color and then add colorful complimentary cushions! Oh that would be wonderful to do. Thank you for your generosity and all your great ideas. Hope your hubby gets well soon and you don’t get sick. Have a blessed week

  24. Hope your hubby is feeling better!! I have an old demi table that would look fantastic painted in the spring green color. Have a wonderful week!!

  25. Thank you for this opportunity!! I am repurposing a small end table and that green will be so pretty! Hope your hubby feels better soon. thanks

  26. Thanks for this having this giveaway. I would like to see a project of yours done up on the farmhouse green. I hope your hubby feels better soon. Happy Spring to you.

  27. For my spring decor on my porch,I have not found the piece yet but it will be a stand to hold a plant or a small side table.Thanks so muchh for all the inspiration!

  28. I just bought a footstool with a wooden base that is clamoring for a refresh as well as many old photo frames for a collage wall. That green is just what I had in mind for a pop of color

  29. I love seeing what you do with each project! So creative and inspirational! Your giveaway is perfect for a Spring project!

  30. I have a child’s adirondack chair that I have been hanging onto until inspired. I’m thinking the farmhouse green with blue accents might be just the colors that will work for this piece. Find your blogs very inspiring and yours is one of my favorites.

  31. Thanks for the chance to win. I would use that pretty green color on a tray, just remodeled my kitchen and it would look so good on my coffee bar

  32. I have some vintage kitchen utensils that would look cool painted in the green. Love those tulips in the flower box too. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  33. Such a beautiful green! I have quite a few projects it would be perfect for, but I think I’ll be using it on several small pieces I can spread through my combo living/dining area. A small mirror, an old wooden leaf dish, napkin rings or maybe even a sweet little side table I have stashed away. This green will really help perk up my little Florida cottage. Thank you for the chance to win!

  34. My kitchen is that shade of green…I would use the paint for some accents like on my knife block :) *fingers crossed* Thanks for this opportunity to try these products for the first time.

  35. I am excited to get started on all my projects, it’s still cold and snowy here in Colorado so I have a bit of a wait. My kitchen is sage green and I have a tray that I would use the green in. I am a new year at painting with the chalk paint! But not to DIY-ing, can’t wait!
    Is it hard to use or the same as regular paint?

    1. That’s great! :) And hoping you get some warm weather in CO soon. Yes, there is a little learning curve (not much!) to chalk style paint but it’s great fun to play with and use. xo

  36. Nancy I love your style, you never stress if things don’t turn out as originally planned, and you just keep going till it seems right to you. We just bought a home in Cape Coral and will be furnishing and decorating (on a budget) so I will be thrifting and scouring yard sales for items to repurpose so your giveaway will definitely come in handy!

  37. you are too cool for school! which is exactly how i am planning on using that cute green…on an old wooden elementary school chair that i use on my patio in the summer. thanks for the fun and inspiration. excited to try dixie in dixie!

  38. Oh!!! what a nice giveaway!!! Thanks to you!!!
    I would use that green on little side table I have…then I want to do a tile top…like you show!!!
    Awww spring!!!!

  39. Would love to use that green on some old fashioned wooden “canisters”. I really enjoy your projects!

  40. I have a small shelf that I want to paint with that gorgeous green and hang it in my bathroom!
    (Hope your hubby gets better soon!)

  41. So excited for spring!!! It’s my favorite time of the year. I cant wait for bigger outdoor projects!!!

  42. Since I don’t have anything painted green in my house, a makeover would happen. Maybe a large vase or a small tabletop box. And the Gatorhide would be fabulous for my furniture pieces! Love it all!

  43. Thank you for all your inspiration every week Nancy! I have an old medicine cabinet ready for an upcycle and Farmhouse Green would be perfect for it! I love Dixie Belle paints! xo Mary

  44. Oh that green is lovely!! I think I’d use it on a side table I have that needs a refresh. I really love seeing all the great projects you’ve been working on – they have been such a great inspiration ❤️

  45. Hi Nancy! I hope your husband starts feeling better soon. I know they can be worse than children when their sick. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome giveaway. See ya on Tuesday.

  46. I commented before I read the question. I might paint that tote Farmhouse Green. I have several of Dixie Belle’s colors but I have not tried this one. If I win I will send you a photo of what I paint.

  47. I hope your husband is feeling better quickly. That’s rough.
    Thanks for the contest, it’s so fun to think of what to use the products to create. I have a tiny half round table that I bought over 30 years ago intending to paint and just haven’t but I am thinking that green would brighten it up and give me a fresh start. Thanks for the inspiration!

  48. I love the green color! I will use the green on a cabinet my son made 15 years ago in a cabinetry class in high school that I needed a color for. Thank you for the chance!

  49. I think it would look great on picture frames or vases, maybe both. Thank you for the giveaway.

  50. Nancy you are so generous with your followers! I’m not sure just what I’d use the Dixie Bell Farmhouse Green on, but I’m sure there will be plenty of choices lol. It looks like a really beautiful green. Thanks again for all your posts and ideas I get from them! Hope your Hubby is better and you stay well!

  51. I’ve also been looking after a sick hubby and now I think I am co.ing down with a cold. Your giveaway is great. I would love to try out Dixie Belle paint products and that farmhouse green looks like it would work on the inside of my china cabinet. I tried painting it white but it just looks so blah.

  52. I have a couple of old bookcases or an old magazine table I could use to spruce up with the lovely green(which is one my favorite colors).

  53. That is an interesting green !! Sooo springy and fun.
    Thanks for doing this giveaway ! I’d love to try Gator Hide. ;)

    I hope you all stay well and hubby feels better soon.


  54. I will use the Farmhouse green on some of the wooden Easter eggs I will be painting soon. Thank you for the giveaway. Be well and Be blessed!

  55. I have a vintage Hoosier and would love to paint the inside with this lovely shade!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. Thank you for the give-away. I have been looking at painted furniture sites and always enjoy visiting yours and seeing what you have made. I would like to do some painting, but haven’t started yet. If I win this, it would be my starter package . Thanks again, I hope your family is all well soon.

  57. Thank you for the giveaway and thank you, as always, for sharing your wonderful projects. You bring a bit of beauty into this life. I have a small wood Mason jar holder (adorable) that I’ve been holding on to for 2 years just waiting for the perfect inspiration for what to do with it. I think this green color, with some antiquing applied, will do just the trick!It will play beautifully off of the colored mason jars I have for it and add another layer of color to my home. I’ve been dying to try gator Hide too! Thank you for this opportunity!

  58. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I have a tray that I found at the thrift store and would like to paint and stencil for my sister. I think the green paint color might work really well for it. It would look so Springyf!

  59. I hope your hubby feels better soon!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this giveaway! I am so ready for spring and that green paint would be perfect for an Easter/spring sign!

  60. I will use it to paint some DIY planters for the front and back porch. My house is green and cream so it should look great!

  61. Take good care of your husband. He sounds like a keeper! Always be sure to take of yourself too. Thank you for the giveaway. That Dixie Bell green has been intriguing me for a while. I have a jewelry box crying out for an update and this would be perfect! Thanks and take care.

  62. Love your post! You make things look so easy!
    The green would look great on a sign for my granddaughters remodeled room.

  63. Hmm, I’d have to figure out what I’d do with the green paint but you can bet I’d find a fun project!!

  64. I love this give away! I would use that beautiful green paint on a tray I’m wanting to work on! I love getting your newsletters each week.

  65. Hope your husband is better soon and doesn’t share with you, if you get my drift. The green paint is an excellent Spring color. Thank you for the giveaway.

  66. I like green, it is not my favorite color, so I am sure I can find a use for it. I have many projects that need finishing. I have an idea I need to pick a color for my Dollhouse bedroom, I can use green as main color and add blues to add depth. Yeah my Dollhouse would look pretty in green.

  67. I hope your husband is feeling better. That green would look pretty on a little bookcase I have.

  68. I love all your wonderful ideas and come here often for inspiration. You rock! Hope your hubby is better (and YOU stay healthy through all of it!)

  69. Your blog is always such an inspiration! Hopefully you won’t get the flu as well. Thanks so much for doing such a sweet giveaway. The green would look so cute on a basket or some other spring decor item.

  70. Oh Nancy! Take good care of your husband…he’s such a doll!! I have an old desk that the Farmhouse green would be perfect on and maybe do some crackle too. You’re so generous to have another wonderful give-a-way with such a wonderful assortment of supplies and the adorable tote box too! Thanks a bunch!

  71. I will use it on some spring items I am planning on making. I may also use it on things for my bedroom, i am re decorating, new bedding, curtains…

  72. Nancy, that is a great giveaway! I would have to think about what to use that green on, as I don’t have much green in my house… but I’m sure I can think of something! :)

    I especially love the little basket you are including! I have just the spot for that!

    Thanks, Nancy, for the awesome giveaway! xo, K

  73. That is the perfect green for our master bedroom/bath. We have some very outdated (vintage) wooden items on our dresser that are very shabby looking right now. I will begin with painting those and if there is any paint remaining, I will paint an equally outdated, but sturdy wastebasket to spiffy that up, also. May I tell you how much I enjoy your effort to give us a jump on Spring. Kind of tells us that it is OK to start to think in that direction. Thanks.

  74. Hope your husband is better real soon, it’s been a long winter! Spring is just around the corner thankfully. Jennie

  75. Since Easter is right around the corner I’d use that green to make my baskets pop! Green is my favorite color! Love your makeovers!

  76. Now that spring is here I have so many projects to get caught up on! I have this awesome shelf I found at a thrift store that would be perfect in my laundry room in green.

  77. I have a bunch of small items I could use this color on. I’d like to use it as the blended center of various greens, maybe. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Love your stuff.

  78. I love painting signs, especially vintage ones, so the green would be an awesome background. Also for some shelving! Thanks for doing this giveaway- I’ve been wanting to try some of these products, especially the gator hide.

  79. I have a wooden chair and a pallet like basket I think that green would look amazing on! Love your giveaways but even more so the inspiration to recycle and see the beauty in something old and used

  80. Love that color! I have a wooden tray that has carvings on the sides. This green would be perfect to update it for Spring!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  81. Well, I have quite a few places to put the beautiful green color! Probably going to opt for my sewing basket, which I am planning on dolling up,…if I win! Hint hint! Ha!

  82. LOVE LOVE LOVE Green!! (Even named my daughter Jade!). I have LOTS of things that I can think of to use that beautiful color on – my outside garden chairs, mason jars for beautiful spring flowers, baskets for decorating around the house!! <3

  83. Hi Nancy,
    Thank you for the give away opportunity. I have several projects in the garage needing attention. I think it would be pretty on a stool and even on canvas background with rabbits or bicycles stenciled on.
    Hope everyone is healthy soon,

  84. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d use the green on! Green isn’t a color I use in my home, but since I’m always working on new projects, I’m sure I’d come up with one, especially since I’m longing for an end to winter. (We can get snow in April where I live, so no one declares winter over until at least the first of May.) I plan to start putting my winter decor away very soon and pulling out the spring decor.

  85. I hope you hunny gets better, and hopefully you won’t get it! I have a magazine rack that would look great that color! Also green in general is my fave, so I would use it on everything till gone! Pretty!

  86. ooh I have several pieces for that beautiful farmhouse green! I have a couple of silverware boxes and tool caddy’s are the first that come to mind. Follow you and Christy faithfully and love your thrift store hauls! Keep enjoying and inspiring!

  87. I have a wooden bowl and some candlesticks I would use that gorgeous green paint on. I’m sure I could find a few more pieces to paint with it too. I love green!

  88. Hi Nancy,
    First of all, I hope your husband is on the road to recovery and that you remain healthy! i am looking forward to seeing what you do with the sign. Thank you for the opportunity to enter, this is a very generous giveaway.

  89. I left you a note on Fb.But I can ALWAYS say more! I curbed shopped an old dresser, i want to put in my front hall (it is small) for gloves,hats,and scarfs year round. I am changing my wall color from medium sage green to white, I love the green, but we are in the process of making an open concept area. We (when I say we, I mean the royal we) My hubs moved our kitchen to the back of the house, so white is the best choice and I will need a green piece or two to feed the green eyed monster in me!

  90. Hello! As soon as I saw that shade of green I said “thats my Gram!” My Gram recently passed away but I was fortunate enough to have received her little china cabinet….and that green will be the perfect color to remind me of her 🙂

  91. Not exactly sure what I would use that green on but I’m sure I’ll find something. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  92. Hey Nancy! We are in the process of purchasing our first vacation beach home. Being a West Coast girl, living in the Mid-west, needing to be on the beach has become crucial! I am sure that the green will be used A LOT somewhere as I DIY, update and personalize our little cottage! I’ve been keeping an eye out for updates on your beach cottage too!

  93. Ooh! What a pretty spring green! It’s kinda out of my wheelhouse, but I have a few smalls and frames that would love that color! Thanks for doing this great giveaway!

  94. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to use that on this old end table that I put on my front porch to hold potted Spring flowers! I think it would bring just the right pop of spring to my entry ! You always do the coolest stuff with your “finds”. Thank you for your inspiration.

  95. I have a little box with a handle on it that would be great for that green paint! And I’ll gift it to my niece her new home filled with goodies!

  96. Green is a color that speaks to me in any hue. I have green cabinets in my kitchen. I have a green bathroom and a green screened porch. I have a collection of green glass and planters. There’s no telling where I might use that green, but using it is guaranteed. Thanks for the chance to win!

  97. How fun! I’m thinking a little side or end table would love to have that color…maybe with a little white dry-brushed over it? My wheels are turning!

  98. I have a couple of chairs that I “tried” to paint farmhouse green that need redone. That color looks perfect!

  99. I would use the green paint for a night stand in my bedroom. It’s seen better days and that green paint would look lovely on it!

  100. First of all, I hope hubby is better by now, That green paint is beautiful and the front part of our home has various shades of green. Our decor is sort of country/farmhouse – mostly that look is in the kitchen, which is huge, I have 3 pieces I think might be a good fit for that green. One is a small round side table; one is an old school desk, and the other is an iron side table that doubles as a plant stand. I am redecorating my shabby chic, pink guest room that was really decorated for my 8 year old granddaughter (who no longer needs to spend the night at her grandmother’s house since she is a senior in college and lives in a sorority house.) I love the room but took out the bed and it will be at her parents’ house until she needs it. I love having decorated walls so have painted many frames in white chalk paint and am filling them with lots of new pictures of all types. Some had pictures in other rooms that I have transformed. Love chalk paint! Also loving my new play room. Thanks for offering this fabulous giveaway.

  101. I’d use that beautiful green on this little funky table I have that’s also a magazine rack.

  102. I would use it to paint a wooden storage chest I found at the flea market. It needs to be refinished and this would be a perfect color!

  103. A perfect color to welcome Spring. It will bring back to life a sad little table I rescued that was left beside the dumpsters. Thank you for the giveaway.

  104. Hi Nancy! I have a set of three nesting tables I have been wanting to paint just the perfect color green on the bottom and leave the tops of the tables the original wood. Hoping I get a chance to do just that! Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  105. Good morning, Nancy
    As always I love all the projects that you show us…so much, that I would love to try them all.
    Little problem: I have tried to enter this giveaway and the last one, and I am having trouble getting into the site, and yes, I have tried the other way, also. I, just can’t get into it….not sure if anyone else is having this problem.
    This is a great giveaway with fantastic supplies…..I wish the best of luck to all that enter.
    Nancy, keep giving us great ideas, I love them and I know everyone else does, too!!!
    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Glenda!
      Oh, I am so sorry! Hmm…do you see the little box inside the Rafflecopter that says “use your email”? It’s on the box in my post and if you click over using the link. You should click that and then put in your name and email. Once you do that, you can check the boxes to the entries…and you will be entered. Please try that and let me know! If you, I can try to see if I can manually enter your email. :)

      1. Nancy, you are not going to believe this. I always look at your site on my phone, I guess my wires contacted (my brain). I thought lets check to see if it was being blocked on my desktop. Yep, that was the problem. Don’t no how that happened. Like I told you, I have entered before, no problem. “Little computer gremlins”.
        Thank you, again, for responding. Oh, I have already entered. Good Luck, to everyone!!!

  106. I have a bunch of vintage furniture that has come down through the family – you inspire me to get it out and begin working on it. Green has always been one of my favorite colors.

  107. I just got a side table out of the neighbors trash and I will use the green to update it for my covered porch.

  108. Loving the greens! I saw a bright green door in my HGTV magazine and fell in love! I never win anything, but I’m entering anyway!

  109. I would use the farmhouse green on a dresser and mirror that was my mom’s. She passed away 5 yrs ago. Thank you for the chance to win.

  110. LOVE this fresh farmhouse green! I would use it on a pair of vintage stools that I often use for plant stands in the summer.

  111. Thank you for the chance to win! That green is perfect for speckled Robin’s eggs I need to make!

  112. I’m not sure what I will paint in the Farmhouse Green but something will tell me it wants to be that beautiful color.

  113. Have a few Small projects that I could use the Farmhouse Green paint.on. The give away is such a good selection to get those spring projects started. Thank you Ina

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