DIY Secret Santa Gift (Naughty or Nice Stocking Tutorial)

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I have such a fun craft/holiday decor to share with you all today.

Some of my blogger friends and I got together to do a DIY Secret Santa gift for each other.
None of us knew what the other was making until we received it in the mail.

DIY Secret Santa Logo - #diy #secretsanta

So much fun! :)

I just love things like this. Creating something special for someone else….and receiving something special someone else has created for me.

What I’m getting ready to share with you all was made for Megan over at Rhapsody in Rooms.

So as you can see from the title of this post, I made a “Naughty & Nice” Stocking.

DIY Secret Santa Gift - Naughty Nice Stocking - Both Sides - #diy #holidays #Christmas #transferpaper

I obviously like this saying… ;)

I used it on a Chalk Painted pillow last year. You can see it here –> “Naughty or Nice Thrifty Pillow Makeover“.

I hand painted that one on. For this one, I used *Transfer Artist Paper that you iron on.

Transfer Artist Paper

I’ve used it several times before. It is kind of pricey but it really works great.

I got the stocking from Amazon (and the transfer paper too). If interested in getting the same one you can check here, *Burlap Natural Holiday Christmas Stocking.
It appears to have gone down in price by about $4 since I purchased so now might be the time to grab it up! ;)

DIY Secret Santa Gift - Naughty Nice Stocking - #diy #holidays #Christmas #transferpaper

Had to share this sticker. :) “Nancy’s Nook”!

I created the wording in Picmonkey and saved them to my computer.

Want the free printables?

DIY Secret Santa Gift - Naughty Nice Stocking - Transfer Artist Paper- #diy #holidays #Christmas #transferpaper
Then I printed them out adjusting the size as needed for the stocking.
(be sure to print in reverse)

I painted the top red first.
I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperor’s Silk.

DIY Secret Santa Gift - Naughty Nice Stocking - Painted with Chalk Paint #diy #holidays #Christmas #transferpaper

Then cut the words out ….

DIY Secret Santa Gift - Naughty Nice Stocking - transferring image - #diy #holidays #Christmas #transferpaper

Position the transfers where you want them to be on the stocking.

Then iron as directed.
I cut each word out and placed by eye. Ironing for each.

After doing each side…I added bells to the top.

DIY Secret Santa Gift - Naughty Nice Stocking - Sewing on bells - #diy #holidays #Christmas #transferpaper

Yea, I know, I don’t sew. Well, I do, I just don’t use a machine.
Needle and thread…I can do. I still don’t like it but sometimes it is necessary. :)

And I really wanted this stocking to have jingle bells.

You can see them better here…and where I painted (and stopped painting) the top.

DIY Secret Santa Gift - Naughty Nice Stocking - Top Painted - #diy #holidays #Christmas #transferpaper

And each side….

DIY Secret Santa Gift - Naughty Nice Stocking - I've Been Nice - #diy #holidays #Christmas #transferpaper

DIY Secret Santa Gift - Naughty Nice Stocking - I've Been Naughty - #diy #holidays #Christmas #transferpaper

I would have hung this on my mantel but I didn’t have it decorated yet.
So the dresser (and the kitchen wall hooks) has to do.

You get the idea.

And you will get to see it in Megan’s home. I am pretty sure she will have it on the “nice” side! :)

No stocking is complete without a little goody or two inside….so I sent chocolate.
Can never go wrong with CHOCOLATE…right??

DIY Secret Santa Gift - Naughty Nice Stocking - Chocolate - #diy #holidays #Christmas #transferpaper

Now it’s time for the gift I received.
Mine came from Jeanette over at Country Design Style.

And look how nicely it came packaged…..

DIY Secret Santa Gift - Naughty Nice Stocking - My Gift - #diy #holidays #Christmas #transferpaper

I just love what the card said. (inside and out)

And here is what I found inside…

DIY Secret Santa Gift - Naughty Nice Stocking - Santa Boot Chalkboard - #diy #holidays #Christmas #transferpaper

How cute is that??? 

Santa boot chalkboard…with a special message from Jeanette to me. :)

I love it!!
Jeanette always creates the most unique and creative projects/crafts/decor. And I’m a unique, eclectic, whimsical kinda girl!
So this gift is right up my alley. Thank you Jeanette!!!! xoxo

I haven’t decided if it will stay here or get moved somewhere else. (it’s in the kitchen now)
I’m still decorating and moving things all over and around.

But for now, this cuteness is right here where all can see.

DIY Secret Santa Gift - Naughty Nice Stocking - Santa Boot Decor- #diy #holidays #Christmas #transferpaper

It’s fun & whimsical….just like me!! And the wall in my kitchen. ;)
So it might just stay right there.

Be sure to take a look at all the rest of the Secret Santa gifts in the tour links below.
I know I can’t wait to go through them all to see the creative goodness everyone has come up with!

Also, be sure to check back here on Friday (Black Friday) to see something I made with my Silhouette AND see some of the great Black Friday deals they’ve got going on! :)

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Nancy,

    These turned out great and I am going to have to pick up some of those transfer. I do everything free hand. LOL I love the gifts you and Jeanette made for each other. Lovely

    1. Thank you Vanessa :) I do most things by hand but it’s nice to have the Silhouette or these iron ons to take away a lot of the work! :)


  2. nancy how cute are those stockings mine would have to be on naughty love them…. i really love the boot jeanette made for you you both are really beautiful people inside and out xx

    1. Christy, lol, no you didn’t! Don’t ask “can you”…you did!! hahaha…love it!! So funny.
      And yes, the red worked great!! And new paper (unlike the year old TAP I used on my last project) …worked even better! ;)

  3. Nancy this is so adorable!! This would be so cute to make for your kids and turn the stocking daily depending on how much they drove you nuts that day lol! You did an awesome job!

    1. Thanks Dria! :) Haha…yes, it sure would!! Hadn’t thought of it but can you imagine the fear (of Santa not visiting) in the little ones if the stocking got turned over to naughty??
      Too funny.

  4. Nancy, I’m thrilled you like the boot! I’ve never given anyone a boot before! Lol! Thanks for the burlap stocking link. I thought about making burlap stockings, but I’m not a fan of sewing either. Your naughty and nice transfers are fun! This is the sweetest tour ever! Have a wonderful holiday. Jeanette

    1. Hey Jeanette!! Yes, I do!! And it’s so cool that you drew it (awesome!) and cut it out and did all that…for me! I love it. :) This tour was so much fun!!!
      Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

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