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    • Nancy says

      Thank you Angie!! It does smell great..I hope it lasts!! I know I want to make more now..never will my door be without a wreath again! ;)
      Oh…and I will be 48 in February! So close to 50 now! Ack! lol

      • Jane W Landschoot says

        Nancy, that is one beautiful fall wreath for a creative novice! Your door has to have a wreath for sure! Just think of all the ideas you could put into another one soon. Your on a roll Nancy! Have fun and enjoy. You inspire all of us, thank you..

  1. Gwen says

    I “need” to go to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby today to get materials for some mosaic projects of mine. I just might get some autumn wreath stuff as well- thanks to you for inspiring me. I have made wreaths before. They are fun projects. Love yours, the combination of materials is perfect!

  2. Jeanette says

    Nancy, No one could even tell you were a first time wreath maker! It’s stunning! Plus you did what I think was the most important part, you took the stems apart. Beautiful job! ~Jeanette

  3. [email protected] says

    Beautiful wreath and definitely “A” work for your first time. You are smart to use scented items, that doubles the enjoyment!

    I hung my fall wreath Tuesday night and was so sad to find it on the ground when I got home. I need to figure out a secure way to hang a heavy wreath. (A wreath hanger is too short for my door design.)

    • Nancy says

      Thank you Karen!!! :) (I somehow missed this comment..sorry!! ..if you could see the back end where I answer these you’d understand!! I don’t know why they don’t make it more organized…drives me a little batty lol)
      Hope you are having a great week!

  4. Wendi @ H2OBungalow says

    I loved your wreath and adding dried oranges is such a neat idea! You may not have liked how they turned out, but they are sure pretty on your wreath. You made me laugh since I’ve never made a wreath before this year either.. :) Beautifully done!

  5. Crystal says

    The wreath is beautiful!! I love it!! Thanks for the tutorial! I’ve been looking for ideas for a new fall wreath and I have a Michael’s gift card…yay!!

  6. Jean Porter says

    I love the colour of the leaves, in fact I love the whole wreath. As it is Spring in Australia, I’ll keep this one for next year, because it’s beautiful. I save my passionfruit stalks when I cut them back and then use them for my base. That, or the grapevine stalks, nice and plyable. In Autumn you ( in the States) have so many lovely colours to work with, and I really am Loving my posts from you Nancy, thanks, can’t wait to try half of the items on here. cheers Jean

  7. [email protected] Vin'yet Etc. says

    That’s an awesome first time wreath!!! Actually that’s an awesome 100 times wreath! Amazing job! I make my little oranges every Christmas, I use a dehydrator, don’t bother with the oven, it makes the house smell amazing and I just adore these on a gift, in jars… pretty much everywhere.

  8. Meegan says

    What a gorgeous wreath, Nancy. I LOVE the orange slices. I bet they smell good, too. Your Fall wreath is the ideal addition for any home. I would have never guessed you hadn’t made one before.
    Make it a great weekend!

  9. andi says

    Your wreath turned out great! And I love those oranges, even if you had no fun making them. :) I do not possess the wreath-making gene. I think Christy was born with it…You could give her horse apples and she’d make a great wreath. I think I’m leaving this to you experts. Perhaps someday I’ll be brave enough….


    • Nancy says

      Thank you Andi!! No, lol, they were not fun to make at all!! Really won’t do it again. ;) And yes, you are so right, Christy is all gened up on the wreath making. She is awesome….everything she does is awesome though!
      I’d bet you could make a wreath too…

  10. Stephanie says

    I saw this wreath on Pinterest and immediately loved it. It is festive and elegant, and surprisingly easy to make! Thanks for making such a fantastic, easy to follow tutorial!

  11. samantha says

    Made my first wreath yesterday using yours as a guide! Have to say it turned out so beautiful and is the perfect ode to my favourite season!! Thanks for your inspiration!

  12. Mary Kaiser says

    I love your wreath!! I also have a front door with an outside glass storm door on it that I solved the problem of not being able to hang a wreath because their isn’t enough space between the doors. I use a clear command hook right on the glass door outside!! It works great, even in the winter in Michigan when it gets extremely cold! It even works in the spring and summer when extremely hot! When you want it down it comes off just like if you take one off the wall. The nice part about it is that you do not have to have one of those over the door hangers to get in the way of properly shutting the door!! Your welcome LOL!!

    • Nancy says

      Thank you, Mary! That’s a great idea!! I have resorted to sometimes using fishing line and hooking it on the other side at the top. (you’ll see that in tomorrow’s post actually ;) ) But I will definitely have to remember that little trick too. Thanks!! :) xoxo

  13. Char Fisher says

    You did a wonderful job on the Fall wreath! Love the colors and the choices you made. It all came together beautifully! Great work!

  14. Julie Briones says

    You’ve always been my fave wreath creator! Love seeing this one (I think I may have missed it… def before I started following you!) Pinned!

  15. Cyndy Smith says

    Was just thinking it is time to trade out my summer wreath for a fall one. Every time I go in to GW you are with me as I now try to look at things with your eye.

    • Nancy says

      Aw, that is so awesome!! I love that, Cyndy!! :) It’s fun, isn’t it?! So many treasures if you can just be open and see them. I love thrifting!! Have fun!! xoxo


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