Page’s Thieves Market {dreamy vintage galore}

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Hello my wonderful friends!! :)

I shared with you all recently our trip to Charleston/Mt. Pleasant, SC and Asheville, NC.

I mentioned that I’d be sharing my visit to the ever popular and FABULOUS Page’s Thieves Market in Mt. Pleasant next.

Well today is the day!

Page's Thieves Market - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques

Be ready to feast your eyes on dreamy vintage galore.

Pages Thieves Market - Mt Pleasant SC - Vintage Antique Goodness - #vintage #antique

I’ve visited this market before (see it here) and have now made it a regular stop on every visit down to see my family.

And who wouldn’t? They have THE best stuff….just take a look —

It’s actually a table. I thought it was a sign when I first walked up to it.

Loving the smiley on the window. ;)

Page's Thieves Market - Texaco - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques

Really wanted the metal cart.

Page's Thieves Market - metal tray - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques


Crates….old. LOVE.

Page's Thieves Market - crate - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques

I could just do so much with this.

Page's Thieves Market - antique - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques


Look…at….the…detail on that! WOW


Page's Thieves Market - antique dressing - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques


Antique hall tree goodness.

Love the unique shaped mirror.

Page's Thieves Market - antique hall tree - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques


How cool is this?


Page's Thieves Market - case and stand - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques


Old radio……


Page's Thieves Market - old radio - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques


A “cooker” and a cooler…hee hee


Page's Thieves Market - old stove - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques


Old door love.


Page's Thieves Market - more door love - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques


Just beautiful…..

Page's Thieves Market - armoire - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques


Always a sucker for old fans.


Page's Thieves Market - fan - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques


I want to paint this next one…


Page's Thieves Market - vintage - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques


Have you ever seen so many beautiful and unique pieces in one place??


Page's Thieves Market - old cabinet - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques


I mean really. Just look at those door/drawer fronts ….and the mirror.


Page's Thieves Market - vintage goodness - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques


More door love…..

Page's Thieves Market - door love - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques

I want them.


Another “cooker”. I want it too.

Page's Thieves Market - vintage stove oven - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques


I can always use a good ole barrel like this….for something.


Page's Thieves Market - metal barrel - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques


Tried to get my sister in law to buy this to use as a “coffee bar”.
Perfect for that, right? I can just see it in a little coffee shop.
Painted differently, of course. ;)

Page's Thieves Market - great for coffee bar - Mt. Pleasant SC - #vintage #antiques

And finally, more door love.

…and that knob/hardware and star in the glass. Sigh.

Old door and details - Mount Pleasant SC - Pages Thieves Market


It’s all breathtaking, isn’t it? I sure think so!

And this was only a small portion of what I saw.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the “beautiful” that I saw at Page’s Thieves Market recently.
If you like this sort of thing, and ever find yourself in that area, be sure to stop by!
You won’t regret it! :)

See you all on Thursday with a fun new FALL craft/decor!!

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  1. While you were pointing out the second door, did you notice the basket weave walls? WOW! It looks they they used slats from fruit crates. How fun and unusual, and the items for sale are NOT definitely run-of-the-mill! I would have been in heaven…without money!!! Alas…

    1. OH my gosh!!! I did not notice that!! It is such a sensory overload in there. SO much to see that I completely looked right past that. And didn’t even notice in my photo! How crazy. But how cool is that?
      Thanks so much for pointing it out…even I now see something new and fun in my post! ;)
      And no, they sure were not! They were all so unique and beautiful. I’m going to have to take a full view shot looking in at different angles to give scope of how large and how many pieces are in there next visit!
      Glad you enjoyed it!! :)

  2. Did you buy anything? There are so many tempting things at that place, its probably a good thing that I live so far away from there! ha ha

    1. No I sure didn’t! Didn’t have a way to get it back home. ;) It’d be dangerous if I lived right by there too!!


  3. Ooooh I could spend hours in there! I recently found an amazing market like this while visiting my sister and like you, I didn’t have a way to bring anything back or I sure as heck would’ve. I bet it was hard to walk away from some that goodness. I know it sure was for me.

    1. Oh I know!! I would have loved to! There was so much to see…and dream about! ;) I love it all and the history and secrets they all hold. So fascinating to me.
      Very hard to walk out empty handed!! lol

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