DIY Beverage Station Tutorial (perfect for outdoor entertaining!)

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I’m so excited to be sharing this cute little DIY beverage station with you guys today!

I was thrilled to partner with The Home Depot to share their DIY Workshops with you guys.
Did you know that The Home Depot offers workshops at all of their locations for do it yourselfers of all ages and experience levels?
Besides the DIH workshops, they also have DIY (Do It Yourself) and Kid’s workshops too.
You guys can learn how to build decor projects, make easy repairs to your home and operate tools through the demonstrations and step by step instructions.

Remember, the Workshops are free, demonstrative classes.
However, you won’t always be able to make and take the project (changes by store), you will walk away with the skills to recreate the project at home!!!
And that is the important part….empowering you to “do it yourself” or “herself”. ;)

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So, last week, I shared what I would be making (and what you will be making if you attend The Home Depot’s workshop!)
This DIY beverage station  >>>

Beverage Stand Beauty Image

Here is mine….

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Easy Build - #beveragestand

M A T E R I A L S   L I S T

  • 1 – 1/2″ x 2″ x 4″ Sanded Plywood Board
  • 3 – 1″ x 2″ x 8″ Common Board
  • 1 Box – 1-1/4″ x 18 Gauge Brad Nails
  • 1 Twine/String
  • Paint or Stain
  • 1 – 10 qt Galvanized Pail
  • Wood putty (stainable/paintable), optional


  • Circular Saw
  • 18 Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer
  • Drill
  • Drill Bits
  • Measuring Tape or Carpenter’s Square
  • Pencil
  • Safety Goggles
  • Sanding Block
  • Reciprocating Saw

Okay, let’s make this!

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Easy DIY - #beveragestand

1. Measure, Mark and Cut

  • Measure, mark and cut for the frame boards from the (3) 1″x 2″ x 8″ boards.
    Next measure, mark and cut for the shelves and top from the 2 x 4 plywood board.Frame boards….  (1″ x 2″ x 8″ boards)
  • (4) 1″ x 2″ x 28-1/2″ legs
  • (2) 1″ x 2″ x 16″ long frame
  • (2) 1″ x 2″ x 14-1/2″ short frame
  • (4) 1″ x 2″ x 14-1/2″ shelf brace

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Cut Legs and Frame - #beveragestand
Shelves and top…. (2′ x 4′ plywood board)

  • (1) 16″ x 16″ top shelf
  • (1) 14-1/2″ x 13″ middle shelf
  • (1) 14-1/2″ x 13″ bottom shelf

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Measure Mark and Cut - #beveragestand


2. Create Top Shelf Frame and Leg Frames

  • Place the (2) 16″ long frame boards on end parallel to each other.
  • Sandwich the (2) 14-1/2″ short frame boards in between the 16″ boards to create a 16″ square.


  • Lay (2) legs flat, 14-1/2″ apart. Using a brad nailer, attach (2) 14-1/2″ braces to the legs with the first attached at 7-1/2″ up from the bottom and the other 17-1/2″ up from the bottom. (for the shelves)
  • Repeat with the other two legs and shelf braces.

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Create Top Shelf Frame and Leg Frame - #beveragestand

3. Draw and Cut Circle in Top Shelf

  • Mark the center of the 16″ x 16″ board. Nail a nail into the center and tie a string around the nail. On the other end of the string, tie a pencil. (ensuring, when stretched, that the length from nail to pencil is 5″ to create a 10″ hole)
  • Draw a circle using the pencil.
  • Next, using a 1/2″ drill bit, cut a hole inside the edge of the circle. Using a recipricator saw, cut the circle out.

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Draw and Cut Circle in Top Shelf - #beveragestand

4. Assemble the Beverage Station

  • Place top shelf frame upside down onto a flat surface and insert leg frames upside down into frame with shelf braces facing inward. Be sure to keep legs flush with frame and nail with brad nailer.
  • Once secure, turn it over and attach the top and shelves.
  • Attach bottom shelf first, then middle shelf, then top last.

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Assemble Beverage Station - #beveragestand

Now to paint or stain.
You can also paint and stain before you assemble. I decided to stain it once assembled.

I used Minwax Polyshades in Espresso. I had thought I’d just leave it a dark stain (with several coats) but decided it would better match my decor as a “weathered” finish.

Here is how I created the finish:

  • Apply one coat of Minwax Polyshades (any color but dark is best for this)
    You don’t have to be super careful in application. (picture 1)
  • Once fully dry, using a wet rag (old tshirt material, etc) and a little of the Rustoleum Chalked Paint (in Linen White color), rub a layer of paint over every surface.
    Again, you don’t have to be too careful with this application. You are going for an aged, weathered look so messy is best. (picture 3)
  • Once that coat is dry, apply more of the Chalked Paint using a dry brush.
    I used one light coat and then went back and added more here and there until I got the final effect I was after. (picture 4)
  • Finally, once all is dry, a gave it a light spray with the Rustoleum Chalked Matte Clear spray.

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Apply Paint or Finish - #beveragestand

I decided to add a bottle opener and a towel hook to mine….

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Bottle Opener - #beveragestand

The Home Depot has these in several different finishes.

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Towel Hook - #beveragestand

And with a towel. :)
I found them at The Home Depot too.

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Hook for Towel -

I am so happy with how mine turned out!
Such an easy, very do-able project.

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Home Depot DIH Workshop - #beveragestand

Perfect for keeping cool beverages at hand.

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Bucket for Drinks - #beveragestand

Looks great on my back screened porch too.

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Great for Parties - #beveragestand

It will get tons of use this summer!

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Relaxed Entertaining - #beveragestand

Right fellas?

DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - Relaxed Entertaining for All - #beveragestand

They seem to be enjoying it. (and the recently “made over” porch…I’ll be sharing more soon! :) )

Ryder boy says hello to all of you!

Ryder Boy -

So, I just know you guys want to make one too, right?!! :)

Home-Depot-DIH-Workshop-Beverage-Station -

You know you do, so hurry and grab your place in the class this week!
Go here to sign up >>> REGISTER NOW.

If you do make one, please share photos of it on social media so we can see!
Be sure to use the hashtag >>>  #DIHWorkshop so we can find it. :)

Okay, be sure to pin this for later!!!

(EASY!!) DIY Beverage Station Tutorial - step by step instructions -



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Alright, now hop on over to The Home Depot and make something too. :)
Go here to sign up >>> REGISTER .

I hope you have a wonderful week friends!!


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  1. I love your finish!
    Mine is similar, but with aqua, though it was so bright ourside it’s hard to tell. LOL
    You have super cute models. I really like the fluffy one :)

  2. What a great piece for your porch and it will be super handy for the graduation party that you’ll soon host. I love the finish that you gave your beverage stand. It makes it look old and beachy.

  3. I actually made it to class! Not that I built anything mind you. As I have never built anything from scratch, I was totally freaked out. I couldn’t get the nail/staple gun to work, operator error! Push down, Carol! Any way, this looked so easy I’m actually going to build it. After I finish another chalk project. Thanks for the heads-up on the Home Depot DIH classes.

    1. AW that is so great Carol!!! :) Thanks for letting me know and please send me a photo of your pretty little beverage stand when you make it! Would love to see what you do with yours. :)

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