Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint

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MMS Milk Paint gave this old table, new life!

MMS MILK PAINT (and French Graphics)Transformed This Old Antique Table! #mmsmilkpaint #milkpaint# milkpaintedfurniture #frenchstyle #frenchdecor #frenchfurniture #paintedfurniture #furnituremakeover

I just love Trash to Treasure Transformation Tuesday.
My favorite thing to do….turn someone else’s “trash” into a treasure!!
I found an old antique half moon table and it became my thrifty makeover this month with MMS Milk Paint.

As you can see, I paid a whole $6 dollars for this old table.
And I do believe it is quite old. Not sure how old but pretty old.

Here is the finish this thrifty makeover with MMS Milk Paint started with….

Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint - Antique Table BEFORE - artsychicksrule #milkpaint #mmsmilkpaint

Up close…

Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint - Antique Table Showing Wear - artsychicksrule #milkpaint #mmsmilkpaint

I wanted to share a close up to show you the old crackled finish.

I also wanted you to see the dents and gouges from years of time and use.

Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint - Antique Table Wear - artsychicksrule #milkpaint #mmsmilkpaint

I kind of love it all and the character it gives.
No way would I consider sanding this down smooth to paint.

I wanted that character and age to shine right on through.
That’s one of the reasons I decided to use MMS Milk Paint (Miss Mustard Seed).
I wanted more of a “wash” effect, not a thick, goopy painted texture. Not that painting something will give it a goopy texture but you know what I mean.
I truly wanted this to feel as if this little table had aged with the paint, not without.

Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint - Antique Table Front BEFORE - artsychicksrule #milkpaint #mmsmilkpaint

It was a very dark finish, as you can see.
Which, I think, was perfect for the look I was going for.

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Here is the MMS milk paint I chose to use…

Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint - Miss Mustard Seed - artsychicksrule #milkpaint #mmsmilkpaint

Miss Mustard Seed’s Grain Sack (<— you can get it here)
Update: That is no longer available, so here is a close alternative.

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I mixed it up with a bit of water and started laying coats of it on the table.
I did about 3, letting it dry very well in between.

Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint - applying - artsychicksrule #milkpaint #mmsmilkpaint

Three sounds like a lot but see how thin it is?
The finish was not slick at all so the paint stuck pretty well.
This is exactly what I meant about letting the old finish shine through.

You can see it doesn’t cover imperfections well at all.
Perfect…for this project anyway.

Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint - applied several coats - artsychicksrule #milkpaint #mmsmilkpaint

I sanded the paint a bit before I added the graphic.
I didn’t want to end up sanding all the lettering away so did a bit of “aging” beforehand.

Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint - transfer graphic - artsychicksrule #milkpaint #mmsmilkpaint

The graphic is from The Graphic’s Fairy and can be found here >>> “Paris Address

I used blockposters . com to print it out and you can see my favorite transfer methods here >>> “How To Transfer Graphics
Then I used a script liner brush and hand-painted in the letters with dark gray paint.

There are also stencils available similar, like this one. (more options for design too)

Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint - hand paint in lettering and added stencils - artsychicksrule #milkpaint #mmsmilkpaint

I also thought it needed a little “something, something” so added the stencil flourishes on the top and bottom.

I gave it a bit more sanding to bring out some detail and to make it look old….like it is.

Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint - after top - artsychicksrule #milkpaint #mmsmilkpaint

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Isn’t that just awesome?
I love all the gouges and crackles.

MMS MILK PAINT (and French Graphics)Transformed This Old Antique Table! #mmsmilkpaint #milkpaint# milkpaintedfurniture #frenchstyle #frenchdecor #frenchfurniture #paintedfurniture #furnituremakeover

Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint - top after - artsychicksrule #milkpaint #mmsmilkpaint

Up close…

Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint - showing paint effects - artsychicksrule #milkpaint #mmsmilkpaint

Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint - distressing - artsychicksrule #milkpaint #mmsmilkpaint

You can see it “chipped” as milk paint does in a few places.

Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint - natural wear - artsychicksrule #milkpaint #mmsmilkpaint

But it actually didn’t chip much at all.
I was quite surprised but the finish was probably pretty porous since it was so old.
But just look at all those crackles.
I adore this old finish and the character it gives.

Thrifty Makeover with MMS Milk Paint - AFTER waxed - artsychicksrule #milkpaint #mmsmilkpaint

This was a fun one to do and pretty quick and easy too.
It got one coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax as a sealer. (here is an alternative clear wax)

PIN this for later if you love or want to try MMS Milk Paint!

MMS MILK PAINT (and French Graphics)Transformed This Old Antique Table! #mmsmilkpaint #milkpaint# milkpaintedfurniture #frenchstyle #frenchdecor #frenchfurniture #paintedfurniture #furnituremakeover

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Be sure to check back later to see what I did to this! (it’s not orange-y anymore!)

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!!

Have a great week, friends!



  1. Would you believe I have almost the very same table already painted in cottage white with a stencil already picked out for the top…and it’s French!! LOL. I was almost going to do it for this post!! We are so alike! I love this!! Love love love!! I may need to change directions on mine now ha ha! XOXO

    1. I too have almost this exact table. Found it when I was about 8 years old in an alley in So. Chicago where I used to live. I’m now 69 and repainting mine in a light gray might tweek it a little.

      1. I am just closing out a family home and found the same table. Ours was purchased in
        Southern California about 1920. Mine is black with some gold accents. Im going to paint it blue to match our kitchen, kida a bright blue. It will be my Grandchildrens “cook” table. It was fun seeing your post

  2. I don’t have a website. Im just a Nana looking for ides and wanted to share some history of this table.

  3. Beautiful table…congrats on doing this finish with beautiful lettering. Would yoj, by any chance, know the year that table was made? I saw someone posting 1920 on her table. I also have one very similar, withnlots of details..I grew up with it in our home (i’m 73) had stained it pretty dark and i’m giving it to our daughter…I used chalk paint, light grey, but now she has decided on linen white with a natural top. I will repaint, I had not glazed nor waxed it yet, so jo problem. Hubby sanded down the top, it had not been chalked painted, and will use a hiney-blond varnish on it. Wish me luck it’s only my second remake!

    1. Thanks Renee! I really don’t, sorry. But it is very old, I wouldn’t be surprised at the 1920 or even earlier. Good luck on yours, sounds like it’s going to be lovely! :) xo

  4. I found this exact table behind my house in Chicago in an alley, in 1959, so it is definitely old,along with a standing wooden cigarette stand with an Asian garden depicted on the front.

  5. I have the exact same table same color I’ve had this table for well over 3o years It was in a 1917 farm house I bought in1983 Now I have to wash all the dust off and look for a stencil Merci Nancy pour votre inspiration :)

  6. Thanks for sharing. It has inspired me with my Butlers Table. I love the idea of having the grooves and marks show through. So much character.

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