Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Plans (One Room Challenge Week 1)

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I’m so excited to share that I must be crazy! ;)
No, kidding, well, not really!
I’m excited to say that not only are we in the middle of a major renovation in our master bath/closet but I have also decided to join the One Room Challenge…
….and makeover our laundry room. Today I’m sharing the coastal farmhouse laundry plans for it.

Have you heard of the ORC?
It’s a 6 week challenge started by Linda over at Calling It Home.
I can’t believe I’ve never joined in before but am really looking forward to this time.

So we’ve got 6 weeks to turn this room around.
No pressure at all. ;)
But hey, I was smart enough to not choose that major overhaul we are doing upstairs for this 6 week challenge!

But just look at my Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Plans…..

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room Plan - One Room Challenge, Week 1 ORC

(PIN it to save it!)

And this is what it looks like now…..

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room Plan - One Room Challenge, Week 1 ORC

Not bad but it’s been on the long list for a makeover for quite a while now.

And it’s much better than where we started….

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room Plan - One Room Challenge, Week 1 ORC

…. don’t you think? ;) Yesssss.
By the way, please excuse the mess in that old photo.
We had literally just moved in and I knew we were updating everything, so I was running around the house snapping photos.
SO thankful I did! I did not have a blog yet and that was 13 long years ago.
I surely didn’t for a second think I’d be exposing these photos to the entire world! lol
But here they are.

Anyway, a picture is always worth a thousand words, right?
Could I have even explained that dark wood paneling, oh wait, that’s in the family room. ;)
You can see that crazy makeover, here.
But really, gold and orange linoleum, dark cabinets, gold counter top, etc.
And by the way, those dark wood cabinets in the old photo are the exact same cabinets in the new photo.
We added decorative wood trim to the plain, flat door fronts just like we did to the kitchen cabinets.

Okay, here are the rest of the “before” photos of the soon to be “Coastal Farmhouse Laundry”.

Looking directly to the left once you enter is this weird little space.
We will be filling this in with a new DIY cabinet.
We’ll be keeping the cabinet you see and adding to it. (cost effective)

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room Plan - One Room Challenge, Week 1 ORC

And the electrical box above….

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room Plan - One Room Challenge, Week 1 ORC

Not too pretty, but necessary.
We tried to work through about a million different options, like covering it with the wood and making an “invisible” door to ….we’ll just paint it to match.
I don’t really want to mess with it to much or obscure it from view. (even though I’d really like to)

To the right are some wall cabinets we installed about 10 years ago, floor to ceiling, to create more storage space.
We attached 3 sets one on top of the other and use it for extra food, supplies, etc.
MUCH needed.

All of the cabinets are going to be painted white, a nice bright white.
General Finishes Snow White to be exact. I also used it recently on my dining room furniture.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room Plan - One Room Challenge, Week 1 ORC

The flooring was a temporary fix (to cover up that orange/gold stuff) many, many years ago.
I think we paid $60 for vinyl tiles that covered the laundry and bath.
I never, in a million years, meant for them to stay this long. Not that they are bad, they just weren’t what we wanted for the long run. They’ve actually held up wonderfully.
BUT it’s time.
They are going. And we are undecided on (I think, subject to change at this point) these 2 floorings, this one and this one.

We had to use wall cabinets top to bottom because regular base cabinets would have made the room too tight.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room Plan - One Room Challenge, Week 1 ORC

I think we will keep the door to the garage but may add trim and definitely give it some paint to match the walls.

Another view from this angle to show the “wall” cabinets we put here.

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room Plan - One Room Challenge, Week 1 ORC

To the right is this mess…..

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room Plan - One Room Challenge, Week 1 ORC

We don’t really need a clothes hamper down here so it’s going.
But that’s not the mess I’m talking about.  I’m talking about this hot mess….

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room Plan - One Room Challenge, Week 1 ORC
OH my.  I have hated that for forever and a day!
Isn’t it awful? And why 2 reds??
Anyway, that will also be fixed and updated :) Yay!

By the way, my husband and I are doing all the work.
We have done every single bit of work on every single makeover in this house. (I’m not sure if that’s bragging or a desperate cry for help, lol! ;) )
Anyway, we (as in HE) has done some of the electrical but we have called my cousin over (he owns an electrical company) to do a few things.
Other than that, all us. Whew, I’m tired!
So the hubby is tackling the box for the valves/drain.
He had to move/reroute some water lines when we took a wall out of our kitchen, so he’s pro now. ;)

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room Plan - One Room Challenge, Week 1 ORC

Both sets of upper cabinets on the wall to the right here are going. (2 more cabinets are going on that base area)
We are planning to put up a couple shelves over the washer/dryer which is getting moved down to the corner.
And we are going to install a clothes hanging rod made out of iron pipes where you see the cabinet above.
That will be really nice to have in here.
The counter top will go all the way to the wall and we are making that out of wood.
I will give it a weathered wood/white washed sort of finish, I think.

And my favorite thing about the whole room??!! ….. We are going to install shiplap on all the walls.
We are creating it with plywood, already have it and are ready to go. :)
The paint I’ve chosen for it is Behr – Nano White and wow, whites are HARD.
I must’ve had 25 different white paint samples….and they all looked different!
But Nano White is perfect. It’s a soft, not too bright, white.

We already purchased our lighting because I loved it and it was on clearance for $31!

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room Plan - One Room Challenge, Week 1 ORC


The chandelier that’s in there now will go up to my master closet.

Alright, so let’s do a little bullet list for this Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Plans to keep me straight:

  • Box in water valves/drain
  • Build 2 new cabinets
  • Paint cabinets
  • Shiplap the walls
  • Paint the shiplap
  • New flooring
  • Shelves over washer/dryer
  • Clothes hanging rod
  • Lighting
  • New hardware on the cabinets
  • New rug & decor

I’d, love (love, love, love!) to find an old office style door that’s half glass at the top.
I’d make it frosted and put the words “laundry” or who knows what on it.
I haven’t had any luck finding one so we’ll see how that last little detail goes.

And that’s the coastal farmhouse laundry plans. A little bit coastal, a little bit farmhouse-y. :)
I hope you’ll follow along to see if we can get it done, I mean, to see the progress as we complete it! ;)
Be sure to follow along on INSTAGRAM if you don’t already. I’ll be sharing little “in the moment” snippets of progress, I’m sure, in my stories, etc.
And don’t forget to check back here every Thursday for the next 6 weeks to see our progress! (and keep us in check! heh heh)

PIN this for inspiration if you like it….

Coastal Farmhouse Laundry Room Plan - One Room Challenge, Week 1 ORC

Hop on over to the One Room Challenge linkup to see more makeovers.

See you next week with a brand new Trash to Treasure on Tues, I’m doing something cute and inspirational with these….

…and my decorating friends and I will be back on Thursday sharing decorating ideas with windows.
And of course, I’ll have a brand new update, also on Thursday, on our progress on the laundry room too. :)

Updated to add: See other posts in this challenge here.
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See you then, hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo


  1. You and your hubby done a Wonderful job in your laundry make-over. Really Awesome looking..
    Great job to the both of you. Now, you guys for hire? :}
    Oh, I love them framed swan pictures. Can’t wait to see what you will do with them.
    Have an enjoyable weekend

    1. Aw thanks Colleen!! :) I know it’s not bad right now at all but I’m looking forward to a little change! And yep, the swan pictures are changing up completely! ;)
      Have a great weekend! xoxo

  2. This is so exciting, Nancy! Your laundry room is going to be so pretty when you finish this project. You are lucky to have room in your laundry room for all of those cabinets. If you want to take a road trip (not that you have time), but I’ll be that we could find a door for your laundry at Black Dog in Roanoke. One of my former students also has salvage items in his downtown Lynchburg hardware store and he possibly could have a door. I’ll check if you want me to!

    1. Thanks Paula! I’m so excited for a totally different look in there…and a look that will now blend better with the surrounding rooms. And thank you so much for that offer! I will keep that in mind although I’m not sure my hubby will be excited about driving that far for a “door”! haha Silly men. xoxo

  3. At the place where I have my booth an electrical box is covered with a framed picture mounted to the wall with hinges. It swings open to allow access to electrical box. It’s actually in a booth and you would never know it’s secret! I love the whole idea of secret panels or passageways ;)

    1. Oh yes, we thought about exactly that. We are putting shiplap up and were thinking of a way to make a hinged door over top that blended in. It just ended up being more trouble than I probably care about it showing. We’ll see. ;) I may change my mind as we get to putting up that shiplap! I’ve been known to do that! ;) Happy weekend to you! xoxo

  4. Love all your plans! That is a great space and adding those additional cabinets stacked was an awesome idea! Looking forward to following along!! XOXO

    1. Thanks Christy! Oh yes, we so needed that extra space. We have a tiny little closet in the kitchen for a pantry. I’m excited to get this all done, maybe the 6 week challenge will make it happen! Then back to the other big reno. xoxo

  5. Holy cow, the brown/gold linoleum in the original picture is the EXACT FLOORING that was in the kitchen of the very first house I rented when I was first moved away from home!

    I have laundry room envy. It’s my one big regret that we didn’t make ours a LOT bigger! I feel like I’m in prison in mine. ;) Looking forward to seeing the finished room!


    1. Hey Andi!! How are you?!
      And haha, I’m sure it was really popular in it’s hey day! ;) I do love the size of my laundry room but I also wish you didn’t have to walk through it to get to the guest bath. But with the new makeover, I might not mind that so much! ;) xoxo

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