Baby It’s Cold Outside (Thrifty Makeover w/Chalk Paint)

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Love this saying, Baby It’s Cold Outside.
And it’s no secret I love Chalk Paint or graphics/typography….and chalkboards.
I love finding and making chalkboards out of old framed glass artwork/prints from the thrift store or garage sales. So inexpensive and easy.
Paint the frame, paint the glass….and voila, chalkboard! Like this one I recently made with a Duck Egg Blue colored “chalkboard”.

Baby It's Cold Outside - DIY - Thrift Store Frame to Holiday Art

baby, it's cold outside - thrifty artwork complete - Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint

It used to be a mirror.

baby it's cold outside mirror before

And not a bad looking one at all. But, they are a dime a dozen.
I can find a mirror like this or similar every single time I go to the thrift store.

Really... and usually for less than a few dollars.
So that makes for very cheap home decor….or chalkboards, right?

Today I made it a chalkboard.

Well, sort of, you’ll see.

I created this cute “Baby It’s Cold Outside” printable for it below….

Baby It's Cold Outside FREE Printable!!

I originally planned to write it with chalk but decided to paint it in with Chalk Paint instead. (the look of chalk but more permanent)

About 3 coats of Duck Egg onto the glass. (3 thin coats, drying well in between)

baby it's cold outside- thrift store mirror- painting with Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint

The frame was painted with a blend of Old White/Pure White (I know you’ve seen that a lot lately on my posts…I love the blend, it’s the perfect off white, not too yellow, not too white)

The “chalkboard” is done but the frame needs one more coat.
2 coats total on the frame.

baby, it's cold outside - thrifty - Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint

Left as is, the inside could most definitely be used as a chalkboard but like I mentioned, I wanted it permanent.
So I printed my graphics out and rubbed chalk over the backside of the paper/letter area.
Then I laid the sheet of printed paper over the board where I wanted the words to be and traced the letters.

I used a ball point pen again because it rolls easily along the paper to transfer. (I sometimes use pencil depending on what I’m transferring to)

baby, it's cold outside - thrifty artwork - Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint-graphics transferred

Hard to tell in the photo but the words are there.
And I am sure you are wondering about the snowflakes I have laying about there.
I originally intended to transfer those to the board too.

I changed my mind. (surprise!)

I liked the clean, simple look of just the words so left the snowflakes off.

Painting in the lettering…..(same color as the frame)

baby, it's cold outside - thrifty artwork - Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint -painting in the graphics

Once finished, I sprayed the inside to seal & protect it with Valspar Flat Clear Sealer to keep it “flat” looking like a chalkboard….

And sealed the frame Satin Polycrylic.

Like it? Want to make a Baby, It’s Cold Outside holiday chalk art too?

Love it? PIN it to save it!

Baby It's Cold Outside ("chalk art"...simple!!) #babyitscold #coldoutsidesign #christmassignideas

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I decided to keep this one crisp and clean looking too. No distressing …again. :)

And I’m really loving the blue background instead of the typical black of a chalkboard.

How about you?

Baby It's Cold Outside Thrifty Holiday Decor!!

Just simple and elegant.

And simple to make…..there are so many things you can do with them. (and so many different colors you can make them)
Now run down to your local thrift store and pick up a few mirrors or old framed prints so you can make some too. ;)
Then you’ll have your very own erasable OR permanent “chalkboard” holiday art too.

Want to see even more ideas on simple updates with Chalk Paint (that aren’t furniture??) 
Check out this post, here!

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  1. I love your ideas. Did you have to sand down the frame. Was it chauk paint that you used on the frame. I am new to your site.

    1. Hi Marlia,
      Thanks so much! No, I didn’t sand or do anything to the frame (except to wipe it down to clean it before painting). Yes, I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on the frame and on the inside (glass) area.
      I have another sign I did that I used spray paint on …will be posting that one later this week. :)


    1. Thank you Krista :) One of my favorite too! And funny, I love the old classics (sung by the old classics ;) ) but I actually love this version of this song too!


  2. So cute. Everyone has these cute “baby it’s cold outside” signs. I just know when I get around to making one, the verbiage will change slightly to express how I really feel about the cold. But I do love how yours turned out. ;)


  3. Question? did you free hand the letter fill in with a paint brush or a chalk pen?

    1. Hi Donna,
      I free handed the painting in with a small artist’s brush. It’s pretty easy to do and I like the look better than with the chalk pens. ( I just recently started using the chalk pens…they are great though!I’ve done a few things with them but haven’t posted about it yet)


  4. Love this – I recently picked up a frame and pic from an antique store and want to paint the frame and put one of our vacation beach pictures in it for my office.
    But as I went to take the current print out of the frame it is literally stapled in with about 50 staples! Little more difficult than I planned….

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