Another Way To Use Furniture Transfers

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Turn that old dated recipe box into a treasure with a furniture transfer AND learn how to use furniture transfers all up!

Hello beautiful friends!

Yippee for Trash to Treasure Tuesday! My friends and I are sharing our latest “treasures”.  I found this old recipe box and turned it around. And shared how to use furniture transfers another way. Well, how to use them up, I should say. I will sometimes split apart my big transfers and use them on smaller pieces which leave lots of odds and ends. Well, waste not, want not! I never let them go to waste. Today I’m using the last bit of one of my bigger transfers on this sweet project.

Turn that old dated recipe box into a treasure with a furniture transfer AND learn how to use furniture transfers all up!

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Another Way To Use Furniture Transfers (and use them up!)

old wood recipe box sitting on wood countertop

Recipe boxes…I almost always see one or two around the thrift stores when I go. They were very popular back in the day!
Nowadays, not as much. With Google, phones, computers, etc., no one really needs them anymore.

So, I decided to fill in the etched “recipes” design and give this box a whole new life. (which could, by the way, still be a recipe box if it really wanted to ;) )

wood filler on the recipe box filling in the design

I used >>>this wood filler to fill it in.

Once it was dry, I lightly sanded and filled again. Lightly sanded again and all smooth, ready to go.

I spray painted it with white spray paint and let it dry. (it took 2 coats to fully cover)

Then I pulled out these last scraps from this transfer. (I have similar transfers in my store, >>>here)

furniture transfer cutout

This is the transfer I used on my headboard/footboard project recently. Remember it?
If you missed it, you can see it here >>> Twin Headboard & Footboard Makeover

I cut a few pieces from some of the other smaller scraps to add to this one above.

showing how I'm going to lay the furniture transfer onto the white box

Then decided how I wanted it to flow onto my box.

Rubbed the transfer onto the box and…

furniture transfer transferred to the white box


Well, nope, I did seal it after this. This is the glossy sealer I used.

white box with pink floral furniture transfer on white shelf with green plant

OH! And I replaced the small wood knob with this pretty glass and antique metal one. I thought the aged color of the metalwork was perfect for this transfer and box.

up close of glass and metal knob

Isn’t it so pretty? I just love furniture transfers.

box sitting on white shelf with lid off showing the inside

And how to use furniture transfers all up is key! No wasting over here.

sideview of white floral box

top view of white box with glass knob and transfer

Flowing over to the back.

showing the back of the white box and how the transfer flows over to that side

No more “recipe” on the sides.

Inside was perfect so I left it alone. You can pretty much use this pretty box for anything you desire.

looking into the empty wood box

Might be a great little box to put essential oil bottles in beside your diffuser. (hint hint hint…come see me on Thursday ;) )

front view of white box with pink floral furniture transfer

I’m very happy with how it turned out. So sweet.

Have you tried furniture transfers yet?

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Turn that old dated recipe box into a treasure with a furniture transfer AND learn how to use furniture transfers all up!

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See you later this week with this!

UPDATE!! See it now here!



  1. Hi Nancy! This is so pretty. I love e when an old ugly pie e is saved from the dump. Rose Celebration is one of my favorite transfers.

  2. I don’t know how you saw anything worth redeeming in that icky box, Nancy. I’d have walked right past it. But redeem you did, and now it’s hard to believe that was the same box! I love how paint and transfers (and a little wood filler, too 😉) can totally transform a piece.

  3. Love the box but I really liked seeing how you filled in the carved out letters and curly stuff. Looking forward to seeing what you’re giving away Thursday!

  4. WOW- Christy!!!! I can/t even believe it is the same box. Whoa.
    That is one perfect stash box. Well done – I love how the transfer spills onto the back a little too-
    you are so clever.

    Never knew there was stainable wood filler, either. Huh. Good to know.

    1. OK It is 4:42 in the morning and I have been up all night and I just called you Christy. Please forgive me. I am exhausted. Still love the box, just now way more embarrassed at myself. Oops.
      At least you two are good chums and can chuckle at this crazy mindless twit now.

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