Naughty or Nice? Thrifty Pillow Makeover w/Chalk Paint

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Last week I showed you this cute little thrifty pillow I made over with Chalk Paint …. –>Jingle Y’all” Pillow Makeover.

Today I’m sharing with you the other pillow I painted.

Naughty and Nice Pillow Start to Finish

Cute, huh?

How sweet is it that you can change the side of the pillow to let Santa know if he should come visit or not? ;)

I don’t know about you but mine is always turned towards..naughty…I mean NICE, of course! 

Here is the pillow before (and just so you know, I talked about buying pillows and such things from thrift stores…and my thoughts on that in the other pillow post above)

Naughty and Nice Pillow Before

I painted this one with Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint.

Naughty and Nice Pillow During Chalk Paint - Emperors Silk

About 2 coats again. I wanted it bright and cheery so didn’t mix the paint this time.

I created these 2 graphics (both free for you to download, for personal use only)


Download Here

Download Here

After is was completely dry I transferred the graphics the same way as the other pillow (link at the top of this post).
Again, I staggered them.

I used white chalk this time because of the dark red background.

Naughty and Nice Pillow Painted with Emperors Silk Chalk Paint -Graphic Transferred with Chalk

It looks a mess but I promise you can see the lines enough to paint the lettering in.

Naughty and Nice Pillow Painted with Emperors Silk Chalk Paint - Chalk Graphics Transfer Method

And also, no worries on the white chalk dust, it will wipe right away.

Painting “in the lines”.


Naughty and Nice Pillow Painted with Emperors Silk Chalk Paint - Painting in the letters

All finished and ready for the Annie Sloan Clear Wax sealer.


(I have a bit more detailed tutorial on the other post above if you are interested in reading more)

Finished…have you been naughty?

Naughty and Nice Pillow Painted with Emperors Silk Chalk Paint - Naughty Side

…or nice? :)

Naughty and Nice Pillow Painted with Emperors Silk Chalk Paint- Nice Side

I’m loving the bright splash of red with all of the white in my room…and the cute saying on either side.

So there you have it…2 fun pillow makeovers.

Okay, now it’s your turn, tell me what you would put on your pillow. Do you have any fun (or funny) holiday sayings?

Don’t forget about the 12 Days of Christmas Tour that is going on right now!!!


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Lovely comments so far...

  1. Looks great Nancy! Be sure to put in in our All Things Christmas Link Party!! – Trisha
    Trisha recently posted…All Things Christmas Link Party #3!!!My Profile

    • Thanks Trisha! :) I think I missed this week but I’ll try to catch it next!! I’ve been stressing over my first holiday home tour (or any type of home tour!) for tomorrow! ;)


  2. Rosemary Armesto says:

    Very, very nice! And Nancy is so nauuughty that she’s really, really nice. ;)

    I’ve painted small designs on pillows never a whole pillow. Must try! Thanky.

  3. This is absolutely adorable! I’d love to make two of them and put the nice one on my side of the bed and the naughty one on my husband’s side. That would be a riot! I’m the kind of teacher who is always joking and would have so much fun putting the nice and naughty pillows in different kids’ chairs. They would get such a kick out of that. I love, love this project!!
    Paula@SweetPea recently posted…Peppermint Candy Twist CenterpieceMy Profile

    • Thanks Paula!! Ha….love that!! ;) That would be so funny…it is a fun one to play around with for sure! I bet your kids would LOVE it!


  4. So cute! Love these!
    Erica @ For the Love of Decorating! recently posted…1 Month Anniversary :)My Profile

  5. Nancy, that pillow is so cute!!! And I love the graphics you chose…. different for each side!

    And the red is great for a Christmas pillow!

    • Thank you Karen :)
      Yes, I was looking through the graphics to see which seemed “nice” and which seemed “naughty”…if that makes any sense at all!! lol

  6. So cute! I’ve never painted fabric, such a nice option for changing things up!
    Cindy recently posted…CHRISTMAS GREETINGS ON THE PORCHMy Profile

  7. ;) This is so cute I LOVE it! You are so creative with the chalk paints and fonts!!
    Dria recently posted…12 Days of Christmas TourMy Profile

  8. Love!! I have yet to paint anything fabric-related, but my day is coming, I assure you! I know which side of the pillow my hubby would prefer. :P

    Andi recently posted…that d@mn catMy Profile

    • Thanks Andi! It is different for sure but it works! And hahaha….probably the same side my husband would! ;)

      Happy weekend to you!

  9. So cute! I Love how you paint pillows. I painted my first chair cushion earlier this year but I would love to try it with AS chalk paint. Adorable message by the way!
    Megan @ Rappsody in Rooms recently posted…Christmas Home Tour 2013My Profile

    • Thanks Megan!! Yes, I love the CP for this…but I’m wanting to try regular paint with the medium next to see how different it is!


  10. Wow, I never thought of painting fabric like that!
    Dee Williamson recently posted…7 Useless Facts About Yours TrulyMy Profile

  11. Nancy,
    I was just going thru your blog, and found this. Of course I love it and am sure going to try it, but I have a more pressing and important question????????

    WHERE DO YOU FIND THROW PILLOWS FOR $.99 ??? I need to go to these Virginia thrift stores, because when I find things, NOTHING is .99 or even remotely as cheap as you find. LOL. I’m finding Good Will and the like are becoming expensive!

    I’ll have to go bargain hunting!

    xoxoxox Lilli

    • Hey Lilli!
      Hahaa….yes, prices can be good around here….and not so good too! Furniture and things have gotten a bit pricey at some of the stores around here. BUT I think one of the reasons there are so many deals still is because this area is a large metropolis of about 10 cities and there are sooo many thrift stores here! Many, many! So that surely helps. Competition and all! ;)


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