Super Easy Way to Update Wood Stained Furniture

Do you hate sanding and staining?
I can safely say it’s not at the top of the list of my favorite things.

So I’m going to show you a super easy way to skip those steps and still update wood furniture.
Besides using chalk paint, I’m going to show you how to either refresh a piece of stained furniture or change the color completely.
…..and make it look like new. Without sanding.
Ok, well, that is not entirely true. You will have to sand. But only a little.
Super Easy Way to Transform & Update Wood Stained Furniture- #polyshades #chalkpaint

Promise. Just enough to take the shine off and that’s it.

I picked up this nightstand for $10 at one of my local thrift stores.
Here it is before…..
Super Easy Way to Transform & Update Wood Stained Furniture - BEFORE Photo - #polyshades #chalkpaint
Check out those cool handles. I just love those.

So, not too bad, right? The finish was nice just not the right shade for me.
But it stayed like this for a few months until I decided whether I would paint or refinish it.
I decided to do neither.
I wanted it a darker color of stain but didn’t want to go through that whole process.
So I chose to use Minwax PolyShades.
Super Easy Way to Transform & Update Wood Stained Furniture- #polyshades #chalkpaint
I blended these two shades until I came up with the color I wanted.

I am always blending. I don’t think I ever just use something as it comes.

So, get some very fine grit sand paper to lightly sand the whole piece.
Just enough to remove the shine so the poly will have something to adhere to.
I don’t count that as sanding, by the way. So easy!

“Sanding” is that thing you do for hours with the electric sander. Ugh.

Wipe away the dust well then apply the Minwax PolyShades with a foam or bristle brush.

NOTE-I’ve used both to apply regular basic stain ~and~ the Polyshades. I will say a good quality bristle brush gives better control of product with poly in general (and is the only thing I use when applying any type of Polyurethane typically) Remember, the Polyshades does contains poly (poly and stain in one). So the choice is up to you. This was a small piece and I didn’t want to mess with clean up so I used a foam brush. But just to be clear, regular paint style brushes are easier especially if you are new to this product.

Here it is with one coat.
Super Easy Way to Transform & Update Wood Stained Furniture - DURING Photo- #polyshades #chalkpaint
Sorry for the awful picture quality on this one.
I ended up doing about 3 coats, letting it dry completely (read the can!) and sanding very lightly in between coats.
If you just want to freshen up the color and shine you could stop at one coat.

I wanted this one a bit darker so I mixed in more of the dark poly and layered
the nightstand with two more coats. Several thin coats are much better than one thick coat….always!

Super Easy Way to Transform & Update Wood Stained Furniture- #polyshades #chalkpaint

I polished up the hardware and it was good to go. That’s it.
How great is that???
Looks like a brand new piece of furniture.
Super Easy Way to Transform & Update Wood Stained Furniture - #polyshades #chalkpaint
And it truly was super easy.

I also did a quick update with 2 coats on this family room furniture….
taking it from an “orange-y” oak to a beautiful, rich deep espresso/walnut color.
Before/After of the coffee table…
(before pic is 9 years ago right after we moved into this house so excuse the mess. Note Winnie the Pooh. Aww, my son is a teenager now. Sweet memories.)
..and I only have an “after” of the sofa table. It was the same “orange-y” color before.
Super Easy Way to Transform & Update Wood Stained Furniture -
Super Easy Way to Transform & Update Wood Stained Furniture -
Super Easy Way to Transform & Update Wood Stained Furniture -
I think it is amazing stuff. Love the ease of it.

Here is another piece I did basically the same thing to.

Before…. (also $10)…..and after…(MinWax PolyShades on the drawer fronts, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “Cream” on the rest)

Dresser before and after - Minwax Polyshades and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint- #polyshades #chalkpaint

These were all very easy projects using 2 very easy products that don’t require a lot of prep work.
I finished them in no time.

Definitely an inexpensive & quick way to transform an old piece you may already own or one you might pick up at a garage sale or thrift store.

Nothing beats a nice sanding, stain and refinish job but this is a great way to
change up your furniture quickly & easily and still have it look great.
Super Easy Way to Transform & Update Wood Stained Furniture -Minwax PolyShades- #polyshades #chalkpaint

Have you usedMinwax Polyshadesto update any wood furniture?
What are your thoughts on it??
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Lovely comments so far...

  1. Nancy! You are my idol. :-)…I wish we lived closer :-(

  2. I love this redo! Thanks for sharing. I have been following you on Facebook but now I am your newest blog follower!

    ~ Darlene

    Facebook = My Honey Bunch

  3. Love it! Seriously have to give this a whirl! Great stuff Nancy!

  4. I know exactly how I want to use this technique! I have a coffee table I’ve been wondering how to paint or redo. This will be perfect. The legs are in great shape, but the top needs some help. Pinning this!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Perfect! I’m sure it will look great! That’s what I did with my family room furniture. The base of both tables were great I just didn’t like the orange color of the tops anymore.
      It’s amazing how much it changed the look of the room!

  5. I used “Classic Black” on new unfinished kitchen cabinets. I used two coats and used steel wool for a light sanding between coats. They turned out wonderful! After they were installed, I used paste wax to provide protection for them. Everyone asks where we purchased our cabinets. Thanks for the tip, I never thought to use it on previously stained items.
    Now I have some ideas where to use some more of the “Classic Black”.

    • Oh I bet those did turn out beautiful! Great idea to use the wax over them.
      So fun to get those wheels turning isn’t it?? More projects! ;) I always have several going at once!
      Thanks for stopping by!!


  6. These are some awesome transformations! I love what you did with all the pieces!!! I’m a new follower of your blog as of right….now! =) Thanks for sharing this!

  7. I saw you linked up at Ginger Snap Crafts.. and this looks easy to do!!
    I am co-hosting a link party this week called Tell Me Tuesdays! I’d love for you to come check it out and link up!!
    Beth @ The First Year Blog

  8. PINNING! this is awesome! I’d love for you to share it with my readers

  9. I never would of thought of doing such, but I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing the steps.

  10. I love the transformations! The dark stain is great. I’ve been hunting for an older dresser for our master bedroom and after reading what you’ve said about chalk paint in your last couple posts, I think I’m going to try that on the piece that I get once I find it. I also love the Minwax Polyshades. So much easier than the traditional stain, wipe off, then seal. Just brush it on! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. LOVE the first one!! Well, all of them actually, but that first one! Wow! What a difference that made!!

  12. Love, love, love this! Those handles are fab! Looks super simple! Thanks for sharing!

    Jenna @

  13. Wow that does sound easy. I love how much more modern the pieces look with a darker wood tone. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Very cool, and love the color of the walnut/espresso blend on all of the pieces you refreshed. I am always on the lookout for easy to use products that give great results. Thank you for this post.

    • Hi Jan :)
      Yes, that is a favorite of mine. It is so rich looking and the perfect shade. You probably can’t tell too well from the pictures but the wood grain is still visible which I just love.
      You are welcome! I hope it was helpful.

  15. This is really, really good. The possibilities are endless with this and it’s definitely something I’m going to be trying very soon! Found your link on Liz Marie and I’m now following you. Plus, pinning your project. I really need to remember this!

    Have a great day!


  16. I love these! Great idea, rich and beautiful!

  17. I love this! You are amazing girl :)


  18. Oooo, I love this idea! Do you think it would work on wood floors?

    • Hi Jean!
      I am sure you could actually although I have never done it so I cannot say as to the end result or the best way to do it! I think this might be best for smaller projects honestly. I would consider trying this on stair steps or a small bath but I probably wouldn’t do it on a large area room.
      Just my opinion from using the product :)

  19. Love your stain technique Nancy and how beautiful these pieces turned out! You have inspired me to redo some pieces now!!! Thanks so much for linking up to It’s Party Time!! :D

    • Thanks Heather! :) It really is a nice, easy way to change up furniture without all the mess of sanding, staining etc. I love easy. ;)
      Thanks for hosting the party!!!
      Hope you had a great weekend.

  20. Wow, they both look fabulous! What an amazing transformation on both of them. Always so inspiring to visit your blog!! Thank you so much for sharing with us at A Bouquet of Talent this week. Have a wonderful week. :)


  21. It looks great!! (and esay!!) I love to refinish furniture and will have to look into polyshades! Thanks for sharing! Julia @

  22. Megan Principato says:

    Hi Nancy!
    I want to thank you SO MUCH for this tutorial on how to easily update wood stained furniture. I have a beautiful golden oak pedestal table and chairs that were just so dated. So, with the help of your tutorial I re-stained them with the Minwax black satin PolyShade. The entire project turned out GORGEOUS and the table and chairs look brand new! Thank you again Nancy for such an awesome tutorial. Love your site! Megan

    • Aww that means the world to me! Thank you so much for the kinds words and taking the time to comment. :) I am so glad your table and chairs turned out so beautifully! I’d love to see a picture some time. I’s so glad to have you here Megan!! :) I hope you have had a wonderful weekend!

  23. Melissa says:

    I was wondering if you had to wipe the stain and let it dry before you added another coat or if you just put it on like a coat of paint and let it dry. I am redoing my bedroom furniture and I want the look you achieved with the nightstand but i dont know how to “stain” I did one drawer and it looked more like I painted it rather than stained it, Is that what you did??

    • Hi Melissa,
      No, there is no wiping like that with this product. You do literally apply it like paint…or like the finish poly. This product sits on top of the piece where as stain penetrates the wood. This is an easy fix to get the look of a deeper or darker or even a different color stain without having to go through the process of sanding completely down to the bare wood and then staining and polying, etc. So yes, it will resemble “painting” when applying. I do sand very lightly between coats. Hope that helps! :)

  24. Nancy – great project and the finished piece looks fantastic! Thanks for the helpful directions, tips and photos – all quite good.

  25. Fantastic use of Polyshades, Nancy. All of these projects look great!
    Bruce Johnson recently posted…Working With VeneerMy Profile

  26. Hey girl…I was googling Minwax poly shades in esspresso to see if I could find a comparison between the satin and the gloss and your night table came up ha ha! I’m in the process of redoing a beautiful french provincial dining table I found at the thrift store. Love the dark stain. You used satin, right? I’m thinking that’ll be fine. I already bought it but wanted to be sure. Your pieces really look so much more up to date. Love what a little stain can do! Also. I went to sisters unique yesterday, got some paint and forgot to get more wax, ugh!! Oh well! See ya! :)

    • Hey Christy! That is so funny. Yes, I use Satin in most everything….and I love the dark stain too. It’s amazing how different it makes things look! Oh, I bet that table is going to be fantastic…you always find great stuff! I haven’t had a chance to get in to Sister’s Unique yet…soon!! Next time you’ll have to let me know and I’ll meet you there and say hi!! ;)

  27. Wow! You are so talented. I have a dresser that my husband has already completely sanded. (Bless him!) Our original plan was to paint it black (not wanting to put much time or money into it), but I have been pondering more of an espresso stain. After seeing your finished piece, I thought Minwax polyshades might be the way to go. But since it is already sanded, would you recommend a stain?

    • Hi Nancy,
      Hmm, well, honestly, if it were my piece and already sanded completely down (down to the bare wood), I would use a regular stain and then put a poly coat over top. Polyshades is great for those times you want to update and maybe not want to do all the sanding work. Sort of a “quick” change or update. You can do either of course, that is just what I would do. :) And thank you so much for the sweet words! Nancy

  28. I love this. I have been wanting to refinish my living room furniture that’s rockin’ golden oak like it’s 1995. I started with one small end table and spent an entire weekend stripping and sanding, and one year later, there it is, still sanded and unstained. I know everyone’s into painting furniture these days, but I absolutely do not want to paint my gorgeous solid oak furniture and hide that beautiful grain.

    This looks like a great solution. I’m hoping that since my furniture is in good shape, that this will go without a hitch. Thank you for the tips.

    I’d like to add that after hours of Pinterest browsing, all I could find were pins for painting furniture and instead reverted to Google. Bam! Your link was second in line. Good meta tags.

    • Hi Shawna,
      Thank you so much. :) I love painting furniture but I have to agree, there are just some pieces I could not bring myself to paint either. Oh, and thanks so much for the feedback on my site. That is great to know. :) Would love to see how your pieces turn out. Nancy

  29. Hi – this is great!! I was wondering what you would do if the wood had some damage. I want to do this to a small desk I bought, but there was an inch-size cut in the wood on the top which I filled it in with wood putty. Now that the putty is dry, but I’m afraid that will show through if I use the Minwax PolyShades on top of it. What do you recommend? Also, what grit sandpaper do you use? 220? THANKS!

    • Hi Alicia, it’s hard to say without seeing it. If I really didn’t want to have to sand the entire piece down to restain/poly I would probably try matching that one spot with a bit of regular stain (to match the rest) and then apply the Polyshades over the whole thing. BUT, in all honesty, it would probably be best to sand it down and do it the old fashioned way since you have the damage.
      With Polyshades, for the first “rough up” 220 should be fine…in between coats I was use something finer, like 320 or more. Hope that helps. Nancy

  30. Can you do this if it is laminate wood? I am new to your blog. Thanks for all the great ideas!

    • Hi Cara,
      If you mean laminate as in the plastic layer that looks like wood…, I wouldn’t use it for that. But you can paint it with Chalk Paint®! ;)

      • I actually used Minwax poly on a laminate table top and it looks great. You do need to sand a bit on the top to remove the shine of the plastic but it adhered nicely.

        • Hi Amanda,
          That is good to know! I have not tried it on laminate but I suppose if you sand it, it should work! :)
          Thanks for letting me know!
          Happy New Year!!

  31. You have a serious knack for breathing life into old furniture pieces! I really dig the color of the stain… it makes the gold drawer handles POP! Keep up the good work…
    Josh recently posted…Why Buy A Sectional Sofa?My Profile

  32. Thanks for the great pics and steps to redo an old piece of furniture. I have 4 dining chairs from my parents house that look like they have been through a war. They are a worn walnut now so I am thinking of doing them in an espresso and recovering the seats. This is the only site that told me I could get this accomplished without a ton of sanding- which I hate doing! So thanks for helping me get started! I am hoping to have them ready for extra chairs at the holiday gatherings! eek! Better get going!

  33. Hi! I love the work you did! I recently made a bookshelf and stained it with the intent to put a polyurethane coat on it, but the stain brought out the flaws in the wood (note to self: inspect the wood better before putting the time in to make something :) ) and the stain is rather blotchy (even though I used wood conditioner). Anyway, the dilemma now is whether to paint over it (black) or apply the polyshade in a espresso. Any suggestions? If I went with paint over the stain, would I need to prep in any way?

    • Hi Danielle,
      Thanks so much!
      Well, let’s see….you could try staining with a deeper colored stain to possibly hide that. If that doesn’t work, you could try the Polyshades product in Expresso. If you want to paint over the stain itself (not the Polyshade) wipe away as much of the stain as possible, (I would probably sand it a bit) and then apply an oil based primer coat over that…then paint (oil or water based).
      I am sure there are other ways to accomplish this but this is what I would try.
      Hope that helps!

  34. I also bought “orange-y” oak furniture from thrift store. How long was the process for the $10 nightstand? Looks great! I have no experience, this is first time. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Lorraine,

      I completed that in one day. I did several coats to get it that color you see. With the shades I chose it really does take that orange-y color away! :)


  35. Dear Nancy,
    I am new to your excellent blog!
    My sister found it and told me to go straight to it!!
    She was right; you are so talented, have great taste and then you combine all that good stuff with your most outstanding teaching skills for people like me who are all thumbs :(
    I hope that it’s not too late ask you a question concerning the Minwax Polyshades.
    I have a few end tables in my husband’s den and he won’t part with them but I wanted to lighten them, rather than darken them.
    Does Miniwax Polyshades have the capability of transforming a very dark brown end table into a bleached, beach-y pine look?
    Sorry for the long question.
    And thank you so much in advance for any words of wisdom that you might have for me!
    Your blog is just so fantastic and I will share it with all my friends, as my sister has with hers!!
    My daughter and niece love it also!
    God Bless & Happy New Year!!
    Penny Maynard
    New York

    • Hi Penny!
      Thank you so much!
      Never too late to ask. :) The best way to go about lightening those tables would be to sand them down (or painting them). Unfortunately, the PolyShades won’t give you the effect you are looking for. You can sand them down and then use one of MinWax’s White Washing stains to get the look you want (or even Chalk Paint…I did a “Beach” sign and used new wood but made it look like “driftwood”). I have some plans to use the MinWax White Wash stain in the New Year on a pretty big project! ;)
      Thanks so much for all of the nice words about the blog! :)))
      Blessings to you in the New Year!!

  36. Hello,
    Just found your blog tonight via Pinterest and love it! Thanks for posting about something besides just painting wood furniture. My husband doesn’t like painted wood, so I’m stuck with keeping my pieces “in the past” (or so I thought!). You’ve also opened my eyes to projects right around me. I was thinking of resurfacing our kitchen cabinets, but making them a darker stain just might work!

    One question though . . . in the second to last picture (the one where you only poly’d the drawer fronts and painted the rest in cream chalk paint) . . . it looks like you did something to the handles. I’m wondering if you used Rub N’ Buff on them (in silver)?

    • Hi Janelle,
      Thanks!! :)
      Those handles were sprayed with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint and then I used a bit of the cream paint to “dry brush” over edges of them. I then sprayed them with Satin Polycrylic to seal it.
      I should update the post to address that! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. :)

  37. This is a great blog. Someone just gave me 3 oak bar stools. I need them to be darker to match. How do you think this process will hold up to people sitting on them and putting their feet on the bottoms. Do you think this will be durable enough? Thanks

    • Hi Jon,
      I think it will be like any other poly product in that respect. Plus, anywhere you have feet constantly going will get wear as I’m sure you know.:) I have bar stools that are not painted/stained by me and they do have normal wear at the “foot” bar where people put there feet. But yes, the PolyShades should be just like any other finish in that way.
      Hope that helps!!

    • And thank you, by the way!
      Have a great day!

  38. I am so glad I found your website. My living room tables are more than 30 years old but still quite timely style. Several years ago I changed the oak finish to a very dark walnut. Recently I decided I wanted another end table so started watching Craigslist and found a table that is almost the same style but it will need to be refinished to match. I got bid from a local furniture refinisher for $225. YIKES! All the other sites went the traditional route of stripping, etc., and I just don’t have the patience to do all that. You have given me hope that I can do this myself! Thank you!

    • Hi Suzzanne,
      Oh my, yikes is right! That’s a lot. Yes, you should be able to match it pretty closely with one of the products. Definitely cheaper than $225! ;)


  39. Jennifer Holy says:

    Hi Nancy! I love your stuff! I have a question, when using the mini wax what do you use to seal it with? I’m new to the restoring thing. Thanks!

    • Thank you Jennifer :)
      Well, if you are using stain…then you would probably want to seal it with polyurethane. (there are other options such as wax, though) If you are talking about the PolyShades here, then you don’t need to seal it because it is a stain/poly in one. You can for better protection but it is not necessary.
      Hope that helps!

  40. I have a fairly old Mexican Mahogany dining room set waiting for me to refinish it. It has been a chore to get the years of spills and grime off of it. I want to use the Bombay Mahogany PolyShades to try and make it match my current dark cherry dining room hutch. I have washed a couple of the chairs off with Dawn and hot water and taken some Formby’s refinisher to them. It seems that they are now not totally coming clean, or the finish is only partly coming off. Will I be able to just go ahead with the PolyShades over what I have started, or do I need to strip them completely down to be able to use this product on them. Think I’m in over my head! Alternative is to break out the spray paint with primer! Helpful advice appreciated!

    • Hi Ann,
      It’s hard to say without seeing it…but from what you are describing it sounds as if it will not cover well and/or look right. You would want a fairly even (and evenly colored) surface underneath. I’m not sure I would try to cover what you are describing with the PolyShades. It’s probably best to strip completely and start fresh.
      Paint is always a fun alternative! ;)
      Good luck!

  41. So glad I stumbled across this today! I am going to be redoing all of my living room tables and sofa table (4 in all) in Annie Sloan’s Old White and really, really, really did not want to have to paint the table tops but I was going to anyway because I’m so afraid of trying to restain them as a beginner. I’ve looked at different tutorials that seem a little too difficult for me, being a rookie at this, lol. But your method looks easy enough that I am going to give it a shot. Thank you, thank you!

    • Hi Debbie,
      Oh that’s great!
      Just be sure to use a good brush (I like Purdy) and do thin even strokes. Try not to “work” it too much…it will level somewhat.
      Good luck! I am sure they will be beautiful! Send me a photo of them before and after if you think of it!

  42. I really love what you did with the first one. I think it almost looks like some kind of Chinese cabinet with the final result. It’s the combination of the handles and that dark color you managed to mix together. Great work!

  43. so I am not paint or stain savy but i think i can do this. I just got a nice tall chest from my mom and it really needs so serious redoing. i’m gonna show this to my hubby so he can refinish the chest for me. reading other comments, i read about someone who redid their kitchen cabinets. question: can this stain be used for laminate cabinets? and two, what is the wax seal? is that like paint or like a piece of wax that you rub on? told you, i’m clueless to this. and just one more question, what is the durability of this stain process? now i’m thinking of staining our dinning table and chairs…LOL…. my poor hubby.

    thanks, carmen

    • Hi Carmen,
      I would not use this on laminate cabinets because I’d worry about proper adhesion. The wax is just that…a furniture wax. You can use it to seal your pieces instead of poly but there is some upkeep with it.
      The polyshades have great durability…just like stain/poly done the regular way, in my experience. Just remember to lightly sand just enough to create “tooth” (a touch of roughness for the PolyShades to grab onto)
      Good luck!! (sounds like my house!! ;) )


  44. Hi!

    I just found you and I am going to hold on like a dog on a leash! What great information. I’m going tomorrow to buy the Poly Shade. I think I just found the product I have been seeking and now I know exactly how to use it. Boy, am I a happy girl. I won’t miss anymore of your site. I just signed up!

  45. Your projects look great and what an amazingly simple product! I wonder if we have something similar here in Australia? I have so many items to revamp but have been putting it off because I also hate sanding things back :)

    • Thanks Jodie! :)
      I am not sure if it is available there but it is a great product (I hate sanding!lol) I actually just used it on a particle board top (that I thought was solid when I started sanding) It’s an antique cabinet that I had intended to go the old fashioned route of sanding/staining/poly. BUT the particle board top threw me! (I think it was replaced at some point-the rest is solid wood) And…I REALLY wanted the wood look so I used PolyShades. Turned out pretty good, I think! I’ll be posting about it soon. :)


  46. Neetu Gupta says:

    Hi. I am totally newbie in this area.
    I have a fancy dining table with a pattern in it. My husband bought new chairs which he fell in love when he saw. Unfortunately, it is not going along with the color of my table. I cannot return the chairs and feel so stuck with the whole thing. Can you please help me?

    • Hi there!
      It sounds beautiful! One option would be to paint the chairs. It would give you a 2 toned look in the room which is nice in some cases …and it wouldn’t look then, like you are trying to match the table. You can see my 2 toned dining room here . And other than that it is hard to say without seeing photos of the table/chairs. If the chairs are a lighter wood, you may be able to use the PolyShades in a darker shade to match the table. If they are darker, you would need to sand and restain/poly (the old fashioned way).
      Hope that helps some!

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