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Today I, along with several of my blogger friends, are sharing our collections.
I don’t have a particular collection (or I didn’t think I did before I wrote this post!) but I would have to say I do collect old, antique, vintage-y things.

So I decided to share my Vintage Collections with you all.

Vintage Collections - I LOVE collecting any and all antique, vintage, retro!!! - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

If you follow along the blog here, you’ve seen some of these before.
I do have a few new things though. ;) 

Like this $6 thrift store mirror. 
I painted it with Chalk Paint … you can see it “before” here. “Chalk Paint – It’s Not Just For Furniture”

Vintage Collections - $6 Thrift Store Antique Mirror - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

I love how this shot really shows the pretty mirrored edge all the way around the glass.

Some of my absolute favorite things I collect are Blue Ball Mason Jars (or Atlas).

Vintage Collections - Blue Mason Jars - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

I’ve lost count but I have around 12-15 now…..and I will keep buying them as I come across them.
I have NO clue what I’ll do with them all but I won’t pass them up!
That I do know. ;) 

I have some of them on the top shelf of my open kitchen shelving…..

Vintage Collections - Blue Mason Jar Collection - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

The middle one is filled with one of my other favorite “collectibles”….seashells.

Vintage Collections - Open Kitchen Shelving - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

I love this shelf and so happy we “opened” it up!
You can read about my kitchen, and about this shelf, plus the paint makeover I gave it here — Kitchen Cabinet Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

And I have a few on my island….also filled with things from the sea.

Vintage Collections - Atlas and Blue Ball Mason - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

I picked up these pretty Peonies from Trader Joe’s for Mother’s Day.

Vintage Collections - Peonies - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

Aren’t they just gorgeous?
I adore Peonies!

I also adore anything blue….obviously. ;) 

Like these old blue bottles. 

Vintage Collections - Old Bottles - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

The one on the left was for infant formula. 
I also have one in there that says “No-Doze” formula. 
Funny! You just never know what you will come across. 

I won’t ever pass these up either. :)

Vintage Collections - Blue Bottles - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

Aren’t they just mesmerizing? 
I think so.

I have two of these insulator caps.
This one….

Vintage Collections - Old Insulator Cap - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

and this one….

Vintage Collections - Blue Insulator Cap - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

I love retro items too. 
Like these old canisters I came across at Luckett’s. You can read about that adventure here.
(and see some MAJOR eye candy too!) —> Luckett’s Spring Market

Vintage Collections - Retro Canisters - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

I have been told since posting these that there is one missing from the set. 
Tea, I think. 
That’s okay, I love it anyway! :)

And this cake plate that sort of matches.

Vintage Collections - Retro Cake Plate - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

I found it at the thrift store for $3!!
You can read more about it and a bunch of other old treasures I found in this post here –> “Treasure Hunting” and My Latest Haul of Thrifty Finds”

I picked these up at a garage sale for about $3 also…..

Vintage Collections - Retro Salt & Pepper Shakers - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

This old seltzer bottle also came from the Luckett’s Spring Market. 

Vintage Collections - Vintage Seltzer Bottle - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

It’s the only one I’ve ever come across!

Vintage Collections - Seltzer Bottle - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

Love it. 

I have realized that I am a HUGE antique, vintage book lover as well.
I have always loved books anyway. 
Add in the history aspect of it….and I am completely enthralled!

I pick them up here and there.

Vintage Collections - Vintage Book - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

I talked more about this one (and the inside) here in this post. — “Shop Your Home – A Decorating Challenge”
It is signed 1891 in the inside cover. 

And I was just given these lovelies….

Vintage Collections - Vintage Books - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

The book on the left is from 1913, the middle is from 1934 and the one on the right is from 1770!!!

I researched it and I have Volume 3 of 6 Volumes. 

Vintage Collections - Rare 1770 Book - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

I can’t believe it. I am in LOVE.

And I adore these old poems too.
(although I have trouble reading them for fear of the book falling apart…so I keep it on the shelf safely tucked away)

Vintage Collections - 1770 Print Book - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

I looked this one up. If I had all 6 Volumes, the value is around $500-$800. 
I don’t have all 6. BUT I wouldn’t sell even it I did!

It’s the oldest book I own. (it’s that one on top)
What a treasure.

Vintage Collections - Rare 1770 Printed Book of Poems - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

Can you just imagine what this book has seen??
The thought of what it has seen, and the hands it has passed through,  is just so exciting and amazing to me!
I’d love to follow it through time.
How fun would that be?

Vintage Collections - Old Books - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique


AND lastly….Y’all know I collect old, vintage, antique furniture too. 
The pieces are all over my home and vary in age.

But have you all seen one of my latest acquisitions?
If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve seen this already.
We found it an estate sale of a Civil War boat captain’s home. (the original owner)
I will share the rest of the home next month with you guys.

Vintage Collections - Late 1880's Hall Tree - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique

It is a hall tree and from what I can tell, it is dated around the late 1880’s.
This it the top half. You’ll have to follow along to see the rest.  ;) 
I plan to add the missing wood pieces, repair it and either re-stain or just polish it.
Probably polish since I want to keep it as original as possible…but it will all depend on how the repairs go.

But absolutely no painting this one.

Well, that’s it for my vintage collections…..for now anyway!

Be sure to go by and see what kind of great collections my friends have too!

Vintage Collections - Blogger Tour - #vintage #collections #bluemasonjars #retro #antique


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  1. Your collections are wonderful. I used to have that same canister set. I sold it when I was paring down. Funny, though, I was missing the flour canister! That coat rack is beautiful! A little linseed oil will bring out the beauty of the wood.

    1. Thanks Cari! :)
      OH how funny! I have come across quite a few who have had it!
      Yes, that is what I am thinking….I can’t wait to get started on it!

  2. Nancy that is just a lovely collection. I love the blue glass all around your home and those vintage books are great. I have 1st edition books from Shakespeare I found at a yard sale and I love them. Great collection.

  3. I have that, all four of them! There was a small one that my mom used to collect bacon grease in, also. Now that you’ve shown me the cake plate that matches, I’ll have to keep an eye out for that!

    When cleaning out my in-laws downstairs pantry, I found my first ever blue Mason Jar. Thank goodness I grabbed it when I did, otherwise they would’ve been in the recycling bin. I use (at this time) to put scraps of fabric in when I’m quilting.

    1. Hi Mary!
      Oh lucky! :) Oh yes, the grease one…someone mentioned that one also to me. I had forgotten!
      I’d love to come across the rest someday.
      I grab up those blue mason jars every time I see one! (my most recent was at an estate sale, in a garage full of junk, a couple weeks ago)

  4. My Mom and my Grammy had the tin canister set, and the cake plate cover, but a taller version, Looking at them brought back so many memories. Please let me know if you ever think of parting with them.

    1. Hi Marianne!
      oh how neat! I don’t plan on parting with them anytime soon but if I do, I sure will! :)

  5. We were cleaning our basement recently and I have an old metal cabinet from my childhood. In the cabinet, were the same canisters…I thought I need to bring them upstairs. I have a hard time getting rid of my mom’s stuff.

    1. Hi Ann,
      Oh how fun to find old treasures! Yes, bring them up. And I totally understand not wanting to get rid of those things.

  6. Your metal canisters remind me of my grandmother. She had a set very similar to yours.

    I also love old canning jars and have bunches from both grandmothers. I like your idea of filling them with shells and/or sand for beachy decor. I may do that for a summer mantel.

    It is fun to see what everyone collects!

  7. Nancy, your collections are beautiful and inspiring. I love your color palette and the styling of your vintage pieces. I happen to have a crush on your cake plate. My grandma had the same one. Thanks for sharing your collections and inspiring me.
    Make it a lovely week.

    1. Thank you Meegan!
      Oh how fun that your grandma had the same one! It must have been a very popular set in the day! So many have told me about it! :)
      Have a great weekend upcoming!!

  8. Your collections are wonderful! What a great find in that cake plate! I loved seeing how you’ve sprinkled all these items throughout your decor! Thanks so much for playing along! :)

  9. I love your collection, Nancy! While I very much like the canister set and blue bottles, my favorite is those books! Being a bibliophile, I would love to glance at those old books. What a great find! The oldest book have is from 1887. I love reading the notes in the book (everything is written in cursive) and the vocabulary that was used back then is fantastic!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely collection. :)

    1. Thanks Julie! :)
      OH so do I! I actually found the person (through an online search) who owned one of my books. I found her entire family, birth and death dates (she died young). So sad, so many died so young then! (that was the book I mentioned from 1891)
      I LOVE reading the newest book I have (the 1770 one) The poetry and the way they wrote is mesmerizing! I just love it. (but it’s old and I can’t mess with it much)
      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  10. Nancy, You didn’t think you had a collection….really! I’m a big fan of vintage. I love the blue jars with metal lids, your $6 beveled mirror, and that hall tree, wow. Jealous. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I can smell those gorgeous peonies right through my monitor! There is nothing more lush, more fragrant and prettier than peonies. We move into our old house several years ago and with it we were gifted with several peony bushes, white, pale pink, hot pink and my favorite, ruby!

    Your cake taker is darling! You got a real find with that one! I remember my great grandmother having one very close to that. She always baked a cake for church suppers and brought in her aluminum cake taker. If I was lucky enough to be visiting when her church was having one of their suppers, I was always so proud when my grandma took the top off to reveal her gorgeous cake.

    It’s always so much fun to see what other people like to collect. I never tire of it. I’m an old book collector myself. I collect old gardening books. I don’t know why, I’m not a gardener, but a garden book “invited” me into the world of antique/vintage book collecting. At an estate sale I spied a lovely old book, (1918), about vegetable gardening. I was taken with the cover and the fabulous pen and ink illustrations in the book. I was hooked!
    Oh! one more thing…that seltzer bottle….ADORE! I’ve never seen one in real life you lucky duck!

    1. Hi Judy!
      Oh you should see them now! They have opened up and are so full and beautiful. I just love them.
      How lucky of you to have those peony bushes! I don’t but would love to!

      I can imagine…the cover hides the insides so I bet it was a fun surprise to see what was hiding inside. (the cake)
      And yes, I do so love to see what others collect and what interests them. I bet you have a fabulous garden book collection.
      It sure sounds like it!:)

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