Decorating with Potted Plants (unique planter ideas)

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Hey Friends! It’s time for another “decorating challenge”! This month’s theme is “unique planter ideas”…containers, planters, flowers, etc.

I hope you are all having beautiful weather and getting out and about. I haven’t done too much outside yet. (we’ve had nothing but rain, rain…and more rain!) Our temps have been quite a bit cooler than normal too. I’m so ready for the rain to go away for a bit and have some sun, sun, sunny days and warm weather!
Has it been weird this year where you are too?

Anyway, in case you are new here, my decorating friends and I have a challenge each month and we love it when you guys share yours with us too. We have a FACEBOOK group just for you!
You can find it here >>> Decor Enthusiast Style Facebook Group
If you aren’t already a member, we’d really love to have you!
It’s a great place to come and ask advice or share your makeovers, decor, etc. :)

Okay, so here’s what kind of unique planter ideas I came up with….

Decorating with Potted Plants - Unique Planter Ideas - SPRING IDEAS - artsychicksrule #pottedplants #planterideas

Pretty unique, huh?

Yea…and it might not work out so well in the long run.
We’ll have to see how they do.

That’s why I put that saying on them. ;)
Sort of telling them…. “bloom where you are planted, y’all”, okay?
It may not be big enough but I’m going to make it work.

This is what happens when my “vision” and my “reality” don’t always meet up in the middle.
Ah well.

I found these at Michael’s……

Decorating with Potted Plants - Unique Planter Ideas - CONTAINERS - artsychicksrule #pottedplants #planterideas

….and thought, “how cute would these be with those pokey flowers I saw?” Cute, I said! ;)
So I bought them and went to Lowe’s and bought the “pokey” flowers I saw earlier.
Which, by the way, are called “Celosia”.

I looked for the containers above on the website but couldn’t find them. Sorry!
Maybe they are only available in store?

So here’s what I used to create one of my very own unique planter ideas…

Decorating with Potted Plants - Unique Planter Ideas - ITEMS NEEDED - artsychicksrule #pottedplants #planterideas
I may include some affiliate links below so you are able to find what I used/talked about. You can see my full disclosure here.

For the quote, I just created a quickie graphic over on >>> Picmonkey.
I printed it out and transferred it using >>> graphite transfer paper.

Decorating with Potted Plants - Unique Planter Ideas - GRAPHICS - artsychicksrule #pottedplants #planterideas

Then I just did a quick paint in with my script liner brush and a dark gray paint color.

Decorating with Potted Plants - Unique Planter Ideas - PRETTY CELOSIA - artsychicksrule #pottedplants #planterideas

I didn’t want it to stand out too much. Plus I wanted it to look like it’d been on there a long time.

Decorating with Potted Plants - Unique Planter Ideas - IDEAS - artsychicksrule #pottedplants #planterideas

Probably not very practical, but cute.

I tried them out on the screened porch….

Decorating with Potted Plants - Unique Planter Ideas - CELOSIA - artsychicksrule #pottedplants #planterideas

….but decided to put them on the front porch on my  (see it here>>>) chalk painted hall tree instead.
That way everyone can see them. :)

Decorating with Potted Plants - Unique Planter Ideas - DECORATIVE CELOSIA - artsychicksrule #pottedplants #planterideas

The hall tree has been out on my porch for a few years now.
It’s in need of a little touch up here and here.
But I do still love how welcoming it looks out there. :)

Decorating with Potted Plants - Unique Planter Ideas - DECORATING WITH PLANTS - artsychicksrule #pottedplants #planterideas

PIN this for later if you might want some unique planter ideas too! 

Decorating with Potted Plants - UNIQUE PLANTER IDEAS - artsychicksrule #pottedplants #planterideas

Now let’s see what my decorating friends have been up to!

Decorating with Potted Plants - Unique & Decorative Planter Ideas - BLOOM QUOTE - #artsychicksrule #pottedplants #planterideas

Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer / Artsy Chicks Rule / Our Southern Home /
Duke Manor Farm / Refresh RestyleRestoration Redoux

Want to play along with us? You can!!

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Container & Planter Ideas

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We will choose one winner that will be featured on all six IG feeds this Sunday!


I hope this has inspired some creative ideas for planters for you.
Go on and get out there and make some pretty. :)
So many flowers to choose from!
Happy Spring Friends!


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  1. super cute. practical is over rated anyways. let me know how long they last planted like that. If you are brave enough and love it enough you can drill holes on the bottom for drainage?

  2. I feel like if they last–awesome but if not…it’s not a huge investment!! And it’s real flowers!! Get another pony pack for less than $4. Plant the extras in the ground!!! Wouldn’t this be fun for a party –summer fun–centerpiece?!!! I love it!!! We even have a local dairy where we can buy little bottles of milk. It’s clear with a red cow on it. Pay deposit and keep squatty bottle of similar size. endless ideas now for planting fun. Thankyou

    1. Thanks Gwen!! And you are so right!! Love your idea too!! I am having a graduation party for my son in June. If these don’t last, I may just plant more and make it the centerpiece of the table, fun!!! :)

  3. I think it’s adorable! I noticed you didn’t take a picture of putting dirt in the bottles…I KNOW what it would look like if I tried that! I’d have more dirt around than in. ;) Very cute idea!


  4. Maybe some glass pebbles in the bottom. Then you could see when water was needed? Just a thought!

    1. Thanks so much Marie!! :)
      They are doing okay so far! These are the neatest looking flowers!

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