Thrifty Mirror to Chalkboard (Trash to Treasure)

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I love Trash to Treasure Tuesday.

Probably because I love any excuse to create something out of nothing.
Or…out of something someone else discarded.
It’s so much fun to see what it can be.

Like this thrifty mirror to chalkboard I made for today……

Thrifty Mirror to Chalkboard (Trash to Treasure) artsychicksrule

It was actually a putty brown color (not attractive!) when I found it.
I spray painted it off white a few years ago and then never did a thing with it.
Into the pile it went.
I thought I’d taken a “before” photo but couldn’t find one. So this is about as “before” as you get. ;)

I’ve recently been designing a bit of a makeover in my Master Bedroom (<–see it here) and decided to use this in there.
What a sweet place to write notes to my husband, and he to I, right?

Like this….

Thrify Mirror to Chalkboard - Paint the backside of the mirror with Chalkboard Paint - Paint Frame and done! - artsychicksrule #chalkart #chalkboard

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I spray painted the frame, added a touch of gold (after, you’ll see ;) ) and did a bit of hand written chalk lettering.
I need a bit more practice on doing this from complete scratch. I’m great at writing and copying what I see or transferring (as I’ve shown all over this blog).
But straight out of my head…well, practice makes perfect, right?

I saw this fabulous book on Instagram recently and had to purchase it.

Thrify Mirror to Chalkboard - Chalk Lettering Book - artsychicksrule #chalkart #chalkboard

It just came out and I’m so excited to get practicing.
I did use a few of the flourishes from the book when doing my chalkboard sign.
You can find the book here …. The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering: Create and Develop Your Own Style …. so you can practice too! ;)

For the mirror turned chalkboard, I first took it apart and sprayed the frame in Rust-Oleum All Surface Spray Paint, Matte Robin’s Egg.
LOVE this color.
Then I took the mirror out, turned it over and sprayed the backside with Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint.
That way, if I ever want it to be a mirror again, I can just turn it back over.

I put the mirror back in with the new chalkboard side facing out.

Thrify Mirror to Chalkboard - Paint the backside of the mirror with Chalkboard Paint -- EASY - artsychicksrule #chalkart #chalkboard

You can see I got this for $3.98.

Thrify Mirror to Chalkboard - Paint the backside of the mirror with Chalkboard Paint - Replace backing - artsychicksrule #chalkart #chalkboard

Then I got to writing. :) Ack, blank page! ;)
What to do?

Thrify Mirror to Chalkboard - Paint the backside of the mirror with Chalkboard Paint - artsychicksrule #chalkart #chalkboard

I primed the chalkboard first by rubbing it with chalk all over (then wiping that away).
Then I chose this quote and got started.
I did erase a few times to get it how I wanted it.
And this was done pretty quickly actually. I can’t wait to play around a bit more.
I’m *thinking* about changing my kitchen gallery wall (<–see it here) and putting up a large chalkboard.
(and then moving the Eat, Pray, Love to another wall done differently…oh, if there were only more hours in a day! ;) )

Thrify Mirror to Chalkboard - Chalkboard Paint - EASY - artsychicksrule #chalkart #chalkboard

I thought I was done until I looked at my photos…..

Thrify Mirror to Chalkboard - Chalkboard Paint - add Chalk Lettering and done - artsychicksrule #chalkart #chalkboard

…. and realized those embellishments needed a bit of embellishment! ;)

So I added a bit of Martha Steward Gold Metallic Paint (The Home Depot).
See the difference in the two photos above?

And below?


Thrify Mirror to Chalkboard - Paint the backside of the mirror with Chalkboard Paint - Add Chalk ART - artsychicksrule #chalkart #chalkboard


Thrify Mirror to Chalkboard - Paint the backside of the mirror with Chalkboard Paint - Chalk Lettering - artsychicksrule #chalkart #chalkboard

And check out that super cool bookcase!! ;)

I’ll be finishing up that wood top there (too dark, going “weathered” wood) and styling it soon!
Yay! Can’t wait. I could almost cry, I’m so happy it’s finished! ;)

So, do you like it better without the gold touch…..

Thrify Mirror to Chalkboard - Chalk Art made- EASY - artsychicksrule #chalkart #chalkboard

…or with?

Thrify Mirror to Chalkboard - Paint the backside of the mirror with Chalkboard Paint - Paint Frame and done! - artsychicksrule #chalkboardart

How about the chalk lettering?
Have you tried it?
It’s fun to do! I’ll be practicing. :)

By the way, I’ll be sharing this in the bedroom once I decide which wall it will go on.
I’m thinking right by the door so my husband and I can leave each other notes are our way out.

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Enjoy and be inspired!

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    1. Aw thanks Christy, I don’t know about that! But I’m thinking I will probably be the only one writing love notes on it!! lol

  1. I love your blog,however, I find all of the advertising way too distracting! It is almost impossible to read the posts! Too much is popping up and down. I know the ads are beneficial to you but as a reader it’s too much!

    1. Thank you Amy! I’m so glad to hear you love the blog but I’m so sorry you are having trouble with the ads, however. There shouldn’t be any pop ups though. If you are looking on mobile there will be some ads in between the text but again, none should be popping up over the page, or up and down. If so, I will have to look into that. But yes, unfortunately, the ads are part of what keeps this blog going. There are many expenses (not to mention the immense amount of time spent sourcing and creating projects, taking photos, editing photos, watermarking photos, writing posts, sharing on social media (all 5 or 6 of them))and then the expenses… mail lists app, scheduling apps, wordpress, hosting, domains all cost $ and then paying someone to fix things on the technical side of the blog when things go wonky, etc. It adds up quickly sometimes! But with that all said, I am very thankful you are here reading and hope that the ads won’t keep you from visiting. :) I am always on the lookout for improving things around here and it’s an ever changing, every evolving “blog” world. So I do try to stay on top of things that may be a better fit for my blog.
      Thanks for the message and again, I do hope you will stick around! :)

    1. Thank you Chris! I agree!! I am loving gold (again!’s been years! ;) )
      Hope you are having a great week and enjoying some Fall weather!

  2. Nancy this has to be one of the prettiest chalkboards i have seen! And it was so clever to leave the mirror alone so you can flip it back over later. My handwriting looks awful on a chalkboard- I may need to try that book!

    1. Aw thank you Jen! :) Yes, it worked out well! You never know with me…I may want it to be a mirror again at some point! ;)

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