Thrifty French Chair Makeover (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint)

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I am so excited to be teaming up with several of my blogger friends today to bring you some fun “love & romance” themed furniture makeovers.
Mine is a thrifty french chair makeover with Chalk Paint and a cozy little romantic reading nook I created with it.
Theirs will be linked at the bottom of this post. Don’t miss em!
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I just adore French styled furniture. It’s so romantic and sweet.

French country coastal…that’s my style. With a bit of eclectic thrown in for fun.

I’d been wanting to create a cozy little reading nook in the corner of my Family Room since I moved the TV.

So when I came across this chair recently I knew it had to come home with me.

Isn’t it pretty?

Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint BEFORE #paintedupholstery #chalkpaint #paintingupholstery

Well, actually, it is a pretty color, so not too bad. Just not my style.
But this is the “after”….as in after I gave it a big ole makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint & Minwax PolyShades.

Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint - #paintedupholstery #chalkpaint #paintingupholstery

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen it. I post things I’m working on there, in “real time”, long before they hit the blog here.
(and I post fun random stuff too)

What a cozy little spot to sit and read with a warm cup of tea. Romance novel, perhaps? ;)

Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint - #paintedupholstery #chalkpaint #paintingupholstery

The chair was a steal at $25.

Who can beat that? And no, I’m not a fan of buying used material covered pieces BUT I did and it’s all gonna be okay. ;)

I scrubbed it very well before painting with OxiClean (no affiliation, it’s just what I decided to use).
And ya know, once painted AND sealed with wax…it will be, well, SEALED.

But I cleaned it anyway.

And again, here how my french chair makeover with Chalk Paint looked when I got it.

Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint BEFORE #paintedupholstery #chalkpaint #paintingupholstery

Not completely awful. The color is not bad but I don’t love the “shimmery-ness” of it…or the floral accents.

And you guys know how I love to paint. Anything and everything.
I’ve painted it all…. from metal bowls to lampshades to porch pillows!

So why not upholstered furniture?

So I did. And it turned out fabulous!

I had to replace the foam cushion in the seat because it was hard……as a brick, hard. Definitely needed replacing.

I bought the foam at JoAnn’s (which was 50% off, plus coupon) and traced around the edge of the cushion.
I cut it with my electric knife (just like they did at JoAnns! Thanks for that little tip…works great!)

Tracing Foam for New Seat Cushion- #chalkpaint Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint


Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint Cut out of new seat cushion for chair makeover- #chalkpaint

And I started painting the chair……

…in the color that I thought I wanted it.

Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint #chalkpaintCan you guess?

Yes, I changed my mind. And no, not after I had only painted what you see above.
No, I painted basically the ENTIRE chair with one coat (thank goodness for that!) when my brain decided to go in a different direction entirely.

Story of my life, I tell ya.

It’s never boring around here anyway.

So….I washed off all that paint. I know, what a waste but, oh well.

Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint- #chalkpaint

Really, I could have spared you this little detail, you know.
But I want to be up front and honest about the things I do and share here on the blog…because I am sure you guys have “oops” moments too, right?

Um, I hope so anyway. ;)

Here is how great working with Chalk Paint is….

Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint- #chalkpaint

I washed most of it off pretty easily.

NOTE: When painting fabric with Chalk Paint, it’s best to wet if beforehand. You can mist with a spray bottle or use a wet rag to wipe over it. Also, you will want to thin the paint some with water. Don’t have an exact here because each of the paints are a little different. Just know that it needs to be thinned some when painting fabric for best results.

(Edited to add: You want the paint to “soak in” not lay on top of the fabric. If it is too thick (not watered down enough) it will lay on top and be more prone to cracking. I love this option for redoing furniture but I would not recommend this on pieces of furniture you use extensively (like a Family Room couch, for example) Also, some fabrics will work better for this than others. Some will hold up better than others. So do a spot test beforehand if you are unsure.)

Check it out the beginnings of my french chair makeover with Chalk Paint right there y’all…..

Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint- #chalkpaint

I did 2 coats with a few extra strokes here and there to cover thin spots. It went on and covered really well.

Want to see some of these projects in “live” time? Hop on over and follow along with me on INSTAGRAM. I’m always sharing in my stories as I’m doing projects, finding new furniture, fun finds….just all the day to day behind the scenes.

The wood trim was looking a little rough so I decided to freshen it up with some Minwax PolyShades in this color.

Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint- #chalkpaintMinwax PolyShades Tudor - French Chair Makeover

I lightly sanded it all….(be sure to wipe/clean the dust off well before applying PolyShades)

Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint- #chalkpaint

…and then applied a coat of the Tudor PolyShades. (left side is done, right side is not)

Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint #chalkpaint

I work long into the night around here. ;)

I love how easy it is to freshen up old, dingy wood with the PolyShades.
Works well and is super easy.

After the chair was dry, I sealed the upholstery with Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint Annie Sloan Clear Wax- #chalkpaint

The paint can be a little “crisp” feeling but once you apply the wax it softens it up. (and seals it)
It ends up feeling “leather-ish” to me once finished.

Want to know about 26 other chalk style paints?
I’ve got the low down for you right here! >>> 26 Types of Chalk Style Paint For Furniture

Up close and personal…..

Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint- #chalkpaint

What a difference, right?

I know.

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You can paint fabric!! Don't like your chair? PAINT IT!!Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint - #paintedupholstery #chalkpaintedchair #chalkpaint
Night and day.

Now I love the floral accents in the fabric.

By the way, the paint color(s) I used were a blend of Pure White (heavy on this) and Old White (light on this).
This is my go-to “beachy” white as of late. I LOVE this shade.

It’s not too yellow, not too white…it’s just right.  ;)

Oh…and I’ll fill you in on the little table(<–you can see it there) you see here in the photos very soon. It’s a thrifty Chalk Paint makeover too.
As a matter of fact, the mirror, table and chair were all thrifty finds….and all painted with Chalk Paint®.

Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint- artsychicksrule.comYou can paint fabric!! Don't like your chair? PAINT IT!!Thrifty Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint - #paintedupholstery #chalkpaintedchair #chalkpaint

What do you think?

Old, dated, dingy and uninspiring –to– cozy, romantic little reading nook.

Think you’d try painting a chair like this?

Be sure to check in next when I share how I gave this little cutie a makeover!

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!

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My favorite color lately!
So loving the distressed whites. Can’t wait to see all of it!

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Have a great day!!!!


  1. Nancy, You inspire me to get some painting done! I’m new to using milk paint and truly find it addicting! After reading your tutorial Thrifty Chair Makeover I want to tackle my Ethan Allen wing back chair. I must admit, painting fabric scares me … big time. Is it comfortable to sit on and how does one clean painted fabric surfaces? Don’t you just love all these questions?

    1. Thanks Mary! I used Chalk Paint for this not Milk Paint (I’m thinking you meant Chalk but just wanted to sure!! :) ) I think it is perfectly comfortable to sit on. It is a chair that won’t be sat on every day though. I probably,personally (others have), would not paint a couch or something that I intended to use day in and day out. The feel of the fabric is now more like leather and you would just wipe it with a wet cloth like you would leather. :)
      Try painting a small pillow first and sealing with wax. Then see if you like the feel of it. I will tell you, the starting fabric is a factor in the end too. I’ve painted outdoor fabric, indoor pillows (2 different types of fabric) and this chair. All came out a little differently.
      Hope that helps!

      1. Nancy,
        Thank you for your kind response; you are correct I did mean to reference chalk paint. The chair I have in mind is used seldom, although I will do as suggested. … Pillows first! Thank you for this wonderful blogg you provide your followers.
        Mary Louise

      2. Nancy, what a great tute – and so inspiring! I have some family furniture (read: old) that I have wanted to redo, but reupholstering by a professional would be expensive for me and this seems doable.

        Question: Would the chalk paint work on a velvet-like fabric?

        1. Thanks Stephanie! It’s one of my favorite pieces actually! :) I have not done anything “velvet-ish”. I’ve done outdoor fabric (worked great), pillow fabric (great), silky pillow fabric (good, but not as good as the other fabrics). This white chair had a bit silky fabric too and turned out fine (and I do love it) but maybe didn’t take the paint quite as well as the fabric with a larger weave. I did another chair recently that I will post about next week. It turned out great and had a different fabric (more like the larger weave pillows) I think, in my experience, the Chalk Paint works best on that type of fabric. Velvet…not sure. Is there somewhere on the chair (maybe at the bottom behind and below where the cushion sits that you can do a little test spot?

        2. Hi!
          I have just wanted to ask the same question about velvet fabric! Did you try it? How did it turn out? I do have a problem finding the right paint, I live in Europe, but maybe I will find something similar in my local paint shop. Please be so kind and say me how did the velvet fabric pass the painting test!

          1. Hi Ana,
            I have not tried it on velvet yet. So sorry! If you can’t find the Chalk Paint you can order it online from a retailer. Or…you could try mixing regular paint with fabric medium. (another way to paint fabric) But just know, I have never done that yet so can’t say how well that works. It’s just another option! :)

  2. Hi Nancy,

    I recently saw an Annie Sloan painted chair and it was not so great looking – The chair itself had tufts and character but I don’t know if it was the paint color they chose or the texture of the fabric, but I wasn’t a fan. Do you really like this and are you going to keep it and use it? I keep toying with the idea for my own personal use but don’t want to purchase a chair and feel like I did when I saw that one in person.


    1. Hi Trisha! :) Oh I love the way it looks. 100% honestly! I posted the close ups so people could really see what it looks like because I do really love how it turned out! I am definitely keeping and using it. It is not a chair that will be sat in a lot and I probably wouldn’t paint something that would daily/nightly use though. I think it will hold up fine but you just never know! For me, it was a %25 thrift store chair so not a lot of risk. ;) I bought another chair for the study at around the same time and had planned to cover it in fabric…..but this one turned out so great I have decided to paint it! (I think, my mind is always subject to change ;) )
      I will tell you all fabric is different. I have painted 4 different types and they all came out a little different each time. I think thinning the paint out is key. Add a little water. (which I need to remind in this post!…I’ll edit)
      Anyway, try it on a small pillow and see what you think first!
      Hope you are having a great week Trisha!

    1. Thanks Christy! :) It’s my new favorite little spot in the house! …for now anyway! ;) So ready for Spring too!! 60’s here! Yay!

  3. I love how this chair turned out Nancy! Looks totally awesome. I have a couch my MIL gave me a few years ago and since I don’t sew I have been trying to figure out how to reupholster it. Now I have found the solution…PAINT it! Can’t wait for the weather to break some so I can get started! Thanks for the post.

    1. Thanks Sheila! Yes, I am so very happy with how it turned out. I always tell everyone to go by the thrift store (or if you have an old one already) try painting a small pillow and sealing it with the wax, first, to see if you like the feel and how it turns out. It ends up feeling like leather to me. I have painted 4 different types of fabric so far and all ended up just slightly different…so keep that in mind!
      I’m enjoying these 60’s!! :) Hope it stays!
      Have a great rest of the week Sheila!

  4. oooohhh i am soo inspired now !!! i never realized you could paint a fabric chair!!!! and as an avid reader myself found your nook so cozy and inviting ! But,if i do say so i think a floral wreath from my collection would “Seal the Deal”! (so to speak) Love your Blog and your inspirations but please check out my wreaths and floral collections

    1. Thanks Patricia! Yes, it’s crazy but you can paint it! Great way to change up an old piece!
      I’ll have to check out your wreaths! :)

  5. greetings, the chair looks lovely. i’ve been struggling with a heavy tapestry loveseat ( painting with annie sloan ). following her directions and others. mist/50 50 paint verses water/ let dry 24 hrs between coats. feels like coarse sandpaper even though waxed. i do not think tapestry is quite nice to paint. well, unless one doesn’t use it! or decides to for exfoliation…
    could you please tell me your routine in painting the chair fabric? thank you

    1. Thanks Genevie :)
      Yes, I sure can (and I’m going to edit my post because I forgot to include it on this one) I take a wet small rag and wet down the entire chair. (well I had cleaned it so it was still wet from that…either way, wet it) I then mixed my paint with some water and started applying it to the fabric. That’s it. Let it dry well then wax.
      I have done 4 different fabric types so far and I can tell you each one came out a little differently. One thing you can try is lightly sanding it before waxing (or now even, since you have already waxed..but try next time before) and see if that helps at all. You may have to go over with another coat of wax after. I have not had any feel that rough but it very well may be that fabric. I think the sanding may help with that..some anyway. Good luck!! :)

    1. Thanks Kathy! Oh you need to!! It’s fun…and easy really! (different fabrics react differently though I have found) Try it on a pillow first!
      Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I’ve painted fabric for signs I’ve made with drop cloth, burlap, old placemats. But I’ve never tried my hand at something like this. I guess I’ve never believed it would work out that well. And I use chalk paint regularly. Still, it seemed a little… strange I guess. But now I see with my own eyes what a beauty your chair is and I’m thinking it might be worth a shot. :) And thanks for talking about the wax on this because I guess I wouldn’t have thought to actually use wax on the fabric. Anyway, it looks great!

    1. Thanks Denise! :) Oh yes, it is kinda strange!lol But it works. People just need to know up front that it won’t feel like it did before. It was have a leather ish feel. If that is ok…then go to it! :)

  7. Nancy, I absolutely LOVE the chair! And I love that you painted it white, as well. But I’m a neutral girl, so I like something I can use anywhere with anything. I have a closet full of white and cream tops to prove it!! :)

    Anyway, you did a fabulous job on it. I’m sure you have inspired many of your readers to give painting a chair a try! Maybe one day I will do one myself. I have other pressing projects I need to finish in the meantime! xo

    P.S. You make everything look so darn easy!

    1. Thanks Karen!!! I am in love with it. I have another I am going to paint in a Duck Egg shade…(lighter). Might start it this weekend! I do love the whites. If I had another house to decorate it would be all whites, white slipcovers, beachy white furniture with touches of color here and there. Oh, I would love that.
      OH….and trust me, painting this chair truly was easy!! Promise! :)
      Have a great weekend friend!

  8. Wow! I can’t believe you painted it! I’m always so nervous to paint a whole chair. I painted a cushion and it definitely isn’t the most comfortable. However, I didn’t use wax on it. Definitely going to have to try this!

    1. Thanks Megan! :) Oh yes, you have to use the wax. The wax actually softens it up a bit. It’s kinda crunchy without it!


    1. Thank you Jen :) I was first going for a splash of color (the same color as the little table which is Scandinavian Pink and Primer Red make a coral-ish shade) but then I realized that was a really BIG splash! lol But it all worked out in the end, thank goodness! ;)

  9. I have two chairs recently painted. It is hard to believe. I wont pass up another chair I love just because it would cost so much to upholster, thanks for the encouraging photos

    1. Hi Jane,
      Oh no, me either! I actually have another I am getting ready to paint in a mixed Duck Egg shade. Might start it this weekend! :)


  10. This is just crazy cool!!! I have not tried this nor have I seen many pieces done with it but it is brilliant!!! It looks amazing friend!!! I could seriously become addicted to this! Great job and such a beautiful nook you have there! All the best to you and your profile picture is STUNNING!!!!! Nicole xoxo

    1. Thanks Laurie!! It is crazy how different it looks! :) I have no idea how it stands up but so far so good! (and I have some old pillows I painted last March that have been on my porch all year….still perfect!)


  11. Awesome. I have a wingback chair we bought new over a decade ago that I’m planning on painting. When Phil isn’t looking. Because he’ll have kittens. When I told him people paint upholstery, he looked at me like I had snails coming out of my nose. And maybe I did have snails coming out of my nose, but I’m going to do it anyway. Because I LOVE how your chair came out! And I wanna do it too. ;)


  12. I have a chair and ottoman in my bedroom and it is just like new but is a large flower print and I need a change. Does it take a long time for the paint to dry? Does it soak into the materials underneath? Love your chair. Did you just do one coat of wax? Can you tell that I am a little nervous?

    1. Hi Vicky,
      Sorry for the late reply! (I missed a few comments somehow!)
      It doesn’t take long at all really. It soaked into the fabric well but it didn’t seam to soak into the foam (I changed the foam out after I painted just in case…but it was good)
      Yes, I only did one coat of wax. Don’t be nervous! Just try it on a small, old pillow or something first to make sure you like it though.


    1. Thank you Christy! :) Yes, you do!! I came across 2 chairs on the same day (that were acceptable!! lol ;)) I was planning to *try* to re-upholster (laugh) the other one but I’m very highly considering painting it too!


  13. Hi, I just came across your blog with the recent post on your beautiful white kitchen cabinet paint job, but have to let you know I love this look. I’ve seen people paint upholstery with the ASCP before but always wondered if it will get dry and crusty over time. I’d love to hear how it holds up. But as a confirmed non-fan of sewing, I can’t begin to tell you how cute it looks and how it makes me laugh-not in a bad way, but you know… “if they can’t take a joke..” way. Gonna try that Mixwax product too.

    1. Hi Dorothy,
      Thanks so much! :)
      I can’t honestly tell you if it will get dry over time but I do have pillows that I painted last March (that have been outside on my screened porch the entire time since) that are still in same, perfect condition. Oh yes, I’m your “non-fan of sewing” sister! ;) You should try this on a small pillow or two (several different fabric choices) and see what you think. Then try something big! :) The Minwax PolyShades is a great product for freshening up old wood really easily too. :)

      1. So now that it has been a few months, how is the chair and paint holding up? I have two little chairs I got for a steal (15 bucks each!) that we want to use in our office, but I would need to reupholster or paint them. I just want to be sure it won’t start flaking off in a few months. Any tips?

        1. Hi Nicole,
          It’s a chair no one really sits in so it’s hard to say! ;) From what it has been sat in…doing great! Best tip I can give you is to be sure you water the paint down a bit so it saturates the fabric, not lay on top. If it lays on top, it will crack.
          Hope that helps!

  14. I’m speechless. This looks absolutely stunning and to think it’s chalk paint is beyond me! I can definitely relate to changing your mind during a project, haha. Of course I am so indecisive it sometimes takes me waaaaaay too long to even start on a project. Pinned!

  15. Seriously Nancy, it looks amazing. I love it!! I painted a similar chair once (using regular latex) – in bright orange for my Kindergarten classroom and hot glued big colorful buttons on top of the traditional button tufted back. It turned out really well- but is a bit rough feeling. I bet the chalk paint and wax is a way better solution. PS- what is the amazing fabric called on the pillow on your chair? Did you make that??

    1. Thanks so much Krista! :) I remember that! The chalk paint is kind of rough too but the wax really softens it up surprisingly. I know, I love that fabric and wish I could find it! Sadly, those pillows (I have 2) came from TJ Maxx or HomeGoods (one of those, don’t remember which)..and I will probably never come across it again. They are perfect because they have all the colors of my home in them!! (and yours too!! ;) our color/style is so similar!)

  16. Hi, just found you and was wondering if another brand of wax could be used. I have Johnsons paste wax. Would that work you think? I am now following you. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Linda,
      As far as on furniture goes, I would say yes. Others have used it with good luck over the Chalk Paint (I have not used that particular wax over Chalk Paint myself though….I have tried it in the past for other paint/furniture and couldn’t keep using it because of the strong smell) I just recently tried a new wax called Howard’s Citrus Shield Natural Wax. It smells great but the verdict is still out on how well I like it for furniture. ;) But as far as on the upholstery…I have only used Annie Sloan’s wax.
      Hope that helps somewhat!

  17. Literally on Craig’s List looking for my next victim, -er next piece of furniture. I want to try painting something upholstered now too!

    1. Oh yes, do!! It is so much fun. Well, painting anything is fun to me! I love paint. :)
      I actually just picked up a nail head trimmed chair (that would involve no cushions that would need to be sewn!Yay!) that I am going to reupholster. I found gorgeous fabric yesterday and can’t wait to get started on it! (I need to finish my other projects first though..that darn “project ADD” gets me every time! ;))

      1. OMG I feel like I developed ADD because of the projects I juggle too! Wow…I really think it’s because I can’t just sit there and watch paint dry – literally. I have to DO something else. Haha!

        1. I know…it’s hard!! It just doesn’t feel normal unless I have 5, or more!, projects going at once. One would not be challenging enough.;)


  18. Your AS chair make over is awesome, looks great. I have spray painted fabric before but have never tried chalk paint on fabric. Thanks for the great post and large pictures and every detail of your work. Oh, your crafty side is amazing. Do you ever sleep. Lol.

  19. Loooove the chair!!! Can you please share with me where to find the paisley throw pillow on your painted chair?? Thank you !!

    1. Thanks Marty! :)
      I got the pillows (I have 2) from TJ Maxx about 4-5 months ago. I LOVE those pillows! I have looked for more every time I go back and have never seen any. But you never know!!


  20. Wow! Painting that chair with ASP is amazing! Who would have ever thought one could paint an upholstered chair with paint? Hey, I have two wing back chairs, wished you lived closer; I’d hire you to do your magic on my burgundy chairs. I called the man that does my upholstery pieces and he said it cost as much for a tailored white slipcover as it does him to upholster one..and talked me out of it.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Thanks Betty! :) Aw, yes…you could try it on the underneath side of the cushion to see if you liked it before you went ahead with it!

  21. I have a question about the cushion. I hope I didn’t miss this above. If you recovered the seat, how did you match the two colors? Did you paint the cushion too? In the pics it looks like a perfect match!

    1. Hi Karen,
      I didn’t recover it…I replaced the cushion inside the cover and painted the whole chair the same color. :) The cushion that was inside the seat was hard and falling apart.


      1. How do you put the new foam in the seat cushion? Do you have to cut it open and sew the seat cushion after? Not sure how you did it but you sure did a nice job!

        1. Thanks Vicki! No, it had a zipper with a pretty good sized opening. I just just squished it in there and then adjusted it after it was in. Thankfully the foam is squishy and you can do that! :) xo

  22. Also, does the wax rub off on clothing? You said it felt leathery, so I was wondering if it could have any kind of effect on other fabric. I have never used chalk paint or wax so I’m not in the know on any of this.

    1. Nope! :) Not in my experience anyway. Once it’s dried (cured) it’s good to go! I think, for the most part, the fabric will end up with a leather-ish feel because of the wax finish…no matter what fabric you start with. However, I did just do a different technique on a pillow cover and it’s very soft and pliable and not as leathery feeling (even waxed). I’ll post about it soon!

    1. Oh yes, I didn’t even use that much. You will pour some out and mix a bit of water in it so it really goes a very long way!

  23. Hi, love this idea so much but right now I’m really loving doing lots of painting with milk paint. I was wondering if you think something like this would work with milk paint as well? I know it works so well on unfinished surfaces I thought it might do well on upholstered furniture and could still be waxed. What do you think? Or have you by any chance tried it?

    1. Hi Renee,
      Oh wow, I really don’t know! My first thought (having used MP only once) is that is might be a little too watery, opaque to really give coverage. It may “dye” the fabric a bit though. You could always try an old pillow first to see how it does. :) Would be interesting see. (and yes, I think the wax finish would be about the same)

  24. Hellooo.

    First, you have an incredibly inspiring blog, you are very good at it! :)

    What dit you paint with? A regular brush? And how long did you wait between the paint coats?
    (I´m from Norway, so excuse my English! ) ;)

    Love Chris…

    1. Aw thanks so very much Christine! :)
      Yes, I just used a regular brush but one that was sort of “thickish” bristled. That helps to get the paint down into the fabric. I don’t remember an exact time but once it is dry you can paint again. You can feel it and definitely tell it is dry. It takes a bit longer than wood furniture.
      Hope that helps! Oh and your English is perfect! :)

  25. Hi! Thanks so much for the tutorial! I have been toying with the idea of painting a chair I got at a local thrift store and love the step by step you posted. I’m curious about the “wax” as I have never used the product. Does the wax dry? I saw in another response that you do use the chair so I’m sure the wax does something, just not sure how that works. Just curious

    1. Hi Danielle,
      You are so welcome! I hope it is helpful! Yep, the wax “dries”. It basically seals the Chalk Paint. The fabric texture does change once painted. I find it to feel sort of leatherish, or similar to vinyl (but not as slick as that). Some fabrics take the paint better than others (I have found). Anyway, give it a try and see what you think! Can’t go wrong with a thrift store chair!! :)

  26. I have a question about the wax- does it rub off on clothing? If this chair were used fairly regularly do you think that would be a problem? I have a chair I painted and it’s stiffer than I’d like so I was thinking about waxing it but I’ve never worked with wax before so I’m a little nervous….

    1. Hi Christen!
      No, it doesn’t. It cures and “dries”. Try it out on a little pillow first (paint it, then wax–thrift store has tons) before you tackle the whole chair. That way you will know if you like the feel or not. :)
      Hope that helps!

  27. It looks amazing! I’m so inspired by it. I have 2 arm chairs I am anxious to paint; they are a similar size to the chair featured. Just a couple of questions. How much paint would one need to cover your chair? Did you do half water and half paint when you painted the chair? Did you do much sanding after each coat? Is there a video tutorial anywhere I could watch? Thanks!! Heather

    1. Hi Heather,
      Thanks! It really depends on the size of the chair and the type of fabric (some will “soak” up more than others) You would have more than enough with one can. No, not 1/2 to 1/2 ratio. More like 1/3 to 2/3 ratio (water to paint). Liquid enough that it does not “sit on top” of the fabric. Sanding…only after the final coat to “soften” it up a bit. Not much.
      No, I don’t have any videos yet but have considered making some! :)
      Hope that helps!!

  28. Nancy Help!!! I used my own mixture of chalk paint to paint one of the cushion covers from a dinette and now it’s stiff from the paint. I thought that I was using the correct method with the paint. I sprayed the cushion with water and also dipped my brush in water before I dipped into the paint. Is there any was to rescue the cushion cover?
    Love how your reading chair came out. I really want these cushions to look great in my RV.

    1. Hi Mary!
      I’m so sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I have been away on vacation. Do you mean you mixed something like latex etc to blend your own CP? If that’s the case, I am not sure since home made Chalk Paint and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint does have different properties. If you used latex in your mix, it will probably be hard-ish since it typically has a ‘rubbery’ finish. You could try waxing to see if that softens it up a bit but I am thinking it probably won’t. So sorry I could be more help!!!

      1. Thank you for taking the time to answer my call for help. Anyway, I’m going to recover the cushions. I also ended up not liking the color so all in all it’s been a learning experience.
        BTW, I love your site. Have fun. Thanks, Mary

  29. I loved this post on using Annie Sloan paint to paint an upholstered chair. I used Duck Egg to paint a wing back chair I bought from Salvation Army for $24! I love it! I was wondering if you could post a picture of your reading nook with your chair. I would like to see how you’ve arranged the furniture to allow for such a nook. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jessica,
      I probably used about a cup to a cup and a half total (or so) mixed with water (which makes more). I am posting that corner tomorrow actually! It didn’t come out exactly like I had planned originally but I love how it did! (it’s nook-ish but not as much as I’d planned)

  30. The chair and all your other projects looks amazing. How much paint did you use for this wingback chair? My boyfriend has a wingback and fabric looks like wool do you think chalk paint would work for that kind of material? Or micro suede?

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Dannah,
      Thanks so much!
      I used somewhere around 1 – 1 1/2 cups of paint. (with water added to that) I’m not positive how that will be on the wool. I can tell you, most come out feeling sort of leather-ish. The pillows I did outside (outdoor canvas type fabric) is more “canvas-y” feeling still though. AND, I will note that in the year and a half since I did them…they are now softer than when I first did them. That is a fun surprise. I will be interested if the same holds true with the chairs!

  31. Love the makeover! Love your blog! I just came across it on FB, been here an hour now, you are inspiring me all over the place!

  32. Hello!
    This is a great idea! I’ve recently bought a similar chair with the intention of reupholstering it as soon as I finish the two I’m working on now, but this looks much simpler and I’m curious about giving it a try. My only concern would be whether or not it would be easy to keep clean with my young kids around. Have you spilled anything on something you’ve painted yet? If so, how well did it come clean? Would the paint wash off with a wet rag during spot cleaning?

    1. Hi Adele,
      Well, I can tell you the finish is pretty good. I don’t think spills would be too much of an issue. BUT I don’t use either of these chairs on a regular basis. I had planned to use the other in my study but decided on something else. I can’t say how they would hold up with daily use because of that reason. I do have pillows that I did outside over a year and a half ago and they got sat “on” a bunch and are in great condition. I think the starting fabric has a lot to do with longevity too. I am planning to try it with fabric medium next to see how that does. I will post about it when I do! :)

    1. Hi Melissa,

      No it does not feel like the original fabric. It ends up feeling like “pleather” or leather-ish.
      Hope that helps!

  33. Love love love this! Do you know if this would work on parsons chairs that have a long skirt? I have two white (stained) chairs in my formal dining room that would be a bear to recover…they have arms and I would have to remove the skirting, make piping and this process looks fab. I have fur babies and a previous old fur baby (who went to kitty heaven) left his mark on the seats of these lovely chairs. I think this would be a easier solution to save my chairs. I really do love them. Crazy me…I still want them to be white….lol. Debs

    1. Hi Deb..and thank you!
      I don’t see why you couldn’t just repaint it white. Just be sure to water the paint down a bit like noted so it will “soak in” to the fabric and not lay on top.
      You don’t want it laying on top…it will crack.
      Some fabrics work better than others, I have found. Slick, tight threaded fabrics less so, canvas, thicker weaved, better. In my experience so far anyway. :)
      Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Paula,

      I think it should. (hard to say without seeing them though) You would want to water the paint down a good bit though. I have painted lamp shades and I would think this may be a similar fabric/process.
      If you have an area that is not seen somehow…you could test it a bit first.
      Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Nicole,
      I’m not positive as I didn’t measure but since this application requires the addition of water, you will have more than enough with one can.
      Good luck!

  34. Hi Nancy! I just found your blog via Pinterest. I love your blog and your home is beautiful. I have been intrigued with the painting fabric but a little scared of the end result. Your chair looks great and your tutorial is very helpful and inspires me to try it now. Can you please tell me if you have to be concerned with the paint cracking and flaking off the upholstery?

    1. Hi Michelle!
      Thanks so much!! :)
      Yes, that can happen. It all depends on application and the type of fabric you are using. I have found the paint penetrates some fabrics better than others. I haven’t had any trouble with most of the things I’ve painted but the “slicker”, tighter woven fabrics will sometimes flake a bit if the paint is not watered down enough to penetrate those fibers.
      I typically would not paint something I used every single day. Occasional use should be fine!
      Hope that helps! :)

  35. Wow! This white painted chair is an AMAZING difference! Wondering if you would be so kind as to tell me where the fabric pillow came from (love it!) and have been looking for fabric just like that! BTW… fun to see someone else about my age named Nancie (Nancy)… =) Thanks so much! Nancie

    1. Hi Nancie!! :)

      Everyone loves that pillow!! ;) I’ve had so many inquiries about it. It is a fabulous fabric and I snatched both (I have 2) up at TJ Maxx last year. I look every time I go back to see if they have more and I’ve never seen any. But that is where they came from.
      And nice to see another with my (our!) name! You are right, don’t see it often. I was named after my great grandmother. :)

  36. Hi, I just came across your blog with the recent post on your beautiful white kitchen cabinet paint job, but have to let you know I love this look. I’ve seen people paint upholstery with the ASCP before but always wondered if it will get dry and crusty over time. I’d love to hear how it holds up. But as a confirmed non-fan of sewing, I can’t begin to tell you how cute it looks and how it makes me laugh-not in a bad way, but you know… “if they can’t take a joke..” way. Gonna try that Mixwax product too.

    1. Hi Athena!
      Thank you! :) Yes, painted upholstery can feel a bit stiff or crusty. A light sanding before applying a coat of wax (which also helps to soften it) will soften it a bit. It will end up feeling like leather.
      Yes, the Minwax product is great too!

  37. I am getting ready to paint a little cute chair that I have had for years…and I have been all over your site checking out your painted fabric! Awesome job :) Can’t wait to get started! Thank you for sharing!

  38. Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous! Looks like a real antique, would never guess it was DIY. I may have to look into those chalk paints, I didn’t know they made it so easy to redo upholstered furniture. Thank’s for sharing, I am inspired!

  39. Hey, I am absolutely in love with your chair! I’m actually thinking of painting my headboard the same colour but wanted to know if it gets dirty very quickly?

  40. Hello what do you think about painting a dinette chair that is used daily ( multiple times. It is a firm cushion.

    1. Hi Lindsay,
      Hmm, it really depends on how well you can get the paint to soak into the fabric. If you can saturate it well, (so it’s not just laying on top), and then lightly sand it to soften (but not enough to remove paint) and then wax, you should be okay. :)

  41. I think the fabric paint holds up. You can’t wash it out once it’s in. It’s like the T-shirts, that you wash and wash, it becomes part of the fabric. I was painting with Reclaim paint which is similar to this, and a spot on my t-shirt will not come off. It’s there to stay. The only way is to try to make a hear tor something around it to disguiste this. I also dropped some on my Merril shoes. What was I thinking! So I think I’ll paint the shoes, since after 4 weeks that stain is going no where, I may as well and then I’ll have new shoes. Thanks for posting this, it gives me great ideas. I had thi bench in my bedroom, I was planning to slip cover, but this is way easie. I tried Reclaim paint for some old junky furniture in my family room in Nantucket blue and I was floored and they look amazing. It takes weeks to cure though. But I saw the Chalk paint at Ace hardware, and I will try it on my dining room furniture now.

    1. Oh yes! You are right, it doesn’t always want to come out! ;)
      Good luck with the other paint! (I think that one at Ace may be Amy Howard, which is similar too!)
      I’ve used it on furniture and love it.

  42. So far…not so good! I loved the way your chair turned out, so I decided to give it a go on this set of chairs I have been waiting to reupholster.

    The paint part worked beautifully. I went with a deep dark plum color…they were gorgeous! Then, I waxed them. I’m not sure what the heck happened, but there are patches of white all over the place. They have the look of the texture of the fabric (a thick, canvas-type of material). It’s almost like the wax was too thick and dried white.

    So, I re-applied the wax and wiped it off immediately, thinking that if I re-saturated the wax, it would pick up the thick, dried pieces. Unfortunately, that ended up taking off the paint, too.

    So, now I have places where the fabric is (barely) showing though with no wax, places where everything looks fine, and places where there is too much wax and it’s left a white film-like texture on top of the purple paint.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Annie,

      It sounds like you might have used too much wax or possibly didn’t get it into the painted fabric well. (laying on top)
      Did you use Annie Sloan paint and wax?

      If the wax took the paint off when you reapplied, it may be that the paint did not absorb well into the fabric.
      Sounds as if the paint is mostly laying on top of the fabric. That can happen if the paint is applied too thickly.
      Unfortunately, I don’t have any real suggestions since the paint really needs to “soak in” to the fabric and now that it’s waxed it will be unable to do so.
      My only suggestion would be to try lightly sanding the fabric to remove some of the paint and wax and paint again.
      This time applying a very thin layer of wax.
      They may not hold up as well (if you plan to use them) though. BUT if you don’t plan to use them much they may be okay with this procedure. (more for looks at this point)
      I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

  43. Hi Nancy,
    I just finished my first fabric chair with a wood frame. I mixed the color and unfortunately did not mix enough. Can you tell me how much paint you used for the chair you did. I do know that I need to mist the fabric and dilute the paint with some water which I did. Also, on the white chair, on the blue chair, how did you paint the white piping. Do you tape the wood? Any secrets to keeping the paint off the wood trim and legs. I’m pretty happy with the way my chair turned out but I think I could do better in the future and I am always looking for helpful hints to make the job look more professional.


    1. Hi Rose,

      First, congrats! :)
      I am not sure how much paint I used but I think it was about 1/2 a can. Yep, diluted and spray the fabric beforehand.
      I painted the piping with a small artist’s brush. It was a little time consuming but kept the paint where it was supposed to be.
      I do believe I taped the wood so as not to get any paint on it. (the white one anyway, since I was plainning to keep it stained)
      Taping is your friend sometimes! :)
      Hope this helps!

  44. Hi, saw your post and that you washed off the first color? When did you do that? Was it completely dry? I messed up my first round, I didn’t water down the paint enough and some spots are thick and caked on if you will. How did you wash it off, or what would you suggest.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I washed off the color immediately after painting. It was still wet. It would be a bit tougher to do once it’s dry. BUT if you haven’t sealed it with wax, you can soften and loosen up the paint and thin it out where it’s too thick. And maybe even get it into the fabric better. I used a washcloth and I’d suggest the same for you if it’s dry. You are going to need it to be very wet though. Good luck! :)

  45. Hi Nancy,
    This is FABULOUS! You’ve inspired me to work on a chair that is peeling. I have a faux leather chair and it’s peeling badly. I decided to peel off the material and paint the underneath… however, I’m left with a foam underneath! Am I able to paint this, or is it a lost cause??

    1. Thank you Heidi :) Hmm, I’m not sure but hey, why not give it a shot at this point! (if you are meaning the mesh-ish fabric that is left after peeling the faux leather, you probably can)

  46. Nancy, this is gorgeous! I don’t know if I’m brave enough for this but you sure made that chair look comfy and inviting. LOVE it!

    1. Oh sure you are!! Especially when you try it out on an inexpensive thrift store chair like I did first! ;) I started with old porch pillows though. When that turned out well, I moved onto that chair…and then another! ;) My favorite are the dining seats I just did though. They seem to me like they will hold up to all kinds of wear and tear. Thank you Robyn! xo

  47. HI Nancy, I just finished painting a small chair in red and applied wax to seal it. I understand that after rubbing the wax with a soft cloth that some of the colour will rub off and this is normal however I wondered if this will continue to happen down the road or will the wax cure and seal the colour after a week or so? Is this a reasonable amount of time to allow the wax to set? If it continues to run off should I relax the fabric?

    1. Hi Nicole! No, that should not happen after it is dry and cured. Yes, it should be good to go after a day or two. And for whatever reason it may continue to do so, yes, you could add another coat of wax but I really think you will be okay after a day or so! :) xo

  48. Love the chair! I have a vintage blue velvet settee that I plan on painting with white chalk paint to use at my daughters upcoming wedding. Will the wax seal the piece and keep the white chalk paint from transferring to your clothes? I’m worried about painting it white and the finish rubbing off onto dark clothing.

  49. Hi Nancy – I love the painted chair. Have you ever painted leather chairs? I have two wing back green chairs that I would love to have a different color.


    1. Thanks, Stephanie!
      I have not but have seen many who have. I’m sorry I can’t speak to how they would hold up since I haven’t personally though. :)

  50. Hi Nancy….I’m really curious as to how this chair held up to the chalk paint after 6 years? I mean 6 years is a long time and I’m sure there may be some changes but again just curious!

    1. Well, I gave the chair away a few years ago so I don’t know now. BUT it held up for years with me before that. There was only very minor cracking on the seat cording in the front at that time. It wasn’t a chair that got sat in every day though. :)

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