Thrifty Side Table Makeover (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint)

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I recently shared with you all my fun “new” French Arm Chair (that I painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, seen in the photo below).
Today I’m sharing this side table makeover.

Thrifty Side Table Makeover-Annie Sloan Chalk Paint-Before Side- #chalkpaint

….and in that same post I showed this cute little side table.

Thrifty Side Table Makeover-Annie Sloan Chalk Paint-AFTER- #chalkpaint


And a steal at $2, I think? I don’t even remember but it was CHEAP.

But it did look like this when I picked it up.

Thrifty Side Table Makeover-Annie Sloan Chalk Paint-Before Side- #chalkpaint

Yea, not quite as sweet, I know.

But no worries. I pulled out my Chalk Paint and got to work.
I used Scandinavian Pink on this one to bring a little bit of “coral” into my Family room. (actually it’s a bit of a blend–I blend everythingPrimer Red, Scandinavian Pink and White)

The first coat (I used 2). You can see where I started painting the second coat at the top there.
Really awesome coverage over that black.

Thrifty Side Table Makeover-Annie Sloan Chalk Paint-One Coat- #chalkpaint

I sealed it with Annie Sloan Clear Wax and then did a bit of Dark over that.

Thrifty Side Table Makeover-Annie Sloan Chalk Paint-Finished with Dark Wax- #chalkpaint

Amazing how that Dark Wax really changes the color a bit, huh?

I also decided I didn’t want to distress this one. But I did feel it was a bit plain.


So I decided to add a knob ….for the drawer that really isn’t there. ;)
Thrifty Side Table Makeover-Annie Sloan Chalk Paint-with added knob for fake #chalkpaint

Much better, right?

Thrifty Side Table Makeover-Annie Sloan Chalk Paint-Full Front View- #chalkpaint

I LOVE the splash of color this little side table makeover gives this room full of blues, tans and whites.

Thrifty Side Table Makeover-Annie Sloan Chalk Paint-with Chalk Painted Chair- #chalkpaint

Another close up.

Thrifty Side Table Makeover-Annie Sloan Chalk Paint-Top View- #chalkpaint

That pretty little mercury glass knob makes it, doesn’t it?

And I mean really, how can you beat that? A $2 table, a little paint, new knob (eh, a few dollars)….and voila!

Really cute, brand “new” home decor….on a budget.

My entire home has been transformed (completely different style and decor) over the last year or two…..all thrifty finds/garage sale items, transformed.
Furniture, decor, dishes, etc.
I will have a full home tour soon. Stay tuned! UPDATE! See all my home tours, here.
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AND I will also be doing some “before/after” posts of most of my rooms –> like this post here. (major 70’s “before”)

Thrifty Side Table Makeover-Annie Sloan Chalk Paint-Before and After- #chalkpaint

So…the moral of the story? Don’t pass up those bargains! Even if they don’t look like much.
Remember, they can. All it takes is a little paint and imagination. :)

Happy thrifting, decorating and designing on a budget!

Be sure to stop back by to see this “jewelry inspired” makeover next!

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!!

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    1. Thanks Karen! Oh yes, thrifting is ADDICTING! ;) And so is the transforming that takes place after.
      Have fun!

  1. when you posted about the chair my eyes went right to this table, love love it, and it does make that space xx

    1. Oh that’s so funny Chris! :) Thanks so much! It does add a fun little burst of color to the room!

  2. Wow! I can’t believe that was a $2 table! It certainly doesn’t look like that now! I looooove how you put the knob on there. It makes an incredible different! And, I’m still head over heels in love with that chair!

  3. I love it! And where did you find that beautiful white chair that’s beside it? And the pillow? Love them both! They all look perfect together!

  4. Wow! That’s a fabulous makeover. And for only $2! Who doesn’t love Annie Sloan’s paints. Your blog is so inspirational, I can’t believe I’ve only just found it! There goes the rest of my day! :) Helen xx

  5. What a lovely transformation! Your clearly very talented and creative. We’re a stockist of ASCP in the UK and seeing how other people use this amazing paint! Its so versatile!

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