Thrift Store Haul #3 (and Target!)

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Hello friends!

I finally had a big thrift shopping day. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a bomb. haha

If you followed along with me on my Instagram stories, you already know that. ;)
But no worries, I was able to snap a few shots of some finds.
I didn’t make it into the ReStore which always has the best stuff because apparently they close at 4pm for the time being. And I got there at 4:20…darn!

Oh well, next trip since I need to do a bit more shopping to get my “haul”. It’s more of a “pick” at this point.

I was hoping to get out first thing this morning but instead, I worked on my latest find this morning before I left. The teak set I shared over on Instagram the last few days. It’s going to our beach house and had a silvery, weathered gray finish which is nice but I really wanted to restore it to its original color. So I took on that job. I worked on it Monday night for about 2 hours, for about 4 hours on Tuesday and this morning. I have one more chair to finish up and I’m done! I’ll be sharing all the details on how I restored the teak next week.


Okay, and since I didn’t make it to the ReStore and one other thrift shop that closed before I could get there, I thought I’d share part of my Target trip too. It’s the first time I’ve been back in Target in months. I’ll share the furniture “finds” first, Target finds last.

Now keep in mind, I did not bring this stuff home with me…well, maybe a few small things, so don’t get too excited. I just like to share what kind of things I do come across when I’m out and about. You’ll just have to wait and see which ones came home with me next week. ;)
As I mentioned though, I have a bit more shopping to do, so stay tuned for that.

The first stop set the tone for the day, I swear. lol


Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

I’m guessing not many drop offs are happening right now??  Who knows but I’ve never seen this one this empty before.

I found a bunch at my next stop, but dang they were pricey.

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

So pretty. $149

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

I thought this was so sweet and would be a great candidate for a makeover but not at $149.

So the first two I come across, both $149. Not looking so good. lol

How about this one?? Have you ever seen anything like it?
Apparently, it turns into an ironing board. Who knew?!

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds
Ironing board chair – $39

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

This could be a really pretty headboard painted. Not too bad at $75.

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

A pretty drum table. $49

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

Oopsie, a little blurry but I take these with my phone…while people watch. lol
This dresser was a mess and needed a ton of work. $100 … What?? Nope!

Next stop…

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

Other than scratches, this one was in pretty good shape. $60

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

This one was kind of cool. It’s actually a newer piece made to look like an antique.

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

The top opens to reveal a “desk”. $20 Not bad at all except that whole desk feature was messed up and needed some work.
But really for $20, how can you go wrong??

Oh looky, a pretty basket with wooden handles. $4

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

Next stop…

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

In the market for a rocking chair? Got ya covered here! Not much else interesting to me though.

Oh but this…

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

$60 dollars…for all 5 pieces. Solid wood table, beautiful wood, and cane back chairs. Wow!
Now that is a deal! (might have to go back for this one)

Can you imagine that one made over?

Here’s some wooden bowls…and another pretty basket. (basket $4)

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

And even a throw still in the package.
Never know what you’ll find at the thrift store!

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

Ohh…I think I could do something fun with this one. hee hee ;) $6

You know I’m a sucker for these boxes.

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

Gosh, that is a mirror on the front but it sure doesn’t look like it in this photo.
It’s clear as can be in person though. $5

This iron scroll mirror was $10. Not bad at all and painted it would be so lovely.

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

And that’s it for my thrift shopping adventures for today! Bummer. I had at least 2 more places to visit.
Oh well, that just means more thrift shopping in my near future.

Which ones do you think I brought home?? I’ll be sharing what I did and didn’t next week once I get another shopping trip in!

How about some Target finds now?

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

I love the sand/neutral colored king throw. It’s a little pricey but I might have to have it! lol
Here’s the link for it.

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

I’m loving these Hearth & Hand shower curtains. Here’s the link.

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

How pretty is the round wood and metal tray. Here is the link for it.

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

LOVED this round seagrass basket. That is the wrong tag. It’s only $19.99. Here’s the link for it.

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

Or how about this wood tray with metal handles?? Love that wood grain.
Here’s the link for it.
This one and the round seagrass one above would both look so pretty on a coffee table.

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

I was loving this fern …but I was feeling cheap after all that thrift shopping!
Here’s the link for it in case you are not. lol

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

Actually, they had quite a bit of greenery to choose from. Even some fiddle leaf figs.
They all looked really nice.

Thrifty Haul #3 ...or at least part of it...stay tuned! PLUS, my latest Target finds! #targetfinds #thriftstorefinds

And this rug, you guys. I LOVED this rug too. I really kind of wanted to go home with it.
You know, to do a little change-up in the living room. Nope, I was good. (but that doesn’t mean I’m going to continue being good because I really kind of loved it lol…we’ll see ;) )
Here’s the link for it.

Oh, and I also stopped at Sherwin Williams and got a few paint chips to try to figure out which “navy” I’ll use for our back wall in our master bedroom.
I’m kind of leaning towards Naval and Indigo Batik right now. I also want to check out Hale Navy by BM.

I don’t think I’ve talked too much about that here but I did over on the old Insta also.
Here’s a little plan I shared over there of our bedroom currently. (well…the cabinets we are building for my husband to the far right have doors on them now..yippee…progress!)

I’ll be sharing all of this once it’s done. Can’t wait to finish it all up!


I hope you enjoyed going along with me thrift shopping today. (and yesterday in real-time if you are on Instagram)
I’ll be back next week I hope …if I can get it done and photographed… with the teak set and my restoration process. And more thrifting finds too!

Have a wonderful 4th my American friends and a wonderful weekend to all! Stay safe!



  1. Oh what fun in your shopping!! There were some really nice things! Even Target had some great stuff. I am looking forward to your bedroom makeover!!
    Have a safe and wonderful July 4th!!

    1. Oh yes, Target had some great stuff! I sure have missed walking around in there but to be honest, it felt so weird! I am looking forward to our bedroom makeover too!! lol Wish it were done already! ;) xoxo Happy 4th!! xoxo

  2. What a nice haul you got.
    That ironing board is a Bachelor chair, which coverts from chair to step stool to ironing board. I have one that I have had for several years but mine has the cut-out hearts on the front. I made a new cover & pad for mine and I tell you what, it sure does come in handy.
    Enjoy your day. Stay safe & stay healthy.

    1. Oh yes, that makes total sense, Colleen! When you mentioned the hearts I can even picture that in my head…I’ve seen one like it before. Have a wonderful weekend! Stay safe! xoxo

  3. Hi Nancy! I I had to laugh because the same exact thing happened to me at the restore except I got there at 5 minutes before 4. I was whipping thru that store picking up anything I could find. It was disappointing because it’s quite a drive. Oh well, I did get a few things. I also got some pretty wooden bowls. What do you do with yours? I need inspiration. It’s like I have a creative block.
    Nice table and chairs.

    1. Oh, haha, too funny, Cheryl! Darn, don’t ya just hate that!! lol Mine’s not that far but still..disappointing! I did go by there today and picked up a little something though! Getting that haul together slowly but surely. ;) And I didn’t bring the wooden bowls home with me but I did bring something else home from that photo! ;) I think they might make pretty dishes for things…maybe jewelry? Maybe paint the outside white and the inside gold? Or maybe leave the outside wood and paint the inside gold or vice versa? Set by your entry for keys? Hold small makeup items in the bathroom? Or hair ties/clips? Just a few ideas! :)

      1. Nancy I just love your ideas. Thank you so much. I thi k I’m going to paint the outside white and inside gold. I would leave one of the sides natural but ther are flaws. You are the best!

  4. Oh my word, I wish I could do some shopping with you, our stores in South Africa don’t have half the nice goodies you find in your thrift shops, we call it 2nd hand shops.

    But always feelso motivated by your mails and our colours are very similat as we stay at the beach in South Africa, Durban,

    Thank you for always sharing an encouraging us
    you rock
    Cathy Volker
    from Sunny South Afri

    1. Oh well, that’s a bummer! It is definitely hit or miss though. Some of the ones I went in didn’t have much at all. Thankfully I found some things at a few though! :) I am so happy to hear my emails and projects motivate you…love that so much. That is what it is all about. Happy weekend from here in the US to you in South Africa! xoxo

  5. Looks like some good stuff! I haven’t been to Target in a while…might have to make a trip soon!

    We have SW Naval in our bonus room and LOVE it! It is a true deep navy and so pretty!!!!

    1. Oh yes, do! Lots of goodies to be found. And oh how great to hear! That is the main one I am leaning toward…that and Indigo Batik. :) xo

  6. Navy wall just one wall…YES!! Refresh the nightstands with gold drawer pulls…YES!! White on the furniture bought…YES!! New bedding is always a perk…I’m looking for new slipcovers for my couch pillows!!! Need something summery…is that a word? LOL…Thanks for sharing Nancy

  7. During the lock down, I worked on several pieces I already had. Once the thrift stores opened up, I went to see what they had because you never know & that is half the fun. I was very disappointed in how high the prices were. Many of them were priced at what I would get after I refinished them! What are they thinking??? I enjoy your posts. Keep it up:)

    1. I know, what in the world?!! I was so shocked as that particular thrift store is usually not pricey like that. I’ve been shopping it for years! Thankfully I was able to find a few good deals. Hoping to find more this weekend and next week! xoxo

  8. Hi Nancy! I did see you on IG and you were moving on! I’m sure you brought home some interesting pieces and will have fun repurposing them. Personally, I like Navy but not on a wall. It’s so hard to paint so that it isn’t shadowy and a bear to cover up. But I know whatever you choose will look great! Our Goodwill stores in south GA have EVERYTHING 50% off! Have a safe and fun Independence Day! 🇺🇸💥

    1. Oh yay!! Yes, I sure was!! It has been a super busy week with the refinishing of the teak furniture and the thrift shopping and all the in-between. Whew! lol Yes, dark colors can be a bear. It’s been a while since I’ve painted a dark wall…I might regret it!! haha We’ll see! ;) I went back to one of the Goodwills I visited yesterday to buy something I passed up (can you guess which one?? ;) ) and asked about the 50%. They just reopened so they aren’t participating in that but the store in the next city over is. And that is the one that was stark and empty…no wonder!! lol

    2. We just painted 3 walls in my house Navy and we love it!
      The wall that holds the fireplace and TV alcove, an office wall, and a nook going into the Master bedroom .We also painted the base of our kitchen island Navy. We love it and only thing about the Navy color is to remember to not get so close you rub skin onto it, as that cause white (skin cells) on it. If that happens wipe it with a dry rag and it is gone.
      Only wish we would have done it sooner!

      1. Oh yay! Those all sound so lovely! I am so excited to get on that. So many other things keep pulling me away though! lol xo

  9. I am so hoping you bought that headboard. It is amazing. In a few weeks I’m going to be painting one wall in my dining room Naval by SW. I really love that color. Can’t wait for your next post!

    1. Hi Kimberly! No, that one didn’t come home with me. Although I am in search of a king headboard, it just wasn’t what I have in mind. (I have some plans with grasscloth for a headboard) OH nice! That is in the lead right now…and Indigo Batik. xo

  10. You always find the best stuff, but I can say that our ReStore here in Jackson WY just reopened…and I made a beeline for the store. I got an over sized electric recliner w/a USB port…it is a great chair as a replacement for one that the mechanism is broken. Have you ever had to replace a recliner mechanism? I LOVE this broken chair, but want to replace the mechanism rather than remove the chair. Is this a silly thing to do?
    Also found a great headboard for $29. stuffed oatmeal colored linen. LOVE it and can hardly wait to get it in my room.
    This last Feb I helped a friend redo a room in Navy, gold and pale yellow. It was fantastic. Good luck on your room, I have one room painted w/a navy wall and it does show every ding, and it took an entire gallon to cover the white wall, so I would say paint a dark primer on first. Looking forward to your next redo email.

    1. Oh I forgot that my friend also has a navy wall. She used a fantastic wall paper w/gold on it . The paper looks like navy and gold were smeared on the wall. I’ll find out where she got it and post.

    2. Oh gosh, no, I have not ever had to replace that mechanism. I’m not sure that is a silly thing at all. I would bet they have those for replacement somewhere!
      Great find on the $29 headboard!!
      And your friend’s room sounds lovely! Great tip on the primer. I’d love to see the paper she used. :) xo

  11. Nice haul!!! YES!!! Prices have gone up ;(
    I have to comment on your last blog about the stripper comparing. I have used Citristrip for years and LOVED it. Worked awesome…always. Before your post I had just bought a new one. I thought it looked a bit more “orange”….brighter. I was surprised when you said it didn’t work as well. I was going to return it (before opening it) but was anxious to get on my project. Well… sucked BIG time!!!! I was NOT a happy camper!!! I was going down to get something new, when I thought I am going to return this…why should I be stuck for $12.00. I did!! at Home Depot. Told her it didn’t work and the company needs to know. They gladly took it back. So!!! the point of this is: RETURN your opened unused portion!!! The company NEEDS to know it doesn’t work!!! We are UNHAPPY about this!!! I never would return something opened and used..but I did!!!!
    How else is the company going to know??? If they start getting tons of refunds…they will fix it.

    1. Yes, they sure have!! And what in the world? Why do these companies do these things. Gotta make you wonder what might have been in them in the first place?? Maybe they had to reformulate? Who knows?! It’s just beyond me. Just like that saying …if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! lol ugh! You’d think they know, I’ve seen so many comments from unhappy people all over the web. Craziness!

  12. I got out In the last couple of weeks and hit up some of my favorite antique and thrift stores and found some awesome things! Our local Ross and Burlington stores were really empty looking after things opened up. I would have totally brought home at least one of the rectangle basket/trays and that round metal mirror! That table and chairs for $60 is a steal, looks like it wouldn’t take much to make it look good! I’m guessing you might have bought the box with the mirror and the basket trays! Also, loving the indigo batik color, reminds me of denim!

    1. Yes, I noticed the same thing at TJ Maxx and HomeGoods…empty! I was so excited to finally go and then whomp, whomp, whomp! lol And you are good!! I may or may not have brought all of that home! ;) The Naval and Indigo Batik are tops right now! xo

  13. You came across some great finds! That first dresser was so pretty!! I hardly saw any furniture at all, but lots of smalls! I can’t wait till we can get together and thrift again! Miss you, my friend! XOXO

  14. Oh, what fun you had. I love some of the ‘stuff’ available to you folk over there in the states.
    I seek circular mirrors at the moment and 2 friends let theirs go FREE to Church Jumble Whoa-as me!! There has to be one coming up with my name on it soon.
    These are to hang along with a few others above our sitting room mantel.
    Our place is a small Tutor cottage which is very slowly having some renovations carried out. The setting is woodland New Zealand Native forest.
    One day some of you over there may get to see this lovely prisitine country. Our Borders are still closed so Covid-19 does not enter and we can’t even go out to our destinations of choice…Japan to our son and family and Australia to visit with cousins.
    Stay well and don’t be in too much of a rush to meet and greet one and all!!
    Liz Pryor,
    We’re in our 70s so I hope it will get done before too late???!!

    1. Oh, I hope so, Liz!! You’ll find them soon. Your home and where it sits sounds just lovely! I can just imagine. :) I wish that we will all stay well from this terrible virus! I am very cautious but it is certainly hard to be with so much of it around. Wishing you a very wonderful weekend!! xoxo

  15. Hi, I am in upstate/central NY and the thrift stores have raised prices to the point that some items are higher priced there than originally brand new. I also think people dumped stuff at the Rescue Mission and Salvation Army drop offs during lock downs, and it got ruined and had to be dumped. That costs the thrift stores money.
    As for HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Ollie’s, Tuesday Morning, Marshall’s…not much of a selection.
    This might be due to problems in the “supply chain”. Nothing was being shipped from other countries, especially China, and docks, airports, etc were shut down as well.
    Today we have more 90 degree heat so I went air conditioner shopping- prices for those have about doubled as well.
    So, I am rethinking and reimagining what I have on hand….

    1. I have found the same thing, Sue! I think it is just as you say though, supply chain issues, etc. Oh no! AC doubled too? That’s crazy. We are having really hot days too here on the coast of VA. I know my cousins who live up in MA hardly have to use AC. I can’t imagine! It’s always crazy hot down here. :) xo

  16. I’m not as talented and creative as some of you. But I did score big at my local Restore. An exquisite Drexel Heritage dark walnut table and 8 chairs for $500. No refinishing needed or wanted. I’ve been looking for something quiet but sophisticated for a long time. And this was it. So happy. And the cushioned chairs are super comfy.

    1. Oh, that sounds amazing, Lynn!! What a deal! And even better, no refinishing! Congrats on your find. :) xoxo

  17. You always find such wonderful things! Your bedroom is coming together beautifully. I think the
    darker blues are very heavy looking, the Indigo Batik seems to go better with the direction of your room. But it is difficult to see on line. I will go shopping with you whenever you want to go, and I have a CRV which holds more than you might expect.

    1. Yes, I’m leaning towards that one. I haven’t had a chance to go get samples. I hope to do that today. :) Then paint up on the wall to see which one wins! ;) Keep an eye out on Instagram (if you use that) because I’m sure I’ll share there when I put a few samples up on the wall. Aw, that’d be fun! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Kay! xoxo

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