Paris Side Table Makeover (Themed Furniture Tour)

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This lovely little Paris side table needed a little love and paint.

Paris Side Table Makeover - Before - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

Hello, lovely friends!
I’m back today with another furniture makeover…for Themed Furniture Day.

Every month my friends and I create a furniture makeover around a specific theme.
If you want to check out our previous themes and makeovers, click here —> Themed Furniture Makeovers.
This month’s theme is … “small tables”.

So I made this small Paris Side Table.

Paris Side Table Makeover - Lamp Black Milk Paint - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint
I actually had it in my garage waiting on a makeover anyway.
It’s small so I chose it to do for this theme and share with you all.

This is what it looked like before….. (it’s kind of a light green, in case you can’t tell)

Paris Side Table Makeover - Before - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

It belongs to a friend of mine and I’m redoing it for her.
She doesn’t know I’ve got it done OR that I’m sharing it here today.
She’s in for a big surprise!! ;)

Hope she likes it!!

She also has this –> French Typography Coffee Table in her home.
She picked up that one after I painted it and brought me this one makeover to match. ;)

Anyway, it was a little wonky and in need of some repair as you can see there on the top.

Paris Side Table Makeover - first attempt at repair - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

I thought I could just glue and clamp.
Not so much.
The top became very curved when I put it back together. (I’m guessing it was a bit warped and why it cracked in the first place)

Then as I was painting the black legs I noticed the top was actually on upside down.

That’s right. The pretty decorative edge was underneath.
So I pried it off and put it on the right way.
(along with some added screws for tightness)

Paris Side Table Makeover - fixing upside down top - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

See the decorative edge? That was underneath!

After I screwed it back together I used wood putty to fill the crack.

I let that sit overnight and sanded it the next morning.

Paris Side Table Makeover - Sanded and repaired - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

Soooo much prettier with that edge on the right side of the table.

I used {*affiliate link}General Finishes Milk Paint Lamp Black.
for the legs and edges.
And I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in a blend of Pure White/Country Grey for the tops.
I used Edge Lock tape and it works great at keeping the paint where it’s supposed to be!

Paris Side Table Makeover - Country Grey and Pure White Blend - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

In full disclosure.. ;) … I did have a bit of bleed through after the first coat of Chalk Paint on the top.
(dark spots from the wood)
So I took it outside and sprayed a bit of Shellac over it.
I let that dry and then applied 2 more coats of paint.

All good!

Paris Side Table Makeover - Top Painted with Chalk Paint - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

…and ready for this pretty “Paris” graphic I chose.
It’s called “Paris Wreath” and you can find it on The Graphic’s Fairy here –> “Paris Wreath”.
I printed it to size using blockposters . com

Paris Side Table Makeover - Paris graphic - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

If you visit my “signs” page you can see other projects (with tutorials) on how I transfer images like this.

Transferred and now hand painting it in.

Paris Side Table Makeover - Hand Painting Graphic - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

…and done….

Paris Side Table Makeover - Painted Graphic Before Distressing - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

I wanted to “distress” it to give it a little bit of a worn look.

So I used a very fine sandpaper and rubbed across the painted graphic.
Then I sealed the whole piece of furniture with High Performance Sealer from General Finishes.
(one coat on all, two coats on the top)

Paris Side Table Makeover - Up Close - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

I love the way the slight distressing softens the graphic….

Paris Side Table Makeover - Paris Graphic Top - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

Paris Side Table Makeover - Side View - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

Quite a bit different….

Paris Side Table Makeover - Before Broken Top - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

And don’t you agree about the top? So much better now that it’s turned the right way!
(not to mention, it now matches the bottom shelf)

Paris Side Table Makeover - Side - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

Paris Side Table Makeover - Milk Paint Base - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

It’s never ceases to amaze me what a little paint (and elbow grease in this case ;) ) can do!

Paris Side Table Makeover - Before and After - #paris #makeover #chalkpaint #milkpaint

Be sure to see what kind of makeovers my friends gave their small tables below!

Happy (almost) Weekend to you!

Check back later this week when I share this beauty! (you don’t want to miss this transformation!)

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!!



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  1. Wow, great transformation! It must have been a “what in the world??” moment when you found the top was on upside down! Love the graphic you chose. I’m sure your friend is going to be over the moon thrilled!! Thanks for the detailed tutorial and the links!

    1. Thank you Christina! It sure was!! ;) I’m glad I did because it looks so much better the right way.

  2. Beautiful transformation!!!! What brand wood putty do you use…..I have tried several and not happy.



    1. Thank you Rose! :) Too funny..I love that! I’ll be sure to let her know! ;)
      Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Paula!
      I hope so, she hasn’t yet! ;) Yes, it was crazy! I’m so glad I noticed because it really does look much better right side up. A lot more work but worth it!

  3. Your friend is going to love this! I need friends like you:) Very cute! I love the small table theme. I have a slight addiction to small tables. Honestly, its a normal conversation (disagreement) that my husband and I have on a regular basis:)

  4. I think this is one of the most beautiful makeovers I have seen!!! I know how much work you put into it–your friend will cherish this gift!!!

    1. Thank you Donna :) That is so nice!! I appreciate you thoughtful words! I hope she loves it! I think she will. :)

    2. Donna, Yes I will! I told her that on the phone today. I just had to comment of what you wrote about my table because this little table and my coffee table I already received from Nancy are my most favorite pieces in my whole house! They came from her heart!! That makes them so much more special to me! I am truly blessed with her friendship!

      P.S. I love how cool the legs pop in that black too!!!!

  5. Your friend must be so pleased with her table. Love the color combination and of course the lovely French graphic. Nice job Nancy!

  6. The table looks wonderful, Nancy! Your friend is going to love it. You always do such nice work. And good catch realizing that top had been placed on upside down. That’s pretty crazy. It does look so much better right side up. xo

  7. How crazy the top being upside down was & large improvement. The old color, on the computer anyway resembled Versailles. The General Finshes black is dreamy. Have you ever used ASCP cream for any projects?

  8. I meant to add a second question – your outdoor pieces – what do you use to help protect them from the weather, especially rain?

    1. For ASCP, it really is best to leave them unsealed. I have a few pieces that I’ve waxed that have held up good though. ( but they are technically not “out” doors. They are on covered and/or screened porches)
      I haven’t done done the unsealed in full outdoors though, so can’t say 100% on that.

    1. Thanks Tami!
      Yes, lol, a lot more than I first thought! But yes, it was worth it, it is revived and ready to be reloved again! :)

  9. Nancy, I love you so much! You knocked this refinishing job out of the park! Who would ever know that was my old worn out green foyer table! BEAUTIFUL!!! And yes ladies, it’s all mine! You turned it into a work of art and I LOVE IT! Now it will have pride of place when guest enter my home. I can’t believe I never notice the top was upside down! Thank you for being such a great friend for almost 25 years! You really Bless me with this one girl!!!

    Bobbie Jane

    1. Thanks Bobbie! Love ya too! So funny about that top! And so happy you are pleased with it! :)
      See ya soon!

  10. You ROCKED IT, Nancy!! Love the turned legs and that you use the same transfer method I do. I love the therapy of hand painting. :)

  11. What a great transformation. The top looks so much better now. That is weird how it looked like it was upside down. I love your decorative eye and talent. You made it a beautiful piece for your friend. (Lucky friend)
    You work looks amazing.

    1. Thanks Meegan!! :) It was so weird how it was before! I can’t believe someone missed that and put it on upside down!
      That alone made it all the better! ;)

    1. I can do most things like that…but I don’t ‘saw’! I let my husband do that. ;) And yes, French, always!
      Thanks Kathy!!

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