DIY Decorative Clay Pots with Herbs (decorating challenge)

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It’s themed Thursday — > Decorating Challenge.
We do it every month (and hope you have joined in by now! ;) )
If not, I’ll have a link to the Facebook group at the bottom of this post so you can join in next month.

This month’s theme — “decorating with clay pots”.

Decorating with Clay Pots artsychicksrule

I decided to make DIY Decorative Clay Pots with Herbs.

DIY Decorative Clay Pots for Herbs - Mint, Cilantro and Rosemary

So my clay pots are cute and decorative but also serve a purpose.
They were really easy to do too. That’s the best part!
I’ve always wanted to grow my own herbs but never have.

I bought the 3 pots, bases and round wood medallions at Michael’s. (with a coupon, always!)
I bought the herbs at The Home Depot.

DIY Decorative Clay Pots for Herbs - Materials

The paint I used was General Finishes Snow White and Persian Blue.
You can use any craft paint however.

I painted them white first.
Just one really quick coat that didn’t even cover well. (on purpose)
Then I used a dry brush and dipped the ends into the Persian Blue and wiped almost all of it off.
Then I “dry brushed” that onto and around the pots and base.
You don’t want a lot of paint on it at all.

DIY Decorative Clay Pots for Herbs - Painted White and Dry Brushed with Persian Blue

For the photo medallions:
– I snipped a piece of each herb, laid it onto a white background and took a photo with my phone. (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge)
– Then I used a photo editing app to make it look a bit like watercolor. (Pixlr – “silk” effect)
– Then I edited them again in Picmonkey (cropped them into a circle and added the words)
– Next, print them out in Word to the correct size needed. (I used some white shiny label paper that I already had. You can use regular printer paper and then Mod Podge or glue them to the disks also)
I used this same technique in this post here — > Simple & Thrifty DIY Coastal Wall Art

DIY Decorative Clay Pots for Herbs - Design and Print Labels

Cut them out and attach to the painted medallions (I painted them white underneath)

DIY Decorative Clay Pots for Herbs - Wood Circles from Michaels, Paint and attach Label

Then once the paint was dry on the pots I transplanted the herbs into the pots.

I drilled two small holes into the top of the “tags” so I could pull a piece of rope through.
DIY Decorative Clay Pots for Herbs - drill two small holes for the rope

Then I tied them to the jar and …done!

DIY Decorative Clay Pots for Herbs - Rosemary

DIY Decorative Clay Pots for Herbs - Mint

DIY Decorative Clay Pots for Herbs - Cilantro

DIY Decorative Clay Pots for Herbs - Easy!

They look great on this coral colored tray (it’s Chalk Painted) outside on my screened porch.

I’ve also had them inside on my island some too.
I’m loving the bit of green they add.

DIY Decorative Clay Pots for Herbs - Keep them on a tray so you can move to the sun

DIY Decorative Clay Pots for Herbs - SO easy!

DIY Decorative Clay Pots for Herbs - Easy DIY

But keep them on the table outside for the mid-morning sun wash they get out there…..

DIY Decorative Clay Pots for Herbs - In the sun

Hope you enjoy if you decide to make some too! :)

EASY DIY Hang Tags! DIY Decorative Clay Pots for Herbs

Be sure to check out what my friends did with their clay pots this month too.
And I can’t wait to see what you did with yours!

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  1. Hi Nancy ~
    These are the cutest little pots ~
    What a great idea..
    I am going to use this for my herbs…Thank you for sharing.
    Much love,

    1. Thanks Paula!
      I know I wanted that on the tag but couldn’t find any that I liked online (or that were “free” use) …so I made my own!
      That’s what we do, right!! ;)
      Have a great weekend!!

  2. I can’t wait to try this – keep coming up with your FAB ideas – I love them allll!!!!!!!!!! AND-your directions are simple and helpful, NOT too wordy!!!

  3. I really enjoyed this makeover, (of course, I enjoy them all!). The round discs were especially appealing. Thank you for this reminder and all the details you provided! You make it seem so easy to do, but I am sure there are many steps to creating the photos, painting, etc. They turned out so pretty and useful too! Have a great week!

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