Happy May Giveaway!

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Happy May friends! Let’s get this summer started off right with a fun new giveaway!

Hello beautiful friends!! 

It’s giveaway time! The last giveaway I did was in March. It’s time, right? Yep!

Because I love you all. And I am so very thankful for each and every one of you. And I want you to know it.  I love being able to share here with you, all the projects, the processes, the cringy moments, the failures, and the wins too.

I am so happy when you comment and tell me that I have inspired you to do something in your own home or with a project, etc. That is the biggest win ever…and why I do this.

I am humbled by the fact that I am able to inspire. So thank you for always taking the time to tell me when I do.

Guess what? I also want to help you along with your next …or even first…DIY, crafty, thrifty, make your home beautiful project on a budget, path.
You could say “inspire” but maybe I could say “enabler”. ;) I might have a lot of husbands (or wives) not so happy with me! lol

Do you know how many times I’ve heard my husband say….and still to this day…”Whatcha gonna do with that?? (SO many times lol…which actually translates to…WHY do you need to bring that into this house?? haha)…Um, well, I’m gonna give it a fun new makeover so I can show my friends and help to inspire them on their own projects…duhhhh!”

Anyway, I hope to help you decorate your home…on a budget. Or tackle that DIY project you’ve been contemplating. And have the courage to make over those thrifty finds and more. All the while having fun while you are creating that amazing space, or making over those forgotten treasures. Or maybe even creating something beautiful for gifting. Or even for a side income. There are many reasons for wanting to makeover things and make them ready to be reloved.

So, here’s the deal.
I did plan to share another makeover from my recent haul (I have all of them done except for one) but I really wanted to get this giveaway going because I have all of these things “IN MY CART” right this second.

And that is key because I wanted to do a giveaway last month and everything I wanted to give away was out of stock. So, hopefully I can send all of these things to you*. (I am going to send directly from Amazon this time so I can’t order until I have the winner’s address)

I am going to order Monday, June 1st. So fingers crossed!

*If for some reason something is out of stock by the time this giveaway ends just be assured that I will substitute whatever it is out with something just as wonderful. :)

Here’s what I’m giving away:

Lots of goodies to get you going!

That is a set of 4 transfers, by the way.

I have the same set and I’ve used 2 of them so far.

The “Welcome” one here >>> Guest Room Welcome Box and this one…

But I can’t share that one yet. It’s done…so you’ll see it soon though!

Can you guess which one of the recent haul finds I put that pretty transfer on??

Tell me if you think you know.
It would be fun to see if you are right! And I will tell you if you are. ;)

Here’s how you enter:

To enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter below.  Enter all or as many as you like for more chances to win.

Once the contest is over, the Rafflecopter will choose a winner at random.
That’s it!
(if you have trouble with the Rafflecopter box below, you can visit this link to enter instead, “Happy May Giveaway“)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends Sunday, June 1st at 12:00am EST.
After which, one winner will be chosen at random and notified via email.
You will have 48 hours to respond. If not, another winner will be chosen.
You must be 18 years or older (and a US resident) to participate. Void where prohibited.

Good luck everyone!!
I hope you have a wonderful week.



  1. I think it is the lidded box on top of the jewelry box. It is brown with a flip latch. I am pretty sure that is what you used the transfer on. I am excited to win this beautiful prize, I NEED all of these supplies. Thanks for having the contest.

    1. The yellow case looks like it needs a new life with a transfer on it. Love everything on the giveaway! I have a 1930’s chest of drawers that would look perfect painted Coastal Blue. Thanks for your kindness with the gifts. Hope the sun finally came out for you to enjoy Monday!!

    2. I am want to paint an antique dresser the coastal blue, or maybe my kitchen island. I love your reading your posts and find them inspiring me to try new things. I want to restrain my antique dining table and chairs that my grandparent refinished when they got married in 1949. I want to try the poly stain you have used. The set is currently the orange-y color and my grandmother would kill me if I paint it but it desperately needs an update. I will share pics when I finally get to it.🤞

  2. I’ll say that you’re using these items on the wooden lidded box. I can’t say that I’m guessing this cause I already saw your completed project on Instagram!! Great job! And a big THANK YOU for another awesome giveaway!!

  3. You had put that gorgeous transfer on that guest room Welcome Box.
    That Coastal Blue paint is such a pretty color that I do have a small 3 drawer dresser / night stand that I would love to paint in that color.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway opportunity.

  4. I love all your ideas! Thanks for sharing them with us. I would probably paint this cute little foot stool I got at a flea market and a plant stand I got at the thrift store.

  5. What a generous giveaway! All the items would be great to use on projects. Thank you for thinking of your followers! I was going to guess that you would use the transfer on the lidded wooden box.

    1. I’m going to say the lidded box. Your projects are so inspiring. I have done a few since the pandemic started that I haven’t had a chance to tackle. I have a large cabinet that I want to do something with so i would use the blue for that. Thanks Nancy for everything!

  6. Hi Nancy, I am going to guess the light colored box on the left. I follow you on Instagram but I dont ever see your feed.
    Wow, what a great giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win this bundle. Very nice.

    1. Oh no!! What I do know about Instagram (and well, Facebook too) is that you have to interact with the feeds that you want to see the most. Meaning, you would need to search me (or whoever you aren’t seeing) out and then like, comment on some of our posts. That will tell Instagram that you like what you see and want to see more. Same with the stories. The people who I watch stories of regularly are always first in my list up at the top. Hopefully that helps!! :) Good luck on the giveaway, Cheryl!! xoxo

  7. I’m going with the storage box. Whatever you use the transfer on will be great! Thank you for the giveaway and I always look forward to your posts.

  8. I’m looking for a simple stool for my kitchen from a thrift store or to try to build on my own and I would paint that. I need wood and paint. Great giveaway. Thanks.

  9. I am going to guess the lidded box. What a generous giveaway. The paint would be perfect for a project I am going to do in my bedroom!

  10. I have a very large serving tray that I have been holding back on painting. The navy paint in your giveaway would be perfect on it!

  11. Nancy, you are so generous! Sharing your knowledge, tips and now another giveaway! Wowzers. I am excited at the idea of winning. :) I know anyone would be.

    1. Oooo I forgot… I think the Coastal Blue would look absolutely divine as a “distressing” color on my one mirror frame I painted white! :)

  12. Hello Nancy! Very excited about this giveaway. I have so many projects that I would like to do and would love to try that blue paint and especially that transfer. Thank you for sharing this with us all. Don’t know what it’s going to be, but looking forward to your next makeover!

  13. I have a flatware box that would look beautiful in this color, I think. Thank youja for this opportunity.

  14. Thank you for the giveaway! The colors are so pretty. You used the transfer on the lidded box and it was gorgeous!

  15. I have a little 3 drawer dresser I bought to turn into a jewelry hutch, and the Coastal Blue would be perfect for it! And I’m thinking maybe you used the transfer on the metal flower bucket. It would look pretty on that. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  16. They would all look good with the transfer, but probably the lidded box. To win would be so delightful! But if not, it’s still delightful to read your posts and get ideas. Thanks for always sharing!

  17. Love love your posts! You inspire me every week. We recently purchased a beach house in SC and am decorating with, of course a blue pallet. Navy is one of my accent colors. Found fabulous old oars and painted them white and navy. Anxiously waiting to see an update on your own beach abode!

    1. Oh how exciting!! Congrats!! I love SC beaches (and coastal SC). We used to live in Lexington and have family in Mt. Pleasant. :) We are at our beach house now…and have been writing lists of all the things we need to do. It’s long!!lol But we hope to get started very soon. xoxo

  18. I think I will paint as many things as I can squeeze out of the can to put in my booth. I love when I see your blog pop up in my inbox.

  19. My guess would be the tray..or the frame… but I’m sure you will create something lovely no matter where it is put!

  20. I would use the coastal blue on a piece of furniture that I have and maybe an old lamp. I love all of your ideas! Thank you for sponsoring this contest. I would love to win!

  21. I always look forward to each post of yours to see what beautiful transformations you have that inspire me. I’m positive you used the transfer on the lidded brown box! By the way, I have a fascination with boxes! I love to find intriguing boxes. In fact, I have an unusual one that would look wonderful redone in the Linen White with details in the Coastal Blue! The wooden box is kind of large and looks like it may have been used as a jewelry box before. It’s about 16″ tall and 12″ wide. It’s currently a plain white and had ugly lining in the drawers. I want to make its new life gorgeous!

  22. What a fabulous giveaway. I’m thinking you are going to use the transfer on the taller hat box thingy.!
    I love the butterfly tray you did recently. What a gorgeous transformation!
    I’m not sure what I would paint with that navy paint. I guess I would have to let it inspire me. 😊

  23. Oh! I would use the blue paint in our lake house. We found one oar in the shed when we moved in, and I want to paint it, add some cleats, and hang it in the bathroom as a towel rod!

  24. Coastal Blue and Cotton for lighting up bedroom pieces for family and guests! I haven’t used these paints before, but would LOVE to try my hand at it! The transformations with your found pieces are amazing! My fingers are crossed!

  25. Some one already told us what you have used it on, so I will tell you what I would do. I think I would try it on that yellowish box on the left. Blues are my favs! Thanks for doing this. I love all your work!!

  26. Nancy, you make me tired! LOL You have the energy of three people. And I so laughed and understood when you said your hubby would ask, “what are ya gonna do with that?” I have heard that so many times. LOL We just retired and moved to our home. The paints could be used in so many places – and your inspiration will help me make this place ours. Thanks for the chance!

  27. I would paint the side table I have in my workshop. I have beautiful paper that will match perfectly to decoupage the drawer! Love your posts! So creative!!

  28. Hi Nancy,
    My grandson lives with me and my husband and his bedroom has a nautical theme. I was thinking of chalk painting his wood dresser, the coastal blue would be perfect!

    Thanks for the chance at this awesome giveaway.

  29. Your ideas are so wonderful and exactly what I love! I recently bought a large old wooden utensil holder and would paint that and stencil with the give away items! Thanks!!

  30. Hi there,

    Thank you for all the inspiration.
    I am going to use the Coastal Blue as a base colour for a frame. Looking forward to it for sure. Love to play around to see what happens


  32. Thank you for the opportunity! I recently bought a Featherweight machine and want to paint the case it came in and would LOVE around paint it that lovely blue!

  33. Love your ideas! And these products/colors are gorgeous. Thanks for doing the giveaways.

  34. Thank you for doing this generous giveaway!! We are trying to renovate a house we moved to, so that, along with a room full of project pieces that need some freshening up, I have many, many places that I can use your paint and transfers…..along with your wonderful inspiration!
    You have already done the lidded box and the tray, so I am going to guess either the metal vase thing or maybe for inside the picture frame?? Can’t wait to see!!! :)

  35. I have a 1940 Secretary I’ve been waiting to repaint and distress. would look eye catching in Coastal Blue.

  36. HI Nancy! I have several pieces in my basement that may work great with the coastal blue. Leaning heavily to using it on a buffet. I so look forward to your newletters!

  37. I have a dresser that I have hidden in my closet because I totally painted it the wrong color and was hiding it. I would make this over and bring out to my bedroom.

  38. Hi Nancy,
    I honestly have no idea! Lol
    I have so many projects in my stash!
    I think my husband feels the same way with all my “treasures” 😊
    Possibly a sewing table…

  39. I want to paint my black headboard. Coastal Blue might be the perfect color! Trying my first chalk paint project now, thanks to your driftwood mirror tutorial. 😀
    Love your content! Keep up the good work!
    Lisa in SC

  40. I really want to try some of the things you try! Haven’t gotten he courage yet but if I keep reading/enjoying what you do I am hoping I will!
    Thanks for letting me subscribe and comment!

  41. I think you used it on the metal vase! I have a dresser in my recently redone bedroom that will look beautiful in blue 🙂

  42. I’m guessing the box on the left will get that transfer! I was so glad to see your post on the Navy furniture. Navy is such a hard color and I’ve had that color in the back of my mind for an old china cabinet in the garage. I think Coastal Blue will be it! Thanks for such a great and generous giveaway! 🤞🏻

  43. I would love any of the items for the giveaway! They are all terrific! Thanks for the opportunity!

  44. I am going to paint a small bench I have in my laundry room with the Coastal Blue…it will look awesome and give it a much updated look!

  45. Hi Nancy, i know it’s NOT on several of these pieces, and you’re testing my memory now! i’m thinking it’s on the bottom box on the left of the photo! thanks for another great giveaway!

  46. You always have great projects to share with us! I would love to win and use all of these wonderful products! Thank you!

  47. I have a 2 drawer dresser with mirror which was my Mother’s when she was growing up that would look great in the blue. Since I am 69 you can guess how old the dresser is!!

  48. This is a good one! How generous and kind of you. I’ve been wanting to try that color on Bathroom cabinets, but didn’t want to risk buying it and it turned out the wrong color. I want something a little brighter than true navy. Thanks for the opportunity!

  49. I think you will use the transfer on the lidded box. Generous give-away you are setting up. I’m glad your husband supports you in all your creative endeavors, even tho he wonders what you’ll be doing with all your treasures. Silly man……LOL. Never impede the creative process!! Last year I thrifted a tall lingerie chest that needs some painting. Like the paint in your give-away. When my son and his roommate carried it into the house, they commented it looked like a coffin on legs. Silly boys…..LOL.

  50. I LOVE YOUR IDEAS!! I think I’d paint my buffet sideboard thing – I got it off the side of the road at a bizarre “yard sale/maybe it’s free/ok we’ll sell it to you for $35” situation, crammed it in my minivan, and refinished it. Ir needs new life though!

  51. I have an old oak dresser in our guest room that is in desperate need of a makeover. She would look lovely in the Coastal Blue paint
    Love all your posts – they gov3 me some many good ideas

  52. I love all your projects, and it’s like opening a present to see every one of your beautiful projects. I’m thinking the transfer would look elegant on the flatware box. I have always wanted to try the Prima transfers, and hopefully that will happen soon, whether or not I win your prize package! Thanks for coming into my home every day with your beautiful and unique projects!

  53. I have an old antique dresser that has been calling for part navy, part rehabbed wood. Thank you for the opportunity! ❤️

  54. Sweet giveaway! And right now, I really need a distraction, just one little break from sewing all day!
    I think I’d definitely paint my bedroom armoire. I’ve been wanting to for so long, and I think this is just what it needs!
    Thank you!

  55. I love this giveaway!! I would share it with my daughter who is doing a lot of crafting and up cycling these days. We would use the coastal blue on some end tables that we are currently re-doing. I’m glad to see those transfers included. After seeing your pieces you have done with them inspires me to want to try that. Thanks again!

  56. What a generous giveaway – thanks for sponsoring it.
    I will use the coastal blue to paint my mother’s cedar chest.

  57. Thank you for the giveaway! Lots of fun stuff! I’m not sure what I would paint with the Coastal Blue! I love blue and have it in quite a few rooms in my house, so I may have to go searching for something new (old but new to me!)!

  58. I will use the Coastal Blue on a cabinet my son made in HS many years ago and is still raw wood. It is in my living room and needs a nice color on it and it would match perfectly with the rest of my furniture in Coastal Blue.

  59. My best friend loves navy blue. I’d like to paint a dresser or a side table for her, maybe with some coastal stripes (I’ll bet you could mix the white and navy to get a pretty lighter blue. 🙂

  60. That is a favorite color of my MIL so I would definitely find something for her. The white I have stacks of things to use on!

  61. Such a Fabulous giveaway! The Coastal Blue would be perfect for some thrifted furniture I have collected for my She Shack that my wonderful husband is currently building for me! Thanks for the opportunity to win😊

  62. Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway! I have a 3 drawer dresser that I have been thinking about painting a navy blue! This would be perfect! Keep inspiring me!

  63. I would use it on a little table that I have, a project piece waiting in the wings. I just needed a little inspiration. I think the Coastal Blue would do it!

  64. Thank you for this opportunity to win some awesome craft supplies. I think that I will use the Coastal Blue paint on a wooden shelf upcycle :)

  65. Thanks for such a generous give away! I think you will use the lid of the wooden box! I know wherever you use it, it will be beautiful! 😍

    1. Wow, this giveaway is fabulous. Thanks.
      I would paint a chest of drawers that was a horror show when I got it. My nephew fixed the huge cracks in it for me as he does it better than me. The coastal blue would love really good on this piece. Thanks for sharing all your ideas.

  66. My deck currently resembles Sanford and Son’s front yard. Projects galore waiting to be beautified for my booth. I have a lovely twin sized 4-poster bed that would be even better in a beautiful blue! Got my fingers crossed!

  67. Thank you for making me long for Tuesday to come. I’m having so much fun seeing your makeovers. I have a small secretary that I’m thinking of painting white and maybe blue stripes still mulling it over.

  68. I would love to paint a dresser I have in the blue. It’s not in a coastal theme but I think it would give a punch of color in a otherwise blah room!

  69. Hi! My guess for the next item is the upright brown pleathery box that’s missing its handle.
    And what I would paint…..I think an accent stencil on our old drop-leaf table…after I paint it Linen White! : ]
    Hugs, cat

  70. I have been stuck in my house for so long now that I could really use some new supplies! I don’t typically order on-line so I’m running low on paint lol! I would love to win your awesome goodie box! Transfers are something I haven’ yet tried either.Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. Thank you SO much for blogging and thrifting. Would love to have your great eye for things that ‘need me’. Many of mine end up being recycled to the store they came from or another. Also thanks so much for your generous giveaway. I’ll be waiting to hear😁.

  71. Hello!!!! You little enabler!!!! …..with great ideas!!!! I would paint a little end table for a guest bedroom. I have dying to try the General Finishes!!!! Also, never tried the Rust-olem chalk paint!!!
    AND!!!! I love the cutting tools…..this is AWESOME!!!!!
    This is one of the BEST give-aways I’ve ever seen!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
    Have a great day!!!

  72. I think your next project will be inside the picture frame.
    I’d love to try the blue on a basket for my entry way and maybe on a shelf I’m creating from DIY inspiration.

  73. I love all the projects you do. I’m not sure what I would paint in the coastal blue yet but I have a cutlery box that could use a make over!

  74. I love this contest. I would paint a cabinet that I have had for 15 years. I painted a trompe l’oeil type scene and it has been ready to put in the cabinet.

  75. No idea what I’d paint that color but I’m sure I would find something. Love your light and airy home and all the touches of blue that you use. Thank you for the opportunity to win some great items.

  76. I think the flatware box would be so beautiful decorated with the items on the list. I LOVE that blue costal color chalk paint and it would fit just perfect with my living room. Paint is impossible to find around here during the pandemic- the shelves in the stores are empty. Keep safe!

  77. I would love to learn and experiment with the chalk paint. I have never used it before and I think it would be fun project to try.

  78. I think the lidded box would be a wonderful choice. I would use the blue paint for a chest that is now black, but is longing for a change!

  79. My house is full of “Nancy” inspired furniture. You gave me the courage to paint my first buffet and even to buy an Ikea sofa. I paint for our home. I have a 4 shelf cabinet that would look lovely in navy! I painted it a mint with white wash years ago and now it’s time to change it up. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  80. Your last post was using different blues and finishes. I am not a fan of blue but the way you redid your dresser just pulled me in. I have a buffet in my garage that belonged to my late mother-in-law. I’ve been trying to pass it to her granddaughter but you know being sentimental is not the trend. If I have to add a room to my house that buffet is going to be painted like your dresser and I’m keeping it. She kept it in her formal dining room and some of the drawers are lined with velvet. I will try to send pictures and get your opinion about it. Thank you for helping me step out of my comfort zone. Like your husband I’ve always been “don’t paint the wood”

    1. Oh that’s great!! Yes, that blue will definitely pull you in. ;) Send pics to me and I will help you if I can! (just send them to my email) xoxo

  81. Wow, what a nice giveaway! Thank you!!
    I think the wall box would look good using these products.

  82. You put the transfer on the brown box with the latch and made it a Welcome box. As always, lovely!

  83. I love your giveaways! I have a small shelf I plan to paint and put up in my guest room. I have collectibles from my mother and grandmother I want to display. The coastal paint should compliment the teal walls in the room!

  84. IThank you for hosting a giveaway! I would use this paint to makeover a toy chest for my 8 month old (today) grandson, Bryce. He lives in NYC, but has been staying with us in NJ since Covid-19 has had such a devastating effect on the city. After 2 1/2 months of being displaced, I’m not sure he remembers his nursery, but it is adorable blue, white and seafoam with an aquatic theme. He needs a toy chest for the growing pile of toys and I have one that needs to be revived and renewed!

  85. I have an antique picture frame that I want to turn into a mirror that would looks amazing in Coastal Blue!

  86. Nancy, I enjoy your blog so much, and your before-and-afters are so much fun to see. Thank you for this lovely giveaway. I would like to use that Coastal Blue paint on a hard maple rocking chair that my mother bought when I was a child, and a very old low wooden table that was my children’s Lego table.
    I love seeing your posts in my in-box. Your living room make-over was so much fun to see. Gorgeous.

    1. Thank you, Nancy! It is so nice to finally be finishing all of our home projects after all these years! (and I am so happy you enjoy the blog and projects:) ) xoxo

  87. Hi Ms Nancy, What an awesome, great giveaway! You’re the best.
    The items in the giveaway would inspire/enable me to redo an entry way table or bench. I can picture it now. I think you will use the transfer on the brown box. Thanks for the chance to win such a fantastic prize package.

  88. Awesome giveaway. I have a side table, candlesticks and a picture frame that I would love to paint Coastal Blue.

  89. I really enjoy your blog. Unlike some others I have grown away from, I love the hauls – we could be sisters lol. Looking forward to new ideas and although competition is thick, hope to win the materials in the giveaway too haha. Have a great day and thanks for what you do.

  90. I have a rattan chair on my front porch that I’d like to paint the coastal blue. I’ve been saving it for just the right color.

  91. I would probably paint our bedroom side tables blue. I always look forward to see what you are going to makeover next!

  92. We moved to a new state a year ago and I’d love to paint the mantle! You are so creative, so many wonderful ideas!

  93. Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway. I have a lovely little chest in need of some TLC; think it would look great in blue.

  94. Thank you so much for such great ideas., The problem is now I am addicted to thrifting and have a huge stash too but no store! You should see all the trays I have around the house, I will use this paint for a large cabinet that we have for our TV.

    You are a great inspiration.!

  95. The guest room box! What would I paint coastal blue? Everything! Okay, really, the desk in my craft room would look great in coastal blue and white!

  96. You have the best visions for “stuff”! I love how you make tired everyday pieces come to life.

  97. I would guess the lidded box will receive the transfer! I would paint a bookshelf with the Coastal Blue paint.
    Love seeing how you transform thrift shop items into gorgeous “new” things!

  98. It has to be going on the oblong lidded box. The tiled tray already has curves and the picture frame is not it. Its the box.

  99. My bucket is so full of things I want to paint that I am not really sure which one to use the coastal blue for. However, my first thought is my guest room that I used for kids with Bunk beds, and a captain’s bed. I have a night stand that I would like to do in a blue and to go with the other blues in the room. I think you used the transfer on that cute wooden box with a lid. Thanks and stay well.

  100. My in-laws gave me a buffet by Duncan Phyff. They covered it in black paint. My husband tried sanding it and re-staining the doors, but nothing else. I want to sand the top and re-stain it and seal it, but I want the rest painted blue. Coastal Blue would be perfect. I also say where on sides they added wall paper. I would like to add Flamingo wall paper. But haven’t found one to match blue.

  101. I think I’ll paint this adorable, small vanity table I found at a local antique store. It has the most beautiful little legs on it! Coastal Blue sounds like a perfect color for it.

  102. I think you will put the transfer on the round container on the storage box on the left side of the picture.

  103. You always have cool giveaways. I have a couple pieces that I need to redo and would love to try this brand

  104. Since everyone else thinks the box is your next makeover, I’ll trust them and agree! Thank you for the generous giveaway and for the chance to enter.

  105. I love your before and after photos of your home. I don’t think I would have had the vision you and your husband did. It’s so beautiful now and much brighter!

  106. Navy blue is one of my favourite colours and I would l paint a couple of serving trays with this colour.
    I think you will use the transfer print on the tall metal container (looks like a maple syrup pail)

  107. I would so love to win this prize giveaway!! I’d like to use the coastal blue on a sideboard I have. Love the projects you post!

  108. I’m thinking the French flower bucket. But I’m ready to be surprised. Whatever it is, I’m sure will be fabulous. Such a generous giveaway, Nancy!

  109. What a wonderful give away. I have a curb shopped large mirror that needs painting to go with our decor. This would be a great first step!

  110. This is a generous giveaway!! Thanks!
    I think the transfer would look great on the suitcase!
    I have a dresser in my beach house that will look fantastic with this Navy Blue paint!!

  111. Gosh, I’m totally not sure what item I would paint with Coastal Blue…. maybe a little oak console table I have. I’ve been wanting to paint that!

    Thank you for the great giveaway, Nancy! So kind of you! xo

  112. Hi Nancy, I can’t believe it is already the end of May, wow, even with this pandemic time if flying by. As the restrictions lift, I am looking forward to seeing more of your projects and of course, thrifting with Christy videos too. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway. Give Ryder a big hug for me, he is one adorable boy. Stay healthy and safe.

  113. Love the beachy blue and hope to do a boot box that is on my back deck.
    My colors are red, white, and blue Americana, so the navy will fit right in!

  114. I’ve been itching to paint portions of this small roll-top desk I found while thrifting in Coastal Blue. How did you know that’s exactly the color I wanted? And the topcoat will be perfect! Thank you for this kind and wonderful opportunity~

  115. Hi Nancy, I think you used the transfer on the bigger (case) under the blue box. What a great give-away and thanks for all the inspirational advise and all your little chats.

  116. Love your work, so inspiring!! Not sure what I would use the blue paint for but know it will definitely come in handy, plan on purchasing a new couch and am going to get it in denim, with a navy blue leather recliner so think it will be a perfect match to my new living room do over!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing giveaway!!

  117. I love the color scheme in your home, it’s my favorite. Haven’t tried the transfers yet but I adore them. I have a super cute cabinet in my home office that I think the blue would look perfect on. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  118. Oooh, Coastal blue is the starting point for my whole family room! Thanks for all the inspiration

  119. Hi Nancy! I’m a flower lover…so I tend to love all the floral transfers you use on your creative re-dos. I think my entries for the giveaway took, but would not let me leave a comment. I love to dabble in trying to recreate some of your ideas, on a more novice level. Practice, practice, practice, right?! Thanks for helping teach us what can become of all the “uglies” in the world and learn to recycle the old. =) Blessings, Ally

  120. I would use the coastal blue on an antique blanket box which is going to be a wedding present for my great-neice later this year.

  121. You inspire me with all your projects. I just have to take a big leap and start painting. I have an antique sewing cabinet that would be lovely in blue.

  122. Good morning!
    What an exciting give away! I’ve not used transfers before, but I think I would choose your lidded box to experiment on. The paints that you will be giving away would be perfect for a small mcm “chest” that I have which needs some love. What a generous give away and thank you for offering it to us! I have been following you for a few years now and always look forward to your posts- especially during this coved lockdown😊

  123. Hmm, one of the boxes on the left or perhaps, the easy route of just using the framed picture and making a lovely, new piece. I have a bookcase that could use a beachy lift, what a great giveaway. Since it is hard to get out thrifting, I love that I get look at your finds and kind of have the same thrill of hunt and discovery. Thanks for your creativity and for the time you put into your blog…you would be a dream neighbor.

  124. I’m going with the crowd, and guessing you’ll use the transfer on the lidded, yellowish box. I would use the coastal blue on an ornate, hanging shelf. I love your blog and get inspiration from many of your projects. I am also answering the “what are you going to do with that” question posed frequently by my husband. My answers are usually sarcastic though…”see how much dust I can get to accumulate on it while it sits in a dark corner of the shed”.

  125. Hi Nancy, What a fun give away! I’ve been wanting to try some chalk paint. Thanks for sharing with “us.” :-) I think you used the transfer on the black case on the left. Am I right? Whatever, I’ll look forward to seeing it soon. Have a great summer!

  126. Oh–sorry. If I won, I’d probably paint my nightstand. It’s been waiting for a makeover!

  127. The first thing I will paint with coastal blue is a nightstand in one of my guest bedrooms.

  128. I have the perfect side table for that blue! Always enjoy seeing you in the inbox!

  129. I’m so glad you love inspiring others because I love your inspiration! I am making some shelves for coats that that blue may look good on. I plan to make at least one with a collage of colors (I don’t know what that technique or style is called so I’m going with that, lol). It would be so pretty with blue and gray and maybe even yellow. It would be fun to play with it! I think you used that transfer on the lidded box on top of the jewelry box or the big vase/bucket thing. Can you use those transfers on metal? If not then not that one, haha!

  130. I have chid’s desk and chair that i would paint with the Coastal Blue. Thanks for a great giveaway and this opportunity to see all your great projects!

  131. Beautiful blue! Would paint and old commode that belonged to my grandmother to use as a night stand in my bedroom. Thank you for sharing all your great ideas and inspiration!

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