Corinth Blue Milk Paint & Decoupage {Free-Letter Tray Makeover}

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Last week I painted this table with General Finishes Persian Blue and Snow White Milk Paint.
I mentioned in that post I’d be sharing a new color (that I LOVE) this week. It’s *Corinth Blue Milk Paint (also General Finishes).

….and it’s GORGEOUS.

I used it on this….

Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover with Decoupage - Before - #corinthblue #decoupage #diy #milkpaint #generalfinishes

It is a very bold color so I decided to try it out on this little letter tray first.

Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover with Decoupage - Before - #corinthblue #decoupage #diy #milkpaint #generalfinishes (8)

I have several and got most of them for FREE! Free is always good, right? ;)


I’ve already made over several others,  like this one–> “Vintage” French Fruit Tray and this one –> Decanter Tray .

Here is the newest one with one coat of Corinth Blue applied…

Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover with Decoupage - Before - #corinthblue #decoupage #diy #milkpaint #generalfinishes (12)

It’s really bright. I know.
But I adore this color (and even more so with a glaze over it to tone it down)

I ended up using two coats to cover fully.

As I mentioned above, I decided to tone it down a bit with the Java Gel Stain and Wipe On Gel Topcoat.

I mixed a bit of the Stain into the Topcoat and applied with a lint free cloth.

So easy.

Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover with Decoupage - Before - #corinthblue #decoupage #diy #milkpaint #generalfinishes (10)

Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover with Decoupage - Details - #corinthblue #decoupage #diy #milkpaint #generalfinishes (9)

I love, love how it toned the color down perfectly AND settled into all the grooves in the wood box.


I used wrapping paper for the decoupage. I just measured and cut it to fit.

Then used *Mod Podge Glue, Matte Finish
mixed with a bit of water to attach.

Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover with Decoupage - Mod Podge - #corinthblue #decoupage #diy #milkpaint #generalfinishes (13)

Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover with Decoupage - After - #corinthblue #decoupage #diy #milkpaint #generalfinishes (7)

I applied a coat of poly spray over that to seal.

This little tray could be used for all kinds of things.
Perfume bottles, decanters, decorative items, cookbooks…the possibilities are endless!

I styled it a couple different ways…

Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover with Decoupage - #corinthblue #decoupage #diy #milkpaint #generalfinishes (4)

…as “bar” decor for decanters.

Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover with Decoupage - #corinthblue #decoupage #diy #milkpaint #generalfinishes (5)

Isn’t that blue beautiful?? I love it with that glaze over top.
I’m seeing a large piece of furniture with this color in my very near future.

Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover with Decoupage - #corinthblue #decoupage #diy #milkpaint #generalfinishes (6)

With some accessories….

Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover with Decoupage - #corinthblue #decoupage #diy #milkpaint #generalfinishes (2)
Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover with Decoupage - #corinthblue #decoupage #diy #milkpaint #generalfinishes (1)

That’s the mirror I “made” by spraying the glass with “Looking Glass” Spray paint.
You can read more about it in this post –>here.

Another shot with the decanters …. my favorite look, I think.

Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover with Decoupage - #corinthblue #decoupage #diy #milkpaint #generalfinishes (3)

It just looks so pretty with all of the crystal glass inside.

So…what do you think? Do you LOVE this color as much as I do?

I’m really enjoying using this paint too. It’s so easy to work with and I love the stain and topcoat too.

I’m planning a wood project makeover with those two products soon. I can not wait to try them on a wood finish. (no paint)

Well, this was a quick and fun little makeover….made from a “free to me” old wood letter tray.
I just wanted to put this paint onto something small and quick so I could share it with you all.

It really is worthy of being a show piece and will be painting something a bit bigger next go round. ;)

Corinth Blue Milk Paint Makeover with Decoupage - Before - #corinthblue #decoupage #diy #milkpaint #generalfinishes (11)

And so much better than just tossing these old trays out!

Paint and make them pretty to be used and re-loved.

I’ll be back on Thursday with a fun “knock off-inspired by” project  ($260, their cost…but my version cost less than $30 total to make!)

See you all then!! :)

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  1. I LOVE the GF! And that color is GORGEOUS! I did a table top with the java gel last night and one coat covered amazingly (i’m adding the second coat today). My client wants the bottom done in an antique, distressed white – but boy would I LOVE to do it in blue!!!! I’ll convince him to try that blue somewhere! ;)
    Can’t wait to see Thursday’s post Nancy!!!

    1. Hey Lilli! :)
      Oh…I’m with ya!! Although that distressed white is gonna be gorgeous with the Java! LOVE that stuff too. I’m getting ready to do a small piece with it…and trying to find a big piece for that one too!
      ;) Today…I’m working on my Thursday post. (I’m behind..had a little hiccup, or two!! lol)
      Have a great day!!! xoxo

  2. Love the corinth blue color, especially with the dark gel stain. I’ve never tried General Finishes products but I’m seeing more and more bloggers using it on their projects. You certainly have me intrigued. Your tray makes a perfect mini bar and the pretty black & paper you lined it with is perfect. Question for you Nancy, why do you water down the modge podge? Does it not create more bubbles?

    1. I am just starting to use their products and really liking them. You should try out a paint to see what you think! :)
      I water down the Mod Podge because it seems to be easier to work with for me when it’s thinner. Sometime when it’s too thick I end up ripping the paper trying to smooth it out.
      I don’t notice bubbles but I don’t do a lot of decoupage! :)

      1. I hear ya Nancy re: ripping the paper using full strength Modge Podge – been there/done that! If you’re not noticing more bubbles by thinning it out then I must try this technique on my next decoupage project – thanks for the tip!

    1. Thank you Chris! Can’t wait to try this color on a big statement piece (or at least it will BE a statement piece once this color goes on! ;) )

  3. Love this color and the black and white paper you used complements it perfectly. I wish we had a Woodcraft in my town. There is one in Roanoke but we rarely head that way. I might have to order some GF paint to try.

    1. Thanks Paula! You can order online on Amazon too if you don’t have a store close. Some other, smaller retail stores may carry it too. I have another like that here but they only carry limited colors so I just head over to Woodcraft. They have it all.

    1. Thanks Leslie!! I am in love with this color and am getting ready to head out to furniture shop just for it!! ;)

  4. I’ve never heard of Milk Paint ‘ in Australia, can you tell me what is the difference in this, than ordinary paint.
    Is it similar to ‘ Chalk Paint ‘, I have heard of it but, never seen it in Australia at all.
    I know you can paint fabric with ‘ chalk paint ‘. Love this tray too, also love the site, so many great ideas. My friend in America told me about it, I haven’t looked back since. xxx Thank you cheers , Jean

    1. Hi Jean!!
      Thanks so much for the message! :) I would not say that this particular milk paint is similar to Chalk Paint. Regular milk paint is similar and share some of the same properties as Chalk Paint though.
      This is an acrylic based paint so the name Milk Paint is probably a little misleading in that way. It is a wonderful paint though!! Steps above latex (in my opinion) and I do still love Chalk Paint too.
      These will be the most used by me in my makeovers. :)
      Thank you for the sweet words about the blog….I am so happy your friend recommended it to you! :) Happy to have you here!
      Hope you have a wonderful day and are enjoying your Spring in Australia …as we are venturing into Fall here.

    1. Oh I knew you would love it!! I think it looks quite similar to your turquoise. I am loving this color!!! And the Java glaze over top is a winner too. Too funny you have the same paper! I used it on another project a couple years ago. (inside the drawers of a black desk I painted for a friend’s daughter) I originally planned to use a colorful paper I had but at the last minute did the black and white.
      So glad I did!

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