Coco Chalk Paint Antique Side Table

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I’m sharing another Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color today, Coco Chalk Paint.
This adorable little antique side table was picked up at a community garage sale last year….for $7

Coco Chalk Paint Side Table

I had already painted my Coco Chalk Paint dresser and drawn this same graphic on the front a few months earlier.

Coco Chalk Paint Dresser -
I loved the combination so decided to do it on a smaller scale with this.

I had already filled in a bit with wood putty when I took the “before” picture.
But you get the idea. It was in need of some love.
Just like a lot of the things I find!

So it got painted with Coco Chalk Paint .
And graphics from The Graphic’s Fairy.(I only used part of this particular graphic)

It’s only one of MANY she has on her blog.

Here is it painted with the Coco Chalk Paint. I had not drawn or painted on the graphic yet.
For a more detailed “projector method” tutorial, check one of these 2 posts,  here or here.

(Those are my handmade, all natural soaps in the background. I sell them at my shop.
I might just do a natural soap making tutorial some day so keep a lookout if you are interested :)  )
Updated to add: Natural Soap Making Tutorial

Coco Chalk Paint Antique Side Table / Artsy Chicks Rule
For the graphics I used Graphite Chalk Paint watered down just a bit.
I then went back over and filled in, as needed.

Want to know about 26 other chalk style paints?
I’ve got the low down for you right here! >>> 26 Types of Chalk Style Paint For Furniture

I finished up with a coat of Clear Wax & Dark wax (mostly clear with a dab of dark mixed in).
Distressed  only very lightly.

And here it is finished….

Coco Chalk Paint Antique Side Table / Artsy Chicks Rule
I decided to use the same hardware. I liked the natural aging that it had and left it as is.
I know it covers up some of the font but I’m okay with that.

PIN this Coco Chalk Paint project for later!

LOVE this color!! Coco Chalk Paint and French Graphics!

This one went to the shop and is sold.
But isn’t it just adorable with that graphic? I just think it adds a special touch!

Be sure to check in later this week to see a bunch of makeovers I did! This is just one of them.

UPDATE!!! You can see it now, here!!

Want to see even more furniture makeovers? Click here.

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  1. Looks wonderful. I also love using the overhead projector to do projects..but my hand is not so great at painting it. Question- Do you water down the paint a bit to paint the graphic? Mine gets gloppy or it just might be my bad painting skills. haha

    1. Hey! Thanks so much. I have used other transfer methods but love doing it this way the most because I feel I have the most control over it. Yes, I actually do water it down a bit. I usually water it down and then hit most of it again quickly to “fill in” where needed. It does take a bit of a steady hand, I agree! ;)
      I forgot to put that in my post (what I painted it in with) so will edit it! Thanks!!

  2. I love it! You’re so talented ;) I’d love to go to your shop sometime. What scents do you sell in your soaps? I love soaps!
    Happy day, Nancy!
    xoxo- K

    1. Aww thanks Kaara!
      Oh I do all kinds! lol They are all made from scratch, cold process. Here’s a few…Patchouli/Rose, Vetiver/Orange, Sandalwood/Citrus, Buttermilk/Oats, Lavender/Jasmine, Lime/Coriander, Ginger/Grapefruit, Milk/Honey….and on and on. ;) I blend up different essential oils as the mood strikes me! (those all have more than the 2 listed…they are just the main ones in the the soap)
      Happy weekend to ya!! :)

  3. I love it! It turned out just great!You are so talented! Crossing my fingers today. Hubby had to go to Georgia for a business meeting. Hoping he gets back soon enough to go with me to a local thrift store to help pick up an awesome dining table. The top is horrible….something added later, but the base is awesome. It has been there since December and marked down to $10 and today is 1/2 price day! Hope I can get it!!!!

  4. You are a Nancy of all trades! : ) I didn’t realize you made soaps too. How nice. I would love a tut on how you do it. And your piece of furniture is beautiful as usual : )

    1. LOL thanks!! ;) Yes, I used to have a soy candle/ natural soap company …I started in 99 and ran for about 7-8 years. It was fun and actually very successful but SO busy…too busy for a mom with small children (at the time). So I took a step back and moved on. I don’t make candles anymore but I still love making soap!! I will post a tutorial soon for you. :)

  5. found you on Brag Monday at graphics fairy site..
    love your beautification project…I am awaiting my first shipment of chalk paint so I can do pretties like this!!!.. will bookmark you for future reference..
    diane from uxbridge canada

    1. Oh great! I love the Graphics Fairy.. Her and her fabulous graphics!! :)
      Oh how fun….you will love it! I do and use it all the time. It’s my favorite go-to product for sure!
      Thanks for visiting! :)

  6. I love this!! I’m visiting from 3 Mango Seeds. I love how you spread the graphic across the entire face, not just on the drawer. I recently discovered the Graphics Fairy…she really makes it easy for us to make cool stuff, eh??


  7. I love it! It turned out awesome. I used Coco on my grandmother’s sewing machine table and love it. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week. So thrilled to have you share with us. Have a great weekend. :)

  8. I absolutely love your furniture revamps they are amazing! I’m about to start painting some furniture for the first time and you’re site has been invaluable for advice and ideas – I never knew you could paint a chair!
    A quick question – is the stencil you used here A4 or A3 size?

    1. Aw thanks! :)
      I don’t know but here are the dimensions of the stencil…. Sheet: 24″x26″ design: 21.5″x 21″
      Hope that helps!

  9. Hi do you know anything about this table?? I have the same exact one, but it has no markings or name and I’d love to find another to have two in each side of my bed!

    1. Hi Annaliese,
      No, I am sorry, I sure don’t. It came from a garage sale and I sold it after painting it.
      I don’t remember any markings either.

  10. I inherited a table like this one, except mine has two drawers. The top one is outfitted for sewing thread etc. and the front of the drawer is hinged and drops down. It’s been a long time in storage, but after seeing your lovely table, I think i feel a paint job coming on! I love it that the table is all wood, but not the red finish. You didn’t mention bleed-through. Did it?

    Now to decide what color to paint it……which I can think about while raking the garden for spring planting. Thanks for the inspiration, Nancy.

    1. Nice! Yes, this one had a dark finish but I don’t recall any trouble with bleed through. It’s been some years since I did this one but I’m pretty sure I didn’t use any kind of primer or Shellac.
      That’s the fun part, deciding the paint color! I’m so ready for spring. It looks like we have some warm temps headed our way here….so happy and hope it stays! I’m ready for some spring gardening, too. :) xo

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