Drawing… A Little About My “Artsy” Past

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Happy Friday Everyone!

A little deviation today from the home/furniture projects.
I’m going to tell you a bit about my “artsy” past.

The name of this blog isArtsy Chicks Rule” after all!

So, for example, drawing.
I love to draw.
I used to do all kinds of drawings.
Mostly charcoal and pencil, black & white.

But it has been awhile since I’ve done any, something like 20 years or so.
Except when I revisited it recently at my local Fine Arts Center.
I took a drawing class that was much fun but sadly I still don’t have the patience (attention span)…or the time to devote to it.

I took the class because of this little guy I drew (4 years ago) while my family and I waited for our dinner on vacation in the OBX. (Outer Banks of NC)
We were at Mama Kwan’s. Great little restaurant if you ever visit there.
Best fish tacos ever, btw!
Drawing... A Little About My "Artsy" Past / Artsy Chicks Rule
I drew it with my son’s colored pencils…green because he liked green….and even signed my ‘artwork’ for him. ;)
That was the first thing I had drawn in almost 20 years. I was amazed at myself that I could still do it.
I realized I missed that creative outlet. No matter how long it was short lived. ;)

Here is my “project” piece I started working on for the class.

I totally envisioned hanging this in my home once complete. Silly me.
Drawing... A Little About My "Artsy" Past / Artsy Chicks Rule
The picture on the left is a street scene I took while in NYC a few years back.
But as you can see from the drawing on the right, it has not been completed.
So. Much. Detail.
Why did I choose this for my first project for the class???
Overconfident and set up for a FAIL.
So yeah, that’s my problem with drawing. Although I LOVE to do it, it is time consuming.
And I lose interest.
I am just a little too type A most of the time (all the time, who am I kidding? )

Key words for the first picture in this post….”I drew it while we waited for our dinner”.
Quickly…with no time to lose interest.

Anyway, I vow to finish it one day! Maybe. Probably never.

This picture is actually a “shadowing” lesson we had during class.
It’s just a sheet draped over a chair with a light shining on it.
Drawing... A Little About My "Artsy" Past / Artsy Chicks Rule
I took a picture of the sheet and setup so I could finish it at home.
I actually enjoyed doing this one. Go figure.
It was sort of like seeing the sheet come to life on my paper and that was kind of exciting to me!
It’s also not quite finished…it’s floating in mid-air instead of sitting on a table.
Oh well.
That table held no interest for me once I was done with all the folds and shadows in the sheet.
Type A at it’s finest. Or ADD.
These are a few I drew ‘back in the day’ in my old sketchbook.
20-something years ago.
I vividly remember doing this one. Those kernels were tedious to say the least!!
Drawing... A Little About My "Artsy" Past / Artsy Chicks Rule

Drawing... A Little About My "Artsy" Past / Artsy Chicks Rule

And these are from around the same time…they were actually newspaper advertisements.
I wish I had saved the ads! (SO 80’s!!)
I cut out the small ads and then drew them larger onto my sketch paper for practice.
Drawing... A Little About My "Artsy" Past / Artsy Chicks Rule

Drawing... A Little About My "Artsy" Past / Artsy Chicks Rule

Drawing... A Little About My "Artsy" Past / Artsy Chicks RuleNot great! But I wanted to practice doing faces which were hard for me.
The eyes especially so!

And this one I never finished…..who me? Not finish? Say it isn’t so.
Drawing... A Little About My "Artsy" Past / Artsy Chicks Rule I have more….but I will spare you.

I think I have just always been fascinated by the transformation. Like the picture above….you can see the little bottle that I had yet to shade and “bring to life” next to the one that almost looks as if you could grab it off the page. I loved doing it because I loved seeing that transformation appear before my eyes… out of nothing.

And I think that’s why I love to paint so much! I love to watch the transformation.
It is just so thrilling and satisfying to me.
Today my “artistic” side is filled with painting furniture, painting and changing up home decor and decorating.
(over and over…my poor husband…so glad he doesn’t mind change!)

What are some of your creative outlets? Or artsy, creative things you love to do or make? And don’t say you don’t have any or can’t!! I truly believe that every single one of us have some type of artistic, creative ability.
You just need to tap into it.

I’d love to hear what yours are!

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    1. My gosh girl, I’ve been all over your web site and it’s like I’m watching a doppelganger! You are so much like me, it’s scary! You do such gorgeous makeovers, very inspiring, such talent you have. Love your site, all your work, and btw, not sure if you’ve ever read Please Understand Me 2 by David Keirsey (or is it Kiersey?) it will floor you! I’m an ESTP, and I’ll bet you are too! I love to draw but don’t have the patience, I’m addicted to the instant gratification thing and am totally into taking flea market/thrift store finds and reworking them-and I adore finding new uses for old things. I’ve done artsy things all my life, painting, drawing, photography, airbrush, etc. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I’d like to do, and maybe finish up one of the 20 projects I have going. :)

      1. Hey there!
        Thank you!! And wow,yes, you do sound like you are describing me…every last detail, even up to the 20 projects at a time! ;) So funny!! Love that.
        I have never read the book but will definitely take a look. And I know I have taken that personality test before but I don’t remember what I was now!! Will have to check into that just to see.
        Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I love finding and talking to like minded folks! :)

        All the best,

  1. I love these! You are a great artist ;) maybe I can have you do something for me someday! Have you ever sold your art? I like to do acrylics on canvas every now and then. I always feel inspired by things, but when I get home I too lose motivation because I’m a little add I guess.
    Happy Friday!
    xoxo- K

    1. Aww thanks Kaara! :) Oh no, never sold my art. I have never really sat down and completed anything that I could sell! I did do some similar drawings ( like the fruit, corn drawings) for my sister, mom and mother in law, framed and as a gift…..about 20 years ago. But that’s it really.
      I don’t do acrylics. Never got into that! I can draw but I’m not sure I can paint….furniture, yes, pretty pictures???. ;)
      Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. Those are beautiful! My goodness, you are so talented. My creative outlet is my house. I change things constantly. And thankfully my husband is very patient and agreeable!

    Thanks for share your artwork! ~Laurie

    1. Oh thank you Laurie! So sweet! :) My creative outlet is my house now too. :) And the changing I can totally relate to. Sounds like we have similar husbands…but they have to be, right? ;)

  3. Hey you! I so love your drawings!! I can relate to getting antsy while working on them! I was an art major and it is a long process to draw and paint! I think you should keep it up because you have such a great talent! Even if they are fast sketches! Those are sometimes the best anyway!!! I don’t have much time either so I try to paint and whip things out when I can…maybe one day! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work! You should seriously frame some of those lady!

    1. Hey!! Thank you!! :)
      That is so cool you were an Art major!! Bet you have done some lovely stuff.
      And thank you for the sweet words. :)
      Yes, the little pup was a quick sketch. I can handle that!! lol It’s the very detailed ones that I just don’t have the patience for sadly.
      I say, maybe one day too!!

  4. I feel as if I am reading my life story through your post. I am a VA girl too . I have done so many crafts , repurposing items, repainting, decorating…. It’s an endless circle. I too loose interest sometimes & may revisit to finish years later. I am an artist as well. Having reclaimed my talent after 30 plus years. I found a lady in my. Community who inspired me to talk classes @ her studio. I go once a week for three hours to paint. I found my medium to be watercolors. Being slightly ADD(recently tested)… I find watercolors move fast, therefore I don’t get bored. I strongly suggest that you find a way to tap into that talent of yours. Take the love of paint & apply your talent to paper. Diane

    1. Oh so neat! Yes, I’ve had my hands in so many crafty things my whole life. It’s just who I am! You sound like me that way. :) So great you got back into it!

      I am sure I will revisit it at some point!! Maybe even the watercolor. Sounds like it may be a good fit!

  5. Your street scene is very impressive & could be concidered finished. Some artist show depth by leaving distant areas unfinished. I think you’d be surprised how nice it would look framed.

    1. Aww thanks Aimee :) I had not even considered that. I think you may be right. I will have to try it.
      Thanks again for the idea and the fresh set of eyes! I had only seen it as incomplete.

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