Antoinette Chalk Paint with Decoupage

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Tissue paper is the perfect medium for decoupage. I’ve used it several times and the design choices are many! I’m sharing a sparkly tissue paper, along with the soft and feminine Antoinette Chalk Paint in the perfect shade of pink.

Antoinette Chalk Paint & Tissue Paper Decoupage! #antoinettechalkpaint #chalkpaint #decoupage

This is a little Antoinette Chalk Paint oldie that I’d never shared before.

I painted (and decoupaged) this little table probably 5 years ago now.
I recently came across these photos and thought I’d go ahead and share it will y’all since I really love using tissue paper as decoupage.

And because I haven’t really shared this gorgeous color, Antoinette Chalk Paint.

It is the perfect shade of pink. Not too dark, not too light and not “bubblegummy” pink at all.
It’s a very sophisticated pink and I love it.
As a matter of fact, I have an old antique dresser that I think is just begging to be painted this color.

Antoinette Chalk Paint & Tissue Paper Decoupage! #antoinettechalkpaint #chalkpaint #decoupage

What do you think? Yes?

I’ve had this dresser in storage for about 2 years now, maybe longer.
I think it’s time I get on it! ;)

Sadly for this little table, I have no tutorial photos.

Antoinette Chalk Paint & Tissue Paper Decoupage! #antoinettechalkpaint #chalkpaint #decoupage

But I can tell you what I did, and what I used. :)

And I can share my other tissue paper project tutorial, here.

Here is what this one looked like before….

Antoinette Chalk Paint & Tissue Paper Decoupage! #antoinettechalkpaint #chalkpaint #decoupage

Antoinette Chalk Paint & Tissue Paper Decoupage! #antoinettechalkpaint #chalkpaint #decoupage

I actually had 2 others.
They were sort of “nesting” tables but they didn’t nest. ;)
This was the baby, then there was a middle size and a larger size.
I sold them all except this one…..

Antoinette Chalk Paint & Tissue Paper Decoupage! #antoinettechalkpaint #chalkpaint #decoupage

….the largest one.

This one sits in my foyer to this day.
You can read all about the entire decoupage/paint process on it, here.
I’ve also got a photo of the “mid” sized one in this post too.

Antoinette Chalk Paint & Tissue Paper Decoupage! #antoinettechalkpaint #chalkpaint #decoupage

I sprayed the base of this one white and then gave it a brush with a pearlized white paint.
You can see this one is missing the round wood bottom that the other two had.

I just adore that Antoinette Chalk Paint color. I really do think I’m going to have to use it on that dresser I posted a picture of above.
Then maybe a white, pearlized stencil of some sort. :)

Antoinette Chalk Paint & Tissue Paper Decoupage! #antoinettechalkpaint #chalkpaint #decoupage

Love this Antoinette Chalk Paint Pink like I do? Or maybe the tissue paper decoupage?
PIN it to save it for later!

Antoinette Chalk Paint & Tissue Paper Decoupage! #antoinettechalkpaint #chalkpaint #decoupage

Want to see even more decoupage projects? Click here for more.

Hope you have a wonderful week!



    1. Agree! I didn’t expect to like the pink when I first read your post, but it’s lovely: very ‘pearl’ and soft.

  1. Your table is stunning! I love the pink color and the white base is simply gorgeous! Love that detail under the drawer/bottom of the table. The tissue paper is fine. I also like the drawer pull. Where are you going to use this beauty?

    1. Thanks Barbara! It’s so sweet! This is an old project that I’m only now sharing. I sold this about 4 years ago. :) I use the largest one (the blue butterfly one) in my foyer though! xo

  2. The tables are stunning and WOW tissue paper decoupage oh I cannot wait to go back and look at your other decoupage items

  3. Adorable! The decoupage is such a nice touch, too. I love Antoinette and have a can — just trying to find the right piece for it. I have a roll-top desk with hutch on top that I’m considering, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t sell. (I don’t have room for it in my house.)

    1. Thanks Lizzy! :) I totally understand about finding the right piece. I’ve had this can for a long while and haven’t used it much at all. It’s a gorgeous color though! I have the same concerns as you, it not selling. But I’m going to go ahead with the pink on the dresser so we’ll see! ;)

  4. I would have to go with the iron hook, it is awesome. Next would be the red knobs!

    I love your blog and FB page! Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway!

    1. Aw thanks Sandy! So happy you like the blog and my FB page too! I love sharing pretty and fun stuff on both. :) Good luck to you! xo

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