30 Fun Summer DIY Projects {a round up}

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Hey guys!! Can you believe summer is already half way through??
I can’t and I absolutely hated typing those words just now!! 
I hope you’ve all had a wonderful one so far. Mine has been very nice…but going by like a flash!
I tell ya, I’m going to soak in every minute of what’s left.
SO… in case you are also not ready to hear those words…like me…I’ve got a bunch of  fun summer DIY projects for you today!
A few of my blogger friends and I put together a fun little round up of summer goodness for you.
Just scroll down and take a look…then click on each to see the full post!
Fun Summer Projects - artsychicksrule
I’ll be back next week with my Guest Bath “before & after” photos (and another fun round up) so be sure to stop back by then!!
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  1. Why is it that summer flies by so quickly? The kids here start school on Monday, ugh. I wanted to take them to lake a few times, just us girls. I need to get busy making some projects, been in a slump since I finished redoing our living room. Except for a big flag I made for July 4th and 4th. July banner. Flag is still hanging on our front porch rails. What kind of projects will you be doing? Anything specific in mind? Would love to find old door to make one of those porch beverage stations, love how that looks.Love all projects you featured.
    I can’t believe we’ve only been to Highline lake (state park lake 7 1/2 miles from our house) one time. Trying to get hubs to go is like pulling horses teeth. We have a special spot on west side of lake with it’s own beach, nice area to lounge with fire pit and shelter. I can float all over as it’s like a bay. Only reason hubs agreed to go was for my b/d with our daughter/family. We used to all go many times during summer but things just changed as her kids got older. They like to be where the action is, (where boys are, they’re 14 and 17). We like our spot so our dog can go into water whenever he takes a notion to and he loves to swim now. If we go to side of lake where action is he has to be on leash.
    We have to go to Junction so need to get quick shower/hair wash. There’s another thrift store I want to go to, see what they have, went to our local one yesterday, didn’t get much. I buy my reading books there, hard backs are 50cents and paper backs 25cents, can’t go wrong for that. Found nice wicker waste basket also, want to paint it. Have a great day, before we know it the weekend will be here, another week shot. Happy summer days

    1. Oh that’s quick! We don’t start back until after Labor day! I am enjoying the rest as best I can! :)

      Good luck at the thrift store…that’s always fun! I haven’t been much at all this summer! I need to! (well I really don’t ;) …but I want to!)


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