“Happy Fall Y’all” Chalkboard Art Tutorial

Happy Fall Yall - Chalkboard Art Tutorial - Fall Decor - artsychicksrule.com #chalkboard #art #sign #falldecor (19)

Happy Fall Y’all!! Does it feel like Fall yet? I’ve got my porch decorated for Fall so I suppose it does.  I’ll be sharing that with you all shortly. But first I’m going to share with you something I made for Fall this year.  This “Happy Fall Y’all” Chalkboard Art Sign….. SOOO easy. Really. I had this old frame I bought at the thrift store awhile back.  I have no idea what I paid for it now but it was probably in the $1 range.  I don’t pay more for them usually. I pulled it out and was going to

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Best of DIY Link Party {Coming Soon!}

Best of DIY Link Party

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend….. I wanted to take a minute to let you know about a fun post I have coming for you all this Friday. It’s a “Best of DIY” link party.  You can link up your best DIY projects — such as: crafts, projects, home decor, home projects, etc. I, along with 26 other bloggers will also be sharing 2-3 of our very best, most favorite DIY projects with you as well. If you also decide to share your projects on Facebook or Google+, be sure to include the hashtag #BestofDIY so it

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DIY Fall Wreath { Fall Themed Tour}

DIY Fall Wreath - Fall Themed Tour - #fall #falldecor #diy #craft artsychicksrule.com

You guys ready for FALL?? All decorated up? Ha! Me either…I’m resisting. Which isn’t hard considering it’s hot and humid still. BUT it is about that time.  So I joined up with a bunch of other bloggers to create something for Fall in a themed tour.  I decided to create a DIY Fall Wreath. I’m a crafty girl and make all sorts of things but I honestly can not remember if I’ve ever made a wreath. How crazy is that?  Seriously, I have done every crafty thing you can think of in my lifetime.  But not a wreath. Hmm.  I

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Page’s Thieves Market {dreamy vintage galore}

Pages Thieves Market - Mt Pleasant SC - Vintage Antique Goodness - #vintage #antique artsychicksrule.com

Hello my wonderful friends!! I shared with you all recently our trip to Charleston/Mt. Pleasant, SC and Asheville, NC. I mentioned that I’d be sharing my visit to the ever popular and FABULOUS Page’s Thieves Market in Mt. Pleasant next.  Well today is the day!  Be ready to feast your eyes on dreamy vintage galore.  I’ve visited this market before (see it here) and have now made it a regular stop on every visit down to see my family. And who wouldn’t? They have THE best stuff….just take a look – It’s actually a table. I thought it was a sign

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10 Thrifty (inexpensive and easy!) DIY Signs You Can Make

10 Thrifty (inexpensive and easy!) DIY Signs You Can Make 1

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. My son went back to school on Tuesday. I just can not believe Summer is over already. It flew by this year!  I am looking forward to Fall a little (only a little!). But I’d be happiest if we could skip right over Winter and get right back to Spring.  You are with me on that right? Fall till about January and then Spring until about May/June, then Summer.  PERFECT.  Oh well, I can dream anyway. So, today I’ve put together 10 DIY signs that I’ve created that you can create

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$5 Thrifty French Paper Decoupage Table {themed makeover}

$5 Thrifty French Paper Decoupage Table Makeover - Finished -artsychicksrule.com #decoupage #french

It’s themed furniture day!  Every month a few of my blogger friends and I get together and create a makeover around our chosen theme.  This month’s theme is DECOUPAGE.  You can see previous month’s themes here –> French, Metallic, Bright, Floral, Travel and Numbers. I love decoupage and have done a few other projects with it. This Butterfly Decoupaged Table , “Vintage” French Fruit Tray, Decoupaged Soup Cans and this OBX Latitude & Longitude Table. For this one, I decided to do a French Paper Decoupage. Did you happen to catch the price??  FIVE dollars. Well, $5.25 to be exact. But hey, close enough!! ;) 

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Asheville, North Carolina {an adventure of sorts}

Asheville NC Road Trip - Cool Street Performer - artsychicksrule.com #asheville #downtown

Last week I shared our Charleston/Mount Pleasant trip with you and today I’m sharing our overnight adventure in Asheville, North Carolina…. ….and what an adventure it was!!  My husband attended Western Carolina University and his fraternity there was having a 5oth year anniversary in Asheville, North Carolina. We decided to ride down to Charleston first and spend a few days and then leave our son with family there and head over to Asheville for the night.  Then we would head back to Charleston for a few more days and get our son and go home.  We arrived in Asheville at about noon

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Charleston & Mount Pleasant {a recap in photos}

Charleston - Mount Pleasant - a trip in photos - across from HUSK - artsychicksrule.com #southcarolina #charleston

We recently got back from a trip visiting my husband’s brother, his wife and nephew who live in Mount Pleasant, SC. See that menu above where it says “Random Things”?  Yep, this is going to be one of the posts that end up there! No projects, paint, decor or thrifting today…just a little bit of random, food and fun to share with you all. We visit SC once or twice a year and I thought I’d share a few photos of the places we visited while there this time.  I wrote another post last year about our visit at that time with different things/visits…you can

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French Styled Cabinet Makeover {Graphics & Chalk Paint}

French Fabulous Cabinet Makeover Before & After - #chalkpaint

I am so excited to finally be sharing my little French styled cabinet makeover with you all today. It’s been a long time coming. If you follow me on Instagram…you’ve seen it. BUT it didn’t quite turn out like I had originally planned. Nope. It was a bit of a big fat ole fail at first. I had a vision. (that’s a scary thing sometimes…just ask my husband! ) But sadly, as it goes sometimes, the vision and what I actually ended up with were two totally different things. So back to the drawing board it was. And this is what I

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Sun, Sand, Sea {DIY Sign}

Sun, Sand, Sea Beach Sign - DIY - Tutorial - Finished #chalkpaint #sign artsychicksrule.com

I love to make signs.  That’s no question….and not a surprise if you look around my blog a bit. BUT I can only have so many in my own home. So I resort to getting my sign “fix” by making them for others! This Sun, Sand, Sea one was for my sister for her birthday recently. We live on the coast of the Atlantic so the theme for many around here is naturally….coastal. I picked up this old cutting board at the thrift store on one of my visits. (which the intent to make some sort of sign, of course!)

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20 DIY Thrifty Makeovers {Repurposed Items}

20 DIY Thrifty Makeovers - 'Repurposed' - artsychicksrule.com

I have such a fun post for  you all today. One of my …well, two actually…favorite things.  Thriftiness and repurposing…and DIY. Ok that would be three of my favorite things. I’ve put together a round up of 20 DIY Thrifty Makeovers…that are all repurposed items.  I love making over thrifty finds….but I think I love “repurposing” old thrifty items even more! It’s such fun to take something and use it for something other than what it was intended.  I’ve included some of my own “repurposes” and the rest are creations and makeovers from a few of my blogger friends. They are super

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Guest Bath Makeover on a Budget {Before & After}

Guest Bath Makeover - Before and After - Sink -  artyschicksrule.com #makeover #bath #diy

As promised, I am sharing my downstairs guest bath makeover with you all today. And it’s another doozy of a makeover. 1970′s…..to 2004….to today. I know….gold and avocado green tile, sink….pink rose flowered wallpaper. What’s not to love? A lot. In 2014 anyway. (and in 2004 too) Did you notice the (apparent) dog chewed up cabinet? So yep, that’s what we moved in to. And this is what we turned it into….the first go round. During my dark, dramatic, maroon, gold, palm tree, wine, tuscan theme. But we did replace the flooring (although it was temporary….done for $63, the laundry

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