Welcome 2019 – Furniture Makeovers To Come

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Furniture makeovers to come in 2019!

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

Yipee, 2019 is here.
A brand new year full of possibilities. Full of ideas and plans. Fresh and new.
I’m excited.

I’m so excited about all the plans I have for this year, and this blog, and my other little food blog too.
Lots happening this year so hold on to your seat! ;)

Today I thought I’d welcome in the new year with all the makeovers that haven’t gotten done in the past few years.
But ARE going to get done this year. And hopefully, early on this year. :)

It’s just TIME.
No, it’s past time.
Or maybe it’s high time! haha Yes, that’s it.
That’s what my sweet hubby would say…”it’s high time you got busy on those and got them outta here!” lol
So I’m going to.

Some of these furniture pieces have been with me for years…and years. Oops.
And these are not all, just the ones I had photos of.
I have a couple more in the storage units to redo besides these. (I have an old antique tv cabinet, a wine bar cabinet and more)

These are getting their long overdue makeovers and making their way out to their brand new homes. :)
Then maybe I can go back to ONE storage unit. (and then hopefully NO storage unit once we build our new shed)
Not enough time in the day, I tell ya! ;)

Let’s start with this beauty…

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

I paid $50 for this at our local thrift shop.
I couldn’t believe it when I found it…isn’t it amazing????

Yes, it’s missing a few things, knobs, wood trim, veneer is peeling/missing, etc……

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

…but it still had a record from the 40’s on there!! Isn’t that something???
“Why Does It Get So Late So Early?” is the song.
Want to hear it?( you know you do! ;) ) >>> Click here to hear it, it’ll take you right back.
Love, love it!

From what I can gather from a short bit of research, the cabinet/radio is circa Sept/1929. Wow.

And isn’t that speaker lovely? So ornate with such detail.

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

The bottom doors are where the radio is…. ( a little wonky as you can see)

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

They did have a few of the knobs but not all.

The backside….

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

Apparently they had to cut that wood to get those tubes in.

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

I mean, hello?
Intimidating much??
I think that is what my problem with this one was.
I was 100% completely intimidated with giving this one a “makeover”.
To this day, I don’t feel worthy to give it one! lol I mean, look at all those lovely old memories just there.
How do I change, tear apart, paint or whatever??
We did end up having to take the radio and speaker parts out of the back to move it because, wow, those parts are HEAVY.
We still have them but haven’t put them back in yet.

I had considered taking out all the insides completely and making it a bar cabinet or something similar.
But I have this very sentimental side that makes it hard for me to do anything to it.
Especially since someone left that record on there! I can just imagine the days of this piece being beautiful, shiny and new, everyone sitting around listening to the radio or this beautiful song and I can’t bring myself to take it apart. But what do to with it??

And look at it’s sad state.
Honestly, I’d love to restore it. Every single thing in and on it.
But I don’t have a clue how to do that with the insides…so it sits.

So, what do you think I should do with this one?? 

This dresser/mirror set is begging me to give it a makeover.
This is how I found it in the store….years ago.

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

I have a few ideas on this one. Looking forward to getting it done.
I love that it still had the mirror with it.
I think I paid $35 for this set.
It’s got a few drawers that need repair.

Then this one…that I have no clue what I paid at this point.
I think in that same price range (30ish). I found this one at one of our local Goodwill’s.

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

It’s got a really wonky drawer or two and I think that kept me from tackling it before now.
Repair work before I can begin, ugh.

How about this goody?? Got this one for FREE. (it was in the trash pile!)

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

It was just down the street from me and I saw it as I passed by on my way home one day.
I usually never take home painted pieces but who can pass up free?? lol
I will have to do a lead test on this though as that paint job on it looks quite old.
And that’s what kept me from tackling this one all this time. ;)

This is a newer piece. I think I found this one last year.
I got it at a fall or spring market type of thing.
I’m not sure what at all it is or is supposed to be because it’s so short.
I think might have sat on top of something else, maybe? (the large door opens up to shelves)

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

I love the detail on this one but don’t have a clue at all as to what to do with it.
Any ideas??? I’d welcome them!

Another fairly new-ish one.
I thought this set would be cute made over for a child.

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

And remember this one I shared recently?? It’s 1 of 3 that I got from a friend who was moving, for free.

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

Here is is again…

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

I’ve already given the other two makeovers already. As a matter of fact, the one behind this one in the truck is my new “coffee bar”.

I had an idea for this one and I may still do it. It involves fabric. :) Stay tuned.

Lastly (well, not really, I have a few more pieces in my storage unit) this one….

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

I simply wanted to restore this one.
It actually needs quite a bit of work. The sides are broken and a couple of the upper poles/? are broken as well.
Plus, I have yet to be able to find the original clam shell cast iron trays that were in the bottom. (someone had replaced them with those cheap metal ones you see there, that don’t even fit correctly)
There was also something different in the tray section above the drawer as someone replaced that with a modern tile at some recent point.
It’s just not right. I would love to know what was there originally. Maybe some other decorative tile or ceramic piece?
I’m not even sure as the trim around it looks new and not original. Quite confusing!

I do know that it’s from the 1870’s. (check out this one that is very similar…notice the clam shell drip pans)
I found it at an estate sale of a home that was originally a Civil War boat captain’s home. (it was built in 1890)
I’m thinking this hall tree was original to the home. How cool is that?
I took it home with me for $85. What a find!

Okay, so that’s what I’ve got going on and into 2019, among other things.
Tell me what you think of each piece and please tell me what you would do with each!
I would LOVE some ideas.

Furniture Makeovers To Come for 2019!!! artsychicskrule.com #furnituremakeovers #paintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #milkpaintedfurniture

Happy New Year and I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Day, beautiful friends!!



  1. Happy New Year to you and yours Nancy!
    Looks like a fun, busy year for you. :) Seriously busy. lol I adore and look forward to seeing more of all these pieces you are going to transform. Clearly, your storage unit(s) are holding some treasures. :)

    1. Thank you Christina!! Oh my yes, I’ve got my work cut out for me this year! ;) lol Looking forward to getting them all done! xoxo

    2. Nancy,
      I think the small piece would make a great jewelery armoire. Depending on what the inside looks like, you could add small hooks to hang jewelry from. Just a thought.
      Thank you for all of your inspirational ideas. Have a blessed new year.


  2. I would not paint that dresser from a friend just refinish. I believe it is Tiger maple and it would be a shame to paint it.

    1. Please, please, don’t paint the dresser! Leslie is right, that gorgeous tiger oak/maple shouldn’t be covered with paint. The beautiful “short” little cabinet with shelves either. The woodgrain on these two pieces is breathtaking to me. I can see these two incorporated into a kitchen with the same wood cabinets. A girl can dream, right? The radio… a museum piece perhaps? I too would be intimidated but I wouldn’t touch it either until I spoke with an expert in antique radios. Priceless really, I’ve never seen another like it. Oh, and the cream painted cabinet/dresser… I love it as well with the doors at the bottom. If it were mine, I’d strip off the paint a bit to see what type of wood it has. Love all the detail on the doors and the drawer pulls. Super excited to see what you find out and decide to with all of these treasures!!
      Happy New Year dear girl and thank you for sharing your talents, you keep me inspired!

      1. Hey Jane!! No, I don’t think I will, and if I do, only partially not covering up that pretty design. I have to think a bit on all of these. (even though that’s what I’ve been doing for years!! lol) That radio cabinet is the main one that has me staying back. Not sure what I will do with it yet? And yes, that painted one is most definitely getting stripped down to the wood. Can’t wait to see what’s under there! :) Looking forward to digging in on all of these…finally! ;) Happy New Year, sweet friend! xoxo

      2. The little cabinet is the top part of a chest on chest set where each part is independent but because of the size and weight they could be taken apart to move. Dont paint it!!!!
        I agree about the tiger maple too. Just too beautiful to cover up!

  3. Gorgeous pieces. Loving that radio and record player. That must have been something in its time. I have the second item. That dresser which I recently picked up in a thrift store. Wish I could post the before and after pics of it. I ended up refinishing it because it was in better condition than I had originally thought when I bought it. I love painted furniture but also love refinished furniture too. I feel for your dilemma with some of these. Just do what you think you would like if you were keeping the piece. Cheers and happy New Year.

    1. Isn’t that radio cabinet amazing??? I agree, it was surely a beauty in its time! It is so hard to know what to do sometimes. I have some thinking to do, for sure! Happy New Year to you! xoxo

  4. Happy New Year! I see the white dresser/buffet with a wood top (or painted to look as such if too much damage) and painted with red milk paint and distressed to show layers. The hardware is screaming to be released from it’s paint cage :) and let some patina show through, maybe oil rubbed bronze to coordinate with the dark top.

    I also have a soft spot for Tiger Oak and would either refinish or do minor paint updates leaving the drawers and most of wood grain showing. Can’t wait to see how all your projects turn out this year!

    1. Thank you Rebecca, Happy New Year to you as well! :) And yes, it’s hard to tell of damage with all the paint on that one. Will have to dig in and see! I agree, though, that the hardware is begging to be released from its paint prison. lol Yes, I’m thinking that other dresser may just get refinished or only partial paint. Sometimes the wood is just to pretty to cover up! :) xoxo

  5. The radio cabinet is fabulous. Is the front burl? It should be restored and you are the perfect person to do it! Whoever this piece belonged to should be proud it landed in your loving care. Good luck with all your projects and have a wonderful and healthy 2019!

    1. Isn’t it?? It is just a stunning and special piece in every way. And aw thank you! I hope I can do it justice! :) Happy New Year to you, Cecilia!! xoxo

  6. Nancy your hall tree original piece would have been marble in the center. At least that is what I have seen in the northeast. It’s a beautiful hall tree.

    1. OH yes, I bet it was marble. It is just beautiful with all of those details, isn’t it?? It is just begging for someone to show it some love! :) xo

  7. Those are amazing pieces. I can understand why you’ve put them on the backburner. The cream dresser could be really cute in a child’s room, so maybe this could be your opportunity to try a soft pink or blue? I don’t know. For most of the others, I wouldn’t know what to do either! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    1. They really are! I just couldn’t bring myself to paint some of them, and the others needed work, so they sat…for years! ;) Time to do something with them all, paint or restore/refinish. Yes, I think you are so right on the small painted dresser. A pale pink would be so pretty on it. I can’t wait to dig in and get busy on these! xoxo

  8. That radio/phonograph piece SHOULD be in MY garage!! LOL! Oh my, it is priceless, and I do hope you will treat it with great care. Personally, since it is so unique, I would just clean it up, add a knob or two, and then get a new needle for the phonograph. Does the radio work? If not, I’d go through the trouble to see if I could get a replacement radio; and if really necessary, replace the phonograph with a new turntable. It is just too unique to modernize, in mho. Good luck with all the pieces. I know you’ll do a fabulous job! Happy New Year, too!

    1. Haha! Yes, it really is a priceless find. I don’t think the radio worked or even know if the turntable worked either. I may try to contact someone locally and have them take a look before I do anything at all to it. :) I have my work cut out for me this year! ;) Happy New Year Cate! :) xo

  9. Would it be possible to research this piece through RCR Or find the furniture store it came from?Certainly a unique piece. The cream dresser would make a great piece for a child’s room or for a small kitchen. I see it used for storage and possibly hold micro wave. ,or tea /coffee bar. I know your creative spirit will lead you in the direction needed. Have a great New Year.

    1. Hmm, I did do a bit of research but it only got me so far. I found out the year of manufacture but I hadn’t been able to find out much else about it. It’s an amazing piece though. Oh yes, I think the little painted dresser would be great in the kitchen. The size makes it a good addition there or a child’s room, like you say. I can’t wait to get that paint off and see what’s under there! :) Happy New Year to you! xoxo

    1. Hi Rebecca, there are no “after” photos….yet. These are all pieces that are in my storage unit and are getting makeovers soon. :)

  10. Wow I can definitely see why you had a hard time starting on these pieces! They are all beautiful! It makes It is so hard to take a paintbrush to them. Can’t wait to see what you do in the new year my beautiful friend! Happy New Year!! XOXO

    1. Yes! I was intimidated on painting some of them and the rest need repairs! So they sat…for forever. ;) Time to get busy though!! lol xoxo

  11. Keep that RCA Victor record player. Google or talk to a furniture restorer and see what to do first – take the guts out but have pictures of each step you do – from beginning to end. That piece of furniture must be saved! Talk to Kathy on “Petticoat Junktion” or Marie on Interior Frugalisa. Find someone with good advice!!! Please show us soon what you decide to do with it. You’ve got a lot of beautiful pieces of furniture!

    1. Hi Barbara! Yes, I think that is what I’m going to do, find someone locally who restores things like this and ask them. It deserves a gentle and loving hand to bring it back to life! :)

  12. Hello Nancy! I am a new follower of your postings. First, Happy New Year! I hope you successfully achieve all your planned 2019 ventures. I Love that old Record Player Cabinet that you recently showed. I have taken the liberty of sending you a photo of a piece of furniture from the same era, that would be awesome if refinished in the same manner.

  13. I do look forward to seeing all of the wonderful things you do with each item! The tiger maple is one you might want to just restore as that kind of wood furniture is hard to find anymore.

    1. Hi Rose! Yes, I do think that one is getting no paint or only partial paint. Have a couple ideas on that one already! :) xo

  14. It would be awesome to totally restore the record player to its original glory and in working condition! As for the beautiful short cabinet with the large door and beautiful carving, it could be mounted on the wall as is, or perhaps paired with the dresser since they are similar in color to create a hutch type piece. Look forward to seeing what you decide! I understand your concern with lead based paint, I cringe to think of projects I tackled when I didn’t know better that had old paint that probably contained lead. Makes me very nervous to buy old painted pieces.

    1. OH, I so agree Vicki! :) Can you just imagine? And I hadn’t thought about mounting the short cabinet on the wall, that’s a thought! I know, the lead paint…yuck! I usually never buy anything painted for the reason alone, but it’s hard to pass up free and see something like this go to the dump. I’m SO hoping it doesn’t test positive for lead! We’ll soon see. :) xoxo

  15. Well Nancy this is a tough piece to deal with. I tried many years ago to have one similar to this reconditioned only to find that the tubes in the back couldn’t be found or replaced and even if they were found it probably wouldn’t work anyway. It was also going to be quite expensive and for that reason I chose to not refinish it. We ended up taking all the guts out and made it into an outdoor but not really waterproof cooler out of it. It could go outside but had to have shelter over it. The doors were on the top of this cabinet so they slid back and forth and made it easy to grab sodas. It was a really nice piece! Someone made me a good offer on it and I sold it. The guts of the radio and record player were used here and there on different little projects where they fit the part and the wires etc. were disposed of. I hated to see it go but we really had no choice.

    1. Yes, that is probably how it will go! I did a little research and found the radio, etc, that is in this one is not one of the “collector” ones. Apparently there is another company that made them and they are a little more scarce. Sounds like you made a lovely, and useful, piece out of yours! xo

  16. If your 1929 record/radio cabinet can’t be restored to functional prefection you might turn it into a liquor cabinet. I can just see a long legged, bobbed haired. lovely pouring out champaign for her guests. Happy New Year!

    1. That is exactly what I had in mind when I first found it, Linda!! But then I got all sentimental about it. ;) It really is perfect for that though, I so agree! Happy New Year to you as well! xo

  17. I’m late to the game, but just saw your 2019 projects…the white piece, I would see if the wood finish underneath is good. The paint looks old, so probably was low grade wood painted from the beginning. I can see it painted (you choose the color) and used as an entrance table or buffet, and refurbish or replace the hardware in a rubbed bronze or similar. The oak/tiger maple…don’t paint it!!!! I am a save the original wood finish if possible person. The finish looks good, so I would salvage it if possible. It could be used in a bedroom as a dresser/chest. Or it could be used ad a TV stand wherever you have a TV.

    1. Better late than never, right! ;) Yes, I am thinking that old paint really needs to come off. And yes, that seems to be the consensus around here, no paint for the tiger wood dresser. Not sure yet what it will get. I haven’t been in that storage unit in a bit (I have 2..they need emptying! ;) ) but if I recall correctly, the top was pretty messed up on it. Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it! :) xo

    1. The oak short cabinet might be a cool focal point in a master closet. I love the work you do on ornate pieces when the wood grain is still visible and all the details are showcased. Can’t wait to see the “after”

  18. Happy New Years Nancy. I was looking at different pix of Victorian hall trees, and found several that seem to have holding areas for umbrellas, hence the bowls to catch water. Also, the “tile” on several are showing a small piece of marble and stating that the drawer would have been used for gloves. What a perfect item to keep things organized! I love the projects you have done in the past, and the (new to be done this year) look so awesome. Can’t wait to see finished items. Have fun, and love your posts.

    1. Thank you, Patricia! Oh yes, marble would be perfect in that spot, I think! Thanks so much for your input!! I can’t wait to get these pieces finished! xoxo

  19. Happy New Year, Nancy! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the dresser/mirror set. I have the same one in my garage that I got at the DAV on Centerville last year. I think I also paid around $35 for it. I’m a local fan and I’m always looking to see you and Christy doing some thrifting. If I ever see you out there I hope you don’t mind if I say, “Hi.” 🙂

    1. Thank you, Kim! Oh fun, yes, I am probably going to tackle that one first. I went out thrifting yesterday looking for “winter decor” and although I didn’t find many furniture items I did see a few. I had to restrain myself from bringing them home because that’s what I did all last year and not one of these pieces got done! lol I am determined this year! And YES, I would absolutely love for you to say hi if you ever see me out!! I love it when I run into people that know me from the blog, so please do. So much fun. :) xoxo

  20. As for the radio… I see your dilemma! It would be fantastic to see this working again. I don’t know if you would make money having it restored, but you might consider selling it to a restoration company? Here are guys that do fantastic work
    You might not make a lot of money but you would at least recoup what you paid for it for sure!

    1. Honestly, I am having such a hard time even considering doing anything with that one (I’m such a nostalgic!) that I would love to find someone who would like to have it to restore. Thanks so much for the link, I’ll check it out! :) xoxo

  21. The old radio/turntable cabinet is a great find! I found a Brunswick phonograph cabinet manufactured on Feb 13, 1923 on the curb a couple of years ago. The turntable and speakers had already been taken out but the metal tag was still there. Someone had removed the veneer from the top and I had to figure out how to remove the backing that was still there. I used a hot iron and damp towels to get if off. The rest of the piece was water-spotted and dried out but liberal applications of Howard Feed ‘n Wax restored the wood. After I finally got the top cleaned up I paintedd it with black chalk paint. It’s the only vintage pieces I’ve re-done but it was worth the effort! Can’t wait to see what you do with yours!

    1. Oh wow, that is a great curb find! I can totally understand why the insides were removed. We had to take some of out too to be able to move it. That stuff is ridiculously heavy. (made well back then!) Yours sounds like a true labor of love! Bet it’s a beauty now. :) xoxo

  22. Love the old record player (you should see if it can be sold to antique or museum)clean it up and see what it’s worth-might be worth it! The funky looking stand would be beautiful painted white with umbrella holder at the bottom…it’s very unique and different-just needs paint and love! Have a Happy New Year and all the best in all your projects!
    Lesley xo

    1. I would love to find someone or someplace like that to take it to, actually. I haven’t been able to let the hall tree thing go as I just love it though. I have no place for it at all which makes me sad! I don’t know if I’ll have a place for it anytime soon (depending on if we stay put in this house a few years longer etc) but it was such a unique piece to find I can’t let it go. I hate for it to live in my storage unit though! :/ Thanks so much for the input on these, Lesley! Happy weekend to ya! xoxo

  23. Hello!!!
    Ahhhhh….in your opening “Welcome” and fresh starts for the new year you say 2019!!! Wouldn’t that be 2020!!!???? Or am I reading it wrong?
    I love all these vintage pieces. Please don’t paint the dresser your friend gave you that wood is priceless. Also, the short shelf/cabinet is a beauty just as is. I am guessing it could have a spice c or a sewing cabinet. BEAUTIFUL pieces!!! Of course, these are yours now to do what want. The record player is very cool and there are collectors that would love to restore it. You could resale as is and make a bundle!!!
    Do you have a booth?…I never heard you mention…I guess so. Or just sell off Craigslist?
    Here’s wishing you and your family a Very Blessed New Year 2020!!!! XXOO

    1. Hey Addie!! Haha…nope, you are right! This is a post I wrote last year at the beginning of 2019…and I failed!! I didn’t get ONE single piece done. This year flew by so fast and I just didn’t make it the priority I had planned to make it. Darn! This year I will. I resisted buying a couple of pieces while I was out thrifting yesterday because I will not buy anything new until I tackle these. (so I say ;) ..we’ll see how that goes!) I would love to find somewhere to take the old record player/radio cabinet to have it restored. I am having a hard time thinking about doing anything to that one. The dresser may get painted all over except for those pretty drawer fronts. (the top is messed up) The little cabinet, I just have no clue! And no, I don’t have a booth, I used to years ago but it was just too much to keep up with along with the blog (blogs, also my food blog). So, I just sell on CL or a consignment shop that I can just drop off and go! :) Happy Happy New Year to you! xoxo

  24. It sounds like you have too many things that need work. I would refinish the one in your truck and repaint the white dresser.

    1. Yes, they all do! Boo. But I’m going to tackle them and get them done. They deserve some new life and some reloving. :) xo

  25. Hi Nancy and Happy New Year !
    You have some pretty awesome pieces there. The first one? Gut it and make it into something that can be used. The piece in the back of the truck? Put some short legs on it and make it into a pretty storage piece. The empire piece? Wow you could leave the drawers and paint the body. So many possibilities. Well, have fun and I can’t wait to see you work your magic.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! Oh my, I absolutely love the idea of putting legs on the short one!! Brilliant. I may just do that. How cute would that be? And yes, to the paint and leave the drawers on the dresser. I had actually considered doing just that since the top is messed up. I love that idea too! Thanks so much for all your input on these! :) xo

  26. That radio/record player piece is very cool. Maybe a good bath and some sanding will bring out a pretty wood grain. I would love to see a piece like that restored with stain rather than paint. Same for that cool looking ‘wash stand’? I am a fan of wood.

  27. Happy New Year Nancy! I hope it will be splendid. Thank you for all the creative ideas you have shared!
    The old “stereo/radio” is just too wondrous to be true! I’d give my eye teeth for it (wellll, maybe not go THAT far :-) ) . Truly, I would carefully take it all apart, clean it, use some Minwax High Performance Wood Hardener on all of it. That will strengthen the wood. I use it on antique wood that looks like it will fly away on a breath, and it works wonders. Doesn’t add color though. Then if it doesn’t look really fab, I’d stain it rather than paint it. It’s just too cool an item in and of itself to be “redone”.

    1. Isn’t that one just amazing?? And the fact that a record that old was still on the turntable, well, just wow!! I just can’t seem to bring myself to do anything with it! I think it will get some kind of restoration in some way. :) xo

      1. Oh, I’m so glad Nancy! This one is really priceless and just not meant for our society at this time. She’s a noble old gal!

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