Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover {Travel Themed Tour}

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Every month my blogger friends and I get together to share a themed furniture makeover with you all.
I’m sharing a Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover today.

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How’s that for variation?

Today’s theme is….. TRAVEL.

Perfect for summer, right?  Since so many of us doing exactly that.

I had originally planned something else for this themed makeover but I couldn’t get it done. (it’s still coming at some point)
So I decided to makeover this old “travel” trunk instead. That’s what I’m calling it anyway. ;)

Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover "BEFORE" #chalkpaint #coco

And voila!

Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover - Before and After - #chalkpaint #coco

It was FREE, even better!! :) But not so pretty….before.

Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover - Before Side- - #chalkpaint #makeover #trunk #coco

You get the idea. Rusty old trim, laminate “wood” and plastic black handles.

But I knew I could make it better with a little paint.

I painted the entire trunk with Sherwin Williams Adhesion Primer, metal and all.
(only because I had a different plan when I started this project (who me?) ..otherwise I’d have just started with the Chalk Paint®)

Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover - Pure White Over Coco- - #chalkpaint #makeover #trunk #coco

Next I put a layer of Coco Chalk Paint over that.

Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover - Coco Layer- - #chalkpaint #makeover #trunk #coco

I didn’t worry too much about application because it was going to get covered with more paint.

….Pure White Chalk Paint (one coat) ….which got heavily distressed once dry.

Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover - Distressing- - #chalkpaint #makeover #trunk #coco

I wanted to really be able to see that Coco color underneath.
I just kept sanding until it had the look I was after.
Then came the measuring, tape and grain sack stripes.

Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover - Grain Sack Stripes Taped- - #chalkpaint #makeover #trunk #coco

By the way, I sanded before applying the grain sack stripes because I wanted it heavily distressed.
I knew I’d end up sanding the entire stripe away to get the look I wanted if I waited to do it all afterwards.

Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover - Grain Sack Top- - #chalkpaint #makeover #trunk #coco

Six stripes…all taped and painted. (front to back)

Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover - Grain Sack Stripes- - #chalkpaint #makeover #trunk #coco

Those stripes just made it, didn’t it? I sure think so.

I distressed them up a bit and applied Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover - After Distressed- - #chalkpaint #makeover #trunk #coco

A few close ups….

Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover - After Up Close Front- - #chalkpaint #makeover #trunk #coco

I just love all that Coco brown Chalk Paint peeking through everywhere.

Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover - After Up Close- - #chalkpaint #makeover #trunk #coco

And one more….

Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover - After Throw- - #chalkpaint #makeover #trunk #coco

I’ll probably put this under the window of our Study or maybe even at the foot of our bed in the Master Bedroom.
Both rooms are “in the works” so we’ll see where it ends up! ;)
Either way, it’s a keeper.

Amazing the difference a little paint makes.

Want to know about 26 other chalk style paints?
I’ve got the low down for you right here! >>> 26 Types of Chalk Style Paint For Furniture

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Travel Trunk Chalk Paint Makeover!! What a difference!! #traveltrunk #trunkmakeover #chalkpaint #coco

I painted it and I can hardly believe it’s the same trunk.

It is, promise. ;)
Loving this travel trunk Chalk Paint makeover!

Be sure to check in next week when I share this makeover!

UPDATE!! See how we rescued this old patio table now, here!!

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    1. Hi Darrielle! :)
      Yes…it just needed those stripes, or something! I’ve decided it’s going in the bedroom!

  1. Wow Nancy, I love what you did with this trunk! I have one almost identical in my basement storage room. It was my “hope chest” back in the 70’s. You may have inspired me to dust that old thing off, give it some chalkpaint and bring it upstairs in full view. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This looks like a completely different piece! If I hadn’t seen the before picture, I would have thought you’d painted an old trunk. This will be great for storage.

    1. I know, it’s crazy how different! Thanks Paula..yes, it will. I’ve decided it’s going in my bedroom and already have plans for what I’m storing inside! ;)

    1. Aw really?! It was one that I threw together last minute too! lol Isn’t that always the way? ;)

  3. What a beautiful job you did on this trunk. You’ve completely transformed it! Just goes to show what a paint brush and some sandpaper can do with hard work. ;)

    1. Thank you so much! :)
      That’s exactly right…It is crazy how different something can look!
      Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow, Nancy! That trunk looks amazing! I wish I had it here in my house! I’ve been looking for a bench or something to put at the foot of our bed… maybe now I’ll look for a trunk!

    I really wish I had your vision! <3 xo, K

    1. Thanks Karen! :) Yes, it was really pretty easy to do. And you can find these kinds of trunks all day long! ;)
      Hope you had a great weekend! xo

  5. Hi there – I love this, but I have to ask a really dumb question…
    How do u do the stripes?? I’ve gone over it many times, still can’t figure it out. Sorry, told ya it was dumb.

    1. Hi Wendy!!
      Not dumb at all. I didn’t do a thorough tutorial on the stripes, sorry! Basically you measure where you want them to be. (I marked with a pencil the edges of each line when I measured, front and back) Then I lay the tape across the trunk meeting the marks I made for each line and do the same for the other side of the stripe…and paint inside the tape. While it’s still wet I remove the tape. Let it dry. Then do the same for each little tiny line on each side. Much more simple than it seems! ;)

      Hope that helps!!

  6. Nancy this is so cute. I LOVE a good trunk transformation, and the stripes completely put it over the top. Pinning and sharing on FB :)

    1. Thank you Karen :) This is my first trunk transformation! It was fun to watch it change from completely UGLY to not so ugly!! ;)
      Thanks for the pin and share!

  7. It may be a good thing that your first idea didn’t turn out because this one turned out fabulous! No one would ever guess it’s not really a wood trunk- it looks so aged and beautiful. Great idea for adding the stripes too!

    1. Thanks so much Jen! :) My room is in the middle of a diy project –> = mess! at the moment where the piece of furniture is that I was doing the map on. lol I wasn’t moving it so gave up on it for now. This was my second choice but I am pretty happy with how it turned out! :)

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