Rescued Patio Table Re-do (Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint)

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Being the thrifty girl I am, I can’t stand to see something thrown away.

That can be a good thing ….and a bad thing. ;) –> too much junk!

But most times it is a good thing. And a totally budget conscious thing.
That’s the good part. 

So when my sister recently told me she was throwing out her old patio table because it was falling apart…I said “no way”!
And I do believe someone else sitting out there said, at the very same time, “give it to Nancy, she can do something with it”!
Ha! You think?

Of course. There is always hope. Usually.

I will say up front, this table had some major issues. But all in all was a good choice to re-do so it can be re-loved!

Here she is now:

Patio Table Re-do - After Side View - Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphite

Shes a beaut right?

Yep…she’s pretty but here’s how she started.

Patio Table Re-do - BEFORE - Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphite

Not a full photo of it but you get the idea. Pretty weathered and honestly it wasn’t made so well from the get go.

It was basically ready to fall apart as we were moving it home.

Here are some various “in the works” photos of my husband repairing it.

Patio Table Re-do Work in Progress- Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphite

Lots of tools….clamps, screws, glue.

Basically had to end up taking it apart to repair it well.

Patio Table Re-do - Before Rebuild - Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphite

Patio Table Re-do - Wobbly Before- Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphite

You can see here how “wonky” it was.

The chairs….major wobbly.

Patio Table Re-do - Chairs - Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphite

…and the arm chair that we decided to cut the arms off of. They needed to be removed in order for the table and chairs to fit on my screened porch.
Only 3 chairs survived but that worked out well because that’s all I needed anyway. :)

Patio Table Re-do - Removing Arms - Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphite

…and of course my son’s “Little Tikes” wagon in the background there! It’s sure had some use.
Many times with him in it but not for a long time now. (he’ll be 16 in August)
It’s been great for hauling all kinds of stuff around the yard for the last 10 years or so though.
See? I repurpose and really never throw much of anything away. That’s still useful anyway.

Here it is put back together  and ready for paint. (gave it a light sanding to smooth the top a bit)

Patio Table Re-do - After Sanding- Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphite

I painted the top with Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint®. The legs and chairs got Graphite.
I distressed the top and chairs to give it a “weathered” look.
A little bit different from it’s original real weathered look. (which I actually liked!)

I sealed and finished it with Annie Sloan Clear Wax.
I didn’t want to leave it unsealed (like recommended for outdoor pieces) because with the humidity, pollen, woods, water, etc…it just wouldn’t hold up.
Here’s an up close of the distressed top.

Patio Table Re-do - Up Close Distressed Top - Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphite

Now, I have to tell you, it is not recommended to use wax outside. Especially if the piece will be in the sun.
I painted and waxed this piece (you can see it –> here) about 2 years ago and it gets some sun on it every day.
It’s in perfect condition. (and it gets very hot here)

So I decided to do the same with this table. It’s on the other side of the porch so gets sun in the early morning.
I don’t really have any worries that it won’t hold up.
Now just to clarify, I wouldn’t put it out on the patio in full daily sun. But the limited amount it receives on the porch is fine, in my experience.

Up close…

Patio Table Re-do - Up Close Top- Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphite

Patio Table Re-do - Up Close Chair- Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphite


That’s the arm chair there on the end. Now you see why we had to cut the arms so the chair would fit under the table all the way. (there is a screen door just to the right of it)
The cushions came from Target and match the Graphite black paint perfectly! Neither are a true dark black color.


Patio Table Re-do - Side View - Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphite

We plan to build a bench for the other side.  EDITED: You can see the bench I made for the table>>> here.
We have our foot stools/rests from our porch set over there now…and it’s a laugh when someone sits in them!
I think they are around chin level to the table.  So my “temporary” fix until we get the bench made didn’t work out so well! ;)
Oh well.

Patio Table Re-do - After Side - Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphite

A little tray to cover the hole (for the umbrella that we don’t need on the porch)
The tray was a $15 clearance at Target …that I got for $7.50 because the wood handle was split in two.
I came home and glued it. (you can just see it there in the photo–and you can see the tray also used in my Christmas Home Tour –> here)
The fish dish….TJ Maxx. The wood candle holder…thrift store. The starfish…Pier One.

Patio Table Re-do - Shells- Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphite

I just love it and am so happy with how it turned out.
It’s so very nice having a table back out on the porch again.

Patio Table Re-do - Bef Aft- Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphitePatio Table Re-do - Bef Aft- Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #graphite

And I’m just glad it didn’t get tossed!
A little bit of work (or a lot this time..I won’t sugar coat it ;) ) and I have a great new piece to enjoy!

By the way, the porch is a work in progress. I had originally planned to repaint the concrete but decided to cover it up with a rug instead.
I’ll tackle that floor next year. Maybe. ;)
And hopefully I’ll get the rest done so it can be enjoyed this summer and I can share it with you all here.

Be sure to check in next week when I share what I did with this!

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!!


Hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th Holiday weekend! xoxo


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  1. nancy i can imagine the phone call “umm sis i think i have to have my table back now,you understand” lol xx

  2. Another piece of furniture rescued by a talented thrifter from it’s landfill demise – love it! Wood tables and chairs are so expensive to purchase and that set was definitely worth salvaging (love the chair backs). Too bad you could only salvage three chairs but I love your idea of building a bench for the other side. Beautiful makeover – love the colors! Those cushions are just too dang perfect too.

    1. Aw thank you Marie! Yes, it almost met it’s fate!! If we had not had Mother’s Day at my sister’s house, it would have! ;)
      I love those chairs too! I was sad one didn’t make it but it worked out perfectly in the end!

  3. Nancy, this is gorgeous! I love this table. What a great find and excellent work on your part for making it beautiful! It is a lovely place to sit, relax and sip on some iced tea or lemonade. :)

  4. Oh my gosh this looks terrific! I just found your blog via another HRVA blogger! It’s so great to “meet” other local bloggers – especially ones with the same sort of home decor taste as me. Love absolutely everything about this table set. Way to go!

  5. This turned out so nice. I like that you were able to salvage it and make it work for you space. I hope you get years of use out of it. The paint colors look great too.
    came here via MRL

  6. Hi Nancy! Thank you for all you good ideas and inspiration. Those 2 colors go really well together. I love what you did to the table at the end of this post that was for the following week.

    1. Aw, thanks, Cheryl!! We had fun transforming this one! And I can not wait to transform it yet again! Stay tuned! :) xo

  7. Thanks for the re-post…I missed it the first time:( Looks like a lot of hard work and long hours but so worth it! Loved your IG tour of the beach house!!

    1. You are so welcome, Cecilia! And yay, so glad you enjoyed that! I know it was long, longer than I intended it to be! I just wanted to take a moment and actually walk through with everyone. It’s hard to show it all sometimes in just photos. :) xo

    1. Thank you, Katherine! Keep an eye out on CL or the Marketplace on FB. I’ve seen a few more similar things lately! :) xo

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