Nighttime Christmas Home Tour

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Welcome to our home in the evening. I hope you enjoy the magical glow of lights in our nighttime Christmas home tour!

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

Hello friends!

Today I’m sharing our home, at night. There’s just something about the glow of the tree lights at night that seem so magical to me.
I haven’t always done a nighttime Christmas home tour, as a matter of fact, last year was the first time I have. I think I will continue as I love them as much as the bright and airy daytime photos.
I hope you will enjoy touring our home in the evening too. :)

If you missed my other 2019 holiday home tours, you can see them here:

And I know I promised a “live” walkthrough tour of our home. I am going to try to do that Thursday or Friday morning. So be on the lookout for it over on Instagram in my “stories”. I will try to save it to share here too. (I’m not a whiz at that so we’ll see! ;) )

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour

We’ll start in the foyer…

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

Santa still waiting to greet any and all visitors, day or night.

From there we head straight ahead into the kitchen…

I took this photo before I had made the “Merry Christmas” printable from Tuesday’s post. But it is still sitting right there by that lantern.

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

I had a light in the living room on when I took this photo so it brightened up the space a little.
You can actually see how the wall color I have in here, (Pure White – BM — above the kitchen cabinets), really shows up a bit better than in most of my photos. It’s not “white” but is nice and light-colored. Not gray and not tan. Just the perfect hint of both so that it’s not too warm and not too cool. I just love it!

It’s also the same color I used in our morning room and dining room.

To the left of the kitchen is the morning room…

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

So warm and cozy in here.

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

Probably my favorite place to sit and relax.

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

Our coffee (and tea) bar…

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

…by the glow of Christmas tree lights.

To the right of the kitchen is the living/family room…

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

…and Ryder. :)

Glowy Christmas tree lights…

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

Up close…

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

Moving on into the dining room…

This year it’s all decked out in white.

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

This one looks especially magical since it’s all white.

My Aubusson Blue dresser without the lights on…

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

And with the lights on…

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

It’s kind of fun to take photos at night instead of during the day. Such a different look.

Our table decorated…

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

Another shot of the all-white tree looking over into the living room with the blue & gold tree and decor.

Nighttime Christmas Home Tour - Magical evening glowing lights! - #nighttimetour #nighttimeChristmas #Christmasatnight

I hope you enjoyed your visit to our home this evening, and our nighttime Christmas home tour.

I’ll be back on Sunday sharing Christmas past if you are sitting around relaxing and would like to come back by for a visit.
It’s always fun to look back plus see all the changes our homes have gone through over the years. This one sure has had a few changes! ;)

I’ll see you then!

If not, I wish you a wonderful and very blessed holiday!

Much love to you all.



  1. What a warm and wonderful home you have created Nancy! I can imagine you chillin’ on the sofa by the Christmas tree. :) Ryder sure looks cozy.
    I love the cute little wreaths, hung with red ribbon, on your kitchen cupboard doors. :)
    So much to see and everything looks so cozy at night. Thank you for the tour!!!

  2. So beautiful and welcoming! Your style and decor has been such an inspiration to me as we update and renew our spaces. Thank you for all you do and Merry Christmas!!

  3. Beautiful, looks so peaceful and festive at the same time. I just love it. Merry Christmas, to you and your family, Nancy!!🎄🎅

  4. Frosty would feel at home in your magical snow filled home. Everything is lovely! I am extremely impressed with your professional photography skills. You know how to get just the right amount of light and focus. Happy Holidays to you and your family. XOXO

    1. Aw, he just might!! Thank you, Cecilia! And thank you for the comment on my photo skills. I am so hard on myself and think they are not as good as I’d like them to be. But I try and have learned so much over the years about photography. I’m still a work in progress! I so appreciate your sweet comment, means a lot. Happy Holidays to you and yours as well. xoxo

  5. Everything looks great! I’ve been meaning to tell you that after you had your floors redone, we went to Sam’s and bought the exact same flooring you have for our house. We had to have our local handyman install it (we are old and decrepit) but we love it. No more carpet and no more shiny, slick laminate. Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you, Linda!! And oh, that is so great!! I am so happy to hear that. We absolutely love our floors. So much so, that we are thinking about putting them in our beach house. We have just enjoyed them so much. :) Merry, Merry Christmas to you! xoxo

  6. Hi Nancy! Thank you for sharing your cozy Christmas. Did you know that i went down and bought AS Aubusson just because of your dresser? I LOVE your dresser. I haven’t used mine yet but soon i will. Have a Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you for visiting my home today, Cheryl! :) And yay!! That is at the absolute TOP of my favorite colors of all time, no doubt! You will love it when you use it. :) Merry Christmas to you and yours! xoxo

    1. Thank you Linda!
      The rug came from Target. I looked at it and it seems it’s out of stock for most sizes (including runners), unfortunately. (I bought a couple of years ago) Sorry!!

  7. I love the way you decorated for Christmas! I want to file this away for inspiration for next year. I’ve never seen a Christmas glow like your tree. Everything is just perfect.

  8. Just beautiful! It has a serene and calm feeling which is what we all need right now. Thanks for sharing your homes and yourself! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  9. I so enjoyed all your Christmas posts. Your home looks so warm and festive. Your taste is impeccable. Love the way you put things together, you always give me inspiration. I love seeing Ryder too. We just had to say goodbye to our little gal, Sofie last week, it’s bittersweet. We love them while they are here but miss them so when the time comes to cross the rainbow bridge. I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas holiday, full of health, happiness and peace.

    1. Aw, thanks so very much, Michele! Oh no, I am so, so sorry. I know how tough that is. Before Ryder came along, Lexi was who you saw around here. She “grew up” with my children and so it was very hard when she passed on. It’s very hard because they are family too. I am sure your Sofie was an amazing, sweet girl. Hugs to you!! And Merry Christmas xoxo

  10. Merry Christmas Nancy to you & your family. I must say Ryder fits right in with your color Christmas decor! Beautiful designing! It’s like you could walk into your home grab a cup of coffee or tea & make yourself right at home! Your photography does your rooms justice. There’s something magic about all the decorations lit up in the evening! One picture I really like is where you took the picture showing both trees lit up at one time – magic!

    1. Aw, that is the best compliment I could ask for! I love that it feels welcoming like that to you. :) Merry Christmas, Linda! xoxo

  11. Beautiful, love your trees. You have a knack for perfection lol. Love it. Also love your Ryder, so beautiful. I miss my old black lab I lost in April. First Christmas without him and he loved Christmas. I was wondering what type of coffee maker that is? It looks nice. Great coffee station.

    1. Aw, thanks so much Debra! Oh, I am so very sorry! It’s so tough, I know! Hugs to you!
      I’ve got a direct link to the coffee maker in my “storefront” on Amazon, here.

  12. I too love the special glow!!! Yours is lovely. After all the work to put it up…it is nice to sit back and enjoy it all!!!
    Have a Wonderful Christmas!!!

  13. Your home is beautiful! Can you share the name of the paint color in the foyer and also, where did you get the cocoa and cookies sign? 🙂

    1. Thank you, Amy! Yes! It’s Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. And the cookies sign is one I made using an old drawer front from our kitchen remodel. You can get the free printable and find the details on it, here. :)

  14. I’m catching up on my blogger buddies and enjoying all the lovely tours. Your home is beautiful and I still can’t believe you are looking for another house! Have a wonderful Christmas

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