Haven 2014 {A –really fun– Blogger’s Conference}

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I’m a Haven Maven!


What’s that you ask? It means I have officially attended a Haven Conference.

And what a conference it was!

Fun, informative (info overload but in a good way)….and did I mention fun?

How great it is to have the opportunity to meet so many people you’ve gotten to “know” online all in one place…at one time.

It’s overwhelming. (but again, in a really great way)

I’m lucky enough to live close to several other bloggers and we all flew in together on the same flight.

Kim, Christy and IChristy from Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer and Kim from Sand & Sisal. (Kim took this photo before we boarded)

I had the chance to meet Christy a few months before Haven but this was my first time meeting Kim.

What amazing opportunities and connections blogging has allowed me to make.
Love both these girls!

Christy also happened to be my roomie at Haven. So most of the photos are going to be of her and I since we were basically attached at the hip, 24-7, for 3 days.

It was a weekend filled with like minded folks and awesome sponsors of products I LOVE.
Kind of like a big DIY playground!
The entire place radiated positivity and I felt such an amazing sense of community.

I’m so thankful to be a part of it.

That’s what this whole blogging thing is all about, in my opinion.
It’s one of the reasons I love it. And it’s not something I understood before I started blogging.
I won’t lie, it’s definitely one of the most involved, most time consuming things I’ve ever undertaken.
But I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I love it.
I love doing, creating and inspiring others.  And I love being inspired by these wonderful bloggers and all of you as well.
It’s really a wonderful thing. This interaction that we all have through blogging.
The connections that we all make. Readers and bloggers alike.
I’ve made some great connections and friendships with more than a few of my readers.

Wouldn’t trade it.

Okay, time to share a few photos…and a video or two.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a few of these already.

I should probably start with this “happy” video the Haven team put together for us.
(bet you recognize a few of them!)


YouTube video

Great, right?……but keep reading, there’s another fun video you won’t want to miss.

So as Christy and I were headed up to our room on the elevator, a nice gentleman asked what we do.
We told him we were here for a blogger’s conference.

To which he replied … “Wow, really? You guys actually get together? I thought you just sat around and read each other’s blogs”.

Heh heh. He’s a funny one.  Actually, it was pretty humorous and we had a good time with that one all weekend!

Gotta love it.

Check out what we were greeted with upon arriving. This “swag” bag full of goodies from the generous sponsors.
You can see the full list of sponsors here.

Haven Blogger's Conference 2014 - SWAG from sponsors - artsychicksrule.comCan’t wait to play with it all. :)

I’m not much of a “selfie” taker but there was a lot of that going on.
Here’s one of Christy and I the first morning. Sorry for the terrible photo quality but I had to share this one.
It’s just cute…and shows Christy’s fun personality. Love her!

Haven Blogger's Conference 2014 - Selfies - artsychicksrule.com

Then we listened to HGTV’s Chip Wade speak.

….and got a photo with him afterwards.

Haven Blogger's Conference 2014 - HGTVs Chip Wade - artsychicksrule.com

You see those girls in the background above Chip’s head there??
That’s the Haven team who put together this amazing conference for all of us…doing a little rap dance.

Take a look…..

YouTube video

How great was that? Pretty great!
Your lovely performers are Traci from Beneath My Heart (she wrote the lyrics), Beth from Home Stories A to Z, Rhoda from Southern Hospitality, Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick,  Mandi from Vintage Revivals and Brooke from All Things Thrifty.

How about this little shower Waterpik set up for us.

Bubbles and all.

Haven Blogger's Conference 2014 - Waterpik Booth Fun- artsychicksrule.comJena from Involving Color.

GMC’s booth….and their super cool bench.
I might have to find an old tailgate and DIY one just like it. ;)

Haven Blogger's Conference 2014 - GMC Booth - Cool Bench - artsychicksrule.com

Christy and I in the Moen booth….cooking up something.
Or up to something is more like it.  Nahhhh, not us. ;)

Haven Blogger's Conference 2014 - Cooking up Trouble in the Moen Booth- artsychicksrule.com

It was so great to meet these girls in person.

Fun Group of Blogger FriendsPaula from Sweet Pea, Megan from Rappsody in Rooms, Danielle from 2 Little Superheros, Shanna from Restoration Redoux, Laura from Inspiration for Moms, Jen from Girl in the Garage, Angie from Postcards from the Ridge, Christy from Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer, Christy from Our Southern Home….and me!

Haven Blogger's Conference 2014

Sonya from At Home with the Barkers, Christy from Our Southern Home and me.
These girls were two of my very first blogging friends. I’m thrilled to have finally met them in person.

Ballard Designs had a coffee table challenge and I was honored to be chosen to be a part of it.

So much fun.

Picture 15 women (3 tables/ 5 each) running into a room full of accessories and grabbing as much as you can (having no idea if it will go with whatever the rest of your team mates pick up!) …and on a time limit….a short one. Then come (running!) back to the table to decorate with those items…–>on a time limit!

It was fun …and comical.

Haven Blogger's Conference 2014 - Ballard Coffee Table Challenge - artsychicksrule.comFrom left to right, me, Caitlin from Desert Domicile, Melody from My Passion for Decor, Laura from Top This Top That and Karah from The Space Between.

We didn’t win but I had so much fun participating!

Christy and I in the Home Depot booth.

Haven Blogger's Conference 2014 - Christy and I in the Home Depot Booth - artsychicksrule.com

Modern Masters had us choose a word board to describe ourselves.
I chose passionate….well, because I am.
About many things like healthy living, creating, painting (of course!), friends, family…this blog.
Haven Blogger's Conference 2014 - Modern Masters Booth - artsychicksrule.com

Some business cards of fellow bloggers I met …. ( need to work on getting more next year…there were hundreds of bloggers and I don’t have that many cards! ;))

Haven Blogger's Conference - Business Cards - artsychicksrule.com

And this one from the Ryobi party.
Just so ya know, I had just knocked off the top wood piece on the sign (all good, it was velcro’d on ;) ) …but hence the face (I thought I broke it, ha!).

Plus….I may be just a little bit of a goof. I keep my boys (my husband and son) entertained with my antics around here.

Never a dull moment, I tell ya!

Ryobi Party at Haven

We had a little entertainment from the Ryobi boys.

Haven Blogger's Conference 2014 - Ryobi boys can dance - artsychicksrule.comThey sure can swing those towels!

Christy and Wendi from H2O Bungalow (love her too!).  (Christy might kill me for this one but I love it!)
I didn’t share those other dance shots Christy, k? ;)))

Haven Blogger's Conference 2014 - Blogger friends Christy and Wendi - artsychicksrule.com

Fun. Just plain fun. I’m so happy we are lucky enough to live so close to each other.
And without blogging I would have most likely never met her.
So happy to call her friend…online and in real life. :)

Haven Blogger's Conference 2014 - FUN - artsychicksrule.com

But sadly Haven had to come to an end….until next year.
I know it just looks like a big party. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and we did have dinner/dancing several nights (and many laughs!).
But what you don’t see are all the hours we spent in fabulous and very informative sessions during the days.
Sessions such as improving our photography, working with brands, trade secrets of blogging, the business of blogging, editing programs and so on. (so many we couldn’t fit them all in)
People sitting in a room taking notes is not much fun to look at. So I skipped those photo ops. ;)

Here are Christy and I at the airport back home on Sunday.
Had to get a photo in the LOVE sign in our airport.

Haven Blogger's Conference 2014 - Home Sweet Home - artsychicksrule.com

Virginia is for Lover’s y’all. And I’m a lover….of a lot of things.

Like blogging.

And all of these beautiful, friendly, positive, inspirational and strong women I had the opportunity to meet this past weekend.
I am blessed to know them. And I am also blessed to be a part of this community in blogging and getting to interact with and know you, my readers.

I hope you enjoyed this little look inside the Haven Blogger’s Conference. I know you are probably on overload from just reading this post. ;)

Now you know why I said it was overwhelming—>but wouldn’t change a thing!

Be sure to stick around, I’ll be sharing my Foyer next, from start to finish. A major “before and after” post….you don’t want to miss it!

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  1. Aww loved seeing all these pics Nancy! Looks like you guys had a blast! The rap video was awesome ;) I Hope I can get there next year!

    1. I know, aren’t they hilarious! So funny! Had to post them!!lol
      And I feel the exact same way…so glad got to share this experience with you! You were the best roommate and friend!:)

  2. Oh my gosh, all those familiar faces in one place – how awesome is that! Thanks for putting a huge smile on my face this morning Nancy! The videos are awesome and now I can’t get that rap outta my head :) I so wish I had been there but I definitely was in spirit. Next year come hell or high water!! Thanks for sharing this snippets with us.

    1. I know, it was just so surreal! Those videos are the best! I’ve watched em several times now!! Yes, next year Marie, I am going to hold you to it!! ;)

    1. Thanks Krista! It was so great to finally meet you in real life too! I totally know what you mean! I feel the same exact way. :)

  3. Oh you gals had fun. Got encouraged to keep going!!! Keep inspiring us out here who check out blogs for free as a hobby and inspiration to tackle another project!!! Or dream of doing one!!
    Thank you for a fun post!

    1. Oh yes, that’s what it’s all about!:) I love that! Thanks for sharing that with me Gwen! :)
      You just inspired ME!!
      Have a great day!!! :)

    1. So glad you enjoyed the recap Chris! It was a fun (but exhausting) trip! I’m still recovering! ;)

  4. Oh my! You seem to have had such a wonderful time! Wish I had been there as well. Thanks for sharing all the photos, and the story from the conference, it was great to read :)

    1. It really was! But go go go! ;) And really great information to help with my blog. :)
      Thanks for stopping by and reading!
      Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hey Christy!!
      It really was great fun! So, so happy to have met you finally! Like a long, lost friend! ;)

    1. Aw thanks Megan!! :) So happy to have met you!!!
      It was fun, already look forward to next year!

    1. Aw thanks Debbie!!! I think you are pretty great yourself!!! :) So happy I got to meet you and talk with you! Look forward to the next time! xo

  5. Nancy, It was so great to meet your pretty smiling face! I cant wait for next year! I could not agree more with this quote from you! “I won’t lie, it’s definitely one of the most involved, most time consuming things I’ve ever undertaken. But I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I love it.” Here’s to more success in the next year for all of us!

    1. Hi DeDe!!
      Right back at ya! I am so happy we got to meet…and hang out a bit!! It was so wonderful and surreal meeting everyone! Wish we could do it more often!

  6. nancy, what a great recap. glad to finally have met you and looking forward to seeing you at the next conference. Your a doll!

    1. Hi Laura!!! I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to meet you!!!! I am so looking forward to next year already!! :)

  7. Nancy….it was great to meet you! =) It’s always fun to put a real face with someone you’ve communicated with online for a while, but never met! =) Hope you and your family have a wonderful summer…..lots of blessings….xoxoxoxo

    1. Hi Daune!
      I am so happy you came to me and introduced yourself Saturday! It was so very nice meeting you. I totally agree, so nice to put the face with the person…you almost feel like you already know! :) Look forward to getting to know you better this year! Hope you had a great time at the market!
      All the best!

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